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Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan: 'Great Gatsby' Posters & New Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Carey Mulligan: 'Great Gatsby' Posters & New Trailer!

Check out these just released character posters of Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan for their new film The Great Gatsby!

Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, and Isla Fisher are all featured on their own posters as well.

Here’s the film’s synopsis: Nick Carraway (Maguire), a Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). He is drawn into Gatsby’s circle, becoming a witness to obsession and tragedy.

The Great Gatsby hits theaters on May 10, 2013. Make sure to check out the new trailer for the film below!

New “Great Gatsby” Trailer
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leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan great gatsby character posters 02
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan great gatsby character posters 03
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan great gatsby character posters 04
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan great gatsby character posters 05

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  • tinkerbell

    @Fan: Who knows what they are, only time will tell. I really dont want leo to be so sleazy that he would break up a marriage with a toddler for chrissakes…that really does hurt. And I think Orly is really a catch and a nice guy, and there is a little boy involved. The miranda/leo rumors have been really,really gross but somehow also credible. I just hope its not true. OK, I mean I know there will be another bimbo along but just dont want to see him screw up a child’s life.

  • tinkerbell

    @@tink: or someone down there. Its easy for him…

  • Weirdo

    It’s what I expected. Django is not that appealing for Leo’s true fanbase. He’s trying to branch out. So I’m not surprised the die-hards haven’t seen it yet. If it was Gatsby, die-hards would have taken all of their relatives that came over for dinner to go see it on Christmas Day.
    @tinkerbell – Yeah it can be pretty obvious sometimes, the bot/comment spamming. No surprise there either.
    I don’t know what to make of the rumors. Orlando/Miranda just doesn’t seem right to me….I do believe they are having problems. I think right now any woman seen with Leo is going to spread rumors because he’s single. I thought he was going to be single for the holidays because of the film. I still think so, he’s not going to have an official girlfriend before the Oscars. Just my two centavos.

  • NYE

    No Cabo for leo this year , it seems that he is going to australia with a brunch of guys ;

    Dave Brown ‏@DaveBrownUSA
    On a private 747 with J .Foxx. Leonardo DiCaprio, @thechrisspencer AND ALL OF Hollywood headed to Australia ! My daughter was suppose 2come

  • ???

    Kate Winslett just got married for the third time…guess who gave her away???

  • Leda

    @NYE: So Page Six misfired again about him spending NYE in Cabo. Leo and Jamie might be doing some promo for Django that premieres in Sydney later in January. Re-visiting some old haunting grounds with his party pal(s). I wonder if there are going to be photos or reports. It sounds like a group of Hollywood people ( `AND ALL OF Hollywood` )…

  • @104

    I guess he’ll meet Margo there.
    Leo’s new BFF Jamie Foxx is another eternal bachelor, older than him, meaning more parties, more girls. I guess Jonah Hill is out.

  • Weirdo

    Hmmm, Australia. The plot thickens.
    And when did Winslet get a new boyfriend? Married already?
    I think it’s sweet he gave her away. They have a friendship that is believable. This Miranda thing “we’ve been friends for a long time” doesn’t ring true.

  • @106

    I read that piece IMO Page 6 was speculating. Throwing in both Leo D and George Clooney’s name in a story about another celebrity & Cabo, rather then passing it off as info on Leo.
    Well that was MY interpretation anyway.

  • Leda

    I think it said Leo and George are expected to be there. That sounds more like speculation to me.
    @107: So he is meeting Margot in Australia ( you think ) meanwhile sticking to his new party pal who is bringing in more girls and parties?

  • Leda

    ‘Also Cabo-bound are Leonardo Dicaprio and George Clooney, who are expected in Mexico for New Year’s Eve.’

  • sarah

    Interesting that he is going to Australia. So the rumors of a romance between him and Margot might not be that “invented” after all:)

  • Leda

    Here is one thing that doesn’t make sense to me if Leo is indeed dating Margot. His PR team denies every rumor about them immediately while Leo spends the night at her NYC apartment in a very busy neighborhood ( where he can be easily spotted ) and goes to Australia so he can spend NYE with her. So why denying it? They haven’t ( directly ) responded to the Miranda rumor or even to Page Six asking about the claim that Leo gave Kate away at her wedding. It makes them look like fools saying ‘No,they are not dating’ if he does all these things for her? It doesn’t help the movie PR wise I think. My point is if they are so obviously dating why denying it?

  • @Leda

    But aren’t you the one who wrote its in Leo’s interest to deny it as he’s not known for dating co-stars and don’t want anything to overshadow WOWS? Also as some have said maybe its casual that’s why deny it.
    They’re just f cuk buddies.
    At your post 111 as you can see the first word of that story was “Also”, the main story was about someone else (I forget who now) and they threw in Cabo regulars George and Leo to pad it rather than it being an actual story about either George or Leo. Well that was MY interpretation
    @sarah – I agree with you. Its not a popular opinion though but I do think something is afoot. I personally don’t care if he’s with Margot. The Leo posts here are often poisonous to his girlfriends/partners. But obviously the studio is happy with audience and critics reaction to Django, but how often does Leo go for international premieres? And if the premiere is on the 21st of January why go almost a month early?
    Another thing sarah do the others – Philly, CG, Geez, Message, the fame monster, vagabond – still post here or have they checked out?

