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Romeo Beckham: Burberry Campaign Photo!

Romeo Beckham: Burberry Campaign Photo!

Romeo Beckham flashes a smile for his first campaign as the new face of Burberry.

The 10-year-old son of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham modeled for the Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign, which was shot by Mario Testino. Check out the video below of Romeo‘s photo shoot!

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The campaign also included a cast of models, such as Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Charlotte Wiggins, Charlie France, Alex Dunstan, and Max Rendell.

Romeo Beckham – Burberry Campaign Shoot

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# 1

I wish I had rich,famous parents with lots of connections so I could be in burberry too!

# 2

Ok the pic with the umbrella looks weird. Head too far over and out of proportion? Photoshop fail?

# 3

With all the money they have, they couldn’t get him braces?

# 4

and no i’m not insulting the kid.. I just find it sad when parents push their children into the spotlight like this. It makes it seem like they are circus acts or something.

# 5
notyourfriend @ 12/17/2012 at 11:36 pm

He looks like a pro! and for the haters out there, eat ur hearts out :(

# 6

@notyourfriend: I read a intelligence study somewhere that said that people who use the words haters have low Iqs.

# 7

@uh huh: word not words lmao

# 9

He’s so cute

please put this on just jared jnr..

This is SAD. This kid will never have a chance thanks to his narcissistic, materialistic parents.

He is so cute! And He’s only 10, he has plenty of time to get braces.

Hes cute. But that pic’s got something off about it.

@Jensen b.: Actually, the older you are, the more difficult it is to change and shape the mouth, especially once you’re an adult. You’re done growing and everything is pretty much fixed. So actually, 10 is a good age for braces.

i did some modeling when i was a kid and loved it – it was just another fun thing to do. that wasn’t my parents’ idea at all.

it’s sad that there’s going to be so much negativity about this – and people just assume the parents pushed him to do this.

people with money can be grounded too. it might be rare but this family seems genuinely happy and he seems to enjoy being in this ad.

@Cecee: Duh! But I got braces at 14 so…like I said he still has time.

that boy is NOT cute at all…

he is only on the ad because of who his parents are

Romeo is PERFECT for Burberry. I love it!! I always knew that with a face like that he would do modeling

While he is a cute kid, there is something off about the photo. I don’t know if it’s too much photoshop or just an awkward angle but the picture is off.

He wld be a lot more handsome if Victoria Beckham wasn’t his Mom.

NEPOTISM to the max!
This boy is NOT even good-looking nor cute!

@cecee he has more than enough time to get braces. I am pretty sure his parents would make him get braces once he is in his teens like his elder brother brooklyn who only had braces this year and he is 13. Beside im pretty sure that he still has some baby tooth and making braces would be a waste of money now!

Terrible photoshopping. It reminds me of those Christmas elves you can put a photo of your face on and they dance around and sing.

Supernovapoodles @ 12/18/2012 at 3:04 am

Never seen braces in a commercial shoot….

ANONYMOUSE @ 12/18/2012 at 3:34 am

@uh huh:

Thank-you!! I find it so unbelievably juvenile, and yes, unintelligent, when people rush to use the word “haters” for anyone making a comment that they simply don’t like. I will do a search for that article. Disliking something does not equate hate!

such a cute boy-next generation of heart breakers:)))

such a cute boy-next generation of heart breakers

I’m not sure why they went with this pose for his debut…looks too much like a dog peeing. But the age thing doesnt bother me, cuz lots of kids model children’s line and turn out fine. This is just newsworthy becuz of his parents.

@Cecee: It is more difficult sure, but when you are young the teeth have not take their place yet. So, there is a strong chance to change again after the braces. The best age is 14 to 17.

Diliana von Bork @ 12/18/2012 at 5:23 am

The video is horrible! That pic is horrible, the pose is ridiculous. Everything looks so bad. I think he is not a good model.

What a gorgeous little boy, he STEALS the show from the actual models in that video, to much cuteness. And what a perfect face!

Victoria or David -don’t remember it- once said their son Romeo is very into fashion like his mother. Very interesting in what to wear and so on. So why not give him this chance if he wants it. I think its great!!

Calling kids NOT CUTE? Seriously?! What is wrong with you people! That’s a new kind of low for internet trolls! He’s only 10 and looks absolutely adorable! You all need to get your eyes checked!

The big head, the long arm, skinny leg, coat, something is off. I know it;s not him but the way the photo was taken and edited 0_o

I always thought Romeo was the spitting image of Victoria but when he smiles he looks a lot like David, what a handsome little boy!

obviously in this ads because of his parents, certainly not because he is cuter than other kids his age. But he grabs the attention for being a Beckham, thta’s the whole point.

So, are you saying he should feel bad for having parents that he has? And because he’s privileged at some things? I always hated that kind of thinking. Well, think again, maybe you have some things that he doesn’t in life. And maybe you’s privileged at something.

This campaign has already had requests for it to be altered as people want him photoshopped out, as it is deflecting from the clothes when people are debating this weird looking kid that might be a cute kid in general terms but NOT cute as a model for a campaign. There have been people stating they just skipped over the adverts as the images looked that strange and they would have found the clothes more appealing had he not been in the shots. He does look like a strange puppet that has been placed in or randomly caught on camera, its very unprofessional looking as one half is beautiful and high fashion and the other looks bizarre.

His mother definitely pushed that one as he wouldnt have had that opportunity otherwise, he is not a model.

@ANONYMOUSE: Unfortunately that article doesn’t exist. I just posted that to poke fun at #5.

He looks just like my 14 year old only a little younger. Way too cute. I loved it! Ran across it by accident. Keep up the good work!

With that name – first and last, that poor kid has a lot to live up to.

There’re many celeb kids who are better looking but it’s the parents who decide. Still can’t beat what Will and Jada Smith are doing for their kids.

Dave Franco @ 12/19/2012 at 4:27 am

He looks like his mother. That said, nepotism at its best. Gotta love hollywood!

The video is way better than the photo. It captured so much of his cheekiness and the fun he’s obviously having. The youthful vibe that the brand is trying to evoke just comes out.

That being said, I think this could have been better. I hope he has more Burberry campaigns in the future.

He’s cute at the age of 10 but Cruz Beckham will be more good-looking when they’re adults.

Handsome? YAWN!!

Thats so sad… first picture is like a copy&paste

Love The Shoes @ 12/19/2012 at 8:43 am

I SO wish I had kept my posts from all the blogs I’ve written over the last few years predicting Romeo Beckham was going to be the kid in that family who will model and be the one into fashion; a child after his mother-father’s heart were style is concerned. I wish I had bet money now!

Love The Shoes @ 12/19/2012 at 8:46 am

@uh huh: Maybe he wasn’t pushed. Maybe he asked to jump. He doesn’t look unhappy and in fact, he looks like he’s having fun. We presume to much about others based on our own personal lives. No, can’t imagine I’d do it but then again, I’m not them.

@jesse: he’s not a teen yet, he looks older but he is only 10

jesus, you pathetic losers are writing hate comments about a 10 YEAR OLD. he looks like he genuinely had so much fun doing this, and I’m sure his parents didn’t force him to. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it.

Sorry to everyone out there , but who is this little tosser,
I mean really , the world may glorify his parents , but hey ,the only reason he is on the internet is because he’s the sperm product of david, Sorry little Romeo but if all you have to offer in life is that your dads David Beckham , your a sad little no-one , and your parents should be ashamed that you piggyback of there fame apposed to being someone that matters , grow up and be someone special apposed to trying to act like your some kind of royalty

ohh and if people think Im to harsh , then the beckhams should pull there heads in and stop exploiting the child

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