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Minka Kelly: Organic Food Stop!

Minka Kelly: Organic Food Stop!

Minka Kelly keeps it chic while grabbing a coffee and a bag of goodies at Urth Caffe on Monday (December 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old actress was seen dropping by Earthbar for a refreshment after breaking a sweat at a gym in Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Minka Kelly

Last week, Minka was spotted showing off her physique after a workout session in West Hollywood.

FYI: Minka is wearing Joe’s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Minka Kelly grabbing some healthy food from Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills…

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minka kelly organic food stop 01
minka kelly organic food stop 02
minka kelly organic food stop 03
minka kelly organic food stop 04
minka kelly organic food stop 05
minka kelly organic food stop 06
minka kelly organic food stop 07
minka kelly organic food stop 08
minka kelly organic food stop 09
minka kelly organic food stop 10
minka kelly organic food stop 11
minka kelly organic food stop 12

Photos: AKM-GSI, SplashNewsOnline
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  • pilla

    Has there ever been a pap shot that Jared has not posted of this D list actress??

  • lol

    LOL *actress*?,
    well that’s pushing it a bit far !


    hot stuff

  • mel

    If you leave the gym looking like that. you didn’t work hard enough, or even at all. I sure as hell wouldn’t want my picture taken when I leave the gym.. I look like a sweaty mess!!

  • schnauzer

    poor girl has hit the wall, no wonder she has trouble booking roles

  • gerry

    please JJ continue! at this rate MK will soon be known worldwide only as an untalented actress who tries to stay relevant by star_f”ckg her way to an acting job!

  • kris

    so out the leggings, the ones that made her horrible legs/canckles stand out even more??

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Minkumdumpster Kelly

  • Me

    Seeing as how much everyone on her insults her looks I’m surprised no one has mentioned how uneven her nipples are

  • schnauzer

    @Me: damm you now i noticed she has four breasts:)

  • Jay

    Her nipples are weird…they’re to close together…

  • siggi

    We have to give it to her, girl can take a D.i.c*

  • Blair

    LOL you should read the article that goes with these pictures in the Daily Mail. I can’t stop laughing. Minka has hit rock bottom and is now digging her way to China!!!

    It is titled, “‘Tis the season to be charitable: Minka Kelly makes an ethical fashion statement with FEED bag

  • siggi

    @Blair: Maybe her sex tape is hitting the market and this is damage control

  • BettyBoo

    @Blair: Minka is very beautiful women, but I don’t understand why the paps follow her around as much as they do. She’s a D-List celeb that reach to B-List status because of who she’s dating(Chris Evans) and dated in the past (Derek Jeter, John Mayer). As an actress she isn’t that successful like the Daily Mail is making it seem, just check out her IMDB page and judge for yourself. Also she really hasn’t worked much since her Charlie’s Angel gig got cancelled after just 4 episodes last year. So again i ask why are there so many post about her on here going to the gym and doing normal everyday stuff all the time. When these things happen to celebs like her i can’t help but think she’s one of those stars who tip the paps on her where about. I say this because there are so many other stars more famous here in the US that don’t get stalked/followed everywhere as much as she does. She’s not even working on anything, maybe it’s her PR at work or maybe they follow her cause she happens to be soooooo pretty *Roll eyes* . Another thing every time there’s a Minka/Chris sighting reported by the news outlets we see more pics of her leaving the gym and running errands, but very little of him. It’s funny how she now has to depend on her relationship to keep her relevant, i laugh at that because when Minka and Derek Jeter broke up she told PEOPLE mag “I don’t need a man to validate me”….lol oh really Minka, i think you do. Her relationship has always helped get her jobs, cause her acting sure as hell didn’t. From Donald Faison (helped land her Friday Night Lights) to John Mayer (who exposed her to the main stream media/tabloids) and mainly Derek Jeter (who helped her name and fame rise in the industry allowing her to land Charlie’s Angel and mag covers). Does anyone think Minka could have done all that alone, pretty gets you but so far in Hollywood. It doesn’t gain you respect or work, you need some kind of help when you’re talent is not very good. Lets see how well Chris Evans does in helping her land new gigs. It’s always been the FAME GAME with her, how good is Chris at playing it?…… only time will tell.

  • Blair


    I think no one offered to buy the tape and distribute it. LOL no offense but who wants to see those untalented cankles up in the air. Thus all the “ethical” and gym postings now!

  • Blair


    I agree pretty only gets you so far in Hollywood and unfortunately for Minka there are pretty versions of her – Jessica Alba and Leighton Meester who can almost act and thus most people go for them first.

    Meryl Streep said that she had an agent tell her (never signed her) that she would never make it with her face. Wonder where said agent is. And Meryl is one of the most beautiful talented women out there!!

    Let’s just wait and see which ex she will call once Chris is out of the picture. I doubt he is going to get her any work. I’d like to think he is smarter than that. She can’t call Faison for sure, he tied the knot!

  • KissThis

    D lister and her daddy is a rockstar. That’s how she got started in the biz. It definitely wasn’t because of her “talent.” It was who her daddy knew. She is one fake hoe.

