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LeAnn Rimes: Carly Rose Sonenclar's Duet Partner in 'X Factor' Finale!

LeAnn Rimes: Carly Rose Sonenclar's Duet Partner in 'X Factor' Finale!

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles while chatting with Jay Leno during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday (December 18) in Burbank, Calif.

After her chat, the 30-year-old singer wowed the audience with a performance on the show.

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After the show, LeAnn tweeted, “Leno was fantastic and I was and am SO sick. Thank you GOD for pulling me through and talking w/ jay was was always fun!!!”

It was recently announced that LeAnn will sing a duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar on the season finale of X Factor.

LeAnn Rimes is singing with me and I’m very excited about that,” Carly shared. “I think she is amazing and her voice is really, really special. I’m psyched.”

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  • Karen

    This is a disaster. Carly is an amazing talented singer and Leann Rimes is a complete joke. I hope this doesn’t ruin her chances.

  • Country Girl

    Fantastic performance!

  • Jessica

    She is so beautiful and talented! LOVED the song Borrowed!!

  • Kendall

    Absolutely amazing! Go LeAnn!

  • Christina

    Agreed, glad to see her back and better than ever.

  • LoveSquared

    Cannot wait to see her and Carly. How fricken exciting!

  • Michelle


  • PBear

    @LoveSquared: I know! Carly and LeAnn are going to kill it! LOVE!

  • PBear

    Totes! She sounded amazing, especially for being sick. There are no comparisons for that voice.

  • Christina

    Those shoes are awesome

  • Susan

    Yes, you should be flattered that the only reason that nasty Brandi got a job was because of your success and status. Burn!

  • Beach Bum

    Great song LeAnn, already downloaded it!

  • Beach Bum

    Carly is lucky to have her.

  • Susan

    Yes, need! Leeann is stylish…. wish I had her closet.

  • Studebaker Kid

    Pitch perfect even with a cold – very enjoyable.

  • Carly and Leann

    Carly and Leann is going to be epic

  • To LeAnn fans…..

    You guys sound like fans. You need to go to the website for U.K. Newspaper “The Daily Mail” as LeAnn is constantly being bullied by Brandi’s fans/trolls. They leave the most spiteful nasty posts about her whenever they print an article or photos of her in the entertainment/gossip section. Would be could to have some fans to defend her on the comment page as these Brandi fans are just vicious!

  • Jessica

    @To LeAnn fans…..: I’ve seen them on that page. It’s the same here. There are a few angry fans who take her affair personally and feel if they write the most ugly, awful comments it’ll make people hate her too. It’s sad all around. I’ll be sure to post on there too, I know it makes them mad. :)

  • ricku

    All these positive Leann posts are obviously by the same person. They’re all minutes from each other. Pretty pathetic.

  • Mean people

    Omg thank you god for helping me threw it!!! ( A Cold)What about Sandy Hook… U ungrateful person ! Disgusting

  • Steph

    who?? nobody cares.

  • Marshmallow

    Chunky Leann is coming back!!! Ya

  • erin daviss
  • Kel

    Glad you admit you are sick. You are a mental case.

  • quotesfrompeepswhoknow

    “All Brandi does is lie about everyone and everything. She never has anything intelligent to say.”

    “Brandi continues to “tweet” and “fabricate” stories that I do Adrienne’s dirty work. Only a childish mind would say or believe her fables.”

    “Brandi has admitted to making up stories, because she needed a story line for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”” (Brandi slammed the story released by Radar Online that claimed she was faking drama for ratings)

    “She doesn’t live in Beverly Hills, work in Beverly Hills or is even welcomed in Beverly Hills”

    “Mentally insane, unstable and substance abuse at work. You are pure evil.”

    “Does anyone know they have another potential suicide on their hands? Do they want another “Russell Armstrong” on TV?”

    “Your “false claims and habitual abuse lying ways” are actions crying for attention and screaming for help which is 3 years in the marking. ..I realize your misery wants company, but it’s exhausted.”

    “So, YOUUUUUUUU got a book deal? What publisher would be so ignorant to take a chance on someone as irresponsible and poisonous as you…what’s it going to be; a coloring book?

    “Using your “paychecks” to feed your crystal meth and cocaine addiction with your BFF Dylan? Yes, everyone in Beverly Hills knows all about it”

    “You have been replaced amongst the likes of Yolanda & David Foster, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, Television icon Suzanne Sommers, and Lisa Todd has raised eyebrows and suspicion all over the network world”

  • appy

    Yea! The Trolls are out for there last breath. All Trolls are getting cancer and will die soon. Back to HELL TROLLs.

