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Jessica Chastain Defends 'Zero Dark Thirty' Motives

Jessica Chastain Defends 'Zero Dark Thirty' Motives

Jessica Chastain hops out of her car with her adorable pup Chaplin while arriving for the matinee performance of The Heiress on Saturday (December 15) in New York City.

The SAG and Golden Globe nominated actress took to her Facebook page to defend her film Zero Dark Thirty against people claiming the flick has political motives.

“There seems to be a lot of confusion as to the motives of ZD30. I’m not interested in being in a film that pushes a political agenda,” Jes wrote. “This is a movie that asks questions of the audience. The filmmakers aren’t interested in answering those question. We must leave the theatre and begin a conversation about our American history. We must ask, where have we been? And where do we intend to go from here?”

Make sure to check out Zero Dark Thirty when it starts a limited engagement on December 19!

Click inside to read Jessica Chastain‘s reaction to her SAG and Golden Globe nominations…

SAG Nomination Reaction
“I received very good news today!!! I’m so thankful to my fellow actors at SAG for this incredible honor. Last year was a dream come true for me and this year continues to remind me how lucky I am to be an actor. I feel so grateful to Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Sony, every actor and our crew on this amazing film. This is such an honor. xxjes”

Golden Globe Nomination Reaction
“The final trailer for Zero Dark Thirty was just released! This is a film that I am extremely proud of and I am so thankful for the Golden Globe nomination I received yesterday. I’m elated to see our fearless producer Megan Ellison, brilliant director Kathryn Bigelow, wonderful screenwriter Mark Boal, and our extraordinary film being honored. It’s rare to play a female lead character who isn’t defined by the men in her life. Maya isn’t the girlfriend, nor is she the victim of the villain. She is strong and capable. She stands on her own. I think she’s a great representation of this generation of women. Follow the link to watch the trailer xxjes”

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  • sillyme

    Of course the movie is political. This is Hollywood, for goodness sakes.

  • be careful……..

    with all the shootings going on, i hope there’s none during this pic

  • 20

    Her blatant lying is unfortunate, as I am a big fan of her acting.

  • uh

    blah! i lost respect for this woman when she was on chelsea lately – i didn’t appreciate her racial comments.

  • Sam

    Oh please! everyone knows that this movie has political and oscar motivations, nothing else.

  • Sally

    She is calling the paparazzis more than Kim Kardashian does.

  • st


    she didn’t make any racial comments all she did was say how uncomfortable it was for her to be seated at a restaurant in jordan and to not be given a menu or allowed to order for herself

  • Danilo

    Jessica Chastain looks cool with her puppy. I have not watched the film Zero Dark Thirty so I can’t give any opinion yet.

  • uh

    @st: if you don’t think what she said was racist then you weren’t listening close enough. And that wasn’t all she said — also, complaining about a third world country not being as ‘amazing’ as being at the Oscars is not only disgusting but completely ignorant (considering it’s Amurrican drones that are attacking their children) And if she was grown she’d know that EVERYDAY in America, blacks/hispanics/arabs etc are kicked out of restaurants for not being white. Her comment was pointed (and if not “racist” to you) then it was ignorant and, coming from a white woman, insensitive and stupid.

  • Kate

    What did you expect from someone who made a racist movie like The Help (aka White People Solve Racism)?
    I agree with you, if what she said is not racist, so I don’t know what it is!

  • uh

    aw did i upset white Americans? :)

  • Kate

    It’s just telling the truth about this wh*re that suddenly all the nazis began to thumbs down bad comments about her and this CRAP RACIST MOVIE. LOL

  • ilmp

    This movie endorses torture. It’s government propaganda.

  • Facts

    Of course this movie is bad, is directed by a woman, if the drector were Clint Eastwood people would love the movie before see it.

  • Facts

    The movie shows torture, not exactly endorses, if you wanna a movie that endorses torture watch Batman

    Oh… I forgot that people loves Batman! It’s a superhero movie directed by a man…

  • ta

    @Facts: stop typing like this is your tumblr.
    when white women try to tell me about the world i can only roll my eyes

  • ha ha

    This pic looks exciting, saw trailer last night, will prob see it, who cares its just a stupid mivie, they all have agenda behind it – $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Jessica’s want oscar and she is pusing hard thats why she’s in every oth story and half nude pics, but again just a movie, as long as its good, i dont care why these peeps are here

  • Terrible Twos

    I’m going to see this because I love Jessica as an actress and think it will be a very entertaining film. The hoopla around the torture scenes used in the film is ridiculous. I don’t know all the facts but if you believe the CIA doesn’t use torture tactics in interrogations then you are incredibly naive. I’m not saying it is right, I’m saying that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is in fact, part of the real story.

  • Zena

    @Terrible Twos: The issue is not that it depicts torture. The issue is that it implies it is necessary to ensure the freedom of Americans.

  • ta

    @Terrible Twos: uh they DO use torture 0_o
    it’s not something that is hidden.. ever
    and ‘zena’ is right, it implies that it is necessary for americans.. and as we seen during the war america was in fact torturing innocent people for nothing. You should watch any documentary about the iraq war.. it’s basically americans justifying their violent and unnecessary actions.

  • Jokergurl

    @ta: They do use torture yes, but sometimes it’s necessary. How do you think we got Osama bin Laden and other terrorists? Does GITMO ring a bell? By the way, what happens when terrorists get a hold of Americans or Westerners in general, they behead them. We usually don’t behead people as long as you’re ranting about this. Abu Gharib, was an Iraqi prison, at GITMO these terrorists even have their own LAWYERS and members of Congress visit the facility to make sure the conditions are humane, but knowing this would require you to actually read about what you’re talking about before you post.

  • ta

    @Jokergurl: LOL stop watching fox news moron ahaha and as someone who has lived in drone striked areas i suggest you go fu*ck yourself :)
    the soldiers at abu ghraib (check your spelling) were tortured JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE MUSLIM – and turned out they were innocent men and women.. even worse they were made to perform se*xual acts on their children.. so i’ll read up about stupid americans and you can educate yourself about an innocent country that was dragged into war because YOUR COUNTRY and president craves oil

  • ta

    @Jokergurl: and just an FYI – the reason why journalists were beheaded is because Bush said ‘we do not negotiate with terrorists’, all he had to do was pay them off and those people would have been alive. wake up!!

  • http://Ari_73 Ari

    Can everybody just shut uo,watch the movie and then leave these kind of comments?! This movie is ofc about a political matter but waht she said means the movie doesn’t wanna put political comment on matter,it leaves it for viewers!!!

  • haaa

    @Ari: let me guess, you’re america? HAHAHAH no really – put a sentence together and MAYBE what you say will matter

  • Mikey

    Love to tap that. Big time

  • http://Ari_73 Ari

    @haaa At least I’m not the one saying all these bitchy stuff about everything and everone!!!
    Should I be american to defend her?!Can’t I just be an reasonable person to say the reasonable things?!

  • http://Ari_73 Ari

    @haaa: And about the writing,not that it’s anyone’s business,I was just so angry to these bitchy comments that sime misspellings happened!!!

  • haa

    @Ari: none of the comments are b*tchy.. they are all well informed.. and you’re uneducated.. she is a racist as*shole who needs to punch herself in the face

  • http://Ari_73 Ari

    Whatever!!!she doesn’t mind these comments,why should I ?!