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Jeffrey Donovan & Wife Michelle Welcome Baby Girl!

Jeffrey Donovan & Wife Michelle Welcome Baby Girl!

Jeffrey Donovan and his wife Michelle Woods are the proud parents of a baby girl!

The 44-year-old Burn Notice actor married Michelle over the summer after being engaged for a year.

“She is a healthy and happy baby girl, and we are incredibly blessed to have her in our lives,” the couple told People in a statement.

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No further details about the little one have been released, including her name.

Congratulations to the happy family on the exciting news!

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Congrats to them! Nice to see some fresh faces on the site JJ!

  • Zac

    Congrats. Baby girls are the best. Love Burn Notice. His wife is beautiful.

  • Kirsten

    Congrats! His wife is beautiful but she’s only 20 and they started dating when she was 18. I’m 22 and I find that to be a bit sleazy. Still, I wish them the best.

  • Tia

    Wow, his plastic surgery is not so hot

  • Poo

    It *IS* creepy that the wife is 20 considering he’s 44. I’m also not liking the fact that he doesn’t mention his other 3 sons from exGF Kathryn Kovarik. The oldest son is like 15…which means he’s closer in age to the new wife than Jeffrey is! Majorly sleazy, if you ask me.

  • itaint

    @poo they arent his kids, they were hers from her previous marriage.

  • Lacy

    I can’t understand why anyone’s parents would let their teenage daughter date a man in his 40s

  • Rocky

    LOVE MICHAEL WESTON!! Congrats to Jeff!!

  • Rocky

    @lexy hates bilson:


  • Jen

    @lacy she is a grown woman. her parents can’t really tell her what to do. from the looks of it she has been quite independent for a while traveling and modeling.

    congrats to Jeffrey and his beautiful (and yes, young) wife! May your family be blessed with health and love.

  • Nikki

    Actually, she wasn’t even 18 when they started dating. Google “Jeffrey Donovan Ed Hardy fashion show” and you will see them photographed together. IN 2009. She was just turned 17. And she’s 21 now, guys. Her birthday was two days after their September 25th wedding. Not cute. Not okay.

  • J

    Whatever their history, they obviously love each other and are now blessed with a little one to join their family. The government made up a number for becoming an “adult.” Many young women mature much faster than that. Michelle was already traveling and making a living on her own by modeling in Miami. Her FMD says she is from Denver so she must have been living on her own too. Many people don’t start that until their mid to late 20s these days! Age difference doesn’t matter when there is love, which I am sure they have plenty of!

  • burnedfan

    Ex-Burn Notice fan; lost all respect for Donovan. He is talented, and has always been very full of himself (as are actors generally) but dang! He’s in his 40s dating a 17 year old! Will not be surprised when she is awarded custody and fights him over alimony, etc. He’ll just move on to another. I simply can’t watch BN anymore because I just see him as a letch.

  • Bhappy

    Wow somebody is taking this far too personally. The dude likes a younger girl…nothing new here. It has always gone on and will continue to go on. I’m assuming you are a female over 35.

  • lineinthesand


    I’m a male in my mid 30′s. I am also a swimwear and underwear photographer so I regularly spend time with younger women in little to no clothing. Of course they are attractive (that’s sort of the point) but I don’t think it’s OK to date them!

    Fact is we men are cut too much slack. Men leave their families for younger women, people say “aww he looks so happy”. Or they don’t leave but the younger women they date on the side should “know better”. A man commits statutory rape and you say “somebody is taking this far too personally.”

    Woody Allen’s marriage is a shining example…

    Whether or not you think you are in love, it is sleazy. Donovan has been an adult for more years than his wife has been alive. Even if she lived on her own for 2 or 3 years prior to dating him (which she didn’t) that’s still only 10% his life experience. Physical attraction can trick you into inventing common ground.

    Despite the fact that temptation is always present I am able to behave like an adult with dignity and self respect. I even have a family and have never stepped out on them. I resent people excusing the actions of those who choose not to control their baser instincts.

  • A


    I agree with lineinthesand. You also make the assumption that the person you were responding to was a woman over the age of 35… why would you do that, unless women over that age actually have something to complain about? Some guys (not actual *men*) say that women over that age are bitter – three guesses as to why. We don’t cease to exist over that age. Why should men be seen as more worthy than we are?

    I used to really like Jeffrey Donovan, but I’ve lost respect for him with this.

  • Nobody

    I am in complete agreement with lineinthesand, who refreshingly so sounds like a grown man! I am 35 and a woman. Before you go pointing fingers (or making guesses) look in the mirror. I can tell you for a fact that I am gorgeous and with a sex drive that you wouldn’t even dare to dream of. I am happily married to a man of my dreams (who is my age) and after giving birth twice I am in better shape than most 17 year old models out there. And did you get a good look at Gabrielle Anwar? She was in her late 30′s and early 40′s during the run of Burn Notice! So before you make another poke at women over 35 just stuff it!

    With this said, I enjoyed Burn Notice and do believe Jeffrey Donovan did a great job in it. However, it is creepy that a 44 year old man would be married to a 20 year old girl, having dated her before she even turned 18. It doesn’t matter for how long she lived on her own, she is still a child! I have been on my own since 16 (actually moved countries) and what I want out of life at 35 is immensely different from what I could even think of at 25, let alone 17,18, 19 and 20! In most cases there are very few things a 44 year old wealthy and popular man and a 20 year old beautiful female model can have in common and these things usually don’t make a sturdy foundation for a life long love story. Perhaps Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods are a rare exception to that and I do wish them well. I wish them love and happiness for their sake and for the sake of the tiny bundle of blessings they welcomed into their lives. However, I doubt anyone will be really shocked if they become yet another famous couple to split up in a few years. Michelle most definitely is not staying in her 20′s forever. What’s done is done. He is creepy, but a good actor. He is now a father too and the little girl deserves our wishes of happiness to their family. And I can also see how many fans (and yes, females mostly) have lost their respect for this guy. Living in the spotlight was their own choosing, so I am hoping they can handle the criticism of whatever part of their personal life they expose.

  • Expolwom

    Whenever I see a man involved with a teenager or much younger woman I simply assume that he is bad in bed. I think they prey upon young women who have little sexual experience to compare them to. I have personal experience to back up that theory. And yes, I am a woman over 35. But no, I am not jealous of any 20 year old. My daughter is 22 and I would not want her dating any men 30+ years older than her. I did it and lived to regret it. The men wanted someone they could control and manipulate. They were also boring sexual partners but I was too inexperienced to know it at the time.

  • frank shippee

    Grew up with your mom…called her “Ruby” ….She would be so proud of you.