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Taylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger: Football Fun!

Taylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger: Football Fun!

Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger play a fun game of football with friends on Sunday afternoon (December 16) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 20-year-old Twilight actor was joined for the afternoon by his rumored on-again girlfriend Sara Hicks.

FYI: Taylor and Patrick recently wrapped shooting on the upcoming flick Grown Ups 2, in which they play a pair of frat boys.

In case you missed it, check out Patrick going shirtless for a photo in Christian Rios‘ new book “Dreamers NYC”.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger playing football…

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taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 01
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 02
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 03
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 04
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 05
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 06
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 07
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 08
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 09
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 10
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 11
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 12
taylor lautner patrick schwarzenegger football fun 13

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  • jazzmen

    that is one threesome i would love to have

  • Carla

    This two are spending so much time together…

  • British Latin American

    Hot Couple Alert! LOL, I guess.

  • Jc

    She’s not his girlfriend though, wtf are you talking about. I thought you knew better than to start rumors.

  • Mattie

    Jazzman made me laugh, and I totally agree…. but minus Hicks! Can’t wait to see Grown Ups cause I loved the first one. So

  • Happy

    His biceps have gone.

  • CMG

    Awe Taylor Lautner and Patrick BLAWEDFHWJFNEJNJN, cuter couple!

  • eldrige

    sara and taylor are not dating

    he well you know……… starts with a “G” and ends with a “Y”

    p.s. this movie is gonna super suck

  • lisa


    I Know!! taylor looks TERRIBLE

  • tracy


    you mean G.A.Y.

    yes we know

  • geralda

    Since when did Taylor start looking like a mexican

  • salli

    taylor’s a gay mexican now??


  • Fitz

    patrick is so gay, taylor is so gay,i wonder who’s on top?but cute damn hot couple right?

  • groundcontrol

    Help… be still my heart!

    Wow… They are hot…Hot…HOT. Did I say HOT?

    If only I could hop into the sack with both of them! Now!

  • Jake Cruise

    Daddy LIKES!

    Buzz off, groundcontrol — They’re not interested in your old twat.

  • Kate

    They’re both smart to stay away from Taylor Swift. Though I admit I’m pretty jealous she got so close to that. I could eat Taylor Lautner with a spoon.

  • YS

    Hot ;)

  • @Eldrige,Tracy

    Who care if he’s gay if that’s his business not yours!

  • Ella

    Taylor has always been dark-skinned. I’m pretty sure he’s White. He could be part Native American.

  • nellie


    I don’t know if Patrick is gay..(probably not) but Taylor is definitely GAY GAY GAY

  • :)

    His girlfriend looks pissed like he is completely ignoring her while he is out with the guys

  • tamara

    who’s girlfriend??

  • donna

    Taylor L is so hot;) He gets hotter every time I see him.

  • leelee

    It’s nice to see the guys Taylor Swift bearded get along. Where’s Joe Jonas?

  • woohoo

    we all know patrick is in the limelight because of who is daddy is.

  • Lana

    Excellent photos, normal man’s leisure. Taylor is magnificent in dynamics.

  • Luke

    I wonder who’s the top and who’s the bottom…

  • aquarius64

    These are two terms I find pretty lousy when defining a relationship: “Rumored girlfriend” implies the guy is not willing to declare you formally and publicly and wants to keep you in the shadows. “On-again, off-again” implies he regularly dumps you and then puts you back in rotation when the other romance sours. Either way the woman doesn’t look like a serious relationship, at best a friend with benefits or an on-call fling. Lautner has dumped Sara Hicks for three high profile girls (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Lily Collins) within a four-year period. Even if you argue the high profile girls are PR romances, it’s still humiliating. Hicks has him now, but given Lautner’s track record of his REEL life love interest becomes that in REAL life (Swift and Collins), she must sweat bullets when he will do a love scene (Tracers). His career took a hit with Abduction, and his star is waning a bit, despite the Grown Ups 2 gig. If there’s a high profile female that will boost his profile more by having her on his arm, the on again girlfriend becomes off again.

  • chanda w.

