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Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler: Street League Charity Soccer Training!

Gerard Butler hits the soccer field for the Street League charity training session on Friday (December 14) in South London, England.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor came out to support the charity which helps to change the lives of disadvantaged young people through the power of the sport.

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Gerard is currently in town promoting his latest flick Playing for Keeps. The previous evening, Gerard attended a special screening for the flick in London.

Playing for Keeps is currently in theaters in the US, and will be released in the UK on January 1!

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  • Not Being Snarky

    @Snow Flakes:

    Just trying to answer your question about why your posts were thumbed

    #303 One Show is now old news
    #304 Mention of a celebrity other than GB often gets thumbed
    #305 No idea – maybe they don’t like Seal and J Hudson

    Most posters are showing that they disagree with the comment – not trying to be nasty. Of course there are exceptions.

  • Suzanne Cummings

    @movieluv: I won’t pay to see Django. That racist Foxx is in it and I boycott all his films. He’s a nasty piece of trash and I will never pay to see a film he’s in. Also boycotted LAC.

  • SouthernBelle


    “CH probably finds it offensive and condescending to women to play that game.”

    Think you’re right, plus she and Jennifer Anniston are close friends, so who knows how much firsthand info Chelsea has about GB.

    If you remember, at one point she said to him, “no one is paying attention to this interview, including the interviewer.” Since she has a really dry sense of humor, it’s hard to tell whether or not she’s serious, but I think she’s enjoyed other guests more than Gerry.

  • SouthernBelle

    @Suzanne Cummings:

    Foxx waived off his comment about getting to kill all the white people as nothing more than his being a comedian. I agree with you, I won’t see the movie either and find nothing funny about his remark. Guess he doesn’t have to be PC.

  • DocP

    You just don’t get it Clam!!! Posters here that dislike Maddie don’t dislike her because they are jelous as you would like to believe. Its because she is fake, from her fake T&A right down to her resume and personailty.People don’t like fake people, they insult intelligent posters here. Being fake is nothing more than lying about who you were born to be and who you actually are. What i don’t get is your agenda, why do you need to feel that others are jealous?? Are you?? Give the posters here some credit, just because you refuse to see that shes fake don’t insult us by telling us that she isn’t and that we should like her. Maybe you don’t care if your daughter has a low self esteem because her breasts aren’t big or she doesn’t have that perfet a$$. Many concerned parents do care and they don’t want people like Madalina selling an image that is surgically enhanced. Thats not real and you can’t find happiness in pleasing others. You must find happiness in being pleased with who you were born to be, not what society tells you that you should be.

  • Chelsea

    @SouthernBelle: I did feel the interview was a wee bit hostile on her part. More than usual for her. I definitely wasn’t feeling any love, and she was quite snarky throughout. I’m sure she knows all the dirt.

  • What a hateful human being

    @What R U Trying to Prove?:

    ” just hope that one or both also turn out to be sterile so that the low-moral-character-do-anything-for-money-and-fame DNA doesn’t spread any farther.’” Wow you are hateful and bitter. Wish you never will have any offspring to pass on this sort of hate or suffer at your hands.

    Wow just wow, Given what happen in CT last Friday when the nation is at grieving, anyone giving thumbs up to this hateful post should repent.

  • LLL

    @AA: A doppelganger??? Oh ok…..thanks for clearing that one up.

  • Bazinga

    @time to ask:

    You are right on! God Bless the families of Sandy Hook! And here you people are worried about the goings on of a Celebrity and his GF, when our world is going to shit in a handbasket! Let’s start loving one another people instead of spewing all this hatred!