    LeAnn , you did great. Verry Happy yuo are singing with Carly tonight.
    God Bless!

  • Marcy

    LeAnn released this song just a week before Christmas about F___ing another woman’s husband who has children and breaking up a family??? WTH???? For the New Year I’m sure she’ll release a song about the joys of owning automatic weapons in Newtown, CT.

  • Mel

    Her face looks like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

  • Gwen

    Wow, another fluffpiece? Hopefully JJ will put Leann on their most popular celeb list of 2012 and most popular thread list of 2012 because in 2010 and 2011, they snubbed her!

    1) Of course she is smiling. She takes great pleasure in the pain that she caused and still causes Brandi. She released a song about her affair with Eddie after telling Brandi to shut up and move on, and rather than call her out on her hypocrisy and insensitivity, Leno and NBC reward her.

    2)Leann wowed the audience? It’s not like they had a choice. It’s a reality TV show, the audiences response is SCRIPTED. What did Leann say about reality tv shows?

    4)Yep, Leann was SO sick that she went out to sushi and probably even paid her mouthpieces to write a fluffpiece about it. So why did she lie about being sick? For sympathy? Or did it have something to do with her cheating husband?

    5) God doesn’t have anything to do with this.

    6) Leann finally got on x Factor, who did she have to bully to get that spot? Considering how Leann complained to Katie about being in the spotlight at an early age, why would she then take advantage of Carly Rose like this? Because nothing is sacred to Leann and she will use any and everything to keep her name in the press. Funny how JJ left out what people have been saying about Leann singing a duet with Carly Rose. No one thinks it’s a good idea.

    7) Leann made out with her husband’s mistress while he watched. She taunts Brandi with her own kids. And she is suing a teacher. Leann makes passive aggressive digs at Brandi. Leann brags about her affair with Eddie. Yet someone thought that Leann would be a great role model for Carly Rose?

    8) This is what Leann told Jay: “There’s no reality in a reality show, there isn’t. I guess it’s not weird when I know that’s not my reality. I should feel flattered that I’m that interesting that I can be such an amazing storyline on a reality show.”

    This is coming from the woman who tweets nonstop about Brandi’s kids and posts photos of these kids to 2 public forums. And then Leann has the nerve to be mad that her name comes up?

    Funny that she would say that, considering that Leno and X Factors are REALITY shows. Seeing as how just like GR and Katie, Leno also went easy on Leann and didn’t challenge her lies, then by Leann’s logic there was no reality in what she told Leno.

  • Eamon

    @Marcy: It’s ok, calm down “marcy”, I am sure you will get over it and the other products of your over imaginative e mind.

  • Carly

    Leann Rimes is insane. She is suing a mom of four and teacher of special needs kids. Leann stalked her, harassed her over the phone and then sued her and her kids when they wouldn’t become her fans. There is a fund to help this woman on gofundme, helpthesmileys.

  • Gwen

    Wow! Where did all these Leann supporters come from? That’s right, it’s just ONE Leann fan using mutliple names to make it look like Leann has fans. It’s a sad day for Leann, but hey, she and her fake fanbase SCAMMED Itunes so much today that her song is ranked at 26! Seeing how they have been abusing the voting system on this site and E, is anyone surprised?

    Look at all this ASTROTURFING. It’s offiicial, Leann’s interview on Leno was a big flop.

    @Country Girl: Isn’t this someone’s twitter name?It was a disgusting performance. What type of person tells that she resents being called a homewrecker and then goes on TV singing about how she “suffered” during her affair with a man who called her a speedbump?

    @Jessica: Why all the ASTROTURFING? The only thing Leann is talented at is getting her fans to do her dirty work. She looked horrible. Many people thought she was on speed. Seriously, stop acting like Leann is the victim. Besides, look at all the hate that you write about Brandi on this page and on E. We all know that you post on The Dailymail, you hijack names on that site just like you do here.

    @Kendall: Why did you hijack Kim K sister’s name? If Leann’s performance was as great as you claim, there would be no need for you to hijack other’s names just to write all these different posts.

    @Christina: Don’t you tweet to Leann on a daily basis? Leann isn’t back, it’s why you have used 4 different names thus far to astroturf. She probably single white femaled them from Brandi.

