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Angelina Jolie Directing 'Unbroken', Story of Louis Zamperini

Angelina Jolie Directing 'Unbroken', Story of Louis Zamperini

Angelina Jolie is in final negotiations to direct the upcoming film Unbroken, the story of Olympian-turned-World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini, according to Deadline.

“I read Laura Hillenbrand‘s brilliant book, and I was so moved by Louie Zamperini‘s heroic story, I immediately began to fight for the opportunity to make this film,” the 37-year-old filmmaker said in a statement. “Louie is a true hero and a man of immense humanity, faith and courage. I am deeply honored to have the chance to tell his inspiring story.”

“In her life and in her work, Angelina has embraced stories and causes involving great struggle and triumph over tremendous odds and the basic human condition,” Universal Pictures heads Adam Fogelson and Donna Langley said in a statement. “She has a real ability to illustrate he strength in human spirit which will be essential in telling Lou‘s story of survival and great heroism.”

Unbroken will be Angelina‘s second feature as a director after last year’s In the Land of Blood and Honey.

FYI: Today is Angie‘s partner Brad Pitt‘s 49th birthday! Hope it is a great one!

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  • Phool

    Is it any wonder she makes us fans proud of her and her family prouder she’s going on to bigger a better projects in life. She in my opinion will do justice to this project like she did with her first directorial debut “In The Land Of Blood and Honey”. She did a great justice with the subject matter “rape” and she will do another great job in capturing Louis Zamperini courage in extreem circumstances. i for one cannot waite to see this movie.

    We are very proud of you Angelina god bless you and your family may you have the strength and courage to show justice no matter what th esubject matter it is.

  • Wake The F Up

    Also Time’s Person’s of The Year:
    Joseph Stalin
    Adolph Hitler
    Richard Nixon
    G.H. W. Bush
    G.W. Bush
    Newty Gingrich
    nice choices dipshiiit

  • Phool

    Good morning to all the beautiful JoliePitt fans out there

    Especially my dear Rose, Passing Through, NAN, Jaye, Premalee, Women Spanish, Susan, Dawne, Busted, First and Last Post, Ssshhii_baby, Jen The Hag, Wonderbust, Love The JoliePitts, Fyi12, Yoco, anustin, Bdj, anon, Gorundcontrol, Clinqua and many Joliepitt lurkers & fans out there.

    Whishing you all the best of health, have a great day & be good.

    As we can see Ticky fans have still lost it big time oh well as the saying goes “no rest for the wicked” lol

  • Phool

    Yet again Aniston trolls can’t resist showing their “True Colours” nothing can come in the way of their hatred towards Angie and who said humanity was dead. I guess while spooling their hate towards Angie.

    Yet again she will educate them this time about Louie Zamperini’s heroic story. The may deny it but the real reason that trolls are on this thread is that they get educated. Educated that there is life away from superficial things you see Who in their right mind would want to go on another thread where a has been old women is still talking about having a mental age of a 20 year old, and talks about tans, yoga, hair, diet, how to troll an ex from 8 years ago & how to spend money on a fake fiancé instead of giving it to charity.
    Oh my bad I forgot she don’t do charity also trying to compete with news from Newtown Connecticut with her own fake pregnancy news shameless women.

  • Phool

    I bet brad had a swell of a time on his birthday, I bet the birthday boy has got the biggest smile on his face this morning lucky man ok ok I need to pull my head out of the gutter before my thoughts go wondering off in the perverse direction lol I don’t want to shock any innocent fans out there.

  • woman spanish

    Good morning, Rose: This is our girl! Great woman, great mother and the biggest star in the world!

  • Phool

    Good Morning Ssshhii_baby

    How are you my dear shi? (In-regards to previous threads post)
    You know you were talking about dirtbags “girls gone wild videos gift” that show how classy she was lol. I just wanted to add
    My 2cent to that. Gone are the days when the ex-troll gave him sick presents to keep satisfied, because he don’t need that no more as he’s got his own very bad girl at home which in his own words her said coyly with that sweet smile of his “ she still is a bad girl delightfully so”.
    Angie has satisfied his needs in every way with giving him the gift of being a father of six beautiful little angels, with showing love to his family, being an equal partner in every sense of the way they stand united. That’s the gift he cherishes from his beloved, no one can give a better present than that.
    What a great morning this is great to hear about Angie’s project she is a force to be reckoned with so proud of her.