  • Sicko

    @What a hateful human being:
    I agree with her post. There’s nothing hateful about hoping that two people with no redeeming qualities don’t procreate. That’s a bloody public service!
    What is TOTALLY SICK is comparing the tragedy and horrible losses suffered in Connecticut to such a statement and trying to use that horrific tragedy to start a bloody argument on an entertainment gossip website.
    Until you get some mental help and perspective, you would be well advised to stay off the internet.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    No matter when you pop in to this thread, it’s always the same story going round and round. The good news is that Mr. Butler’s latest movie has done more than $10,000,000 in sales and that is not disgraceful. So happy for him for tha much so far. With the Christmas season upon us, warm wishes and many good tidings for the coming year. If you want to surprise someone with a gorgeous gift this Christmas, then buy them a copy of the movie Lawless. You’ll be a hero. Campaigning for my Tom again. Right. Shameless. Actually that would be LAWLESS.

  • Mmmmmmm

    @Sunshine Daydream:
    Well, $10,000,000 is still disgraceful, if you consider an estimated production budget of $35,000,000.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @Mmmmmmm: Well. Considering his recent takes from MGP, Coriolanus and Chasing Mavericks, I’d say $10,000,000 is not disgraceful for him and his recent movies. Production budgets seem to be a moot point with Mr. Butler’s movies lately, aren’t they?

  • Hello

    @Sunshine Daydream: No it isn’t disgraceful at all and hasn’t opened in the UK yet. Positive break for Gerry and happy for that and in 3 months OHF begins. The action people will be happy about that. Busy days ahead for pr.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @Hello: Much obliged for your truthful response. I wish only success for Mr. Butler in his endeavours.

  • Autumn

    @Bonnie: You are so lucky! The Flambeaux Procession is stupendous! I have family near the Mill of Ross on Loch Earn. Just love that area so much – it got hit by the floods recently. My cousins are fine, but got a good soaking.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  • …………………………

    I think it’s time for you, my friend
    To stop pretending that you are a

    Movie Star, Movie Star, ahahar
    You think you are a movie
    Movie Star, Movie Star, ahahar
    You think you are a Movie? Star, ahahar

    The frozen hero!
    Your words are zero
    When your dreams had vanished into dark
    Along the go that you don’t want to know

  • What a hateful human being

    @Sicko: @Sicko: “There’s nothing hateful about hoping that two people with no redeeming qualities don’t procreate.” In some culture, cursing someone to never have any children is worse than putting a bullet through him/her. Karma is a biitch. Mindful of what you wish for someone else.

  • Hello

    @Sicko: Hateful? Of course it is hateful. No redeeming qualities? Hard to comprehend that remark and very disturbing to me. These are people that you know not of, their reasoning or their lives. So sorry to have read those remarks. I cannot imagine what else you wish on people. You judge them by common gossip and tweets and form truth from that? Dangerous waters you tread with your remarks my dear. There is always karma.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @Autumn: You seem like you have your wits about you from reading your posts. A true Scot. Have you ever attended a tattoo ceremony? Not sure why some are so cross with my assessment of Mr. Butler’s movie reaching double digit sales. How bad can that be for his real fans, yeah?

  • What Santa says…

    @chelsea: CH is also JA’s BFF, so maybe she has heard some stories even prior to MG.

  • Sicko

    @Hello: @What a hateful human being:
    I’m not worried about karma. I spend hours each week working with young girls who suffer from eating disorders and have made very bad choices as a result of bad self-esteem. Just as children raised in a gang culture become desensitized to violence, a blow is dealt to the self-esteem of girls raised in a media culture that celebrates women like Madalina Ghenea, who exploit their own bodies to promote the objectification of women for commerce, use sex to get what they want, and tell girls that if they’re not born with features that fashion magazines deem beautiful, they should have plastic surgery to change themselves.
    The same goes for men like Gerard Butler, who admit to using their hot Hollywood actors status to sleeping with throngs of young women, and tell the world that women like Madalina Ghenea are who they admire.
    My objection to these two individuals is studied and I’ve seen first hand the consequences of their brand of vanity and efforts to profit from pure superficiality.
    I will take strong opinions expressed on those matters any day of the week over your blind devotion to an actor who you don’t know and who sees you as nothing more than a dollar sign. Get help.

