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Jennifer Morrison: Running & Jumping for 'Once Upon A Time'!

Jennifer Morrison: Running & Jumping for 'Once Upon A Time'!

Jennifer Morrison jumps high over a partition while filming a running scene for an upcoming episode of Once Upon A Time on Thursday (December 13) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 33-year-old actress had to run through an area that was made to look like New York City, complete with tons of people and yellow cabs.

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“Life gets so busy when the holidays draw near. I wish everyone the happiest of holidays!” Jen tweeted earlier in the week.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Morrison filming a running scene for Once Upon A Time

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jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 01
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 02
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 03
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 04
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 05
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 06
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 07
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 08
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 09
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 10
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 11
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 12
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 13
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 14
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 15
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 16
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 17
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 18
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 19
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 20
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 21
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 22
jennifer morrison runs jumps for once upon a time 23

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Jessie

    I hate this ugly bitch. Hope she gets a role in another show and stops ruining OUAT

  • Tommy

    She’s so great! A beautiful actress but also talented and funny. I just love One Upon a Time!

  • someone

    @Jessie: What’s wrong with you? Jennifer is a great actress, she does a wonderful job in OUAT. Not even mentioning how gorgeous and down to earth she’s.

  • Gorge

    @Jessie: Ugly? you know how many girls can run or do exercise and look good, well I must tell you FEW, and Jen can´t run and smile like normal girls do when they are running and Jen is running and acting It must be hard to look good when you are running a lot, but she looks good, It´s obvious you don´t get any exercise, but if you wanna see how a beautiful woman looks when is running in a normal situation watch this picture

    Jennifer doesn´t ruin OUAT, but people like you ruin this world, if you don´t like her why are you searching for her? normal people never search for celebrities we don´t like because we don´t care what they do, but if you search for her in order to insult her It made me think that you hate her because you envy her.

  • Jessie

    lol pathetic Morrison´s fangirls crying and whining because i mocked their untalented bitch. Morrison a good actress? LOL A beautiful woman? Maybe but only when she is all dolled up. Without tons of make up and nice outfits she is just a plain looking woman. And by the way she looks really old for her age.

  • someone else

    What´s the problem with make up, these days most celebrities need to put on make up to look good, even popular celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Emma Stone, Jennifer love hewitt, Jessica Biel, and other celebrities who look terrible without make up, there are few female celebrities who look good without make up and JMo is one of them, I found some webs about lists of natural beauties (celebrities) and JMo is on top 5 over other celebrities I already mentioned and even some famous models, so I think the only pathetic person is Jessie, I take pity on you because you don´t realize how pathetic you are insulting other people if you think i´m upset to you because you insult JMo you´re wrong because your commentary will never change the truth, instead of getting me angry It makes me happy because If you envy her It´s because JMo is all you´ll never be (famous, beautiful, popular, and so on), actually you make me laugh, you need to get a life…..( *laughs ……laughs……)…… sorry !!! I can´t stop laughing ( more laughs….)


  • Jessie

    lol Jennifer Morrison more beautiful than Olivia Wilde? XDDDDD You just proved how pathetic Morrison´s fans are. What´s next? That she is prettier than Lana? LOL She is ugly without make up. I can´t even see her eyes XDDDDDDD

  • Geraldine


    Dear Jessie, the only one who is pathetic is you. I don`t respect people like you at all who jump on random articles on the internet to spread hate against a certain actress and insult her fans in the process. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but vicious Name-calling is ugly and unsexy. Think about that for a moment!
    Jennifer Morrison is beautiful, talented and awesome!! Can`t wait to see the episode, Emma Swan back in New York to meet her first love Neal? #excited

  • someone else

    @Jessie: You say that because you´ve never see a picture of Olivia without make up, so watch this and tell me if she looks as hot as she looks on cover magazines,r:5,s:0,i:97

    Anyway I don´t want to insult her I´m not like you everybody knows YOU SUCKS !!! so all I have to say is :

    Who is pathetic ? JESSE, JESSE, JESSE !!!!!
    Who is ridiculous? JESSE,JESSE,JESSE !!!!!

    I must confess I´m not JMo´s fan I watched OUAT and she´s one of my favorite characters, but not my favorite favorite character, but I enjoy making fun of people like you everytime I read your negative commentaries It´s like watching again “married with children” you know Al Bundy (not the actor) was a pathetic character and he always made me laugh and you are as pathetic as Al, so all your anger is hilarious, poor Jesse I feel sorry for you but anyway you´re pathetic why don´t get a boyfriend who can stand you instead of hating people who are better than you ? Although I think It´ll be hard for you to find someone who can make do with you I mean if you hate someone for having all the things you don´t have you must be ugly, maybe skinny or fat, you´re pathetic for sure….., I know what you can do !!!! just get an ugly boyfriend ugly men make do with anything like you.
    LOL JESSE , don´t think I hate you because I can´t hate people who make me laugh, and you´re so pathetic that make me laugh : )