  • woman spanish

    Hi Pholl, how are you? I follow all your post, I am with a lot of work, but that’s good, and since Monday hopefully get me a few days off!

  • Love The Shoes

    @lurker: One day far away, someone is going to bring Angelina Jolie’s own amazing story…….the true one and not some tabloid based and biased scribble… the bigscreen. She’s done so much in such a short time and without compromise to her true heart. She’s a prime example of finding your path, recognizing it IS your path, getting on it and living.

  • Phool

    Good morning Women Spanish

    How are you today? Nice to hear your going to take some days off work I will be starting my Christmas shopping from tomorrow yes I know left it to last minute. I am what you call the typical late shopper.
    Great news about Angie isnt it WS?

  • Phool

    Good morning Passing Through

    Passing Through don’t you think Squiggy looks like Derek Zoolanders Love child with all that jet polish spiky hair & pout with wide eyed glazed look.
    Or maybe he’s just been handed Tickys pregnancy test kit because the dude looks p..issed big time.

  • Phool

    Hi NAN
    my dear how are you? At least with rain it cuts out the cold. Sorry for me getting my wires crossed about Bolly Wood I had though you were talking about the Indian cinema know that you explain to me quite elegantly that it means complete opposite in DK Bolle means Bun or F**K, well that just puts it in perspective doesn’t it lol.

    Any way have a nice day my friend Keep warm & well.

  • Adorable JPs

    Thanks for the link- I agree that President Obama is an excellent choice. The behind the scenes pictures are really good- I had no idea he missed Sasha’s dance recital to go to Newtown, but it’s wonderful he got to see the dress rehearsal- I bet she made a very cute mouse!!

  • Phool

    thats good to hear Women spanish i’m stll working till monday then back thursday at work couldnt get any last minute leave ahh, but hey one benefit it will be a bit quite at work being a government department happy you have a great day my dear.

  • anaisgruzelle

    Looks so nice

  • busted

    Not sure what I love the most

    Angie moving forward in her career

    or the troll(s) having a mental breakdown

    aww it is always Angie.. Angie.. why waste time on these useless slags. They were spouting off that Angie was what. couldn’t get work. And all that time she was in the works for this film with a major studio. No its not a lifetime movie but hey she had to reach a bit higher.

    Laugh at the slags and celebrate with Angie. Brad must be so proud. I saw that video of him talking about her directing and yes you see his pride.

  • Dabu

    For those of you criticizing Jolie for directing Unbroken, you obviously didn’t see In the Land of Blood and Honey. She did a wonderful job with this movie. It was in limited release, but did great for the number of theaters it was released in. She tackled a tough subject with compassion and the resulting film while hard to watch because of the content was quite competently directed. I look forward to Unbroken!

  • Hamlet

    That disgust. I’ll go see that Katie is much better.

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    Way to go Angie, the studio saw a lot of potential her, the budding directress and her vision closed the deal for them… very very awesome!!! So happy to be a fan! I look foward to seeing this as well…..the haters love to rag on Angie e.g. CB. She has a lot of negative comments about this story today, and she has yet to see ITLOBAH. Go figure!!! Sucks to be team Jen huh…all Ticky has is her “preggo” story for the umpteenth 9999th time. hahahahaha.

    Happy belated birthday Brad, enjoy your 49th, and enjoy your soon-to-be wedding as well. Remember I called the wedding for mid-to late January 2013.

  • QQQQ

    Soooo very PROUD of my girl!

