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Who is 'Gossip Girl'? - Finale Spoilers Revealed!

Who is 'Gossip Girl'?  - Finale Spoilers Revealed!

Tonight marked the end of an era when Gossip Girl came to an end after six seasons on the air.

The finale episode – which featured the marriage of Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick‘s characters Blair and Chuck – revealed the identity of Gossip Girl, something kept secret the entire series.

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“The actors were really excited and surprised,” series creator Stephanie Savage told E! about the identity. “Everyone has had many theories over the years. I think they liked it.”

Click inside to find out who Gossip Girl is…


The finale also featured Blair and Chuck getting arrested for Bart’s murder right after they got married, a cameo from Mayor Bloomberg saying he thought Gossip Girl was Dorota, cameos from Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson playing Serena and Blair in Dan’s movie, and a flashback to the characters in high school.

The end of the episode jumped forward five years and showed Chace Crawford‘s Nate running for mayor, Chuck and Blair having a son, Michelle Trachtenberg‘s Georgina ending up with Desmond Harrington‘s Jack, and the marriage of Penn Badgley and Blake Lively‘s characters Dan and Serena.

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52 Responses to “Who is 'Gossip Girl'? - Finale Spoilers Revealed!”

  1. 1
    ajid Says:

    It was obvious

  2. 2
    riley Says:

    stephanie savage pulled this out of her a**. this show was so terrible. regret ever watching. Hope these writers never get work again.

  3. 3
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    Before this episode I would have never guessed. During… It was a little obvious. I havent watched this show in what seems like years but it was cool while it lasted, good bye Gossip Girl. XOXO

  4. 4
    Gossip Girl Says:

    Dan was suspicious from the start. biggest shocker ever… (massive eye roll). The show seriously lost momentum after season 1, finale could of been better.

  5. 5
    LOL Says:

    Kristen Bell needs to shave!

  6. 6
    so stupid... Says:

    Worst tv show that ever aired

  7. 7
    cabret13 Says:

    Jack stole the show with Georgina.

  8. 8
    Cassey Says:

    I wanted Serena to end up with Nate! I never liked Dan!!! this show got terrible after season 3 anyways.

  9. 9
    Chelsea Says:

    I’ll admit, I watched every episode of this series. I definitely agree that the show declined after the first few seasons, specifically when they left high school and had to make a name for themselves in the real world. Despite that, I was pretty satisfied with the finale. I especially liked the cameos of some of the old recurring characters. The writers really tried to tie in the whole series together and I respect that.

  10. 10
    Rose Says:

    They wasted Kristen Bell, they should have exposed (shown her sending gg post) her as Gossip Girl at the very end and pan away… I can’t even…

  11. 11
    Elizabeth Says:

    This show made no sense! The actors were probably over it to the point where they did not want to argue over how the finale episode ended. Glad it is over.

  12. 12
    Danyell Says:

    I’m soooo glad that this show is finally over. The whole season was full of BS that I could no longer watch anymore. It was seriously one of the worst season finale in the history of finales. There was so many missed opportunities that could have redeemed this show for me but didn’t. Most notably was the pairing of Dair. (Blair and Dan). They had so much chemistry and substance, but no, the writers had to sabotage them in favor of that @sshat Chuck and the insufferable Serena. They could’ve been amazing together. Nate and Serena was also a potential pairing that I liked, and they put the kabosh on that one because Dan couldn’t end up by himself. Oh, and let’s not forget wasting the talents of Kristen Bell and Barry Watson. Kristen Bell, for obvious reasons, and Barry, who I’ll always adore, was just cannon fodder for me. It was just a mess.

  13. 13
    pup Says:

    Looks like I am the only one who’s actually happy Serena & Dan DID end up together! Lol.

  14. 14
    savannah Says:

    OMG. the finale was amazing. i have been a loyal follower from day one. Dan was not at all who i expected (i actually thought it was dorota!) but the couplings were perfect. and its so sad to know its all over :(((

  15. 15
    Celia Says:

    I have nothing to say. Finale could have been so much better. Making Dan gossip girl was a waste, they should have put a huge twist on it, making it someone who we really didn’t expect at all. Massive disappointment.

  16. 16
    commonsense Says:

    @Danyell: Right on point!

  17. 17

    Blake Lively needs an Emmy

  18. 18
    sarrah grey Says:

    Awesome movement here so I like this.

  19. 19
    kiki Says:

    finally over!!!

  20. 20
    qwerty Says:

    That god this crap show is finally over!

  21. 21
    WHAT! Says:

    This show should’ve been canceled after season 2. Good riddance!

  22. 22
    james Says:

    Did Jenny get her own lable ?
    when she walked in the room at the end she has a bag which i swear has “J for waldorf”"


  23. 23
    75466301 Says:

    @riley: sadly the’re doing the carrie diaries.

  24. 24
    Olivia Says:

    It should have been cancelled after season 2

  25. 25
    Gorgeous Says:

    I like the fact that they tied up most lose ends and that recurring characters came back.
    I also respect the fact that the cast all KNEW it was over and wanted it to end rather then hold on for a pay check. That was not ingratitude but a respect for the audience and an awareness of how the bogus story lines were been interpreted. All that was missing was “someone in a shower claiming it was all a dream”.