  • Jessie

    Olivia looks beautiful without make up unlike JMo who looks like a hungry dog LOLOLOLOL Olivia >>>>>>>>> JMo

  • http://@AChippedCup Prunellie


    That not true ! I’m not a fan of her but you can’t say that Jen is old and not pretty withou make up ! before criticizing, just look at you !
    Your principal argue is that’s she’s not pretty ! Hollywood is just a shark place ! If she does’nt have talent , Olivia Wilde doesn’t have any talent !
    And then, her face is natural , Olivia Wilde is all redone, that’s pathetic

  • Diana

    @Jessie: What the hell someone else insulted you and you prefer to defend Olivia Wilde instead of defending yourself everybody is right when they say you´re pathetic, i don´t know why you say wonders about Olivia if she´s one of the worst actresses in Hollywood, most actresses in Hollywood are better than her, even Chita from Tarzan was a better actress than Olivia, all Olivia´s movies are extremely boring which some people can watch once a year, I think you didn´t see the picture of someone else´s comment, Olivia has a shit face without make up, i think you hate jennifer because you are a Olivia fangirl and in deep you know Jennifer is more talented and a natural beauty, and because millions of people watch OUAT every sunday, not like Olivia who need tons of make up and a place with good lighting to look good, and of course she´s the the most untalented actress in Hollywood and that´s the main reason she´s always looking for attention because now Dr House is over and she doesn´t have anymore her mine of gold called Dr House and without Dr House she´s nothing and has to talk about her sex life and touch her little boobs, if you wanna be popular in Hollywood you don´t need to the the most beautiful woman on this earth, you just need tons of make up and pose naked or semi naked for magazines and Olivia knows it and does it, in this place the only pathetic fangirl is Jesse, I´m sure you will keep insulting jennifer and sticking up for Olivia before yourself and that´s make you pathetic, poor pathetic Olivia fangirl it´s not Jennifer´s fault that her face is more beautiful than Olivia and her body is hotter than Olivia, maybe you think I´m pathetic for say that, but the fact is that you´re pathetic for not accepting the truth.

  • Guillermo

    @someone else: You´re right Olivia is ugly without make-up, I think girls must talk about Justin Bibier, Robert Pattison and that kind of mediocre celebrities, but not about hot female celebrities because always there will be some girls like Jesse, I don´t need to be a genius to know her commentaries are full of envy, in my country It´s said that “envy is sign of admiration”, but the problem is that this kind of people prefer to insult and hate the person they envy.

  • JM

    Jennifer is an AMAZING Actress.I have loved her acting sense she started in House.She is BEAUTIFUL And Very TALENTED.I started watching Once Upon a Time because i knew JMo was going to star in it and i fell in love with the show and the entire cast.Jmo is a wonderful person and anyone who says otherwise is Pathetic and doesn’t know Jennifer at all.WE LOVE YOU JENNIFER!!!!!!

  • Jessie

    AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA Olivia is way more popular than Morrilol you just need to check her twitter or facebook account and men like her much more (i mean real men not Guillermo who is obviously just another Morrilol fangirl). Morrilol tried to break into movies and everybody was like lololol.
    Olivia is beautiful and look fresh and young no matter what the only Morrilol fan posting under different names says. Morrilol´s face is ugly and boring and has only one facial expression like KS. LOLOL MORRI LOLOLOL

  • Laura

    WHEN OLIVIA TURNED INTO A TALENTED ACTRESS? I`ve watched Dr House and some of her moviews and the only difference I could find between 13 and her other characters was the coat, all of them share the same serious face, the same boring personality, all of them are dry characters, she won`t turn into a great actress just because you say it I don`t agree with you, and I also want to say that when we talk about Jen someone is talking about her boob jof, but everytime someone is talking about Olivia someone take about her redone face, so why people think that, Ok Jen´boobs look bigger, but Olivia´s face doesn`t looks the same in all pictures, because she put on her face tons of make up, and without it she has a shit face, let`s be honest, if she is a great actress and beautiful without make up I`m wonder woman.

  • Jessica

    Popularity has nothing to do with hotness, any intelligent person can realize that, if there´s a doubt search for Askmen list “The most desirable women for 2013″, Michelle Obama is over Olivia wilde, bar rafaeli, Alessandra Ambrosio and over other celebs who are real hot women, so because men like her much more the it means that she´s hot, no way !!!! she´s the first lady I have my respect but she isn´t exactly a hot woman, I still think Jen is hotter than Olivia, Olivia has short legs, an ugly nose, the squarest face I´ve ever seen and looks like a 36 year-old woman, in magazines she looks better than she really is, and she´s popular between men because she´s always posing as a cheap hooker.

  • TB

    JENNIFER MORRISON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> olivia wilde

  • MFU

    @Jessie: WHAT !!! beautiful without makeup??? Are you really talking about that girl called Olivia Wilde that has the squarest face I´ve ever seen and has fat and crooked legs, Ah!! don´t forget about that MASSIVE HEAD she has over her shoulders and that nose that looks like a beak ???