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Barack Obama: 'Time' Magazine's Person of the Year 2012!

Barack Obama: 'Time' Magazine's Person of the Year 2012!

President Barack Obama has taken the prestigious title of Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2012!

The 51-year-old President re-elect was named “[for] finding and forging a new majority, for turning weakness into opportunity and for seeking, amid great adversity, to create a more perfect union.”

“He will take the oath on Jan. 20 as the first Democrat in more than 75 years to get a majority of the popular vote twice. Only five other Presidents have done that in all of U.S. history,” the magazine added about the President, who was previously named the Person of the Year in 2008.

For more from the President, visit! Bigger cover inside…

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  • Lila

    What happened to all you people who said Romney was going to win? Hah!

  • t

    are you fu*ckin kidding?
    after the drone attacks that killed innocent children to his support of Israel how is he even considered for this title? bruce jenner would have made more sense to me

  • Jenn

    This is a joke, correct?

  • kenny

    oh no, i wanted PSY :(

  • sillyme

    That’s a shame. He’s done everything he can to divide the nation – rich/poor, black/white, male/female, gay/straight. This country has never been so divided, thanks to him.

  • t

    i’m going to guess the people who are ‘thumbing down’ the comments are white girls who LURVE obama and have his picture on their tumblr with comments like ‘I CAN’T EVENNN.. UGH HE’S AMAZE’ but completely disregard the fact that he sanctions the killings of innocents for the sake of his own wealth.

  • ladyb

    I think Bill and Hillary deserved it more. Or Hillary alone.

  • Sue Smith

    You gotta be kidding.

  • Lesser Magic

    Obviously our country has gone insane!

  • uh

    “..for turning weakness into opportunity” — are they referring to Iraq here?

  • Rocky


    I KNOW!! HA! HA!

  • Ol

    They should have mentioned Person of the Year 2012 in the USA. I hate it when American magazines always name some politician, actors, actresses as the most beautiful person or influencial in the world when you don’t see anyone from other countries in this list, but USA. When will the USA accept that the world doesn’t only revolve around them?

  • Violet


    I would have loved to have seen Bill on the cover. Still the best President — EVER!!

  • In Good Company

    Joseph Stalin
    Adolph Hitler
    Richard Nixon
    Ayatollah Khomeini
    G.H.W . Bush
    G.W. Bush
    Newt Gingrich
    take our guns and make us slaves dear leader
    you ain’t seen nothin’ yet

  • :)

    @In Good Company: typical american, more worried about gun control than the safety of your people – as an australian i can tell you all gun control means (in a nut shell) is that you have to register your weapons OHHH NOOO!!! so calm down amurricans. no ones gonna take away your rights.. you do that all on your own everyday by being ignorant.

  • sorry

    the antichrist

  • Violet

    @In Good Company:

    What an ASS you are. There is no way he belongs among those people, especially Hitler!!

  • hmm

    @Violet: you do know hitler isn’t the only person to kill people solely because of their religion right? why exactly are muslims being targeted again??? a whole Continent worth (btw, close to 3 million innocent muslims have died since the beginning of the iraq-war) so.. pick up a newspaper and educate yourself a little

  • Rocky


    The world doesn’t revolve around the US, that is true, but when some ass hole country who can’t get its act together needs help, who do they go to? Maybe the US should STOP helping those countries out and concentrate of just helping their own. Sure sound like a Republican, but i sure the hell am NOT!

  • Jack

    I would like to know how this idiot was selected for Man of the Year. I thought that one would have to do something significant to earn the title. This turd didn’t earn or do anything but send our country into deeper debt. If there’s an award for the ability to regurgitate words from a teleprompter, he’s definitely worthy of that!

    I recall him also being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for doing absolutely nothing also.

    What is wrong with people?


    Ha, Obama is a joke

  • Violet


    You should mind what you say as I AM Muslim!!! I know first hand what it is to feel the stings of people treating you like s*it because of your faith!! BARAK didn’t star this freakin’ Iraq war, so YOU get your facts together before you decide to send note to someone. Both my parents were born and raised in the states and we’ve been loyal Americans and will continue to be until we die. If you want to blame anyone for Iraq and Afganhistan, blame the Bushes. They are on several Saudi boards and know exactly what the Saudi government has done to those Muslims who are NOT Saudis. My grandfather worked in Saudi building homes and he was an outcast because he was not a Saudi. People like you make me SICK!!

