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Leonardo DiCaprio & Kerry Washington: 'Django Unchained' Press Conference!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kerry Washington: 'Django Unchained' Press Conference!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington sandwich in their Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino at a press conference for the film held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Sunday (December 16) in New York City.

The two co-stars were joined by cast mates Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, and Jonah Hill.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Django Unchained is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and more at the Django Unchained press conference in New York City…

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  • : )

    wow did you talk to him? :)

  • hello

    strapping young lad

  • sarah

    So we can assume that Margot will head to Los Cabos for New Year’s Eve…:)

  • mz_linz

    Leo is so handsome and such a class act. Margot Robbie is a beautiful woman and her and Leo would make an awesome couple if the rumors were true :-)

  • #54

    i agree with everything except the margot Robbie bit

  • #54

    another girl but not margot Robbie

  • Gorgeous

    Agreed. If true, Good luck to them. Still nervous/excited for Django.

  • Weirdo

    Your fake posters are too fake LOL.
    No one thinks Leo is handsome, he looks washed up now and his looks are FADING big time.
    And I don’t know anyone looking forward to seeing Leo in Django. Django is not a draw. The Hobbit is. Zero Dark Thirty is. Django will attract a small niche crowd and that’s it.
    Stop spamming the thread with fake fans. It’s SO obivous.

  • LOL

    Margot, Vs model, what makes us think this time Leo’s behavior will be different? Regarding his love life everything is always the same. Nothing serious with any of them.

  • Calling it like it is

    Leonardo DiCaprio is a dream

  • Weirdo

    Wow, it’s pretty sad when Leo doesn’t have any real fans to post nice things about him. :)

  • Django Unchained

    Congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio on another piece of undoubtedly fine acting. I understand he chooses roles based on passion alone, I truly respect this man.

  • Heismine

    I love leo’s outfit

  • nishu

    This is going to be another good movie from Tarantino.

  • Weirdo


  • Weirdo


  • Weirdo


  • Weirdo


  • vagabond

    Congrats to Leo on his GG nomination.Have any of you visited Bellazon?I keep getting a drive error page.So now we are back to Margot?No wonder he looks a little tired.It’s hard to manage three woman at one time.@LOL: and + 1.Every time this comes up it gets denied,this time it’s by his rep.I’ll wait till i see pics,or something.Gotta lol at the other gossip sites playing the telephone game,with these stories.

  • BZ

    I am also getting the same thing on Bellazon. Ha ha about managing 3 women at one time.

  • @BZ

    Is only accessible by mobile. The site is doing updates, that is why its down..

  • Message

    I think there is a very good chance that Leo and Margot are hooking up. I kind of thought they would all along. However… Leo does not get serious with anyone. No matter how hard his team tries to convince us that he does… C’mon. So, I’m sure they are having a good time together. But in the whole grand scheme of things, she is just another notch on the proverbial belt. I am kind of meh on the whole thing. But I STILL think that movie is going to be really entertaining, albeit slightly difficult to watch.

  • vagabond

    Thank you BZ,and @BZ, for letting me know that.@Message:Not totally sold about them hooking up,but def agree with the rest.
    I’m looking forward to seeing Django,not sure i’ll go on Christmas day though.

  • Weirdo

    Hahaha…now that made me laugh. “I love Leo?” Umm, no but nice try.
    Oh darn, Bellazon is down. Guess all that positive energy couldn’t keep them afloat.
    So any new news? Have Leo and Margot been caught in a tree – k-i-s-s-i-n-g? :)

  • Chelsea

    i want to watch this right now

  • @#55 @Weirdo


    P’shaw! Look at Leo stans already hating on Margo. Predictable. Leo is no class act when it comes to women.

    Weirdo, you’ve got no one but yourself to blame for the happy spammer. Before you started posting negativity by the minute, the happy spammer would stop after the first or second page. I thought Tinker and Leda were bad, but you take the cake as #1 discussion ruiner. Give it a rest and maybe the happy spammer will do the same.

  • Django

    I’m not in the mood to see this movie, to be honest. Another overhyped, overlong Tarantino bloodbath for his fanboys. I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD, if I haven’t lost all interest by then.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Right now, Tarantino and DiCaprio are the vanguard of the underground film-makers movement in Hollywood.

  • @Weirdo

    You are a rude sarcastic b*tch. It’s one thing to incessantly bash Leo, but also anyone who is a fan.

  • For 76

    IKR. Anyone who says anything good about Margo is thumbed down. So it begins. JJ is full of mostly single obsessive Leo saddos as other blogs know. Leo don’t care., though and its fun to read. Thumbs down away!!!!!

  • Margot and Leo

    I am starting to believe that Margot could be the reason why Leo decided to put an “official” end with Erin.
    Because the rumors of the two together started almost immediately after the announcement of the breakup between Leo and his VS model.

  • sarah

    It makes sense because Leo always lets his rep announce a breakup with a girlfriend once he is into a new relationship. He’s been using the same pattern over and over.

  • What’s next?

    @For 76:
    You say no Leo’s girlfriend never will be good enough for the ‘obsessive’ fans, but the same applies for Leo. He doesn’t treat them any better so why should we???

  • @sarah

    Apparently that theory about the official announcement is not true. I said that just a little while ago and someone proved me wrong. There were breakup announcements without a new girl and instead of a new relationship he was back on with the ex.

