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Minka Kelly: Is Mental Health Completely Ignored?

Minka Kelly: Is Mental Health Completely Ignored?

Minka Kelly shows off her physique after breaking a sweat at a gym on Friday (December 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.

On the same day, the 32-year-old actress tweeted about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, “Is mental health completely ignored? Are we are in such denial that it has to come to this before we realize someone is in pain/needs help?”

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Minka added, “In no way does my wishing to get to the root of the problem mean that all my love prayers & deepest condolences are not with those families.”

In case you missed it, have a look at what other celebrities have to say about the tragedy.

Earlier in the week, Minka was spotted picking up a birthday cake in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Minka Kelly stepping out after her workout…

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54 Responses to “Minka Kelly: Is Mental Health Completely Ignored?”

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  1. 26
    Jokergurl Says:

    @sillyme: Holmes is not crazy, he’s a SOCIOPATH, he PLANNED the ENTIRE theater shooting out MONTHS ahead of time, that’s not the actions of someone who’s insane, he’s just ACTING CRAZY. Think about it, he had body armor, he bragged about it afterwards. An insane person has NO RECOLLECTION of an event and NO DISTINGUISHING between right and wrong at the time of the event.

  2. 27
    soll Says:

    new thread please.. i think a gossip site isnt a place for such a sensitive matter.. I’m not trying mean but i think this thread is getting out of hand

  3. 28
    soll Says:

    @soll: * to be

  4. 29
    Dan W Says:

    @TSquared: Tsquared, whoever or whatever you are aside, The Reality Of War is saying precisely what it reads. This attack, as were the others of that day and the many such similar attacks of the past year in the least, are orchestrated assaults, and such assaults are a common practice of the totalitarian regimes of communist countries of the planet. The Obama administration took the last federal election amidst historically insurmountable accounts of election fraud and voter malpractice that remain uninvestigated and unquestioned and unchallenged to this day. The kind of tactic as heinous as having a kid shoot up a school as an excuse to disarm a countries population is as old as totalitarianist warfare itself. Your jumping on The Reality Of Wars post so vigorously only addresses that you are likely another online troll lurking on JJs site. Just stating the obvious. When you quack like a quack, there’s more to you that fowl play.

  5. 30
    coco Says:

    Guys, it’s not Buffalo Bill’s time any more. I don’t want to insult you Americans in general and I know you consider guns restrictions a violation of your freedom, but this should change. Guns are dangerous, they should be owned just by people who uses them for work.
    Again, we are not anymore in Buffalo Bill’s era, guns are not a good thing, by any means.

  6. 31
    coco Says:

    Some says that in a criminal’s mind everything is a weapon, but just with guns they can make such massacre. With a home made “bomb” he would have killed 2-3 people, with guns he killed 20.30.. These are the proportions.
    Even just one human life that’s taken with violence is a tragedy, but you can’t deny that 20-30 persons is a worse tragedy than 2-3.
    So let’s prevent at least the biggest tragedies, let’s change guns freedom!

  7. 32
    coco Says:

    And what matters is not just the person who buys the gun, cause it can always fall into the wrong hands. It’s too big as a danger to take the risk.

  8. 33
    Debbie Z. Says:

    @coco: “coco” is a troll, obviously. I prefer my coco real. Accept no unhealthy and brainlessly primitive ape substitutes. This fake “coco” sure knows about bombs, or at least pretends to. Why do you know so much about bombs, fake “coco”? You also know nothing about Buffalo Bill. Fake “coco” loses again. Surely not the first time, fake “coco”. Time for fake “coco” to go home and to stop trolling American websites. Right, fake “coco? RIGHT!!

  9. 34
    Jacques Says:

    @coco: This “coco” or WTF fraud really needs to buy a clue. Very bad cocoa. Utterly brainless.

  10. 35
    korea Says:

    coco this kinda trolling goes on Gerald Butlers threads… are you “I am god to you “??

  11. 36
    Dani Says:

    Minka’s comment was pure stupidity. Typical celebrity who’s out of touch with the real world. People like her need to stop making excuses for killers who kill innocent children. It’s now become so easy to blame instead of take responsibility. Wake up!

  12. 37
    Erin Says:

    Minka stop sharing half-hearted words of wisdom for publicity. Celebutants are not real celebrities. Her voice has no weight neither does her false modesty.

  13. 38
    coco Says:

    @Debbie Z.:
    I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, I’m just saying: people, put down your guns, and a lot of massacres will be avoided.. In Europe it’s very unlikely that these things happen, because we have a lot more guns restrictions. “Crazy” people exist and some of them will find a way anyway, but you’ll have avoided 80% of what you now have.
    You keep guns, you keep innocent victims. Your choice.