  • @ :)

    You understand ZERO about human nature.
    You deserve to suffer and die from your ignorance .
    : )) .
    Your Government is already under control slave.
    & What have you given the world Aussie garbage?
    Vegemite? AC/DC?, Kylie Minogue? Lol – POOP
    You are nothing but a U.S. controlled Satellite Base Idiot.

  • HE IS EVIL- WAKE UP!!!!!!

    Monarch Mind Controlled Neo-Conservative Tool –
    Sink America Economically.
    Bring us all into a new world social order in which you can all kiss individual freedom and individual choice goodbye.
    You will not know what you’ve lost till it is gone.
    But it all sounds SOO good ’cause youz gettin’ sumthin’ fo free
    He was chose carefully .
    The ultimate used car salesman.

  • Miszel

    Oh please! He is not a real leader. He is celebrity. He is Kardashian of the politics.

  • KL

    Cry me a fake tear Obama.
    FYO ,human tear ducts are not on the eyelid
    or on the temple.
    Politcal messages given while mourning the dead are in poor taste.

  • amensister

    WOW lot of Mitches commenting todays

  • @ Violet

    This was TIME’s choice throughout the years you dope.

  • Clown of The Year

    Bozo. You make George Dubya Bush look good.

  • danielle

    Are children that are not from the U.S. not human Obama ? I can not understand how you cry for some and not for so many many others.
    I’m sorry but I seek out and read news from many sources. I just don’t listen to propaganda. You condone the attacks on innocent people.

  • freya


    NO THAT WAS THE REPUBLICANS NOT HIM. We remember the debt ceiling and how the Republicans played politics with it.

  • freya


    NO THAT WAS THE REPUBLICANS NOT HIM. We remember the debt ceiling and how the Republicans played politics with it.

  • freya


    Because this is the only blog they can post without their assess handed back to them. You know like Vanessa Hudgens make believe fame

  • to create a more perfect onion


  • dahhhhhhh

    you must read a little dumbf*ck

  • Fred

    Yeah…Obama and Hitler…

  • Barry Soetoro ?

    You are a joke sir.

  • Christopher


  • Manfred and Sons

    He da man

  • Rachael


    How the hell do you know what the man is feeling or not? I didn’t vote for Obama, but a man who has two daughters and loves them to death would feel for the sweet lives of lost children. Not like, and I’m ashamed to say it, GWBush, who had two girls yet sent young men and women to a war that should never have happened. Happy to say i did not vote for GW for second term.

  • ownya


  • Liz

    Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth! What a f’ing joke!

  • Jen

    Only a FOOL would be happy with this news! Yes. Only a FOOL!

  • @ Rachael

    He F’ing signs orders to kill by drone foo,.even American citzens. How do I know?, lol. Yesterday he Ok’d the sending of 3,000 troops back into Iraq and he has ok’d the the backing of the Syrian rebels who do the most vile things you can imagine. Stop watching the network news and cut it out with the partisan politics, they are are all evil , dem and rep..

  • Jess

    Obama has NO power. He is nothing but a frontman for the Illuminati = The wealthiest people and families of the world who want their way with you. They want your labor, your money, your property and your freedom, so you can not say no to them. I say this to you not in the spirit of trolling you or one-upping you but in the the interest of warning you. Please check into it.

  • Congrats Obama

    6 corporations control the whole western world’s media. They in turn are all controlled by the largest western bankers (mega-wealthy individuals) who are interested in aquiring the world’s resources for free with the publics’ labor and tax money through war and thievery, so they reward an applaud all politicians who do their bidding.

  • I am Stupit

    i likes obama

  • WTF

    Are Americans living in some kind of a bubble? Comparing Obama to Hitler, saying he is evil…are you all nuts??
    You are creeping me out, all this hate!! What made you so angry?? when there are so many people around the world that ACTUALLY have reasons to be!!

  • @ WTF

    Once again,
    it is TIME”S PERSON OF THE YEAR list, from 1927 – Present.
    Time has given these evil idiots The Person of The Year. Including Hitler and OBAMA.
    Leave my country and my blog alone clueless POS. Attend to your own country’s problems, which i’m sure are MANY. Good luck with that lowly subject.

  • WTF

    @49: Your comment illustrates my point precisely. Thank you!