  • Passing Through

    Congrats to Angie. I saw this new thread last night just before I went to bed and couldn’t help but smile. I guess we now know why they went back to LA. I know the story of Louis Zamperini because of Bud Greenspan’s Olympic documentaries. I think this is a great choice for Angie and it’ll be interesting to see who they cast as Zamperini. I’ve already seen Ryan Gosling’s name thrown around but let’s not go there. Be more original than that, please. Zamperini is still alive so it’ll be interesting to see if he has any input into the movie. I’m sure Angie’s already met him by now.
    BTW – I can’t find the Bud Greenspan documentary on Youtube, but a few years ago one of those magazine shows did a story on Zamperini and I did find that on YouTube. For anyone who doesn’t know the story – the link is below. There are 4 parts and the links to the other 3 parts are on the right side of the screen.

  • lylian

    @Wake The F Up:
    The Time Person of the Year list included Mahatma Gandhi, David Ho, Winston Churchill, the Good Samaritans, Martin Luther King.
    Good choice to pick Barack Obama.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    Waving hi to all the Jolie-Pitt fans from around the world!!! good morning to the lovely lady Phool…how are you this morning? my day off, and hopefully get all the errands done!! Had to check in JJ as part of the morning routine..breakfast, Coffee, JP, if anyone with an unbiased opinion would compare the lifestyle brad had w/ the old hag and his life now, they will clearly understand why he moved said it best, his wife Angelina gave him the best of fatherhood and being in a truly loving and respectful relationship. they compliment each other so well…and, how sexy is it that she is his “bad girl”…oh plz!,,my lovely lady, Phool, lets be a fly on their wall together!!! Lol

  • Premalee

    Congratulations Angie. All the best to you and what a lovely person you are. Brad is a lucky man. Hoping that we will hear about your wedding soon.

  • Passing Through

    # 50 Wonderbust @ 12/18/2012 at 11:03 pm
    I said this on the other thread but I i will repeat, ticky’s bestie Jennifer Meyer’s dad is the CEO of Universal lmao, thats gotta burn the hens..
    LOL. Yeah, well, Ron Meyer said shortly after Shite Happens tanked, “We’re making some crappy films.” Obviously he’d like to rectify that. On the other hand, though, Meyer has very little to do with the day-to-day operation of Universal Studios and has no input into which projects are greenlighted and who’s hired for them. That’s not to say that he hasn’t pulled a few strings for certain people (but, she was also doing Scott Stuber, who’s a producer at Uni and that’s how she was getting projects without having to constantly appeal to Ron Meyer). But, business is business. If Ticky’s flicks in front of the camera are dying on the vine then he sure as hell isn’t going to let her direct a movie. Hell, she wouldn’t even direct her own damned dumbwater ad. She hired her manager’s brother for that. It’s moot anyway because Ticky’s too busy keeping tabs on Squiggy these days to direct anything. It’s hard to keep a guy on 24-hour lockdown and work at the same time…
    Also, Uni’s FOREVER trying to get Angie to do a project for them. They probably think that if they give her this movie, then maybe she’ll reconsider that Wanted sequel after-all. LOL!


    OMG…been out of the loop, just saw we have a new thread!!! …and Angie’s amazing news…I love it…wow!!!bringing over my posts!
    CLINIQUA @ 12/19/2012 at 9:56 am
    EatThisNotThat: Is bottled water really worth the extra cash? Maybe not:
    @reply | flag this
    # 1655 CLINIQUA @ 12/19/2012 at 10:19 am
    OMG!!!! Can’t waaaaaaaaaaiiit!!! I love it!!!
    By the way, saw that silly ish Hathaway on handjob’s cable crap show – just a brief clip on an ET like show. I really hope that ish does not win. Any ‘friend’ of Angelina’s would not sit down with that ugly cable However, I know they both are two of the homely horses that occupy slots in pr flack stephanie huvane’s stable. His idiot clients don’t even knw he does them NO favors in the industry.


    @food 4 thought:
    No FKING WAY, ‘jake G,’ my azz.
    Who’s got some better suggestions?? Lol sorry food4thought..just, no….

