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Kate Bosworth: 'Excited for Big Sur' at Sundance!

Kate Bosworth: 'Excited for Big Sur' at Sundance!

Kate Bosworth holds hands with her fiance Michael Polish as the two head inside a parking garage on Wednesday (December 19) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress and her fiance were spotted heading out to lunch together in Beverly Hills earlier in the week!

“Excited for #BigSur !!! “@sundancefest: We are just ONE month away from #Sundance 2013. #Countdown”" Kate wrote on her Twitter account this week.

Big Sur, which was written/directed by Michael and stars Kate, will premiere during the big festival, which takes place in January in Utah.

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  • chelle

    I’ll repeat from last post

    Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.-Judy Garland

    I personally don’t think this will be any better than any of her other movies.

  • Sheila

    What’s with all the Bosworth posts? Her check must have cleared. C’mon JJ, let’s hear about the new Robocop movie, there has to be some news there!

  • DD

    SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS FLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ladybug

    A parking garage?! Really?

    At least she’s not wearing booties.

  • ladybug

    I’m amused by the couple on the stairs in the back of the photo-they seem befuddle-who is this couple and why are the being papped in a garage?

  • Sun

    Those sunglasses are ridiculous it makes her look like a blind person I guess that’s why she need Micheal hands she is blind. She still looks like she needs a lot of food. Lets hope christmas is good to her this year. Eat more pudding and stuff down those stuffings.

  • Poor thing

    This is all she has left, she is going to milk it like it was the Oscar. Overdressing, over over over-talkiing shame she wouldn’t eat more maybe that would help her get more roles. Over and over and she is done. But seriously she is not a good actress. Just like her voice its very weak. She doesn’t bring again extra to the table. As for him he has married in the curse of bad luck.

  • ND

    Neutrals again? Okay, fine. I actually really like this outfit. I wish it was balmy enough in NYC for an open coat and exposed ankles but, while it’s not frigid, in my opinion, it’s not warm, either. Missed opportunity for a chunky gold chain around her neck–not quite choker-length, but close–and the purse strap/chain on the shoulder. Because come one, how much is she carrying? And again with that f-cking hair. *sigh*

  • Whycantipost

    OMMMMMMMMMMG I’m so excited too! A new reason to make fun of Kate, because lately we only have scary body, her fashionchoices, her singing and her man to laugh about xD

  • connie

    she’s probably “super excited” because Alexander Skarsgard’s movie “the east ” will be featured there also and she cant wait to show off her engagement ring in case he hasn’t heard about it…. hope he doesn’t go……….

  • excited

    I am sure she will be, to be in the same room with him OMG. No one can tell me she is over him no matter how much she force hobbit down our throats its all show.

  • ND

    @connie: I’m actually excited for “The East” as a film. I’m a fan of Brit Marling in general. Is it terrible that I want Alex to stay home, too, just so there can’t possibly be any rumors about him and all the women, dudes and pets he hooks up with? Ugh.

  • ladybug

    The East premieres on the 20th, Big Sur on the 23rd, so probably no chance of a meeting at Sundance.

    @ND, I like this outfit, it’s quite similar to the one she wore from the early December airport post. This is a more dressy causal, the one the day before was atrocious. I don’t think she does ‘normal’ casual very well.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: I’m befuddled because of all the useless posts about her this week :)

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie:She’s got Topshop and Big Sur to promote, so she does the way she knows best: Famewhorepapwalking.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Sigh… I like her shoes though, they’re cute.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I actually do want to watch this. After Life Happens and other movies this better be at least decent … or else I will officially write her off as an actress and dump her over to fashion. Not singing or anything else major successful, just fashion.

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie: The shoes are actually cute. And they fit her!

    @InsertCoolNameHere: Not a Kerouac fan, so no desire to see it, even if she weren’t in it. Probably some nice scenery shots, though.
    But I do wonder what the reviews of the movie in general will be, and hers in particular. Because if she gets just middling reviews, it’s not going to help her get acting jobs. Polish may cast her in everything else that he does, but he doesn’t do that many films, so that’s not going to help her acting-wise.

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: They do fit! Big Sur is, in my opinion, breathtaking & one of my favorite things about CA. I’m sure the scenic shots will be stunning, but I don’t want to see it either.

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie: I got near Big Sur, but not there. But if I want great scenery videos I can get travel videos from the library or look on the internet, no need to wait for an ‘artistic’ movie.

