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Jennifer Lopez: Yacht Cruise with Emme & Max!

Jennifer Lopez: Yacht Cruise with Emme & Max!

Jennifer Lopez walks hand and hand with her cute son Max while boarding a yacht for a cruise on Friday (December 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 43-year-old actress was accompanied by her precious daughter Emme and mother Guadalupe.

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Later in the day, Jennifer was seen flashing a peace sing while heading back to her hotel.

The day before, Jennifer was spotted arriving at the Sheraton hotel in Sydney after stepping out of a private jet with her boyfriend Casper Smart and her twins.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez having some fun with her family in Australia…

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  • ugh

    It’s: Sydney – New South Wales (nsw) – Australia !!
    ..And what is she doing wearing a jumper? we’re in the middle of a heat wave [also, i don't think J.J should have named the hotel she is staying in because her kids are with her (well.. with the nanny)]

  • Elisa

    Where is the Ben Affleck crap! Every time he Gets interviewed it is this fat
    Cat gets in with their fav movie Gigli!! Emma and Max look real happy
    Having Casper as their nanny! Ha she should get tips from Ben on raising
    Great kids .

  • Tracy

    I’m really not one to talk about kids, but hers are so NOT cute!

  • Enter

    her boy toy was punished?

  • LooseLipz


    Took the words right out of my mouth…

  • Enter

    it’s not good to put on the kids this kind of shoes

  • polo8

    @Tracy: @LooseLipz:

    come on guy..somebody can say the same about yours kids .. all kids are angels

  • 0_o

    does anyone on this site know how to put a fu&cking sentence together??

  • laura

    All kids are angels, but not all of them are pretty, just as adults.. There are pretty kids and ugly one, it’s just how it is and since we are on a gossip website we can comment on people’s looks.. :)

  • Mie

    When I saw Emme first, I thought it was Nahla. Not until I read the headline I saw it was Emme. And for those who dare to saw Max and Emme are ugly, REALLY? To me they look sooo cute and well behaved. They are travelling all around the world seeing different countries, people and cultures etcetera. This is a life normal ordinary people like you can only dream of.

  • alex


    of course, if you don’t have human dignity you can say bad about kids

  • i

    @Mie: haha no we don’t all dream of pimping out our children, but nice try as*shole!

  • She Stinks!

    As soon as that trashy J-HO Bag spotted the camera she grabbed the kids hands. She continues to be fake. As a reminder, JHO Bag calls her own kids ‘coconuts’. Coconuts are ugly, hairy and mis-shaped. Not exactly a compliment coming from their own alleged mother. Don’t worry though, they will be getting nose jobs, botox and skin bleaching, just like mama.

  • ha

    @She Stinks!: you should probably know that using the term ‘ho’ doesn’t make you sound very smart

  • laura

    Ehm, I would fly down, if I were you, and not talk about much more important things that have nothing to do with a gossip website.

  • Jennifer

    Her cousin Tiana is a absolute bitch horrible person.

  • ono

    forget about those kids, look at that horrible shape on jlo, skinny legs knock knees, square back side, big shoulders big neck, big head, just horrible.

  • Katy

    Who’s the girl in the green dress is she pregnant. Jennifer Lopez days our over.

  • Elena

    Leggings and a heavy sweater in the summer? What was she thinking?
    Plus those leggings don’t do her any favors.
    I think the kids are cute, they probably can’t wait for this tour/circus to be over so they can see their dad for the holidays.

  • HoneyWest

    @SheStinks: You sound like you hate this woman with a passion and her kids too! You are the meanest b**tch on this website commenting about her children that they’re ugly and her calling them coconuts, what’s wrong with that? It’s just a nickname she calls her kids no harm done. And you calling her Jho is ridiculous! How do you know she is a ho? You don’t know this woman, you’re only going by photographs that’s all. That doesn’t make you any better than what she is, actually she is better than you. She got money, lots of it, a mansion, 3 cars, rich as hell, 2 beautiful children, and people that love her all around. What have you got? You’re insanely jealous of her for god knows what, and you don’t say one decent thing about her ever! Every time I get on this website you say something negative about somebody you don’t even know, even about her kids of all people. You need to get some psychological help and I hope you do! ‘Cause all this negativity you’re saying about this woman is totally unnecessary. Yes she has issues but that don’t make her a bad person, nobody is perfect by any means not even you! Everybody has flaws and everybody has problems! Nobody was born with a spoon in the their hand. You need to take a chill pill. If there is anybody trash, it’s you!

  • anna

    sorry jen. pullovers and skinny jeans are not your friends

  • Josie

    @HoneyWest, Oh Please, SheStinks is only telling the truth! JLO is such a phoney. She puts on a persona of being so pure and innocent, when in reality she’s a man-hopping, selfish, egotistical homewrecker. All she cares about is fame and being in front of the cameras. If she was any type of a mother, she would be at home nurturing those kids, and not dragging them all over the world so she can satisfy her own ego. She doesn’t need the money, so what type of life is that for those young kids not having any stabliity, or the comforts of being in their own home,. Their mother jumps from their father, Marc Anthony, to her new boytoy Casper Smart. All she cares is about HERSELF, and showcasing in front of the lights and cameras. She photo-ops herself with the kids wihen the camera is on her, and then gives them right back to the nannies. She wants to be a 20-year old again, who prefers to wear her catsuits and shake her long fake hair on stage, instead of being a real mother to her children.

  • lainey


    CouldnĀ“t agree more.Loosers act like that,spitting hate all around like mad dogs.

  • She Stinks!

    @Josie: Thanks Josie, these other people don’t get it. They listen to what JHO SAYS, not what she DOES. Actions speak louder than words! JHO continues to show us she is a bad mother, terrible singer, bed hopping trash and a rotten actress. I’m just pointing it out.

  • minie

    @She Stinks!:

    No you are pointing out that you are definitely a looser.i wonder what kind of person you really are.

  • She Stinks!

    @minie: Waaah! I don’t like your wh*ore! Too bad! HAHAHAHA!

  • HoneyWest

    Well you don’t like her, then keep your trashy ass comments to yourself then! Nobody wants to here them. She is a good person from what I see, she’s giving to charities [4] of them at Christmas time. If you don’t like J.Lo then don’t write on the website, it’s really depressing! Now I don’t mind if you say anything about her gay gigolo boy toy ‘cuz he’s doing nothing for her but using her for money and fame. Why don’t you say something about him? He’s just there for sex that’s all. He’s just a nobody, street thuggish looking freeloader with tattoos looking for a payday. What she sees in him I don’t know you go figure! She could do a helluva lot better than that thing she is with. She has bad taste in men for sure! Well she needs a much more mature man, a real man with some class and her age level, money, more attractive, better dressing, fat pockets [money] that is, well educated etc.. Everybody uses everybody that’s the deal in life. It is what it is! He’s just a kid old enough to be her son and look stupid together, I’m sure people are laughing right behind their backs. I’m 59 yrs. old and there’s no way I’m gonna date a younger man 30 yrs. younger than me, that is just digusting I’m sorry! @SheStinks: I don’t like you, You STINK! And she is not a whore! Trash Talker! Go pick on somebody your own level B**tch!