  • Passing Through

    # 72 Go Figure! @ 12/19/2012 at 12:31 am
    Does this mean Ticky is now gonna take the first Lifetime movie she can beg, borrow or steal to direct? Anything to try and keep pace with the Jolie!
    ROTFLMAO. SNAP! Poor ol’ Tickster. She’s probably speed-dialing Marta Kauffman this morning to find out if Marta’s got any other projects she can glom onto. Or calling Kevin Huvane and whining to him and begging him to get someone to let her direct something. News like this coming out of the blue is why Angie’s an A+++++++++ lister and Ticky’s…not. But, that’s OK, because Ticky does have her own private directing project – her life. Next up – getting papped going to her OB/GYN. Time to ramp up those pregnancy rumors again. Yes, she just played that card but obviously it’s one the media loves letting her play, so look for either baby news, wedding news or a photo-op with Eddie Munster, Jr. Damn Norman for dying! Cuz a stroll on the beach with the Norman always sells…

  • jinx

    Clini- don’t worry going on CH and/or hanging out with old manny both seem to be an instant jinx for careers & projects. It’s karma, baby!

  • Whamo

    Great, so they are going to let her massacre yet another film. I guess The Land of Honey Nut Cheerios wasn’t enough of a BOMB.

    She should direct Brad in his next bomb. They could just get right to the point and call it BOMBS AWAY because like everything these two do it will bomb!

    She’s no Affleck lol!

  • Passing Through

    # 78 rj @ 12/19/2012 at 1:49 am
    Where’s PT and Clini and others? I am here to read their comments. I like B and A, but I also like B and A’s fans.
    I was busy last night. It’s been quiet in J-PLand for much of the last 8 months and I wasn’t really expecting to see any news on them this close to Xmas. Besides…unlike the trolls…I don’t check Jared’s homepage ever 3 seconds looking for new threads. You’ll notice they were Johnny-on-the-spot last night and once again posted before any of the J-P fans could. THAT is what Jared’s site has become because he allows this asshats free reign. More fans are disappearing every day and Jared’s is no longer one of the first places they check for J-P news. BUT, buck up…cuz we do get daily Miranda Kerr updates. She’s the new RiRi/Katie/Bloatler. Oh yeah…and Vanessa Hudgens updates. I’m not even sure WTF she is…

  • tish48

    Hi All You Great JP Fans,, Have missed you all very much and will never forget all the lovely posts i recieved re: my shingles and finally having to take a break from the computer. I did pop in every now and then to X the fools out but still i love being part of the group. But for now seeing that i have to get some sleep,yes i have been up all night) i love seeing you ALL and i would give my right arm to be able to write posts as beautiful as you do. No wonder this is a tight knit group, you are all intelligent, your funny and i learn something new from everyone one of you. xo .

    Angie is a fascinating women, known for her intelligence a real class act. Angie has the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from her neverending film experiences. She is not the highest paid actress only b/c she is the most beautiful woman in HW.
    Angie is a phenomenal actress so Angie is being handed scrips first and foremost on a never ending basis but is doing as she said, cutting back on her film making and is now able to make choices.

    I am so proud of our girl to be handed the directing position over and above other high powered directors. As unlimited as ITLOBAH was Angie proved herself to be a top notch director,not an amateur after directing her first film. Angie is respected and well liked in HW or all over the world truth be told.

    So get ready ppl Angie’s new film Unbroken is being financed by Universal Studios so will not be unlimited like her first powerful film ITLOBAH
    As a JP Fan b/c ITLOBAH was 3 hours away from our city and only showing one day sadly we were unable to make it.
    We purchased 6 copies the min they went on sale. Not the same b/c we did want to see her first film on the big screen. Either way we own it now as do our friends . A brilliant film as i expect Unbroken to be
    This won’t be a rediculous Wanderbust piece of crap. This will be the real deal. So excited knowing we can plan to be at the theater to see it. this time. Can’t wait.

    I have to laugh at the cray cray’s here with their dumb excuses, trolls, haters, jesus freaks trying to come up with something, anything they feel is sensible HA (LIES) to try and drag Angie our highest paid actor now director and writer down all over their jealousy b/c they will only get to see Ticky walking her dog with skinny BoyToy today.