    I’m impressed that her shoes fit, so often with her footwear it looks way too large for her, like she’s drowning in the them.

    It’s funny, JJ’s updated the previous post with some clothing info, but watch him not bother with this one, like he did with the September post, when a lot of posters, including me, comment that we liked the pants she had on in the airport shot.

  • Anne

    Thinsp♥! Love her.

  • toriiw

    DIE, DIE, DIE. If i see one more post this week of these two, I might have to OD on vodka and Hello Kitty

  • chelle

    @toriiw: p Better call blohan for her vodka stash and start guzzling…. It’s never going to stop until we commit mass suicide or something like it…. just saying

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: Maybe one day you’ll go back & see it? Until then, videos & the internet work!

    I just went & looked at the last post, Funny that he added what MP had on & not mention that she’s wearing a Topshop shirt? Weird. Well maybe someone will know the shoe brand & post it here.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Remember, the world ends on Friday, JJ’s trying to fit as many KB posts in before the end. :)

    @Jeannie, I’ll get back. I have a niece and nephew who live in the Bay area now, and it’s a great excuse to get back out there. I really want to do a road trip from LA up the coast to Seattle.

    In the meantime I dream of winning the lottery and being able to afford some property in the area:

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: I wouldn’t mind living in some of those houses at all. I fly back home on Friday, so I hope the world doesn’t end :)

  • Macy

    Again with these two? Ugh! I’m still waiting for her clothing line to come out…an entire line of all beige crap that she ripped off from someone else.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Just wait until Sundance, we’ll probably get several posts a day while she’s there.
    As for the clothing line, aren’t we still waiting for CC’s jean line, and that was announced almost a year ago?

  • Macy

    True enough, I guess it takes some time, but why announce it so far in advance? To build marketing? At least give some teasers then. Ugh, I’m sure she’ll be smarming her way all across Sundance with pencil neck Polish right in tow.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I thought that we’d have seen something of the denim line by now. Since their association with JM seems to be at end, maybe she’ll have more time to focus on the new line.

    Whatever happened with KB’s relationship with Vanessa Bruno?

    As for Sundance, you’re not looking forward to all her papwalks with MP? I wonder if she’ll get another award this time?

  • Macy

    I forgot about Vanessa Bruno. That was incredibly short lived, just like most of her “parterships”. It seemed like that one or two commercials and that was it.
    Oh goodie, we’ll get to see more scrawny photos of her in ill fitting dresses.

  • Harlo

    Something I found on the intenet: “*sigh* OK, I know there’s a lot of hate for The Bos, and I am also not thrilled that she managed to sleep with my forever-Viking-dong, but I have to say something here in her defense.

    My cousins worked on the set of Big Sur, and have said that of all the celebrities they’ve met (and they’ve been in the business for about 15 years), Kate Bosworth ranks as one of the nicest celebrities AND human beings they’ve ever met. So that might be what my Skarsdong liked about her. I’m just sayin’.”

    She’s probably a cool girl. People who have met her or worked with her like her.

  • Blackcat9

    @Harlo: The problem with Kate is no one likes her for very long! Did you not notice how AS avoided Kate like the plague at the Straw Dogs screening. Poor AS had to go into hiding like OB did after their break up to avoid her crazy stalking a$$. Poor Kate can only keep up that sweet little me veneer for so long. It seems like her acting is as weak as her singing!

  • ladybug

    @Harlo: Harlo, this has been mentioned before, she’s been very nice to people on set the least year, year and 1/2. Maybe it’s because she’s happy with MP? Maybe it’s because she realizes she has to be now?
    Because she’s not always had the reputation of being nice to people on set, or at other professional events.

    @Macy, VB’s site is still showing that weird ‘film’ from a year ago, but there hasn’t been anything new since.

  • nothing left


    Give me something from before Askars that said she was nice to work with . This is the internet she famewhOre enough so there should be something. Of course she was nice on Big sur her projects were already drying up, now it nothing. All she did this year was a bit part in Homeland as a addict. BTW something has followed her just as much as not eating. If she is so great and nice why haven’t her friends, co workers/ crews talk about it after filming. Alex co workers, crews come up to him and hug him and talk about how sweet and nice he is. Even interviewers comment on how nice and welcoming he is. As for the relationship, I am sure he liked her in the beginning but that didn’t last and as noted they seem to have broken up many times before he actually broke free. You could see the tension and she just smiled like it was all great even when he wasn’t. So who do you believe the girl with her head up her a** come on film its a commercial or the one who couldn’t for a few minutes act less pain going to his cars. Not saying she is a totally bad person but she is extremely needy and clingy and I am sure she thought she was more than what she was and acted very nasty to people (crews, help)

  • nothing left

    oh she is not really winning over the Brits either, so if she is so nice why doesn’t it come over for people to see other than KB stans coming in saying otherwise.—stylish-actress-hits-London-shares-wardrobe-secrets.html

    when you are nice and sellable and can act it shows no matter how much you say people hate you. Not even HW is showing her much love.

