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'The Voice' Tributes Newtown Shooting Victims with 'Hallelujah'

'The Voice' Tributes Newtown Shooting Victims with 'Hallelujah'

Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green pay tribute to the victims of the Newtown school shooting with a special performance of “Hallelujah” during an episode of the The Voice on Monday (December 17).

The judges were joined by host Carson Daly, social correspondent Christina Milian, finalists Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David, and Terry McDermott, as well as former contestants for the touching tribute.

Make sure to watch tonight’s episode of The Voice at 9/8c on NBC to find out who is crowned the winner of the third season!

‘The Voice’ Tributes Newtown Shooting Victims with ‘Hallelujah’

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Photos: Trae Patton, Tyler Golden/NBC
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  • Alaia

    Of course she’d make a mockery of it by wearing that ridiculous wig.

  • Audrey

    It was so amazing.
    I love this show very much, it is about so important stories and feelings, it’s not fake.
    The coaches are so talented, I love Chistina.

  • Message

    Who cares about a stupid wig? This was a beautiful tribute. At least Christina wasn’t showing her t!ts during the tribute. It was perfectly done, IMO.

  • Tracy


  • ces5210

    Absolutely beautiful. I disagree, Alaia, considering the undeniable emotion in the gorgeous way she sang, it’s hard to believe you even noticed the wig rather than the 7 year old girl’s name card she was holding and paying tribute to.

  • wandalismus

    I noticed that Adam butchered the lyrics….but still the song and the tragedy brings tears to my eyes…those children where so young and can someone shoot children? it’s beyond me!

  • Bust D. Wig

    Im with Alaila this aint burlesque get a hairbrush and show some respect

  • Nancy D

    Saw it in real time. Was lovely. Christina even parked her usually bad look at the curb for this one – - she normally looks like a bit of a spent ho. She also controlled her warbling, and respected the beauty of this song. She does have pipes.

    anyway, to everybody at The Voice, beautifully done.

  • Ross

    @Bust D. Wig: Are you kidding me with this crap? Even during an emotional tribute to the victims of the Newtown shooting, these idiots still find something to bash Christina Aguilera about. Christina did nothing wrong and she was dressed appropriately for the tribute. End of story.

  • Nelly M

    So wrenching… Christinas’ part was especially emotional for me… God Bless those beautiful angels and all of their loved ones left behind…

  • Tragedy

    Who were they doing this tribute for? The families whose lives were shattered? Were they watching The Voice? For us viewers, because it’s so comforting to us? Who does this help really? Seems like a way to show how compassionate and caring everyone at the show is, a way to make themselves feel better, I guess. I wasn’t comforted, it felt like an empty gesture to me because the families ruined by the massacre would not be watching or helped in any way.

  • Stace

    Beautful. To be honest, I dont care how Christina looks or how Adam butchered the lyrics. This is about pure emotion and passion and sining for a very particular and delicate reason. And they did great. I must say I can’t understand Christina sometimes visually but when she opens her mouth on songs like these, oh boy, her emotion go beyond the TV screen. And at the end of the thay that’s what It’s ll about.

  • Nick C

    @Tragedy: Wow….what a stupid thing to say. It was a touching tribute to those who died in the massacre. Maybe the families of those affected were not watching but that doesn’t mean the show can’t pay tribute to them.

  • Xo

    Very touching.

  • Matt


    Would you prefer they just pretend it didn’t happen. This was done to show that the memory of these children is in the hearts and minds of everyone in the cast and to keep in in the hearts and minds of everyone watching.

    I thought it was a touching display and I would love to see them give any proceeds those affected.

  • NE1

    It was really touching and it emotional to see all those names. It’s not just a news story when you see the names, each name is a whole person that was killed because of that evil. I hope we learn from it.

