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LeAnn Rimes & Carly Rose Sonenclar: 'X Factor' Finale Performance!

LeAnn Rimes & Carly Rose Sonenclar: 'X Factor' Finale Performance!

LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar sing their hearts out during the X Factor Season 2 Finale Performance Show on Wednesday (December 19) at CBS Television City in Hollywood.

The 30-year-old country singer joined the 13-year-old X Factor finalist for a performance of her hit song “How Do I Live”!

Carly also sang her showstopping number “Feeling Good,” which she sang for her first audition, and the touching song “Hallelujah” during the evening.

Make sure to tune in to The X Factor on Thursday night at 8/7c on Fox to see who is crowned the winner!

Carly Rose Sonenclar & LeAnn Rimes – “How Do I Live”

Click inside to watch Carly Rose Sonenclar‘s other performances…

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Hallelujah”

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Feeling Good”
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Photos: Ray Mickshaw / FOX
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  • bren

    They both sounded horrible. What’s up with Leann??

  • cuddles61

    WTF are you people smokin’? Obviously the same stuff that Leann was smokin’!! I have been a fan of Leeann’s since “Blue” and she was definitely drunk or high last night, this duet was awful and so awful that it may cost Carly Rose the title as it through her off as well. Look at Leann’s eye’s alone people!!! She was totally out of it! Take off your rose colored glasses,lol….and no we are not hater’s, we just call it as we see it.

  • Excellent

    Excellent rendition. I really liked it!

  • Gwen

    Wow, someone(the very same person who is now on Perez Hilton making posts in my name) is doing some major ASTROTURFING just like they did yesterday when Leann’s appearance on Leno had gotten slammed. Posts 1-17 were made by the same person.

    @Jessica: On what planet? Look at the bottom of this thread. The TMZ title says what? Leann UNSTABLE on Stage at X Factor, so clearly no one thought that they were amazing together.

    @Kristen: That’s not what anyone thought. Everyone agreed that Carly has a good voice, but that wasn’t the case for Leann.

    @Nicky:It’s not like you have a choice. Leann’s performance on XFactor is getting slammed. So here you come to save the day! Posting positive comments under different names isn’t going to fix this.

    @Taylor: Now you are using Taylor Armstrong’s name to make posts? If you thought that Leann did a great job why are you using all these different names?

    @Susan: On what planet? Are you in denial or just doing some very heavy damage control. No one thought that this wa great duet. Did you see the comments on twitter? Did you see the articles slamming Leann’s performance? Of course you did, hence why you are on your 5th name.

    @LOVED: No it wasn’t. So sad. You think that you can fix this by posting positive comments under 14 different names?

    @Warren: Isn’t Carly 13 yo? You think a 13 yo is hot and sexy? Leann’s fans are gross. She is a child, why would you say such a thing?

    @DValenti:So even when there are over 10 articles saying that Leann’s performance was BAD, you are still going to keep insisting otherwise?

    @Diane: Hahahahahaha TRANSLATION: Leann messed up big time and now ANON thinks it can counteract the negative articles by writing the same comment using different names.

    @Perfect! The only thing that is magical is your logic.

    @Faye:So now you are using Faye Resnicks name to make posts? Really. Are things really that bad for Leann? If Leann was so wonderful why are you trying to create a fake fanbase by using all these different names?

    @Jen: Seriously? You seriously think that a performance like that would be put on Itunes? Oh wait. You are astroturfing.

    @ Sweet: The person posting all these positive comments about Leann in names that they took from others needs to grow up. Look at what you have been reduced to.

    @LeAnn Had a Cold: Stop making excuses for Leann. She was DRUNK. That’s odd because according to her fans when she was on Leno she sounded okay even though she had a “cold”. Leann wasn’t sick because her “cold” healed right up so that she could go to Nobu with Eddie and Lizzy. Why would anyone have compassion for Leann? She knew it was a mistake doing this.

    @Shared Staging, Perfect: It wasn’t an awesome performance. It’s sad that you continue to say this even when there is so many articles contradicting you.

    @Masterpiece: Well you have used 17 different names to make the same post, so it’s obvious that you “love” it. At this point it’s obvious to everyone that you are just doing damage control. And you are making Leann look even worse. If you are sitting here tryignto fix the fallout from lastnight, then we know that you are on Itunes trying to fix that as well!