  • Nessa

    Well, this prett much confirms that there is some validity to all the Margot rumors. Why else would he be going to Australia for NYE? We will know so enough… The Australian gossip papers will be all over this, watching Leo’s every move.

  • Huh

    I think he’ll be more careful. The Aussie press are not discrete and openly wrote about his carousing and modelising last time. But the girls are willing. Then again with Django doing well and getting awards buzz Leo is probably on a high right now and don’t care.

  • Leda

    You are missing my point! He is not known for dating co-stars because of the unwanted attention. But if he does it anyway and it’s so obvious why bother denying it? If he does sleepovers and can be easily spotted or travels all the way to Sydney for her what’s the point of denying it? That was my point! No, they are not dating meanwhile he does all these things for her. That’s what doesn’t make sense. What I said earlier about them being co-stars and denying it is still on. Also would you gather a huge group of Hollywood ppl to go and spend NYE with your ‘fcuk buddy’ all the way in Australia?
    Honestly I’m on the fence about this ‘romance’ or that he is going there for her. I’m not saying it can’t be true but I’m not sold yet. Even though the premiere in Sydney is weeks away they can do promo for the movie just like they did in NYC.
    About Cabo… I respect your interpretation but mine is different. Leo used to go to Cabo a lot but not since his breakup with Bar. Last year Page Six put him there and he was in LA. No gossip site is 100% credible and Page Six is no exception. But this is my opinion and I don’t want to make you agree with me or argue. We simply disagree. :)

  • ichi

    Leo is not with Margo, if he is going to Australia, with a group of men, common he will have fun with a bunch of girls, as a single man!

  • Hmm

    I don’t think he went to Australia to be with Margot. He flew with many other people from the Django movie and no one confirmed they were to be there for New Year. They might very well come back in a few days.

  • Leda

    @Hmmm: One of the guy flying with them tweeted that he is going to Australia ( he was with his wife ) for NYE. That of course doesn’t mean everyone is staying. I think the studio flew them there for promo and they might stay there, might come back. Leo partied up a storm there last year and now he is there with Jamie… I guess we will see soon enough. Aussie press was always eager to report on Leo so we might have reports what he is doing there and who he is with!

  • @Hmm

    I doubt anyone is saying he went to Australia specifically to be with Margot. But it is awfully convenient. Django is premiering in Australia on the 21st if they are going to be at the premiere then its likely he’s spending NYE and Jan 1st there.
    Django premieres in London on the January 10th and Paris soon after, two key markets, I wonder why they aren’t bothering to premiere/party down here rather than 24 hours away. Leo seems to do the international circuit for only some of his films. The studio is definitley putting them up, but you can bet Jamie and especially Leo would have had their say if they wanted it there or not or if they wanted to go or not. He has that power.

  • jen

    he acted like a single guy all month(clubing,flirting with models ,dinner with model ,,guys nigts out with jonah,kevin….;) ,so if he is dating margot….poor girl to be treated like that (same scenario wih every official girlfriend;;))

  • Leda

    There could be many reasons why he picked ( if he did indeed picked Australia himself ). It could be a chance to meet Margot, maybe it has nothing to do with her, maybe this is what fits into his schedule, maybe it’s the climate over London or that he spent there 6 months before and wanted to re-visit the place ( for whatever reason ). Why did Jamie go there and why is Tarantino making the long trip for the premiere? We can speculate about this a lot. I think it also depends on how you think about the Leo / Margot rumor.

  • Weirdo

    It’s probably strategic. Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe are from Australia and Les Miserables is Django’s biggest competition right now in theaters.

    Also, when Margot was with the WOWS cast she got to go to some pretty cool parties…Vegas…Leo’s birthday, etc. Now it’s her turn to show him around and entertain. Plus, he’s been there and probably had a great time. Now he’s taking all his friends along for the ride.

  • Leda

    Page Six has another post claiming Leo is going to be in Cabo for a party on 12/30 and is expected to arrive soon… Meanwhile he is in Australia according to that tweet.

  • Red

    the tweet doesn’t say hes with a bunch of buddies or pals, just jamie foxx. the tweeter just said “:all of hollywood” most likely because it was just assuming and not much else to say. Leo didn’t even attend half of the django press in the U.S, does it make sense leonardo would take a 24 hour flight to do a little press for half a day? it doesn’t. we will have to see what happens or if there are margot reports while hes there.

  • Hmm


    Like I said, he could be in Australia for only two days. Didn’t Blake Lively spend a weekend only when she visited him last year in Sydney?
    He could be on time for the party in Cabo on the night of the 30th. He will manage:)

  • Leda

    @Red: Leo was in LA for the past couple of days so Sydney is a 14 hours flight not 24. The tweeter wasn’t specific about the number of passengers so you can just speculate. At this point it seems like a promo trip for me, maybe he was on the guest list for Cabo but plans have changed… He is a jet setter and personally I still don’t see the point in denying the relationship meanwhile acting differently in public ( if that’s really the case and he is dating Margot ).