  • ladybug

    @nothing left: And once again the DM jut paraphrased a press release.
    At least they put an author for the article, but did she actually get paid for reprinting the press release?

  • Fashionista

    Demi Lovato seems to be a big fan! She also commented on how much she liked the TS film.

    She said: ”A star whose style I love is Kate Bosworth because she looks effortlessly cool during the day and really chic at evening events.”

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Demi Lovato? You’re really reaching for anything at this point, aren’t you?

  • ladybug

    @nothing left: And from the DM’s earlier article on her-more shopping photos! I’m sad that JJ didn’t include these as well as the parking garage ones.

    “They’re fast becoming one of the most stylish couples on the scene.

    And proving that they have endless looks no matter the occasion, Kate Bosworth and her fiancé Michael Polish showed off their fashion credentials as they stocked up on their groceries on Tuesday.

    Kate, 29, strutted along a few steps behind Michael, 32, as he pushed their trolley as they exited the Hollywood located store.”

  • nothing left

    haha good one, this is exactly who KB appeals too, desperate needy girls with severe body/issues. Eating and other disorder thank you for proving my point. Personally I wouldn’t be surprise if you don’t have body issues too and probably needy most of you fashion girls are this is what most of you live for.
    @ladybug he wouldn’t because KB knows she gets bash on her because she and her hobbit and hobbit child come here and comment, those stupid ones you knows where she looks great, fashionable blah blah “roll eyes forever”

  • ladybug

    @nothing left: Regarding DL, that was my thought as well, so a 20 year old thinks your fashion style is great. That’s because most of your casual style is late-teens/early 20′s.

    People think JJ goes over board with posting about her, but the DM is even worse. But then, most of their commenters are even less nice to her than we are.

  • nothing left

    yes because KB herself is stuck in 20 she tires so hard to be cool and hip and fashionable. Everything about her is Try and that when you are very young and figuring out who you are not when you next year 30. But then again I will say it in capital. HER APPEAL IS FOR DESPERATE GIRLS/WOMEN WITH ISSUES AND DISORDERS. WHO ARE NEEDY AND CINGY AND DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE. WHO MIRROR WHOM EVER THEY FEEL LOOKS COOL OR LIKES THEM (THAT GOES FOR HER FANS TOO, MOST OF THEM HAVE NO FASHION SENSE THEY JUST COPY WHAT SHE OR OTHER LOWER STARS WEAR. Fashion blogs, KB herself has no style unless some dresses her. You can tell when she dresses herself. FAIL!) They have body issues, they probably spend more money than what they earn just to fit in. Clothes don’t make you fit in, personality does and apparently KB has none so that means her stanss also doesn’t have it either.
    As for DM she has no personality people can see that, so they speak about what is left her weight, her BFS past not her and when they speak about her, her acting sucks, her breathing (she says singing) is weak, her style is 20 years ago etc. Again if she was good at what she does she would be much more farther than where she is on both scale. The proof is in the pudding hate or no hate.

  • Whycantipost

    @nothing left:


  • Fashionista

    @Jeannie: I think the shoes are Isabel Marant. They’re sensational!

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Sensational? In the end they’re just shoes. Probably terribly overpriced shoes, too.

    @nothing left: This is what we’ve been saying for years: There’s really no there there for KB.

    She’s not a terrible human being, but she’s got issues.

    “Not even HW is showing her much love.” It’s interesting that even with her fairly decent reviews for WWWH she’s still only been able to snag a supporting role in one film for this year. MP may want to cast in everything he does, but he only does films every couple of years. Not that she’s completely washed up as an actress, but right now it doesn’t look for that.

    Interestingly, the one movie she ended up not doing this summer, Lifeguard, is in competition at Sundance.

    So she’s got fashion left, where there is a decent sized audience for her (Cher’s) ‘style’. But the idea of her doing her own fashion line, (shudders).