    @Nice!: That verse also says “Go and Sin no more”. Why do people who always quote that part of the Bible forget about that part? If Leann was sorry for her wrong, why does she continue to taunt and harass Brandi? Seriously stop lying. You didn’t enjoy the performance, it’s why you keep coming back with a different name. Carly shared the stage with Leann because she was forced to it and now it has backfired against her badly. So are you saying that Leann did this bad performance to make people feel sorry for Carly because how in the world would anyone think that what Leann did was helping?

  • Gwen

    Leann sung her heart out? Leann didnt’ join Carly, it’s more like she tried to take over. Leann’s #1 problem are her enablers who turn a blind eye, make excuses, or blame others when Leann does something bad.

    This what people REALLY thought about Leann’s performance on X Factor:

    1) Rolling Stone:

    “Considering how flawless and entertaining the group was all night, we again can’t help but think there might be a leaderboard shake-up. Mainly because, for the first time, Carly Rose performed one hot mess of a song. In her defense, though, it wasn’t her fault. The blame falls squarely on her duet partner LeAnn Rimes, with whom she sang “How Do I Live.” Rimes’ greasy-haired, skin and bones dumpster-diver look was a total distraction. We couldn’t take our eyes off her. She’s only 30 – what in the hell happened to her? However, even if we had covered our eyes, the song was still a disaster. Their voices didn’t jell, and LeAnn’s raspy vocals just seemed to drag Carly’s usually flawless sound down in the muck. If Carly doesn’t win – or even, gasp, places third – this song is the Number One reason. Why in the world didn’t mentor Britney Spears move her lazy ass out of the judge’s chair and push her girl to the win? That’s the $5 million question.”
    2) Hollywood Life

    The second-to-last episode of the ‘X Factor’ season wasn’t all that exciting — until one duet totally fell apart!”

    “Still, Khloé Kardashian‘s ridiculously short skirt and Pebbles Flintstone updo amused me, as did a seemingly drunken duet… but more on that later”

    “Carly Rose Sonenclar:The 13-year-old girl with the golden voice killed Nina Simone‘s “Feeling Good” once again, but it was her duet with LeAnn Rimes that had everybody talking. In what can only be described as one big, hot mess, LeAnn and Carly Rose Sonenclar struggled to get through “How Do I Live” together. Not only was the timing way off, but it also seemed Leann lost her way — with her own song, mind you — and tried to upstage the poor girl. Overall, it was an I-Can’t-Look-Away-But-OMG-I-Need-To kind of situation, folks. Thankfully, Carly came back strong with her angelic, albeit predictable performance of “Hallelujah
    3) Star Spin

    “Leann Rimes The X Factor USA 2012 Performance (WATCH)!: Leann Rimes seemed seriously messed up when she performed with Carly Rose Sonenclar on tonight’s episode of The X Factor USA and we have the video to prove it.Many of you watching from home tonight have left comments on our earlier post, which made us realize that many of you will undoubtedly be looking for the video of the performance. Thanks to YouTube, that’s a reality.Take a look at Leann mess up the lyrics to her own song while looking like she had one too many cocktails before hitting the stage.Normally, we try to say positive things about everyone on this site but it’s clear that Leann needs some serious help.Whether she was drunk, high or exhausted while performing with Carly Rose doesn’t really matter. What matters is that she gets the help she needs and (hopefully) doesn’t ruin anymore performances by 13 year old girls trying to achieve their dreams.”

  • JimmyMackey

    One of the worst performances I’ve heard come from anyone was from Leanne Rimes last night. Carly looked uncomfortable and she gave a sour look at one point. Carly has been exposed to great music through her Broadway gigs and I wonder if she was noticing some intonation problems. My DISH coworker is sure that Tate will win, but I’m leaning towards Carly Rose or Fifth Harmony now. We talked about it on the way to work because I had the ability to watch the last show in any room of my house this morning, with my DISH Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR. I start in the bedroom, pause, and then I can resume in the kitchen where I left off, and finish in the living room. That ability to multi-task when I’m getting ready in the morning means I get to watch more TV these days than when I didn’t have the Hopper.