    Or who knows b/c Ticky has been called out on her popping up everytime something amazing comes out about Angie or Brad possibly she will wait a day or two and waddle walk with a latex pillow in her stomach, showing that green piece of junk ring again.?

    You never know tho lol Angie just may push Ticky to show up at the hospital to see her dying mother. We already know Ticky will pull a fast one after the photo op and go right out the back door after already lying about paying her mother-her cancer’s hospital bills.

    What we do know for certain is Ticky is planning her conniving move with her camera men waiting so if she gets close enough to her frail dying mother we can give Angie credit for that. Whateves

    Unbroken is going to be totally awesome. That’s all that really matters. Ticky is just thrown in as the joke of the matter.

    Take real care JP Friends


    Baahaha PT….The preggo fantasies of Maniston’s old dwindling cat lady fan base, tickle me. I actually would love it, if the no name bald dude in skinny jeans can go on an archaeological dig for eggs on Mt. BigSchnozAndHair…I think that would finally complete the disassociation with Brangelina…the coattail ride would be over, Brad’s jock would be free of the overload from her and whatever rent-a-date she’s paying this year, and yes, it would end her freeloading on the Brange fame even moreso than the Halls mentholyptus lozenge she calls a ring, on her finger. So I’m rooting for the bald greasy swimmers, be it naturally (doubtful) or in a test tube – to take. Just retire her already to middleaged mom hood ala Sheryl crow. Though part of me worries that even IF she gets knocked up (and frankly I think I got a better shot at Powerball) the press would continue to drag her, ted bundeoux and hairdoschnoz jr. Into Brangelina’s blissful life.
    That’s how it is, when you’re a no talent lame tv hack who once touched the sun that is Brad Pitt…whattya gonna do?
    That said, here’s a dose of REALITY for her ever hopeful hens, lol: Maniston was drunk, on stage, at the Stiller fete. This is FACT. For her to be ‘showing,’ now (and if she’s preg, that baby is 3 yrs old in the womb, because you see that same pooch in every pic going back to 2009, depending on the outfit, lol) that means she was imbibing liquor and blow like it was going outta style LAST MONTH. Hahaha. Come now cat ladies. You’re losing it. Is huvaniston going to have to categorical deny these tabloids every 24 hrs for you to accept the truth? They already do it twice a week as is. I don’t blame Huvaniston, I wouldn’t want the entire UK thinking my azz was pulling my same 10 yr old constant PR stunt to detract from their precious preg Princess. Her azz would be MUD. Lol

  • Passing Through

    # 120 Phool @ 12/19/2012 at 8:42 am
    I’m too stuck on the Eddie Munster resemblance to see any Zoolander. Plus it’s hilarious to me that the man now dyes his hair black to match his black clothes. If you go back and look at pre-Ticky pix…his hair is nasy dark-brown with some auburn in it. And he needs to ease back on the gel. He’s starting to look like the long lost lovechild of Eddie Munster and Brian Grazer.

  • QQQQ

    The pregnancy stories are hilarious. Just remember “Friends” and having to lose 30lbs to be accepted. She will NEVER forget that. She has the middle age spread and right now she can’t work out like she used to. Baby Jane wants him to stay put at least until the Jolie-Pitts are married so she’s not alone when that news breaks. She cant show that side yet. Remember, she and yoga chick used to work out for 2 hrs plus and then she would do 1 or 2 more hrs on the treadmill with other intense exercises. Plus, even when she used to go over to CC’s house she would still work out while there. Went to Malta an couldn’t just hang out, she had to workout on the thread mill.
    Since the beginning of her tv job she has had to work EXTREMELY HARD to have that “hot” body. Old girl did the unhealthy Zone diet for 12+ yrs. Right now she can’t even do baby food diet ala that fraud Tracy Anderson. After the J-P nuptials and if she and McShrimpy actually take the plunge, then she’ll go back to her old routine.

  • chris

    Yeah…because the first one she has done was such a huge hit , haha!