    @LoveSquared:So now you are stealing the names of web shows? Did you see what people are saying about her pairing with Carly? How odd that Leann would do this duet with the 13 year old when she was so upset over how being in the spotlight at an early age would ruin her.

    @PBear: Leann wasn’t sick. She sounded horrible. So Leann thinks that she can counteract the backlash by sending you here to make nice comments about her performance with Carly?

    @Susan: So trashing Brandi is supposed to do what for Leann, make her look better in the eyes of the public?

    @Beach Bum: All this tells us is that Leann and X Factor must be getting huge backlash about Leann being on the show and singing with Carly. Why would you use all these different names if the performace was great?

    @Studebaker Kid: Wow seriously, why would you need to use all these different names if the performance was a great as you claim?

    @Carly and Leann: Which means that once again you are trying to get the massive backlash Leann and X Factor are getting for pairing Carly with Leann.

  • Gwen

    @To LeAnn fans…..:

    Says the person who hijacks our names and for entire month would leave nasty and mean posts about Brandi on this site!

    Sound like fans? Leann fans? What Leann fans? Everyone knows that it’s just ONE person using 14 different names. What are the odds that 14 of Leann’s fans are going to be here posting after 1 am, especially when in the old threads it was ONLY the “haaaa” poster who was posting at that time every single day?

    Come on, we all know that the person who made posts 2-17 are already posting on The Dailymail. Several people have complained about how someone(aka YOU) were using their name to make posts on that site.

    How many times do we have to explain this concept to you? Just because people are not patting Leann on the back for her bad behavior it’s not bullying or being spiteful. Why are you blaming Brandi for the backlash that Leann is getting? To justify “Borrowed”?

    Leann gets backlash because SHE does stupid things, like going on Leno and singing a song about her affair with Eddie. Like tweeting about Branid’s kids.

    @ Jessica: When you mess with the votes on this site and on E, are you not taking the affair seriously? Why did you use all these different names?

  • Gwen

    @EAMON(aka ANON), keep messing with the votes on here and E because all you are doing is confirming that you did something very shady to get Leann’s song ranked in the top 30! Just like I predicted! Leann SCAMMED Itunes. Leann’s song isn’t ranked on the top 60 country songs for BDS radio airplay chart!

  • Gwen

    Why does the press keep saying that Leann debutted “Borrowed” for the first time? She has been singing this song since last year at her concerts and playing it for Brandi’s kids. That just goes to show just how much Leann pays the media for headlines.

    This is what people REALLY thought about Borrowed and Leann’s interview on Leno: “From the Stir: Eye Roll LeAnn Rimes’ New ‘Borrowed’ Song Should Make Every Married Woman Furious”

    “Do you get the feeling that LeAnn Rimes gets off on reminding the world that her relationship with Eddie Cibrian started with an affair that destroyed two marriages? I swear, whenever she’s not stirring up shit with Eddie’s ex Brandi Glanville, she’s talking about how she has no regrets for cheating even though it was, like, SOOOO hard because they totally didn’t want to stop having sex while they were married to other people. Or as LeAnn puts it: “…we couldn’t stop connecting in some way. And it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life”).”

    “Well, she’s still talking about it. Or more specifically, she’s singing about it, and she recently went on Jay Leno to talk about the lyrics she uses in the song. Which is called “Borrowed.” And no, it’s not about borrowing a cup of sugar from her neighbor, unless her neighbor was Brandi Glanville and the sugar was Eddie Cibrian’s penis”.

    “According to what she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, the song looks into “the darker moments” of her life. See, it was just so incredibly difficult to be screwing a man who was the husband of another woman and the father of young children. She knows you’ll understand, because you’ve totally been there, right?”

    B”oy, that just warms the cockles of my heart. Romance IS alive, you guys! I bet this is amazingly wonderful for her own ex-husband to hear, too. Hey, guess what, Dean Sheremet? Your wife was lying around waiting for another man to give her the “whole him,” if you know what I mean and I think you do. *makes lewd finger-going-into-closed-fist-gesture* And guess what, Brandi Glanville! Your husband was telling another woman he loved her, maybe right around the time you were chasing a toddler and picking up a six-year-old from kindergarten!”

    “Oh, but I’m sure they’ll be fine with this lovely ode to LeAnn’s star-crossed love which is surely totally sincere and not at all another public attempt to hurt Glanville and gain a little more publicity in the process. After all, “a lot of people can relate,” right?”