  • Gwen

    1) TMZ

    “LeAnn Rimes took the stage on “X Factor” last night, and delivered a weird performance that has a lot of people wondering if she hit the bottle before taking the mic.LeAnn joined finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar for a duet. The good news — Carly Rose did great. But when LeAnn chimed in, she looked wobbly and seemed to meander as the song went along.At one point, LeAnn clutched Carly Rose, arguably to maintain her balance.”
    2) The Dailymail

    The X Factor is supposed to be about the finalists, not the stars.
    But someone forgot to give LeAnn Rimes that memo when she performed a duet on the final show with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar, a schoolgirl from Westchester, New York. Fun might have been an understatement, as LeAnn was constantly trying to out perform the young contestant, making a concerted effort to sing bigger notes and steal camera time.

    The country singer, whose public affair with now husband Eddie Cibrian has caused her great personal strife, was also rocking around on the stage, constantly playing with her hair.

    LeAnn, who previously said she would love to be a judge on the show, ended the wild performance by grabbing Carly’s arm and throwing her hair in her face.
    3 Perez Hilton

    “Wow. Just… stunned. During last night’s X Factor, 13-year-old prodigy Carly Rose Sonenclar began singing How Do I Live, and all was right with world. But then the song’s original crooner, LeAnn Rimes, joined her on stage…And let’s just say, the result was the complete opposite of pretty. Ch-ch-check out this cringe worthy duet (above) if you dare!
    WARNING: Your ears may feel violated. This just breaks our heart! First of all, so many props to Carly for handling this like a true professional. We can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to keep on key after listening to LeAnn’s poorly timed vocal acrobatics.
    And secondly… WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR VOICE, LeAnn?!”

  • Gwen


    I think someone is using your name on Perez Hilton. Check out comment 23 on their new article “LeAnn Rimes Outshined By Carly Rose Sonenclar On X Factor! WATCH HERE!”.

  • Laura

    The consensus is clear, Leann SUCKED. Her entire performance was a joke. She made a FOOL of herself yet again.

  • Very Great!

    Such a sweet performance. Blew me away, it was so heartfelt. Sounded very great!

  • We May All Know

    We may all know all the bad reviews, so what? I still loved it much!

  • KMC

    …I watched this twice hoping the second time would be better. It just wasn’t a good performance from Leann. Usually she is spot on but she was really bad that night. What happened?

  • LeAnn Was Sick

    LeAnn was sick with a cold. Regardless, she did amazing.

  • Gwen

    @Very Great!/We May All Know/Excelllant

    The best part of this “performance” is your astroturfing. If you would go so far as to keep insisting that this performance was great, then you would go out of your way to scam ITUNES just to make it look like Leann came out on top. Just like with her fake nip slip on the red carpet for NoH8, Leann turns yet another event into the Leann Rimes show. She was desperate for attention and this time it came at the expense of Carly Rose. Well now Carly Rose knows how Brand and her kids feel

    I don’t even know why Leann and her fans are even surprised by the backlash. What exactly did they expect? When several media outlets found out about theLeann and Carly pairings, they flat out said that it was a bad idea. People are wondering why Britney didn’t sing with Carly. Like she had a choice. It’s the same reason E gave Leann an interview she didn’t deserve and the same reason Leno allowed Leann to be on his show to sing that tacky song Borrowed. Leann bullied someone into giving her that spot, she wanted to be on X Factor really bad and she got her wish! Too bad it came at the expense of exploiting Carly.

    Here are Leann’s”I don’t pay attention to the hate” tweets:

    1) “@Trunorth @TMZ I mean are some people for real….what a joke ”

    Says the woman who tweets and posts photos of Brandi’s kids out of spite .Don’t worry, Leann, I’m sure that after waving some big bills at TMZ they will appease you by writing a fluffpiece!

    2) “It’s cold in la la land! Just in time for Christmas!!! ”

    TRANSLATION: Staged happy family

  • I Really Liked It

    I really liked this performance. I related well, as I was reminded to bring sentiment and connection through ups and downs, and trials and tribulations.

  • Gwen

    @LeAnn Was Sick:

    Leann was “sick” but it had nothing to do with a cold and more to do with Leann’s HPD.

    Wow, more ASTROTURFING( Astroturfing is the artificial creation of a grassroots buzz for a product, service or political viewpoint Deceptive astroturf marketing techniques include impersonating someone in the targeted demographic, creating an entirely fictional character (called a meat puppet) that’s meant to appear to others to be a real person..)

