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Orlando Bloom: Beverly Hills Bike Repairs!

Orlando Bloom: Beverly Hills Bike Repairs!

Orlando Bloom gets into his car after bringing his bike into the repair shop on Wednesday (December 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor’s wife Miranda Kerr recently stayed mum on the family’s holiday plans while speaking with the London Evening Standard.

“We haven’t decided where we’ll be spending Christmas yet,” Miranda said. “[Our English countryside retreat] is a total secret where that is. It’s the only place we go where we can completely get away from everything.”

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom getting his bike repaired…

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orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 01
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 02
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 03
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 04
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 05
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 06
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 07
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 08
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 09
orlando bloom beverly hills bike repairs 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • creed

    Could MIranda be LESS pretentious??

  • YES!

    HOT DANG! He looks so good!
    Beautiful man!

  • wow

    So sexy! He just gets better with age.

  • Hoe

    He is so Damn sexy!

  • sara

    He looks so scruffy and handsome! I can’t wait to see Zulu.

  • Flo

    …. he’s not wearing his wedding band….

  • Return of the Hobbits

    How was your holiday in the UK where you spent Xmas? Did your mum speak up for you?

  • hmm

    could miranda kerr be up her own as(s anymore than she already is?

  • ?

    Now some will say that he doesn’t wear his ring during photoshoots LOL

  • uhmmm

    He hasn’t worn his wedding ring since shortly after they got married.
    Being stupid just to stir things up? Yeah, I thought so.

  • uhmmm

    They never said that they were going to spend Christmas in the UK. Post a link, if you have one.
    His mother said that they had a nice, pre-Christmas, family get together in England. That is all that was said.
    Again, post a link.

  • hahaaa

    @uhmmm: how would you even know that? do you enlarge the pictures and then take notes? 0_0
    fangirls be crrrrraaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy

  • uhmmm

    How is:
    “We haven’t decided where we’ll be spending Christmas yet,” Miranda said. “[Our English countryside retreat] is a total secret where that is. It’s the only place we go where we can completely get away from everything.”
    Being, as you so eloquently put it, “up her own as(s”?
    Do you not comprehend that the brackets mean that the statement enclosed is an addition by the person who wrote the article? Usually used for clarification, and is NOT part of the speaker’s original statement?
    Ignorance is not pretty.

  • uhmmm

    The same way that you noticed that he isn’t wearing a ring in these pictures. I have eyes.
    Did you have to enlarge the pictures to see that?
    Do you realize that you just made a fool of yourself?
    Crazy hater/stalkers just make this so easy.

  • Anne

    Gorgeous man. Too bad he has such a silly wife.

  • hahaaa

    @uhmmm: who the fu*ck is looking at his hands???

  • hahaaa

    ..and seriously, i blame myself (and a few others) for making that crazy as*s miranda kerr fan break out of whatever asylum she resides in to comment.. i apologize in advance.. but we all know how it goes.. she’ll break down each thing we say.. end it with LOL.. and then continue for days just standing guard on this thread
    once again, i’m sorry :)

  • uhmmm

    You wondered how I could tell that he had not worn a wedding ring since shortly after they were married, right?
    Where do you look for a wedding ring, besides his hands?
    Oh, and BTW, hi ‘ta’.

  • hahaaa

    @uhmmm: why would you be looking at all?

  • uhmmm

    Then why say anything that needs to be countered?
    You have already posted lies and inuendo before this thread even reached 10 posts. That is one serious obsession.
    And even after so many threads, you are still whining about Miranda’s fans not letting you get away with it.
    To quote Albert Einstein:
    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
    Fits you to a ‘t’.

  • uhmmm

    Why don’t you ask your sock ‘Flo’ that question?
    Or have you already forgotten that you are the one who brought it up in the first place?

  • wow

    You idiot haters bring up Miranda again? This thread is about Orlando!
    You morons are pathetic in your obsession.
    You really need help.

  • Nancy

    He looks really great here. Can’t wait to see Zulu. I ordered The Good Doctor on amazon. Can’t wait to see that movie. Am glad to hear that Orlando and Miranda are not breaking up. They make a gorgeous couple and those rumours were stupid. His own mother and Miranda herself have said they are still happy together and are not splitting up. The people on Delphi are ticked off that they haven’t split. They are so obsessed with hating on Miranda and Orlando it’s sick. I am an Orlando fan and a Miranda fan. I think he’s a great actor and I think she is one of the best VS models out there.

  • hahaaa

    looks like someone upset craaazzyyy.. oops :) :)

  • sara

    Orlando was amazing in The Good Doctor! Seriously creepy, and I loved it!

  • wow

    I see that the hater’sock can’t come up with a good response to logic, as usual, so they keep repeating nonsense.
    P A T H E T I C !