  • Gwen

    From Celebrity Dirty Laundry:

    “So kicking off her shoes and crying on the stage in front of fans wasn’t as effective as she thought because now she’s taken the circus that is her life to some place much more bonafide – The Tonight Show. LeAnn Rimes sat down with Jay Leno yesterday and apparently talked about a new album. I couldn’t figure out what this woman had to promote besides a seedy marriage but she does have an album and is dueting with Carly Rose Sonenclar on the season finale of X Factor Wednesday night. So there’s that.

    Check out the video of the interview below. What do you think of LeAnn? She looks a little rough, right? A little, broken? It’s got to be hard to come out and defend your decision to help break up a marriage and she went the self-deprecating route. I think it worked for the most part. Still, if someone’s going around calling me an anorexic pill popper I’d do better to keep my eyes wider and comb my hair more. Just saying

  • Country Girl

    Borrowed is number 25 on itunes and just passed Taylor Swift’s Red!

  • Gwen

    Why is Leann such a liar? She told IRISHFERN that she is the last person to keep up with numbers for her songs. So if Leann is the last one to keep up with the numbers then why did LEANN tweet that What Have I Done was ranked #18 when it was first released? Post a photo of Borrowed saying it was ranked #5? Tweet over and over how Give was ranked #18?

    Let’s make one thing clear, Borrowed is only ranked at 26 because Leann and her fans are doing something very shady. They have been on this site and E for a week now abusing the votes. They are desperate. Their desperation causes them do whatever it takes. See posts 2-18 where someone tried to fake a fanbase by using 14 different names.

  • Gwen

    @Country Girl:

    Hi SHELLY! Borrowed is at 25 Only because you are abusing ITUNES to get it there. Look at how you are abusing this voting system and how you are even using someone else’s name to make posts.

    Leann Rimes is a fraud, she and her fans are SCAMMING ITUNES! But then again desperate times call for desperate measures! As long as you mess with the votes, you are just making Leann look like a cheater…oh wait she is. This will also backfire like everything else!

  • Gwen

    @Country Girl:

    So basically, Leann gave you and her other 2 fans and her friends(DB, Mateo, & her fake sister) an unlimited amount of ITUNES gift cards?

  • Gwen

    @Country Girl:

    iTunes Store: iTunes Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1) What is iTunes Plus?

    iTunes Plus is the new standard on iTunes. iTunes Plus downloads are songs and music videos available in our highest quality 256 kbps AAC audio encoding (twice the audio quality of protected music purchases), and without digital rights management (DRM). iTunes Plus music can be burned to CD as many times as you need, synced to any AAC-enabled device (such as iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV), and played on any Mac or Windows computers you own.

    2) Can I give iTunes Plus music as a gift?

    Yes. To find out more about how to send gifts from the iTunes Store refer to iTunes gift options.

    3) Can I use iTunes Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Certificates to pay for iTunes Plus music?

    Yes, you can use iTunes Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Certificates to pay for iTunes Plus music and upgrades.

  • Leslie

    LMFAO This is literally the ONLY time I’ve EVER seen Leann Rimes support on the first page. clearly it’s 1 person doing all that! LOL Leann Rimes does not have that many fans. The majority of the people know she is a complete liar & famewhore and is just not a good person

  • Pollyanna

    @Country Girl: I’m not a hater but Red has been out for quite a while now. It isn’t surprising for a new song to overtake it. The real test is how long it stays up there. Like I said, not a hater, just making a point.

  • Country Girl

    @Pollyanna: Yes, I quite agree. Just a reference point for fans of country music.

  • nomorerimes

    And this stupid broad has the nerve to say that Brandi needs to get over the affair and subsequent split. It apparent that LiaR has not done that with all the interviews she has done lately. But then it’s the only thing keeping her in the news and on the pap sites as her career is swirling down the toilet. Her “hit song” What Have I Done sure did well, didn’t it??!! Haha!

  • Gwen

    @nomorerimes: Broad? What r u, 100 years old?

  • Julia

    Leann is such an amazing talented singer. Her voice is so powerful on any song she sings. Her older music is great, but I’m so glad she is writing her own music with friends and not covering other classic songs like Patsy Cline. She is a true talent!

  • Shelly

    LeAnn is beautiful, inside and out. Carly is so lucky!

  • pollyanna
  • Frosty

    Wow, what a bunch of nutbags on this thread.