  • hello!


    MK is 32 years old which is old for any female working in entertainment. It’s a reality.
    She certainly is not in Jessica Alba’s category !! Have you checked how many feature films Alba has starred in??
    Jessica also has –4.5 million– twitter followers and countless magazine covers !!
    –>Minka Kelly can’t even get a recurring role in a TV sitcom on cable!! D-list is very, very fair.
    As for her looks, well there are much more striking/beautiful women without plastic surgery out there who can act and who don’t need half of their body cropped out of pictures (or filmed using only 3/4, upper body medium shots);
    So you can be assured that no casting director includes MKelly in the same sentence with feature film actresses or will even consider her for her physical appearance.

  • just talent

    Talent and Looks = real actresses

    Nina Dobrev (Vampire diaries)

    Lucy Hale (Pretty Little liars)

    Camilla Belle

    Emmanuelle Chriqui

  • jdog

    does anyone know where I can find her sex tape? I’d jerk to it fo sure

  • Me

    @just talent: Camilla is beautiful, but she can’t act to save her life

  • Give her a chance

    @Blair: I honestly think MK has Chris Evans in “the bag” kinda thing. The guy looks likes he is beyond in love (going by the looks of the recent pics/ sightings of them) so it wouldn’t surprise me if they got married or have kids. I don’t think he is really that smart to dump her. LoL Plus, his family seems kinda cool about her. Only time will tell. They still look cute together.

  • Hey!

    @Give her a chance: Haven’t seen pics of them together in a month or so, where did you see recent photos of them? I’ve only read recent sighting from the LA Times but no pictures. Did you see them in a magazine or something?

  • Blair

    @Give her a chance: LOL Thanks for the laugh. She has him in the bag? He won’t even walk the red carpet with her at public events they go to together. I think Chris is making the most of his time while he is filming in LA. Let’s see how long they last when he heads out to film CA: The Winter Solider.

  • mpark

    @BettyBoo: So what and she is not the only one. You must be a Jeter fan of Chris fan. There are a lot of D-listers pretending to be A-listers: Biel,Diaz,Hudson,Alba and the lisst goes on. And for the Cankles comments get over it. This girls is very pretty and has a nice body. She was with Jeter for three years, so if he did things to help her so what.

  • BettyBoo

    @mpark: i’ve never once said anything regarding Minka’s body or looks so i don’t have to get over anything sweetheart. As for her status in Hollywood getting a boost thanks to her relationships, well it’s the truth and you may not like that i acknowledged it but it’s so true. (I know *so what* right?) That may not bother you cause you’re a fan of hers which also explains why you were so quick to defend her. I also understand there are others in Hollywood like Minka, but this post isn’t about them it’s about Minka. As for the women you mentioned at least they’ve had a decent resume to get the A/B-List status they have and i’m not even a fan of any of them. I am a Yankee fan who met Minka before anyone really knew who she was and she used to be nice, but after dating Jeter and her fame started to rise she became a total B!tch. I’ve seen her act that way towards other fans and it also happened to me once as well, that’s one of the main reasons i can stand her to be honest. She’s famous more for her relationship rather than her career and acts as though she got to where she is on her own. Like you said she’s not the only one in Hollywood, but i can’t stand celebs like her so i’ll voice my opinions on stars like Minka however and whenever i feel like. Again you’re her fan and have a right to defend her, but i don’t so there’s that. It’s not jealousy, envy or whatever towards Minka as her defenders love love LOVE to imply……..Yeah she gorgeous, has a fit healthy body, she an awful actress but she IS a good looking women i’ll give her that. All that doesn’t change my feelings towards her, which is pretty funny cause i actually liked her before even defender her on this site until i realize what a diva/B!t*h she became.

  • Christine

    @Blair: I agree with you totally. Her man is local now. Let us see what happens once he is on location in Ohio and DC filming. Will she follow him on location or will the gym updates continue? And will he behave himself?

  • Give her a chance

    @Hey!: There were twitter comments that some people saw them together at Disney with Chris family. But don’t know if that’s true or not.

  • Give her a chance

    @Blair: @Christine: You people are forgetting that when Minka used to date Jeter she let herself go just to be there for him. She was seen more in NYC than in La. What makes you think she won’t do the same for Chris, that she won’t travel to where ever Chris is at just to be there for her boyfriend? In my humble opinion distance won’t make a difference.

  • Nope

    Minka WAS NOT in Disney with Chris’s family. All her glorious JJ posts at the gym were taken while Chris enjoyed camera free time with his family in Disney World.

  • Christine

    His Mom just posted twitter of pics and Minka not in any of them but my cousin who lives in Boston said that Minka is apparently there for Christmas. They were spotted at a local grocery store a few days ago. Thank goodness the apps don’t behave on East Coast like they do in CA. A photo of Minka in frozen food section, another one in the meat section, at the register with a re-usable bag so the Daily Mail can tout her as the saviour of the Earth. Could’ve been painful…… Yeah–I know I’m bad. Sorry