  • wow

    My favorite part so far……
    -he isn’t wearing his wedding ring!! I know this cuz I looked at his hands!!!!!
    -he hasn’t worn his ring for a long time
    -OMG!! You SICKO!! You looked at his hands!
    - uhm yeah, thats’ where you look for a ring, just like you did
    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • hahaaa

    @wow: ummmmmmmmmmmm because it is weird as sh*it.. who stares at someones hands? O_O
    whatever, this thread just hit the weird factor. even angelina fans have a little more sense

  • wow

    Then why were you looking at his hands in the first place?
    I guess that you are admitting that you are a weirdo?
    And I guess that you call it weird, when you are OWNED!

  • http://Justjarde G

    He is look like Justin therux

  • hahaaa

    @wow: UHHHHHH i wasn’t.. you said YOU noticed that he doesn’t wear a ring and i said WHO the fu*ck looks at a persons hands? Are you just making up sh&t in your head?

  • uhmmm

    So, let’s sum up.
    You can’t produce a link for your claims, so i guess that you are admitting to fabrication.
    You still wonder why Miranda’s fans won’t let you spread lies at will.
    And you contunue to talk in circles about hands and wedding rings.
    And you are calling us weird?
    Well, alright then. *eyeroll*

  • uhmmm

    ‘Flo’ said that he wasn’t wearing a ring in these photos. I reminded that particular sock that he hasn’t worn one in ages.
    No please tell me why it is weird for me to look at his hands (which are very nice hands, BTW), but not for one of your socks?

  • wow

    Hey idiot, you’re the one who brought up the wedding ring question in the first place.

  • hahaaa

    @uhmmm: what are you even talking about now??? link to what??? fu*ck i’m just scared.
    you said: he never wears a ring
    i said: why would you even be looking?
    i wouldn’t know if he did or didn’t because I WOULDN’T ENLARGE A CELEBRITIES PHOTO JUST TO LOOK AT THEIR HANDS..
    you’re getting comments mixed up
    can’t keep your sh*t straight i see

  • lola

    Why does he always look so nasty. like he hasn’t showered in a week! Yuck!

  • wow

    Awwww, look at the little hater trying to pretend that she hasn’t been using socks.
    Did snookums actually realize how idiotic she sounded, and is now running away from HER OWN comments?
    SO FUNNY!!!

  • @35

    You know very well that she said that in response to a poster who tried to make it a big deal that he wasn’t wearing a ring. Ignoring that fact really does make you look crazy.
    And why would you have to enlarge a celeb’s photo to see if they were wearing a ring? It’s not microscopic.
    I really do think that you are all bluster. Trying to make someone else seem “crazy”, when your own comments are the ones that seem unbalanced.

  • hahaaa

    @wow: I’m not 10, why would i change names?
    you are all fu*cked up. seriously. angelina thread.. take yourself over there.. they’d understand your crazy as*s

  • wow

    No, you certainly aren’t #10. That’s ‘uhmmm’.
    Unlike you, she speaks in complete sentences, and uses proper grammar, with no vulgarity in sight. And most importantly, she speaks THE TRUTH. Something that you are incapable of doing.
    DEFINITELY not you.

  • hahaa

    @wow: oh snap. oh snap.
    y o u ‘ r e s o w i t t y
    so amazing you is..
    looking back at other comments just to win an argument
    you so smart
    you so right
    You always resort to some other bullsh*t when you know you’re wrong. but whatever. enjoy yourself.
    i doubt you have friends so this must be your only outlet.

  • wow

    I see that you aren’t used to using FACTS in an ‘argumant’.
    Poor baby. Being proved wrong over and over again must really wear you down. Maybe that’s why you feel this overwhelming hatred for Miranda. Her life is perfect, and yours” Isn’t.
    Maybe if you had some friends, you wouldn’t have to stalk the internet looking for someone to bash. And maybe even curtail your lying a bit.
    Step away from the darkness. you’ll feel better eventually. LOL!

  • Soul

    The petty arguments going on here are utterly deplorable. It would be hysterical if not for the fact that it is so entirely painful to endure…

  • @lola

    Totally agree. Amazing how Miranda can still endure such a nasty looking man as her husband when she always manages to look her best.

  • HA!

    So you admit that you lost that argument, eh?
    No, wait.
    You lose EVERY argument. But at least you admitted it this time.

  • @43

    @Soul: then why read them?

  • Jess

    All comments on celebrity threads are opinions. Nothing here is facts. Yet, out of fear of that crazy Miranda Kerr fan, now no one can post in either Miranda Kerr OR Orlando Bloom’s threads without that fan going ballistic. Kind of sad for those who actually have something to say. Oh well.

  • C.C.

    He’s finally seen in public!

  • sam

    I wonder if he’s in Hollywood just for “show” (so to speak) the only reason to go into Hollywood is for a photo-op; It’s just a dirty town.
    I heard they were splitting up but IDK (waiting for blind item to solve which model made out with J bieber, most are pointed @ miranda kerr)

  • Frozoid

    She didn’t stay “mum” on her plans. She’s blathering on as usual.

    What is her IQ- 20?