    As in when ANON uses 20 different names to try to convince everyone that Leann’s performance on X Factor was a success and that Leann looked GORGEOUS! Impersonating?Like how ANON has been hijacking our names and using them to make posts here and on Perez Hilton? Entirely fictional character? Like Leann’s fanbase.

  • Gwen

    @I Really Liked It:

    Deceptive astroturf marketing techniques include impersonating someone in the targeted demographic, creating an entirely fictional character (called a meat puppet) that’s meant to appear to others to be a real person.

  • Fun!

    It was unusual, fun, and heartfelt!

  • Diifferent but Good

    I must admit it was not the run of the mill gig that might wow fans, but it was special in its own way.

  • betty

    All you Leann fans need to stop making excuses for her she needs help. Anyone that watched can see something was amiss. She is suppose to be a pro and big stars have threw up fell down on stage and kept going.Leann has a problem and needs to go to a REAL rehab. Nothing worse than enabling a person that needs help. It’s just a handful of people that panned her but the critics did also.

  • It Was Good

    It was good in my opinion.

  • LeAnn Didn’t Blame/Gossip Bad

    It seems that the lawyer said Carly was having some challenges, not LeAnn. Not sure if that is even true. LeAnn was fighting a cold. Look at Jay Leno on 12/18. Gossip is so destructive. Can’t we just focus on our own lives and problems instead of living vicariously judging others and being negative? Let those who have never missed the mark cast the first stone. …

  • betty

    OH! Cut the crap. Leann is an entertainer and the public pays for her services so the PUBLIC has a right to judge who and how they want to spend their money .Since when does entertainers make excuses for bad performances maybe amateurs not pros. Lying and denying is not going to help it only confirm suspicions that Leann has an abuse problem. Leann cannot hide behind excuses and lying any longer her situation is progressing rapidly so where are the people that suppose to love her like Eddie, her mother and so called friends. The public has eyes and ears and the majority know what they saw and heard.

  • Let Those

    I perceived it as a good performance; I see the positive side here. People can choose to perceive the worst, as miserable as it continues to breed within them. But hark! Let those who have never missed the mark cast the first stone. …

  • Leslie

    The fact that LeAnn has thrown Carly under the bus and is blaming HER for the horrible performance shows LeAnn’s character or lack there of. What a low class, narcissistic, horrible thing to do. LeAnn was who wrecked the performance, not Carly. LeAnn was the one singing the wrong words, stumbling, burping, staggering around, manhandling Carly so that it interfered with her singing and trying to perform bizarre vocal acrobatics and failing miserably. Poor Carly looked bewildered and I can’t imagine what was said by the judges once they were behind closed doors. I can only imagine. Noticing that LeAnn seems to be melting down in public doesn’t make one a “hater”. Commenting on the fact that this performance was a train wreck doesn’t either. Maybe if LeAnn had someone close to her who was willing to try to get her real help, this wouldn’t be happening. I think that it’s unfortunate that her friends, family and even husband, are on the payroll and not willing to get off the money train in order to help this poor woman, who obviously needs some kind of intervention. Last night was a real eye opener.

  • Media Lies

    Yea, maybe all this anti-LeAnn gossip is bogus anyway. Unless I hear it from the source, I do not buy into it. Media is notorious for spreading shaded truth and lies even.

  • betty

    @Let Those Since when does a pro blame a kid for a bad performance and having the nerve to use her attorney to echo the same words is pathetic. Her people can tell all the lies and make all the excuses they like but it’s the public she expects to buy her album and 85% don’t believe her BS. So there!!!

  • Leslie

    @Let Those: That is a load. Perception can be off. Her performance was terrible and she’s capped this whole mess off by blaming Carly Rose for what happened. LeAnn seems to be unable to take accountability for anything. It is always the fault of someone else, a lie, or misrepresented. She is ALWAYS the victim, no matter the circumstance. I don’t give a rats ass about the affair or her new marriage. The thing with LeAnn is that she just proves to everyone over and over that her messy personal life is just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, what kind of 30 year old has the Hollywood lawyer they are employing to sue a family, insult a child and blame them for their own poor performance? Then turns around and denies it even though the evidence is there for everyone to see. Why LeAnn Rimes of course, People don’t “pick on her”. She can’t behave horribly and expect everyone to sit idly by, enabling her and supporting even her most heinous actions. I guess anyone who could watch her walk out, belch and fall all over, while forgetting the words and trying to sing over the person she was supposedly there to support would be happy to do it, but no one else would.

