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Who Won 'The Voice' Season 3 (Fall 2012)?

Who Won 'The Voice' Season 3 (Fall 2012)?

The Voice‘s third season came to a close with its finale on Tuesday (December 18) and the winner has been announced!

Coach Blake Shelton entered the finale with two contestants, Cee Lo Green with one, and Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine both had zero. In the final performance round, each contestant sang a highlight from the past season, a new cover song, and a duet with his or her coach.

The final three contestants included Terry McDermott (Team Blake), Cassadee Pope (Team Blake), and Nicholas David (Team Cee Leo).

The season finale featured guest performances from Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and more!

Click inside to find out who won season three of The Voice!


Terry McDermott came in second place. Nicholas David came in third place.

ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of The Voice season three?

And the winner is…
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  • Leenah

    I don’t think this is fair,she already had a fanbase before The Voice,and let’s face it,her voice isn’t that good.
    Nicholas is a consistent artist who should have won,but as usual nobody who deserves this will ever win.

  • sj

    YAY!!!!!! she won:)

  • aara

    I think she was extremely consistent and talented throughout the season and she will possibly be the first winner of the show to have real mainstream success. That said, many of the other contestants were also just as talented, or even more so, and I hope many of them also get the opportunity to record albums and share they music.

  • Jenny

    Cheer up……If his fan base is as strong as you think it is, then he will do fine…I’m glad Cassadee won…her voice was the best

  • Sam

    I wasn’t really a fan but lets face it, she sold the most songs and improved every week… so I think she deserved it. The final three were excellent so it was hard to choose!

  • Anna

    Ohh I was with Terry but she also sings very nice!
    And the performancea were amazing.

  • minnesota mama

    So sad, and too bad that Nicholas didn’t win. He had the best voice of the three finalist. Still proud of you Nicholas…you did MN proud!!

  • lisacoryell

    she does not have a nice sounding voice.

  • Anna Fuqua

    The true talent was Nicholas and Terry. Very surprised that Cassidy won but of course we are happy for all

  • Sk

    I was not as committed to one artist this time as I have been in the past but my vote was for Terry. Congrats to Cassadee though.

  • Terry Lee Reid

    Terry should have won it she is not as good this is the first time you are wrong an I begining to think your rigged like American Idol is

  • Maria

    It’s always been the one who sells best on itunes.

  • Steph

    Shes so GENERIC. Would be nice if a unique singer won for once in these lame competitions

  • Michigan fan

    I wanted Nicolas,His voice was so different and he is very humble.But all three were good and hope they are are successful in their careers!

  • Cass

    Terry was a fuqing disaster tonight especially when he sang with Kelly Clarkson. cringe-fest throughout the entire performance.

  • Xo

    It should’ve been Terry. She didn’t deserve to win after ditching her band.

  • Dee

    I love how people will claim that a contest is rigged if the person they didn’t want doesn’t win, but the contest is completely fair if their contestant wins. Come on people! Your favorite can’t always win. That being said, I think that any of the top 3 could have won. Terry was my favorite, but he did have a weak beginning to his Broken Wings song last night, and I think that could have hurt him. Cassadee’s performance was stronger to me. Nick just annoyed me. I was really disappointed in his song choice.

  • Debra Wright

    I’m not surprised Nick did not win…it was a long shot. He was THEE most talented, solid musician–amazing vocalist, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and had amazing stage presence! We love you, Nick, and you have a strong, loyal, fan base who recognizes amazing talent! We are in line to purchase your upcoming CD!!!

  • Milla

    Congrats dear Cassadee she did a beautiful job throughout the competition, Terry and Nicholas amazed me every time. I’m sure Cassadee will celebrate with her boyfriend Rian ( ) , they make a sexy couple!!

  • N

    She sounds like everyone else on the radio, she was the obvious choice of the teens. And she already had a fanbase because she was in Hey Monday (even one of their songs, ‘Candles’, was featured in Glee!). Terry should’ve won… :(

  • Texas2012

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Avril Lavigne is TOTALLY pregnant?!?!?

  • Dawn

    She did not have a better voice than Trevin. I won’t watch the show. She is not that good. She already had a fan base. I am sick for Terry and Nick. Something is very, very wrong here.

  • yaabird

    I’m a country fan…but she was boring, lacked personality, copycat wanabee. I’m disappointed, but I won’t be when the other two make more money then she.

  • anita

    I was for triven. oh my goodness he can sing.

  • anita

    @Dawn: Oh my goodness that Trevin I hope and pray Clyde Davis or one of you great promoters pick him up and go to the top. Sorry CELO you were robbed this time.

  • an opinion

    Cassadee had no competition. Terry look and sings like he is from the 1960/1970 and Nick is just Taylor Hick with a beard.

  • http://@janz3094 Janelyn C. Dalag

    @Sam: RIGHTTT.. :)))

  • halle

    I will not watch the show next season and I hope it goes off the air. They used fans to make money on itunes and clearly picked a female caucasian to diversify winners. She was not all that good and you can find her at any karaoke bar.

