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LeAnn Rimes: Las Vegas Performance!

LeAnn Rimes: Las Vegas Performance!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her legs while performing at LVH on Friday (December 14) in Las Vegas.

Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old singer tweeted, “My heart aches for the families of the victims of #CTShooting So many prayers sent up for them.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

The day before, LeAnn was seen grabbing lunch with her husband Eddie Cibrian at Riviera restaurant in Calabasas.

Mark your calendars, LeAnn is scheduled to make an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday (December 18). Don’t miss it!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes performing in Las Vegas…

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163 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Las Vegas Performance!”

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  1. 51
    Sweet Says:


    Oh, no! I’m so very sorry that there are people out there who feel no need to write (and vote for) disturbing, crazy, vitriolic comments about someone they don’t know. It’s a sad day for humanity! LOL

  2. 52
    betty Says:

    @Deedee What’s to stalk that’s like asking if I stalk JJ . It’s a public forum and Leann puts all her business on it. Nothing is private with her it’s all show and tell. SEE how Eddie loves me SEE how much fun the kids are having. Like a teenager instead of a grown woman..Leann must be trying to convince herself because most could care less. Even the media is sick and tired of her.

  3. 53
    nika Says:

    fat Americans having problem w/ someone being skinny…not surprised!

  4. 54
    Marco Says:

    LOL! This site is a joke! For the longest time all the “negative” posts were thumbed up and “positive” posts thumbed down. Now it’s the opposite?!?! Guess that E! Special worked….now she’s got a ton of fans. HeeHeeHee!! Go figure….

  5. 55
    Uh huh Says:

    Dont know anything about this bi*ch other than she is fugly as hell.

  6. 56
    Uh huh Says:

    I’ve seen people on meth that are better looking than her.

  7. 57
    votesarerigged Says:

    I just voted to give someone a thumbs up and it made it a thumbs down.The post I voted a thumb’s down mysteriously posted it as a thumbs up. The voting is rigged on here now for LeAnn posts. Rather than doing something so obvious, why not just shut that part of the comments off. Some people like her and others don’t That isn’t going to change.

  8. 58
    Marco Says:

    @votesarerigged: Of course they are rigged!! Leann must have paid Jared A LOT of money! Jared is a joke!! And I will Tweet him that!

  9. 59
    Ava Says:

    @eamon– everything i said was true, unlike the words that come out of leann’s mouth. her words are mixed with a bit of ‘her truth’..which is code for whatever allows me to sleep at night cause i’m racked with guilt and remorse and regret.
    i have a healthy body, a happy mind, a love filled marriage, and money in the bank that i EARNED. again, thanks for trying. people hate on leann for her behavior after the affair and her current behavior, not because of a lack of self esteem. –that is the reason leann SWF brandi, leann’s lack of self esteem.

  10. 60
    Marco Says:

    @votesarerigged: It’s the last 2 LeAnn posts that this is happening. We ALL know the truth though ;) (she really doesn’t have that many fans’). LeAnn probably just threw a little cash Jared’s way and he rigged the voting system!! We all see through you Jared and LeAnn. Ha! Yes…I know I will get thumbed down and possibly “hidden” LOL!

  11. 61
    Renee Says:

    @votesarerigged — it is leann sitting alone in her hotel room in vegas on her iphone. the public still dislikes leann with a passion.

  12. 62
    betty Says:

    Who cares about the votes pro or con If Leann had a lot of fans her twitter count would be more Brandi is catching up so Leann better hurry and buy more.If her album succeeds that will note her popularity not comments. Brandi book is and has not been launched yet .

  13. 63
    steph Says:

    @betty – isn’t it wonderful karma to see brandi’s book in the best seller list?! even after leann gave her bogus interview the sales still went up. the world loves brandi. i wonder how much it costs for leann to buy twitter friends, or maybe she just makes fake accounts to troll around and check out the thousands of people that she has blocked because they disagreed with her special ‘truth’. she did have all that time in vegas while eddie was scouting out his next challenge..