  • Hello

    @Sicko: And you are the one posting on a movie stars gossip site. What is it with that? So you are lumping all HW in your pile or is it just GB and MG. Are they responsible as a couple for all the woes of intercity. I think you need to take a break, stay away from gossip sites and speak more kindly about those you treat. GB an MG are no more vain than any other actor in the limelight. Your hatred and name speaks volumes.

  • Gerry’s Zombies

    Good God Gerard Butler’s threads have been taken over by zombies with no brain and no substance!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!! You should all be ashamed that you couldn’t solicit even an ounce of attention from Andrew Lincoln…..

  • Gerry’s Zombies

    You are such a pathetic bunch with not an ounce of life collectively. How can anyone attempt to….oh, never mind….you people suc/k ba/lls and get nowhere doing it….show’s how truly pathetic you are.

  • Sicko

    @Hello: “So you are lumping all HW in your pile or is it just GB and MG.”
    It’s certainly not just Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea. I’ve made similar comments in other forums about other individuals. Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea are prime examples, however. Not all leading men in Hollywood so blatantly womanize, so blatantly pursue such young girls, and so blatantly pursue such young girls who are themselves degrading to women – like Madalina Ghenea.
    I take exception to a lot of what the fashion industry does when it comes to the depiction of women, but what Madalina Ghenea does is particularly bad. She doesn’t model fashion. She models underwear, and not even in a manner along the lines of Victoria’s Secret. She models underwear in a fashion that has landed her on X.X.X. sites. She has made videos that aren’t even about selling underwear, but about selling sex for men’s magazines like GQ. She appearing on one of these “dancing with the stars” reality television shows in Europe, and her promo for the show was her stripping off her stockings!
    That is what this particular actor is about. That is what this particular “model” is about. That is what they put out there. I’m sorry if that means that people aren’t going to join you in your little fan existence, but not everyone is has so little going on that they actually love an actor who doesn’t even know they exist, the way you do. Not everyone is so desperate that they believe that actor is the image that he sells in the interviews that, not coincidently, he gives to promote himself.
    And not everyone is so illiterate and stupid to not realize that the screen name is a reference to you and your ilk and not myself.
    Get help. And a life while you’re at it.

  • Snow Flakes
  • SouthernBelle

    @Gerry’s Zombies:

    And what brings you here – someone so obviously superior to other posters? Are you frustrated that you can’t express an opinion because none of us are intellectually capable of understanding or did you just want to insult people who comment on JJ?

  • Sunshine Daydream

    If you are positive about Mr. Butler and express such feelings, then you are thumbed off the platform. So what if it’s a gossip site and not a Gerard Butler site. The extremism is baffling. So glad my life only contains minutes in time devoted to this environment. You lot are a despicable bunch. Time to get a life but only if you can handle it. Contrary to your beliefs, Mr. Butler has a GREAT life and continues to live it thusly. Many of you are the cocl/ed up ones, not Mr. Butler. So/d off losers!!!

  • Gerry’s Zombies

    @SouthernBelle: Good question and the only answer is that I made a left turn into the Sanctimonious Circle of Condescention. Have fun ripping your idol to shreds. You all deserve each other and that’s good because no one else will have you. TRUTH!!

  • SouthernBelle

    @Gerry’s Zombies:

    You’ll surely have no problem correcting your error and finding your way out of this dreadful place. The sooner the better – for all of us. TRUTH!!

  • Autumn

    @Sunshine Daydream: No, unfortunately I have not been to the Tattoo Ceremony, but it is on my bucket list :) especially in Edinburgh. Scots-Irish and quite proud of the fact.

    There are so many differing opinions here, don’t get disheartened just respect people for their own views no matter how different they are. You never know what way the wind blows here on any given day.