  • lydia vega


  • lydia vega


  • lydia vega


  • Dave Franco

    Told you, it’s all about image nowadays, not talent.

  • elaine

    very sorry that Nic didn’t win, like others said he is the real deal inside and out, Cee Lo made some bad choices with his songs, he could have sung tunes by Al Jareau or George Benson that would have blown the others away. Not sure about this season’s choice.

  • dave

    You people who say Nicholas had the best voice need to get your ears cleaned out. Even when the judges would comment after the individual performances they always talked about how good Terry’s and Cassadee’s voices were but Nicholas was just “fun” to watch. There were three or four contestants kicked off before Nicholas who had better voices. Cassadee or Terry were the best of the best.

  • Patricia Sommers

    I also felt the wrong person won. I feel America got it wrong ths time. I never felt Cassadee was that good. I was hoping Terry or Nicholas would have won they both were extremely good singers. I will buy whatever they do.

  • FrickNFrack

    For anyone that was surprised that Cassadee won, the signs were everywhere this season that she was the shoo-in to come out on top. Everything from the iTunes charts, she surviving the battle rounds and nailing her performances each week made it obvious. It’s true that Terry and Nicholas were fabulous each week but they aren’t nearly as marketable as Cassadee is. I had a feeling she would win a few weeks back. I’ve been recording the show all season long on my DISH Hopper and while I’m recording, the rest of the family can still watch their favorites at the same time.

  • Jen

    It’s a business, people. The producers are looking for the singers who have the potential to make the highest sales and also have a good work ethic, which is why underage contestants rarely win these shows.

    You may not like Cassadee, and I agree with a lot of the criticism, but from a purely marketing potential, she’s gold, and with her drive and work ethic, she’s ready to jump in and start making some money for the executives.

    I personally like Terry better and I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from him, but there’s a more limited market for what he does, and an even more limited market for Nic.

    Follow the money. You’ll predict the winner every time.

  • Leni

    I was hoping for Nicholas. Actually, Melanie and Amanda were both my favourites, but when they left, Nicholas was my favourite. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  • Deba Singleton

    I oagree, It should have been Nicholas or Treavon.

  • Selena

    I’m going to stop watching this show, she did NOT deserve to win. She already has a large fanbase and I already knew she was part of a band.

  • WhatATool

    Once again the Best singer did not win, they got rid of 2 of the best singers, it’s all about image and marketing, she has that annoying radio sound that america likes

  • jaime

    CLEARLY it should have been 1st Trevin and 2nd Amanda. It sickened me when they got voted off.

  • Redshades

    Of course won. -_- She’s sounds like over half the female music stars out there today. She’s like a brown haired Taylor Swift. People are too brainwashed by todays crappy music to pick somebody different.

  • nyob

    Amanda should have won. Best voice with stage presence, although her “sexy pout” got annoying quickly.

    Trevin had the best voice by far, but little stage presence and it became the same thing over and over with him.

    Nicholas was my personal favorite, but only when he sang songs within his genre – like you are so beautiful. When he ventured out of that, he basically sucked.

    Terry has an outstanding voice, but like Trevin, it was the same thing every single time. I grew tired of him.

    Other than Amanda, Cassadee presented the most marketable package of the final few. I did not think her singing was very strong until the final competition. I have to admit she did very well that last time.

    They are all very talented thought.

    All that said, the dude from arkansas who sang crazy in love gets my vote. He may not be the best singer, but he had a great voice and was entertaining as hell.

  • Taylor

    Shes terriable how dare america choose her

  • Setra

    Of the three finalists who could have one, I am indeed happy with the fact that the winner was Cassadee Pope! Of the three I liked her voice and stage presence the most. Along with Pope winning, I also enjoyed watching Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne perform. This finale gave me and my DISH coworker a lot to talk about so I’m glad I watched. I recorded it on my DISH Hopper with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I love how this feature allows me to record all primetime programming that comes on the four major networks.

  • MN,CO-TrafficTechnicianEnjoyin

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole program. All contestants should have a chance to express themselves. What a great bunch of talent out there and we have not even touched the tip of the iceberg. Come on people crawl out and give of yourselves like this years people did. Nicholas was my favorite. I was afraid from the start that his unique appearance would hold him back. In shows like this, it is the whole package that counts for most people. He, as well as some of the others appeared to have a genuine humbleness that should be commended. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of these artists out there, if someone will extend them the courtesy to financially back them. Think of the growth we saw. Go Nicholas, Go.

  • debra

    They sent home the best…….I did’nt care who won

  • Stephan Corley

    Cassadee most likely won this one thru pity votes.Nicholas was by far the best.I’m Scottish,but that Scot fello,who didnt interest me enough to know his name,shoulda been dumped long ago.

  • Veronica