  • Ellie

    Leo you don’t know it yet but we are going to get married

  • For 76

    @What’s next?:
    Yeah I’m sure the hilarious unhinged anger, bitchiness, rage-thons and catiness is solely because of how Leo treats them *eye roll*.
    ‘we’? I’m sure you and Tink don’t speak for the majority here Leda. You’re simply the most active. Most regulars appear to have dissappeared

  • Loyal Fan

    I am a great fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and I support and respect not only who he chooses to date but also his privacy.

  • Tony
  • Weirdo

    Believe me I’m only amused. I don’t care about Margot or if he dates Margot or whatever. Mainly because I wouldn’t believe it to be real. And if it was real, just another young dumb blonde getting snookered by Leo. Good riddance. How many times does this get a repeat before someone catches on!?? Talk about boring.
    1 – Leo can’t be alone for the holidays – check
    2 – Leo found 22 young blonde thing to fool around with – check
    3 – Leo has new movie coming out he needs promo for – check
    4 – Leo goes to brunch with new thing and Iremlin – WAIT FOR IT, it’s coming
    5 – Leo goes on winter holiday to Cabo…..we can all pretty much write the script ourselves.
    Hmmm, if she can get a multi-million dollar condo out of it she might go for it….I think we should all place bets on how long this one will last. At least THAT part would be interesting……

  • Yeah!

    As LOL and Weirdo said it if it’s indeed on ( I doubt ) Leo found a new meaningless relationship. It’s gonna be the same with some slight difference. But even if they are seeing each other ( hooking up as someone said it ) it’s being kept very low key and probably that’s why it’s being denied so strongly. As it was said on BZ Leo will or would shy away from this romance because of all the publicity that it would bring to the movie. I read several good comments about this rumor and I agree with those points – even Weirdo’s. When she is not hating on Leo endlessly she does have good points.
    Also I don’t really feel that Margot is being bashed but I might have missed a comment ( or two ). I think by now most people posting here knows it’s not the girl. It’s Leo who is doing the same routine again. No need to bash the current gf.

  • sarah

    ok, so there’s still hope for Erin to spend another New Year in Cabo then.

  • @sarah

    That’s not what I meant. That he might get back with Erin even though this came up when we were discussing the chance of Leo getting back with Erin for the holidays. Anyway my point was that an official announcement doesn’t necessarily mean a new girlfriend already in the picture. It was proven to me here just a little while ago.

  • Weirdo

    Well, Margot was seen with him in Vegas and at his birthday party. Then that night when he was with Miranda and Cameron, someone on the Miranda thread said Margot was also there that night with a bunch of Aussie models. Don’t know it that is true, but he’s been seen a lot more with Margot than with Erin (not at all.) So I don’t think Erin will be back in the picture.
    On another note, found out Blake Lively was at the 12-12 benefit concert. Maybe Leo was avoiding bumping into her?

  • ()

    who do you think is more likely to spend the upcoming holidays with Leo? A guess anyone?

  • Leo and Tobey

    “Stewart Rahr & Leonardo DiCaprio Partner On Piano As DiCaprio Chain Smokes Logic E-cigs”

    Gregarious billionaire philanthropist Stewart Rahr just loves giving – with recent gifts to the Israel Cancer Research Foundation, Hurricane Sandy Victims, and others – and yesterday Rahr partnered with world-famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio to buy the iconic piano which was used in the classic Bogart film “Casablanca.”

    Friday, at Sotheby’s in New York City, Leo Dicaprio wore a baseball cap and chain smoked Logic e-cigarettes, as he was accompanied by his good friend Tobey Maguire, and Rahr the billionaire wore his trademark yellow sunglasses.

    The piano is an upright studio piano with 58 keys, finished in a viridian green with ivory trompe l’oeil craquelure interior panels. They plan to donate the 58-key upright studio piano to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


  • LOL

    @Weirdo – that was the joke on twitter for the no show.
    @94 – although I think it odd how people here seem overly concerned with who he spends his holidays with (stalkerish!) I do believe he is truly hooking up with Margo. Likely both of them have an understanding on what it is. And its probably just sex not love so its not a given it will continue post filming especially if Margot has to return to Australia.

  • Yeah!

    @93: Not to argue but I have doubts about that claim that Margot was there at the Leo &Miranda night. The reason why I think that is because both Daily News and Page Six covered the story. Obviously Daily News had no reason to mention Margot since they were fixating on Leo and Miranda. But Page Six would have every reason to put her there since they started the Leo & Margot rumor but she wasn’t mentioned anywhere… Instead we had Leo&Cameron and Leo&Miranda stories.

  • LIKE

    I think there is something going on with leo and margot. either they’re just screwing around and having fun, or she’s the new gf. I think its probably the first one. i know that he denied it, but i don’t know if i believe it. they’re at the very least hooking up.

  • LIKE

    @LOL I think margot lives in new york, so she’s staying there.

  • Wolf

    The NY Post has a history of placing women around Leo when there was no other record of them being there. After watching him play this game for awhile with the Post, I’m convinced his PR is behind it. Not because he’s gay, but because it’s good publicity for the movie and for his image as a desirable man who gets the hottest women. They’re careful not to overdo it this time because they don’t want you looking too closely, but they throw just enough out there to keep up his image. He and his boy posse probably have a stable of discreet girls they can sex up on a regular basis with no strings attached, like that Magdalena.