  26. 26
    coco Says:

    I also think the show declined after season 3 (the 4th and the 5th one were pathetic), but I think they saved the finale, it was acceptable.

    It was kind of rushed, in just 10 episodes: I think that if they had had 20 or even just 15 episodes in which to stretch more this season, it would have been better, but as I said I find it acceptable.

  27. 27
    amaya Says: contest, and gossip girl post, tomorrow!!

  28. 28
    Sarcasm Says:

    He can stay being the Lonely Boy.

  29. 29
    废废 Says:

    Favorite Blair and Chuck together, I am very satisfied with the hope that their reality sparks

  30. 30
    废废 Says:

    Leighton Meester and Ed reality there are possible?I hope they are together, Leighton Meester is the most beautiful actress in the United States

  31. 31
    c Says:

    LMAO! there are like six hundred thousand reasons why Dan being gossip girl makes zero sense. Do you know how many times this guy saw a GG blast when he was alone and was legit shocked at what he was reading? the writers really effed up big time.

  32. 32
    deedee Says:

    @废废: I hope you realize this is a tv and it’s not real lmao

  33. 33
    sar Says:

    it made absolutly no sense that Dan was gossip girl at all, and yet I kind of liked it anyway.

  34. 34
    sally Says:

    This episode was horrible. Why didn’t the writers try to write a good finale that would satisfy fans.

  35. 35
    Daniel Says:

    Beloved Chace, you’re the most beautiful, the hottest and the sweetest young man on our earth. I love you very much.


  36. 36
    mnygz Says:

    I wish Dorota was Gossip Girl.

  37. 37
    Whycantipost Says:


    Same here, that would have been awesome!
    Found the parents’ pairing very weird: can’t Lily ever be alone, she is always with guys and never single. Would have been cooler if she was single, or with Dan’s dad, since he was the only guy who treated her right, compared to Bart (psycho) and her babydaddy (cheater/creep). Also, why was Lisa Loeb there all of a sudden? She had a guestrole on the show somewhere I read, but I can’t remember her..
    Would love to have seen Liz Hurley back, eventhough it would be awkward; Bart gone and mom back.

  38. 38
    Lady in Waiting Says:

    The last scene of the finale when Dan and Serena get married is the same house where the shot “The Devil Wears Prada” which was filmed as Meryl Streep’s characters house.
    The house is located on East 73rd St which they also shot the last scene of the finale on the street of East 73rd

  39. 39
    Aubree Says:

    Well i liked who everyone ended up with in the final…but COME ON! the final sucked! Disappointed that they made that be the end. Oh and Dan and Serena didn’t even kiss…come on writers.

  40. 40
    wow Says:

    Dan…is…gossip girl? someone got desperate. that’s all i can say.

  41. 41
    Saad Khan Says:

    BEST Episode in years :) LOVED IT!
    My heart was pounding the whole time XOXO

  42. 42
    Tina Says:

    Until I saw this episode I had no idea that Dan was Gossip Girl. A friend I work with at DISH suspected it, though, so I’m going to go back through this season and see if there are any clues about Dan’s identity. It will be easy for me to re-watch the show since I have all of this year’s episodes saved on my DISH Hopper. It can store 2000 hours of movies and shows, so it had enough room to save Gossip Girl’s entire season along with all my other shows. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some hints about Gossip Girl’s identity in the earlier episodes. If not, the season finale might start to seem a little thrown together to me.

  43. 43
    amixer Says:

    I like Leighton Meester

  44. 44
    whib2234 Says:

    Finally it’s over!I’m glad I stopped watching after season 4 what a joke this show was,I feel sorry for all the actors for having to endure such an awful script.And dan being gossip girl?WTF makes no sense.GG writers suck!

  45. 45
    wendy Says:

    @pup: you are not the only one i was so happy dan and serena ended up together :)))))

  46. 46
    best leighton Says:

    i am so sad when gossip girl ends!!! sooooo sad !!hope it can keep long.But the last scenery was so amazing! Blair is always beatiful and cute!! Especially her chinese! I and a lot of chinese love her so much .And i hope all the guys around America could still support her!
    spotted her new film THE ORANGES!!!!!

    L’s super fan from China

  47. 47
    best leighton Says:

    love leighton!!!!!!!!!

  48. 48
    best leighton Says:

    @mnygz: it’s crazy!!!!!!

  49. 49
    KAY blood Says:

    I am so grateful that I did not invest time and energy in watching this program. I saw glimpses of it toward the end and have to say it was just about the most contrived and unbelievable story I have ever seen. Pity to those of you who were true followers and always hoped for better. :-(

  50. 50
    aisling Says:

    But that makes no sense? if dan was gossip girl then there are loads of stories that wouldn’t have been posted, revealing gg was wrong, They should have left her anon like in the books! Personally in order to make watching the rest of the show okay I’m going to pretend they did.

  51. 51
    Honnneeyyx3 Says:

    Wait …. ?
    dan is gossipgirl ? O.o

  52. 52
    gossip girl Says:

    I’m only at season 3 and i still like it 😍

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