    OMG……Taylor Lautner is just beautiful………….his biceps are just fine……..he lost the bulk , but he looks great………and he is not… all the jealous haters. I am jealous of his girlfriend Sara….she is lucky. Patrick ain’t bad either. Cute bromance.

  • chanda w.

    @aquarius64: Stop being so negative…………..Taylor Lautner career is gonna be just fine and he looks great. He doesn’t need to ……do what so many other celebs do…..hookup with another celeb for attention.

  • aquarius64

    @chanda w.: Career is still in limbo, he should have a ton of parts by now. As for the girlfriend, what’s to be jealous of? Getting dumped and disrespected publicly and brought back in when lonely? If Sara meant anything to him Selena, Taylor and Lily would have NEVER been in the picture. She’s an on-call jump off, a version of Chris Brown’s Karreche Tran.

    And I speak my opinion as I see fit.

  • chanda w.

    @aquarius64: R U the one that use to hang with his crew?? What happened?? Why so angry at him?? Just curious. I’m a Tay fan no matter.

  • aquarius64

    @chanda w.: Never ran with his crew, I formed my opinion based on what I see and read. Unlike you I’m not dazzled by the abs. I look beyond the looks, and what I’ve seen is not appealing. Keeping your high school girlfriend around as a back up while you flaunt your high profile girlfriends to me is disrespecting, even when it is for PR. You’re annoncing to the world you don’t really care, she’s just a convenience.

    As for his career, studios don’t care if his fans think he’s sweet and cute if it doesn’t translate into big box office numbers for the non-Twilight movie he’s in. Abduction made 28 million in US theaters in 12 WEEKS, bad numbers as far as a studio is concerned. Even with the foreign box office it make under 100 million, bad for an action flick. He has a bit role in Grown Ups 2 and a straight to dvd looking film in Tracers. Robert Pattinson has four movies he’s doing back to back in a year and a half time. (no I’m not a Pattison fan.) He better learn fast that HW is not going to wait for him to decide he’s going to appeal to more than teenage girls when there as so many actors his age that have a wide appeal and a broad acting range who can bring home the box office bacon. He can’t coast on Twilight forever. Show business is that, a business. If he can’t deliver the goods studios will find someone who can.

  • dina

    it’s just your assumptions.
    you can not know for sure what will be the career of each of them tomorrow.
    No one knows the real reason why Pattinson ,who not the most talented actor, who is still not able to make box office he`s movie, continues to get new projects.
    Lautner inexperienced young guy with not very agile PR team.
    Give him time.
    he, like many other hard-working and honest people have a chance.
    Wise people understand this, and no one throws him off.

  • aquarius64

    @dina: You just pointed out one of his problems: a bad PR team he needs to dump. And studios aren’t going to give him time. If he can’t deliver NOW after being in the spotlight for 4 years they’ll find someone who can. They know his abs can’t run up the box office outside of Twilight. That’s reality.

  • dina

    There is a problem, yes, but do not exaggerate it and inflate to unimaginable proportions.
    This is the standard situation in the World film industry.
    So it was with many aspiring actors.
    Zac Efron is very popular, in the film industry for a long time, he was already 26 years old,but, nevertheless, he is not able to make global cash by the he`s movies either in the U.S. or in the foreign box office.
    Taylor Kitsch too,he`s bankrupted the company de facto, and yet, he, and many other actors continue to work and they have a new roles.
    Taylor Lautner is still very, very young.
    people who are well aware and understand what is what.
    But he has a lot of loyal fans, buyout willing to wait as much as necessary, and not all of them want to see only his abs on screen, believe me.

    If you are not interested in him, neither he nor any of his future as an actor or his personal development, etc., then do not force yourself, switch to someone else better, more long-term, honest and successful, in your opinion ..

  • dina

    “They know his abs can’t run up the box office outside of Twilight. That’s reality.”
    According to Forbes in Top List Of Hollywood’s Best Actors For The Buck
    Lautner ranks 6th with a $29.50 return.
    Pattinson and Stewart are ranks in the 2 and 4th, respectively.

  • SLS

    Taylor looks just awful now that he has totally lost his body.