  14. 39
    coco Says:

    I know this is probably not the best moment to say it, but let’s not be hypocrite and let’s call things with their own name.
    Don’t miss this occasion to make guns control far stronger. It’s for the best.

  15. 40
    Kate Says:

    I agree that more awareness and support is needed in terms of mental health. However, I find it unfortunate that Minka had to jump on the “he killed innocent children, he must have a mental illness” bandwagon, especially before knowing more details about the killer.

    Not everyone who suffers from a mental illness plans on mass murdering innocent people. Minka, like many others, are adding a stigma to those who truly are suffering and need or are trying to get help. By assuming the killer was mentally ill, we are forever branding everyone with a mental illness as dangerous or evil.

    There are plenty of mentally healthy people who murder or commit senseless acts everyday. I don’t think “we are all in denial” about those who may need help. The problem is, sometimes the signs are recognizable, sometimes they aren’t. People who seem happy or stable can snap in a day. People who are mentally ill and receiving proper care can snap in a day.

  16. 41
    .. Says:

    She does not know what was wrong with that man (the media couldn’t even get his name right) so she, like everyone else, need to stop presuming things. I think that’s such a dangerous road to go down. And to be honest, normal ‘healthy’ people commit disastrous crimes everyday, we just don’t hear about it because it’s not what the media finds ‘entertaining’. I mean, everyone is assuming that he was mentally unstable but unless the ‘media’ (who are reporting that) somehow studied mental health they are not qualified to say anything.

  17. 42
    .. Says:

    @Dani: Actually, saying they’re mindless is the biggest mistake — It’s been said by psychologist who interview mass-murders that their stories are all very ‘cooker-cutter’ — most come from abusive homes, or grew up in the system, ignored and assaulted throughout their childhood – it makes it easier to say they didn’t have anything going on in their brain but that’s a misconception.

  18. 43
    wiphoenix Says:

    Min a is right. That young man and all like him need to go back to living in institutions the way they used to. In 1982, the government cheaply shut down hundreds of mental hospitals to save money, as if they don’t take enough, with 1000′s of mentally I’ll ending up struggling in society. They do not belong with normal society. This guy’s mother should never have had any guns but he shouldn’t have been allowed his own devices. He was mentally defective. You can’t cure insanity with pills anymore than you can mental retardation. IQ has nothing to do with it. Insane people are dangerous.

  19. 44
    wiphoenix Says:

    BTW, my friend’s so has Asperger’s and I can’t leave alone for 5 minutes, he has no sense of right and wrong, rages, and is hyper active constantly and needs heavy sedation. His parents let him off drugs on the weekends because they say he’s ,like a zombie’ with Ritalin. He is completely abnormal. Parents are not the best assessors of their kids abilities, they are blinded by love and deep denial.

  20. 45
    reason Says:

    You’re right Minka. US has a horrible health care system and you don’t put money into prevention, assessment, and treatment of mental illness. You jail more people per capita than any country in the world by far, so the US solution to everything is put people in cages, damage them further, and then when they come out more disturbed and cause more mayhem, put them in jail again. It doesn’t work. You have a ridiculously high murder rate as well compared to other countries.

  21. 46
    .. Says:

    no one on here is a therapist so stop with the ‘mental issues’ business. There are people who suffer from depression/anxiety/OCD etc and all you’re doing is sending out a witch hunt for these people —
    @wiphoenix: “you can’t cure insanity with pills anymore” Oh god!! And BTW the smartest people are actually the most dangerous.

  22. 47
    PLEASE Says:

    my heart goes out and I am in no way justifying but sadly not surprised either. I mean just read the comments sections of celeb blogs (where young people are the majority I’m assuming) and you KNOW there are some sick ppl out there. It scares me to no end some of the things I randomly read everyday of my life, the hate,negativity and even threats etc. I pray for todays youth. I grew up in a time when you went to shcool,the movies,shopping malls as a place to learn,escape, not get murdered!! something has got to be done! the bullying has got to stop!!!

  23. 48
    Collateral Says:

    @coco: “coco”, you fake little chinky troll with the fake name, europe had oslo and hitler and Vlad Dracul and the middle east and sun-tzu and yakuza ninjas and everything all evil and lies and deciept that all comes from there as it does and as you do. When you troll America, you better bring more ammo than that.

  24. 49
    anna Says:

    @The Reality Of War: wtf, you’re kidding right?

  25. 50
    anna Says:

    @Jokergurl: isn’t being a sociopath a mental illness?? of course it is! I just watched that horrible movie, we need to talk about kevin, I mean, it’s good, but disturbing, and it made me feel that if people like him were treated and parents would acknowledge their issues instead of living in denial, situations like this could be avoided.

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