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Lindsay Lohan Thanks Charlie Sheen for $100k Gift

Lindsay Lohan Thanks Charlie Sheen for $100k Gift

Lindsay Lohan is all smiles while attending the Organice Your Life Holiday Party on Friday (December 14) at the Time Warner Building in New York City.

The 26-year-old actress recently received a gift of $100,000 from Charlie Sheen to help pay her bills, but he claimed earlier this week that she failed to thank him.

Lindsay has since called him to thank him for his gift and reportedly did not contact him earlier as her phone broke, according to TMZ.

Also pictured: Lindsay heading to Catch Nightclub earlier in the week.

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Credit: Michael Stewart; Photos: INFdaily, Getty
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  • hew

    I hope they lock this dumb b1tch up and keep her in there longer this time

  • Josie

    Someone better have checked her coming out of the party. Other people’s stuff have a way ending up in her pockets.

  • rikki

    i think they’re both crazy but that’s kind of sweet that he would do that. but LOL at the lame “phone broke” excuse. pathetic.

  • basic

    she looks like a tranny now

  • Samantha

    He’s obviously sleeping with her, otherwise why would he give her that much money? By the way it’s sad that she looks like this now. Had she taken the right path in 2005 and she would have had an excellent career. Sucks for her.

  • Tina

    One word : S. k .a. n. k.

  • Nightwish

    Its hard to tell if lindsay has been off drugs lately. Basically, if she is off, she can pass for being in her 20′s. If shes on, she looks 35-45 yrs old.

  • Deborah

    My phone broke? Sorta like the dog ate it? She simply did not consider thanking him until she was embarassed by him calling her out. Classless.

  • nika

    If she was serious about getting better then she would just leave Hollywood for a while and focus on herself but she loooves that people talk about her. In my opinion all celebrities are narcissistic fame wh*res!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    She only thanked him because she got called out: FACT.

  • Nightwish

    So much talent and she just throws everything away. wth!

  • Annie

    Pfffft, she’s just fishing for another $15000 or whatever she owes in locker debts. The thing is if it were Charlie who was broke and desperate and Lindsay who was loaded she wouldn’t even give him the time of day. Don’t give her any more, Charlie.

  • Anna

    Isn’t she like tired of herself? Isn’t she like tired of everyone criticizing her and laughing at the wreck she really is? For many people there comes a time in their lives when they just realize man, I just really need to change myself, but with her, it’s like she is the dumbest creature on earth. It’s like someone needs to beat the shit out of her, take all her money and lock her somewhere where no one sees her or hears about her and be treated just the way she deserves it. Maybe then she’ll come to her common sense.

  • ^_^

    oh why she isn’t in jail??
    the ppl dosen’t love you back off

  • Emily

    Right, her phone broke, and it’s not like anyone else had a phone she could borrow long enough to thank a man who gave her $100K. She simply has no class.

  • Mean people

    Haha phone broke…

  • Lorelei

    Lord her list of excuses!
    The black kid did it (HER words, not mine!), somebody else put cocaine in my pocket, the police is after me, the truck driver cut me off, someone stole my passport, the ankle monitor went off because it broke…etc, etc, Now her phone broke? Yeah right! She is the world’s dumbest, most coked up liar!

  • Reese

    Its so sad. I really liked her when I first saw Freaky Friday and I thought she would go far with her career. Sad how her career spiraled down.

  • http://Bluerose18 Aaron Saltzer

    @hew: Since when was bitch spelled with a 1? Lol

  • Whateva!

    I like Charlie. He has had his own trials & self-inflicted crap over the years and he may see himself inside the drama of a lost girl who has no real parental/family support to help her get better, and he wanted to help her. Charlie had his family and father always by his side and I believe that has been the glue that kept him from falling way over the cliff, even though he was one pinky toe from falling over. He met lindsay on set and got to know her, probably telling her she needs to get her crap together, look at me talk. He offered to help her and did it but she was ungrateful thinking like most of the outsiders surrounding her make her think, she was entitled to it. It’s a shame he had to call her out like that but I agree with him that when someone gives you something you say Thank You!

    Her sorry ass excuse is lame and she knows it. Someone in her entourage could have gotten in contact with Sheen to offer a Thank You. She is a piece of work but with her parents I’m surprised she is still here. I hope she gets better and find some peace in her life.

  • anne

    she looks REALLY old and dirty…

  • jill

    @Aaron, since they won’t allow the use of any even somewhat “bad” words on this site, at least not in the comment section. However the folks at Jared use whatever language they want in their text, even the “n”word, something I find odd. They censor the **** out of us but not themselves.

  • Jokergurl

    Charlie Sheen despite his problems is a decent person, and he’s generous. I’ve always liked Sheen and he’s talented despite what critics say. Sheen and probably only Robert Downey, Jr. (whose addictions years ago send him to prison for two years) are some of the few actors who could have complete lows and come out fine again. Lindsay was on her way but fame can eat people alive.

    I hope Sheen is clean, Downey has been for years. Sheen has a good heart. He also gave $75,000 dollars to helping a 10 year old girl with her cancer treatment costs, ironically her father is a Hermosa policeman. He was talking to Sheen and telling him what his situation was and Sheen wrote him a check, Sheen’s stunt double Eddie Braun wrote a check also for $25,000 dollars. He gives $100,000 to Lindsay probably because he sees some of his earlier problems with fame in Lindsay.

    Sheen once said “they don’t tell you how to deal with fame”. Lindsay is talented but she obviously needs help, and she has no support system like Sheen does whose own father had him arrested years back to save his life. Lindsay has had no such support, her parents are sorry excuses for parents, she needs someone to reign her in and tell her “NO”, put her in a place like rehab or jail and keep her there for at least a year or two.

  • Ryan C

    $100,000….gives it to Lindsay Lohan like it’s nothing….instead of me?

  • Huda

    @nika: u are sooooo right