    I would just like to see GB in a better film with a great script and a bit more maturity – he’s like a kid in candy store eating all the candy until you’re sick – I’m hopeful a few more buckets might make him so sick, he’ll wake up. Just hate to see wasted talent!

    Have a wonderful week and happy holidays!

  • Kali Orexi

    @Pics: Ledge would be legend

  • christmasfairy

    Can’t believe that a couple of posters here think that $10million for PFK is “a positive break” for Butler and his films. How much kool aid have you been drinking?

    Gerry needs to completely clean his house up and get some better representation if he genuinely wishes to continue acting or producing films.
    He needs to pack it now and take his money and his ego, and find himself an island where he can have as many MG-types on tap as he likes.

  • twitter

    here’s our competition winner Emma with the rugged and somewhat Shrek voiced Gerard Butler! Time for some more winners.

  • http://JJ Bonnie

    @Autumn: I have family who live around the area were the procession takes place.Won’t get that area this time ,I have 5days and family think they have my days planned but they know me,I like to do my own thing……

  • christmasfairy
  • Thumper

    @christmasfairy: That’s funny!

  • shill shill shill

    on that show the Bachelor Neil Lane provides the engagement rings and it just occurred to me if these two got engaged you can bet the ring will be a promotional freebie, how unromantic

    on the Bachelor though you have to return the ring if you don’t get married within a certain time frame

  • shill shill shill
  • Snow Flakes
  • Viola

    Popped in to see what was happening. See not much has changed. I watched a bit of the one show interview. He didn’t seem like he was on anything, except maybe caffeine and is sleep deprived. GB has no filter and needs one at times. He insulted that womans (whatever type of baked good it was). You NEVER insult a woman’s cooking/baking, even if joking around. She didn’t look happy. The zombie joke, was a football joke from what I read.


    Looking at the pictures of the nobel peace price ceremony, I would say that if a twenty-five(?) year old can look that puffy eyed and tired from trying to keep up with Gerry, then I know my thirty-something butt wouldn’t be able to.


    Also had the realization that he looks A LOT like my brother-in-law so any slight crush that may have been there, has just been thrown away with my empty coconut water container.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Hot-tempered people must pay the penalty. If you rescue them once, you will have to do it again.” – Proverbs 19:19

  • Merry Christmas

    Wish they would have played shirts and skins—of course you know which side I would want Gerry on—-

  • dargabriel

    Good beautiful afternoon, I wish and hope the holidays are grand. Its amazing to me how you can make wishes and have them happen in abundance, having my beautiful family be at eagle for a get away, sunshine and snow, fun miraculous times. Hi to all my buddies. Just dropped by, been traveling and hosting. I wish you the best butler… I hope you find whats real and fast, unless you just don’t desire yourself’s true other half, parallel. Time will tell, some people never wake up, I suggest you butler, go back to a guru and have them remind you of what you’re supposed to be doing. Maybe if you ever want to do a spiritual deed, find your other, multiply thy power and be a true light bulb for humanity, remember proximity, it makes all the difference. All my love and light to everyone. Love, dargabriel

  • team gerry

    @Snow Flakes: Christmas came early. Thanks! Let’s hope for more shirtless action or historical flicks in 2013. You made me smile on a Monday. :))

  • time to ask dargabriel…

    @dargabriel: Hi Dar, It’s nice to hear from you, I’m glad you’re doing well and sharing with your family!

  • Just a though

    @shill shill shill:
    Was she using the NPP concert to promote that jewelry? In an event where she wasn’t even a real guest but just a companion? It was never her intention to be out of the spotlight … isn’t it?(that picture is in the official facebook page of the jewelry). Then they want to sell the story about training to keep a low profile.LOL!

  • Autumn

    @Bonnie: I’m really envious! Enjoy your holiday and family!


  • SPAM!

    Your greetings and wishes of certain persons on the public site are inappropriate! It’s not interesting! STOP SPAM!