  • Red

    @leda i’m sorry, i meant that it was a 24 hour flight there and back. yes it is possible that he could make it to cabo in time, but honestly with all the traveling hes doing and how tired he has been, i am doubting that he would just head to australia for a little promotion.

  • Leda

    It sounds like a stretch to me, too to do both. It’s a whole lot of flying during his break from working. I would stay in Australia since he is with friends who like to party just like him…

  • ???

    There is no news of Leo being here (OZ) I dont think he is!

  • fozzy

    The chances of airport sightings are greatly reduced if he flew private. He’s with Jamie and a group of friends. Are they all going to see Margo? Do you know if she is even in Sydney for the holidays? They’re probably going to do a little publicity for Django since he will be back in the States filming Wolf when it opens down under. Weinstein and Miramax have their own charter jets. Maybe they’ll get a yacht or take over a club or two and stay for NYE.

  • NYE

    Jamie Foxx‏@iamjamiefoxx
    Australia bound for New Years. What are your plans?

  • fozzy

    Looks like a wealthy someone is throwing a NYE party and sent a jet for Hollywood peeps. Maybe the owner of the hotel Leo stayed at while shooting Gatsby, or the owner of the world’s largest yacht.

  • sarah

    Thanks NYE(#133)
    I have the feeling Margot will be part of the New Year’s Eve party.

  • Leda

    @fozzy: Thanks for the info. Sounds more like Leo to go on a trip like this as a famous guest than doing it for a 22 years old blondie…

  • Red

    @136 or he could be doing it for both.

  • @135

    If she is, I have a feeling she’ll be one of hundreds of partygoers, including many MAW’s and assorted PYT’s ready to be at the service of Mssrs. Foxx, DiCaprio, and co.

  • trololol

    Leo’s got more than enough booty calls and phone numbers from his time in Sydney, and his pussy posse have the euro model wannabes who moonlight as sex toys on speed dial. He won’t expose Margot to that until he’s hooked her as his official girlfriend.

  • NYE

    Ali Nejad‏@Ali_Nejad
    Sydney bound! Where you at @thechrisspencer & @iamjamiefoxx? Hurry up! #Oz #DownUnder

  • Geez

    @Red you make interesting points
    @138 – What’s MAW & PYT? Cheers

  • jo

    PYT is pretty young things. MAW could be model actress ???

  • the fame monster

    Big Tarantino fan. Saw Django and really, really liked it. Not his best film (jmo) but was well done. A lot funnier than I expected and Django’s actions are driven by his love for his wife and wanting to free her. Great cast. Some of my friends couldn’t see it cuz it was sold out. But they will try again!

  • raven

    Hope you guys had a nice time during the holidays. May 2013 be a great year for you all :)

  • LOL

    Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Margot Robbie – Is She Making It Too Easy for Him?

  • Amused Aussie
  • What’s next?

    Love my job.. Champagne showers with Jamie fox, jonah hill ( jump street 21 ) Leonardo dicaprio , the owners of marquee and Samantha ronson !! ♥

  • vagabond

    Hey all!Nice to see some old posters on.Thanks for the links and info.From the tweets on Bellazon it definitely sounds like they are there too party.@LOL: That article pointed out a few things posted on here.Which is why I’m with some of the other posters about him and Margot.He seems to be doing the same that he always does.So whats to get excited about,its going to end the same.Seriously!Although it might make for some awkward cast!
    Speaking of Django our local film critic gave it an A+,and also put it in his top 2012 movie list.He said that Samuel and Leo were wicked together.

  • Weirdo

    Well, if he’s not going for promotional reasons, then what is the draw of going to Australia?
    Yes, Margot was spotted there right before Christmas so she was in Australia for the holidays. Probably still there and going to party with them. There is nothing to get excited about vagabond. I SERIOUSLY doubt he found true love with Margot on the set of WOWS.

  • blablah

    @vagabond – How can you not see the fact that the article-link from @LOL comment, is just a messed up copy & paste from the Page Six-article days ago?? It says nothing new!! It is just a fan-spin of a story that ALL comes from the Page Six-novel. it is fabricated, anyone can see that . And the writer is just speculating. Leo and Margot is not dating. She is never seen with him, and because his love life is in spotlight right now they WOULD HAVE. He never left her apt either, I guess. Because why wouldnt the same news-reporter have any photos from this event? Or ANY pics of him and Margot together apart from the movie set pics? There arent any!! Also: He went to Sydney, they reported, with a bunch of 15+ people.. that is more like a friendly not-so-romantic-NewYears than anything, and also..why would he fly back to the US after NewYears if he could stay longer for more “romantic dates with Margot”? I bet, he will not stay for as long as one month as some people think! He will jet between places, like he normally does. Lots of pollution, but he has to. He is a superstar. And he has lots of appointments especially now during promotions. And as far as I have heard, they are not done filming WOWS either!