  • Passing Through

    Just saw that THR is now reporting the news,too. What I found interesting is that they reference Angie as being repped by “UTA for directing and attorney Robert Offer.” Someone in Deadline’s comments section asked if Angie was no longer with Geyer. This is a question that’s come up here before and I assumed she was. But, maybe she’s not. I’m finding that a little hard to believe but stranger things have happened (insert your own Ticky joke here).

  • lurker

    @Passing Through:
    lol PT do not insult brian grazer,baldy dwarf looks like a seriel killer he scares me

  • fyi12

    CONGRATULATIONS Angie! What an amazing woman.

    Phool, I was so busy, I just got caught up with the threads. Sorry for the late response to your request :( I found a recent JP video you might enjoy.

  • Passing Through

    # 144 QQQQ @ 12/19/2012 at 11:55 am
    LOL. Stop it, 4Q! You’re being mean to Ticky! It’s not her fault she can’t stave off those Greek genes the way she attempts to stage off fugness and old age dancing Swan Lake all over her face. Betcha she curses her genetics every day. Cuz ya know…anytime she gains weight she blames her “big fat Greek ass” on her paternal heritage. Or she’sll say she’s stopped smoking – again. She can’t just tell the truth, “I can’t work out for 4 hours a day anymore because Eddie, er, Justin!, hates it when I tie his leash to the treadmill.”

  • Passing Through

    # 147 lurker @ 12/19/2012 at 12:05 pm
    LOL. My apologies to Brian Grazer.

  • Phool

    busted @ 12/18/2012 at 5:06 pm
    @9 months:
    I have no question in my mind regarding the fact that you are seriously idiotic.
    Hi Busted

    Busted dont kick my A$$ but don’t tell me you just realised that shes idiotic ? what took you so long to figure that out ? lol just pulling your leg Busted don’t be angry some times one sentence can kill it you certainly did with that one to the

  • Premalee

    For you Rose. Hope you like it.

  • Phool

    Great news about Angies new venture she is picking her Directorial subjects very wisely in my opinion she would become the future generations of female director like Katherine Bigalow. The reason I am comparing her with Katherine due to the risky subjects that she hasn’t shied away from she has picked subjects like war in Iraq & know with the demise of Osama in Zero Dark hats of to her.

    Angie has not only shown that she has embraced her humanitarian causes with great gusto but she also wants make a change and share her experiences in one way or another. No wonder Brad said the best decision he made was to have Angie as their mother sorry had to get that one in lol.

    Where was I “In The Land of Blood and Honey” was a very painful subject covering war and its casualties. Even to this day I think if it was any one else apart from Angie who had directed that movie Hollywood would have been falling over it what a magnificent piece of historical drama it was. If it was Clint Eastwood or Steven Spielberg would it have been dismissed so easily?

    That movie was embraced by Serbians & the humanitarian community. Even the British Government has acknowledged it their effort to highlight victims of rape. Before some cynics come down with ton of bricks saying what about the box office figures despite the fact knowing it’s a limited release it made the impact where it needed to make the impact that in my eyes is job done.

    As a woman I am very proud of Angelina she surprises me time and time again, talking out about taboo subjects that not only effect women but men & children also she we shy away from these subject no we shouldn’t. when one person speaks out and another joins in that’s giving voice to the speechless ones I for one would like to stand besides them in doing so.

    I for one am ashamed to admit I had the knowledge of Serbian war but was oblivious of the casualties & genocides of war. Yet again In The Land Of Blood and Honey had brought that fraught subject to the for front. same for I hadn’t read Laura Hillenbrand’s and hadn’t heard about Louie Zamperini’s heroic story, nor had I heard about Billy Bean before but when the movie was made I bet Billy Bean got some new fans thanks to Brad lol.

    Before some one jumps down my throat ( mainly trolls) I know others in Hollywood have filmed subjects that weren’t heard before but I’m talking about Brad & Angelina here so move on elsewhere with the sarcasm (who are anti Brad & Angie).