  • Teri

    This honestly brought tries to my eyes, just looking at the age of those children, remembering the pictures of those innocent kids. They were so young, so pure just….
    Why would anyone hurt them.
    hope they are in a better place now, the rest in peace angels
    And to the brave souls that saved few of them
    Beautiful tribute, by everyone. bless them

  • Sam

    This was beautifully done and the intentions behind it weren’t as horrible as some people are making them out to be. It was a respectful TRIBUTE, not some publicity stunt. And I’m sure Adam knows he messed up that one word so theres no need to mention it. Have some respect people.

  • LucyRicardo

    The most beautiful tribute was done by The Voice and its cast. Classy, soulful and respectful. Just perfect!

  • Weston CT

    I think she wore that wig out of respect not to show off. I mean, blonde hair with colored tips would have looked out of place during the tribute.

    I thought it was beautifully down and very subtle (at first I was scared that Christina would go off with her voice). Yes, Adam butchered the notes but maybe he was overcome with emotion…who knows…I still felt very touched by it and holding up the names was another slap in the face as of to how real this tragedy is.

  • Weston CT

    ok, I have to rectify my answer…I just watched it again and really, Adam? Take your goddamn hand out of your pocket!!! Sometimes he just doesn´t know how to behave :(

  • ivy

    This was a beautiful tribute. Just seeing all those names and ages on the cards was heart wrenching…so many lives cut short before they had a chance to experience life. The song was perfect and the intention even more so.

  • Zacfan91

    It’s disgusting how people can turn such a beautiful and touching tribute into something ugly by bashing people with their hateful words I mean this goes beyond us this is about 20 babies who had so much to live for gone 6 women who put their lives on the line to save their students all of them gone now and then you people. On here bad mouthing and questioning the people who made this beautiful tribute for those babies you guys are sick and this is what’s wrong with the world people need to learn to shut up and get a heart

  • Kylie

    @Zacfan91: Well said… and even more than that. Had they not done something they would have been bad mouthed for just getting on with the show as normal. I thought it was beautiful and very moving and appropriate.

  • http://mexicanMAfiart KATHRYN GARCIA SMITH

    so what if it makes us feel better. we NEED that everyone. all you haters of anything go back to your cave.

  • Anastasia

    Come on people. The Voice did a beautiful tribute to those children and families. This is not the time to comment on looks, lyrics, or anything else! How shallow. This was a group of individuals trying to do something respectful. Say a prayer for those babies and their families. Save your criticisms for something insignificant…not this!

  • http://sebagoscents Amanda

    It would be disgusting to turn a profit on this tragedy. If they do not donate 100% of the proceeds, then I want to puke.

  • Mimi

    Beautifully done!! Sent a powerful message!!

  • Roo

    I love this. Why waste your time on remembering what a lowlife the murderer was? That was his intention to be known as this evil mass killer after he died. Don’t mention him anymore, he’s a waste of breath and time. We have to stick together and remember these victims instead, remember their names, how old they were. Cherish them. We are so concerned with the killer that we forget. Dare I say it, this is why these murderers are so influenced. They know they will get attention. We have done it enough. It’s time to pay our respect to these victims. Please don’t forget about these gorgeous angels. They are who matter most.

  • reeven

    Now i´m crying
    Let´s pray for their parents too, they needed it now more than never

  • http://You Hermione

    It was a very beautiful tribute to those who lives were cut much to short. Thank you for doing that song it made me let out a little sob when I saw so many names with 6 and 7 under them!

  • DavidK

    I agree it was a sincere and heartfelt tribute by all concerned, but I wish they had taken a moment to find another song. Hallelujah is a complex, ironic, and possibly bitter song about the end of a mature relationship. People insist on treating it like an inspirational hymn – just read the lyrics – a cold and a broken hallelujah? It was beautiful that they chose to make this tribute, but an inappropriate song.

    Mind you, it was worse to hear it sung by a 15 year old on X factor. Even Leonard Cohen thinks the song has been sung too much – I just wish people would try to understand it before they sing it.

  • Silas

    Probably the best version of this song I’ve ever heard. My heart goes out to the family of those in the shooting at Newtown.