  • Did She Ruin It for Carly

    Carly came in second. Did LeAnn help ruin Carly not getting the $5 million?

  • R Hendricks

    Leslie is right. Even though Carly sang beautifully, everyone noticed Leann wasn’t singing on key. Still she is blaming her performance on trying to calm nervous Carly, who was supposed to be so awed by her she was a bundle of nerves. And so, Leann claims she performed differently to settle Carly’s nerves. Now if that were the case she might have held her hand, and looked her in the eye, while performing. And she would have given Carly her chance to shine. Instead she closed her eyes turned to the side and sang so loud you could barely hear Carly. It was all about showing off.

  • R Hendricks

    LOL from the thumbs down signs I got, I can tell Leann fans congregate here. Especially when some are calling the performance a masterpiece. Kind of the way some parents think their 5 year old’s finger painting need to be in art museum next to the likes of Monet and Rembrandt. There are virtually hundreds of news links up right now all calling her performance a disaster, so fans are going to have to work overtime for their girl. And on most sites, she has a lot more detractors these days.

  • TheVotesAreRigged

    All posts about Leann that are negative in any way are voted down. JJ has been rigging the Leann posts for weeks now, because she pays him and she posts here. Hi Leann! You need help. We both know your performance last night wasn’t because you “had a cold”. It was the real you: stumbling on stage, forgetting lyrics, screeching the songs, having to sit down, leaving the stage early and half the time, canceling at the last minute. You have a big problem and no one around you loves you enough to get you the help you need. Be your own best friend Leann. Get yourself back into treatment, now.

  • Jessica

    Wow Leann is a selfish pig who just couldn’t be kind enough to let a 13 year old kid sing a song. She had to ruin it for Carly and then blame her for it afterwards!

  • Jo

    A lot of LR fans are as weird as she is. Although she has a lot more non fans these days. For people who still have dial up , they can log on and off again, and change their isp. and just keep hitting the thumbs down button. Something I can picture her fans doing. Non fans don’t need to bother, there are plenty of sites they talk about her without being silenced.

  • deloresinchorus

    Wow, she was a complete bundle of nerves! But her massive voice never fails to impress. I could tell she was a nervous wreck but she persevered, as always. Strong, sensual woman. LOVE, LOVE! She is by far, one of the best voices of our time.

  • deloresinchorus

    @Jo: Nah, we just get sick of the propaganda. You guys trashing her, at your ages, are beyond sick. Why haven’t you learned love and forgiveness yet? Never experiencing it is no excuse. Really sad, but…burn in hell evil sisters.

  • Jo

    Ah please give it a rest! I have seen the hate Leann fans can spew out to non-fans or Brandi Glanville for example. And Leann destroyed her marriage not the other way around. But they still speak hatefully about her. BTW it’s now being reported on TMZ and other sites, that Carly’s mother is now furious with Leann for claiming the performance was off because she was trying to help the girl over her nerves, and help her with the high notes. Yeah how? By singing so loud she couldn’t be heard?

  • Shari

    Geez I remember when LeAnn Rimes was called a future Patsy Cline And at the time, I agreed. Her voice is still powerful, but that smooth clarity she once had is gone. Her vocals are now stressed and raspy. They should have paired her up with a singer who would not have tried to drown her out. It’s like Ms Rimes saw that as HER moment, not Carly’s

  • Carly Lost! Mom Pissed! Rimes?

    Was it Rimes’ fault that Carly lost? On Fox news Carly’s Mom said Rimes helped ruin Carly’s chances to win when Rimes said that it was Carly’s fault Rimes looked drunk and stumbling, since Rimes had a hard time helping Carly hit the right notes and was nervous.

  • Rimes Blamed Carly?

    Rimes apparently blamed Carly Rose for her alleged horrible performance because she was taxed coming to the aid of a nervous 13-year-old. Her Mom is apparently pissed and blames LeAnn for helping Carly Rose lose.