  14. 64
    betty Says:

    @Steph That was the smartest move for Brandi losing that zero Eddie she has been succeeding since. Eddie is a loser and user Leann loves him let her support him I bet Brandi never would. He had to go to work to be with Brandi and I don’t blame her men don’t appreciate you when you are the giver.

  15. 65
    steph Says:

    @betty- brandi was a challenge, that is why eddie stayed with her and probably would have stayed forever. leann rimes is too easy. men don’t want little girls who love drama, they want a real woman. brandi is a real woman and that is why women relate to her. the world sees leann as a spoiled brat who is still acting like a child. karma is a beautiful thing. brandi will come out on top, better than before, while leann and eddiot will fade into the background and be forgotten as hasbeens. –until a waitress comes forward with eddie’s baby.

  16. 66
    votesarerigged Says:

    @Marco: It makes no sense and is so obviously being manipulated. You are right. It makes JJ look like a joke. The amount of positive fluff coverage Leann gets on here is bizarre. Leann can buy off Jared but the majority of the public still can’t stand her.

  17. 67
    lori Says:

    Hi all! I just click on the comments and read them anyway. I love the Grinch name for Leann! It’s so true!!
    You can tell Leann has lots of time on her hands because she is on these comments all day trying to shut people up. So funny, she is insane.
    And the flashing her breast the same day Brandi had breast surgery shows how far gone she really is. You know Leann was fantasizing all day about Brandi’s breast.
    No wonder Eddie is cheating again.

  18. 68
    lori Says:

    @steph Great comment! ITA I was just thinking that the new girl friend might have Eddie’s baby. Leann is a child, I think she is forever stunted at the emotional age of a 14 or 15 yr old. The age she became famous and her parents went through the divorce and she started drinking and moved in the with older guy. I think Leann’s whole life now is about obsessing over Brandi and trying to compete with her, while trying to fight with the women who won’t be LR fans, like the teacher she is suing. She is so angry and jealous of other women. All that obsession and rage of a teenager still driving her at the age of 30, so sick. She is truly a former child star gone bad, so sad she won’t get help.

  19. 69
    Jesse Says:

    Just Jared, make Leann pay you big money for the rigged votes, you deserve it!!!
    My sources in LV said Eddie had very good service from a club waitress. I hope we see pics!

  20. 70
    steph Says:

    @lori – leann is emotionally stunted. her emotional brain is that of a highschooler. anyone who doesn’t like her is jealous fat hater. this type of thinking is that of a child who is angry at not getting their way. this obviously goes back to her parents who must have never told her no. and when they finally told her no, a 15 year old girl is not moving in with an adult boyfriend, she sued them. which is what she is doing now to that woman with special needs children. its disgusting to see her perform for noh8 when she is so obviously bulling someone buy using her money and social standing to get the outcome that she wants. to say, haha i won. karma biotch!! its coming :)

  21. 71
    lori Says:

    ITA Steph, you nailed it she is high school, with her revenge comments on all these posts. She is a spoiled teen age brat trying to control the world. And she is soo out of control. I think it’s drugs and booze, that’s why her hair is so thin and her mouth is rotting and her face is bloated. The karma bus has hit her and Eddie. It looks like it hit her in the face and ran right over Eddie. To me he looks like he has aged 10 years in the last 3. Gross.

  22. 72
    tami Says:

    Honey, if she had put it all behind her she would act like an idiot by twitting every moment she gets and pretending to be a loving mother who she’s not. A stepmother respects the mother of her stepchildren.

  23. 73
    phcalef Says:

    @Tammy: Here’s a thought Tammy. Ignore Gwen.

  24. 74
    phcalef Says:

    @Tess Ann Guest: You know they make medication for people like you, don’t you? Look into it.

  25. 75
    Holly Says:

    Haters are going to hate no matter what. All that anyone in LeAnn’s position can do is just shake from their feet the dust that the haters love to create.

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

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