    Sorry people that were my input for today didn’t mean to cause a headache

  • Phool

    Hi Love don’t know if I was able to post this yesterday to you or not if double post please forgive & move on lol blame it on my 1 brain cell …in responce to previous post on other thread……

    Love The JoliePitts @ 12/07/12 at 07:31pm

    Hi My dear Love The JoliePitts

    A beautiful & compassionate post as always very eloquently put LTJP, you are too gracious in your praise which puts me to shame my dear I can only express what I feel right at the time. I might not be able at time express the words properly at times but try to put my point forward in my own words as best as I could. Also I might come across a bit emotional at times lol with my long a$$ed posts sorry for the bad language, but sometimes I feel strongly about some subjects. You want to express something especially when you see people just ignoring them and making fun for their own perverse pleasure. Instead of giving a valid point of view they go down the route of dismissing it in the first place that just annoys me but also Shame isn’t LTJP, to some people these events shake you to the core and make you appreciate life more and your loved ones more makes you sympathise with the flight of others that were destitute.
    Shocking isn’t it to some this was just nothing as if nothing happened, just another day in the calendar who care who shoots whom as long as its not them and that’s the way they role.
    I for one cannot get those beautiful children’s faces out of my mind how cruelly they were taken away from their parents while there are people ignoring such travesty should we blame their upbringing for doing or do we blame the surroundings they were brought up in. there’s always a ready made excuse to pass the blame to others.

    I say God has given us enough sense to distinguish between right & wrong it’s us who make a decision which way to follow. It is us who can make a better life for oneself rather blame the misfortunes on others footsteps.

    The President in my eyes already was a great leader and in my eyes has become a greater man of compassion he never distinguishes any difference between any religions. He has the power to make the change this change will help all communities, he has the power to bring communities together and get better solutions in prevention from future tragedies.
    I hope others will follow suite in making a change every little help. You know why we love Brad & Angelina to the core due to the changes they are making in their own little way they are shedding light on the flights of others like I said above some will like it some will not but there also are some that will see the light and follow the good work. ( oh dame I’m sounding like a preacher aren’t I lol I better go before I get my a$$ kicked to the curb) thanks again for bearing with me in my long winded posts.

    I guess Brad’s Missus His wife His love Angie gave him a kick ass birthday to remember. Next the wedding oh I can’t wait.

  • Phool

    Passing Through @ 12/19/2012 at 11:55 am

    He’s starting to look like the long lost lovechild of Eddie Munster and Brian Grazer.

    LOL PT wow thats what i thought sorry Brian no disrespect to your pixi looks opps

  • Passing Through

    # 152 Premalee @ 12/19/2012 at 12:24 pm
    Premalee -
    Thanks for posting this link. I was telling someone about this article yesterday and couldn’t remember where I saw it. A lady I used to work with had a grandson who was like this. When I first met the boy he was 4 and already exhibiting signs of mental illness. He used to harm his 2 year-old brother. He’s almost 17 now. Over the course of the last 12 years I’ve heard some really scary stories about the boy. He’s actually doing a lot better now but there were many times he had to be committed to psychiatric centers because his mother couldn’t control him. He was originaly diagnosed with the catch-all ADHD but but the time he was 8 they were saying it was autism and schizophrenia. His father was in the National Guard and he grew up around a lot of guns. Those were some scary time. Interestingly he’s a lot better these days and seems to have stabilized due to a drug cocktail but some many mental patients stop doing their drugs as soon as they’re unsupervised. He’ll be 18 in about 16 months and who knows what’ll happen then. Unlike most kids his 18th b-day is not something his family are looking forward to, that’s for sure.

  • GerrySuperficialB@stardButler

    Hello ladies….. I see her movie career’s over too….. Oh Angie….. I’m the only one of your co-stars you refused to sleep with…. *sigh*

  • Phool

    tish48 @ 12/19/2012 at 10:59 am

    Tish is that you so glad to see you back here missed you loads hope you are feeling better ? happy belated birthday may you have many more happy ones god bless

  • Observer2

    @Passing Through:

    First of, you go Angelina. The studio brass were impressed by how she’d handle telling this story. She’s entered into directing for big studios.

    As for Geyer, he still represents her for her acting. Robert O. has been her attorney for years.

    PT, if you’re still around, check your PM’s.