  • kiki

    It was horrible – they both very talented singers but together it was bloody massacre!!!!
    congrats for TATE:)

  • Leslie

    Leann Rimes is a NUTCASE!! She has a small band of weird fans that go to all these websites and robo-comment and refresh the pages to “dislike” threads that are bad about Leann. I guarantee she tells her fans to do that too via Twitter. She is seriously delusional now. No two ways about it. She is an ego driven famewhore with anorexia & a serious drinking problem. That’s what she gets for being a homewrecking scumbag though. Her Twitter is ridiculous and she blocks anyone who asks anything critical of her. She has serious mental issues! She constantly complains about how people view her negatively and she won’t STFU about it. Leann–you’re done girl– you need HELP! You’ve had ONE song 20 years ago and your voice is GONE! Her x-Factor performance was pure crap and the fact that she threw that little girl under the bus is AWFUL!

  • betty

    Leann is supposedly the PRO Carly had no problem until Leann came out Leann was the one having problems hitting the high notes and remembering lyrics. I don’t blame Carly mother for being angry if she lost let it be because she was not at her best instead of having a has been like Leann contribute to it.That performance won’t win Leann any new fas either.

  • Sweet

    Leslie/Betty You’re the nutcase(s). GET A LIFE!

  • Jesse

    Leann is a Borderline Personality, she can’t function without playing the victim. So she will try to blame every one around her for her poor choices. She screwed up, so the 13 yr old kid is to blame. The drinking and pain pills don’t help and Leann is addicted to them. This woman should not be performing or taking care of children.

  • betty

    Sweet Leann is getting slammed on every site covering her story the public do not like her and the media is finally seeing her for the phony she is.For all her cockiness now she is the butt of jokes. KARMA!!!

  • Sweet

    @betty: I know that’s your fantasy, but it’s not reality. Sorry, seek help.

  • betty

    Sweet Unlike you I can read and see and I saw, heard and read it .TMZ DAILY MAIL etc, Denials won’t make it disappear. Leann is the one that needs HELP!!!

  • Donna J.

    @Sweet: I;m sorry, but Le’s getting criticized everywhere for this. She can’t blame it on Carly. She even burped when she started to sing. If she was so unwell that she couldn’t perform, then she shouldn’t have. It made her look terrible and didn’t help Carly. For her to blame the kid just gives credence to those who say she never accepts blame for anything. A simple sorry I wasn’t at my best goes a long way.

  • X Factor Is To Blame

    The main one to blame here is X Factor for sabotaging Carly Rose by pairing her with a person with REAL BAD publicity right now, LeAnn Rimes. They obviously didn’t want Carly to win because they would otherwise have placed her with a winner like the other two acts were. Placing Carly with a “trainwreck” solidified the horribly manipulative and rigged nature of this show in my mind. They were clearly grooming Tate and threw Carly under the bus by giving her Rimes. And then Rimes through Carly under the bus by blaming her for the unprofessional performance, and now Carly’s mother threw Carly under the bus by blaming Rimes and perpetuating bad drama in social media and bringing yet more “bad” publicity to Carly instead of rising above and refusing to”play this sordid game.” Carly is the only one not baming anyone! Ultimately though, Rimes had no place in a performance “for the win” as she is so “hated” right now and hardly up to par with her singing and and up to par interpersonally. Ultimately it was X Factor producers who stuck Carly with a “trainwreck” obviously to derail her from winning (let’s face it, Rimes could not possibly have helped her chances and X Factor is not stupid, they knew it). I will never watch another “talent” show on TV like X Factor or Idol, as it they are manipulative, rigged annoyances that crap all over people for their own gain. And obviously had this competition been about talent, Carly would have won. Instead, sob stories and mediocrity won in the end, not to mention a bunch of alterior motives like trainwrecking and derailing of others for selfish satisfaction and gain. Everyone was a victim here instead of X Factor who started the whole bitter ball rolling. And the worst victim of all was Innocent and sweet Carly Rose, a 13-year-old prodigy who is too good for it all. Honestly, she is better off without being in the clutches of a filthy X Factor winning prize and contract. Poor Carly Rose, without much of a voice here, well compared to adults. But then, how can she be? She is a child at the whim of others. Boo hoo for all this!