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Ashton Kutcher Files For Divorce From Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher Files For Divorce From Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher has officially filed for divorce from his estranged wife Demi Moore, according to People.

The 34-year-old Two and a Half Men actor filed the papers on Friday (December 21) in Los Angeles after being separated from each other for over one year.

On the papers, Ashton cited “irreconcilable differences,” and since the two had no children together, the issue is not addressed in the documents.

Ashton and Demi broke up in November 2011 after being married for six years due to rumors of an infidelity on his part.

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    Geez, get it over with already!

  • Marc

    I like Demi, i think she’s a good actress and person but i just love Ashton, i’m gonna marry him someday.

  • UGH.

    That’s just disgusting. I thought he WAS divorced. Why go into a serious relationship with another women for close to a year and not have the decency to properly end your previous marriage? I love Mila Kunis. Huge fan. But this is just wrong. She could do SO much better.


    How much do you want to bet he filed as a Merry Christmas present to Mila? And $50 bucks says he’ll propose.

  • elisa

    I thought he had done it already !

  • lottie

    Couldn’t he have waited until after the holidays? No tact or heart.

  • Maybe just maybe

    He was giving Demi the go ahead to file and she didn’t do it. Since she didn’t he move forward. Also, they could have been working out the financial details in order to avoid a long drawn out process. No children in the union but they had gained income together.

  • fg

    you go ashton, go live your life with beautiful mila!

  • lottie

    He waited this long and couldn’t just wait until after the holidays? No tact or heart.

  • Baiouy

    Ashton Kutcher is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Whateva!

    Don’t jump on Ashton too quickly because as you all know Demi is not too stable in the head these days. She most likely was suppose to do it and was stalling, so Ashton filed. I mean there’s no chance of them getting back together Mila or no Mila. That relationship ran it’s course, time to move on.

  • me


  • Hope

    More proof most blind items are made up!

    There is that one that says they were never married…….blind items are such a joke like the people that believe them.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    Demi looks so fcuking pathetic. ahahahahaha ..Asshton ‘s a unfunny douchebag who would have been forgotten a long time ago if it wasn’t for that silly relationship.

  • That About Sums ‘Er Up!

    In the eloquent words of Peter Griffin:

  • rachelgreen

    He as someone stated tried to give her the chance to file. She didn’t do it. Despite the fact that he had obviously moved on with his life. The man does not owe Demi the rest of his life. I think he stayed longer then he wanted because she as we all can see was unstable.

    like him or not… Demi could have filed a long time ago. he is serious about Mila and perhaps they are moving forward to something more permanent. The is something wrong with Demi.. so much so her daughters and Bruce have all stepped away. When she and Ashton first split they were all supporting her. Now nobody is in her life. I think maybe they have found that whatever Ashton was saying was in fact true.

    thing is when someone doesn’t want you anymore move on and let that person go. You only make yourself look foolish and desperate. If Ashton is and was a douche then Demi should have left. .

  • Mama

    Ho ho ho
    Merry Christmas

  • Odd

    Good for Ashton.
    No one knows what goes on in a marriage. He was half her age and was likely in over his head.
    He’s never bad mouthed Demi, her kids are still very close to him and Demi’s unfortunate car crash love life indicates to me there was more probably more going down in that marriage than we will ever know.
    But its simpler to label Ashton the devil. Its an easier narrative

  • Tru U

    Finally! I don’t know why he didn’t file for divorce until a year later when both of them moved on already.

  • Sweetness

    The funniest part is Mila may think he’ll treat her better than Demi but once he is legally divorced he’ll kick her to the curb as well. If a man has no decency with one woman he won’t develop it with another, no matter how pretty she is.

  • sookie

    @Hope: just like you lol

  • ace11

    Seems like just yesterday JJ was showing pictures of them in swimsuits in Barbados

  • solecito

    I feel sorry for Demi, but it’s time to move on. Ashton is gorgeous, but he’s a man-ho.

  • Yoda

    Americans are weird about marriage and love. So what if he’s still married? They both know it’s over, so he should have the right to date someone else even if it hasn’t been formalised.

  • urbigfatazz

    ashton is a hater he hates pedestrians, saw him once at coffee bean on sunset he was a mean prick !

  • laura


  • balloon


  • Nono

    Maybe he got tired of all the crap that was be written including by people on this site. Guess there was a real marriage. now the tabloids need a new story cause this one is done

  • toni

    Okay I have some things to state
    1) So their marriage wasn’t fake after all.

    2) What was the point in waiting a year to file for divorce when you’ve been done for a year and is in another relationship with someone else for almost a year. Which leads me to..

    3) I’m a fan of Mila’s, but if people are going to go after Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union, etc. and call them homewreckers when the marriages of their s/o’s were over when they began their relationships then Mila should be called out too for being a homewrecker too.

  • wren

    There is going to be some hard to look at activity by Demi soon enough. It hadn’t been a marriage for awhile, and if Demi had any self respect, she would have filed or worked towards something together. I’ve been divorced – yeah it was sad, but smart people who don’t have kids make it equitable and move on. Let’s hope the kids learn to stand by their mother, and work with her to get help….but they all sound pretty freaking self Hollywood absorbed.

  • shay

    you like or not Demi is not the problem! Can’t believe girls supports a cheater! When it’s a guy he’s great, he’s right, he’s young, this and that but when it’s a woman she’s a slut, a liar… and when the girl is depressed because she lost the man she spent yearw with, she’s a pathetic woman who can’t move one. really?

    So if you bf cheats on you it’s ok?

  • hello777

    ashton is the meaning of a bad husband, a husband who leaves the hand of his wife when she needs help, so sad.

  • hello777

    stay strong demi, hopefully you find a real man.

  • Anne

    He was probably giving Demi time and the chance to file herself, given that she is unstable, and Mila understood the situation. I think that’s pretty decent. This is not the best time but maybe Mila has waited enough.

  • mon

    @Anne: so agreed

  • kjbkj

    who the f*%^ cares! has beens!

  • lainey

    What can you say about a guy who in his 6th anniversary is out not with his wife but with some other girl cheating????Mila Kunis is no better than him.Has been couple.

  • LOL

    The annoying unintelligent bug faced kunis deserves this loser. match made in heaven.

  • chel

    He’s such a toxic character. Mila jumped the shark as soon as she hooked up with this loser.

  • ki

    Finally!! happy for them really

  • he’s bullshitting

    it’s really common knowledge by now that they were NEVER ACTUALLY MARRIED.

    the whole thing was a sham.

    and this article pretty redundant.

  • HAHAdenine

    hey denine, what do you have to say about this article?they were never married ?jokes on you.

  • HAHAdenine

    @he’s bullshitting: Mila is that you?Don’t believce his shit, he was married and now Demi is going to get what she deserves, all his money!

  • cassie

    @Odd: Ashton is not half Demi’s age. Can’t you do simple sums?

  • t

    great timing ashton douche, probably been doing pug face behind demi’s back for years,

  • ginger

    So much for all the stories sighting ‘ a source close to Mila who said they were never legally marries’. Do the tabloids just make up fictional stories?

  • tish

    #5 Yoda, ITA and i don’t know if it has anything to do being American.
    Being Canadian i think couples who have been together especially as long as this couple you both do know when it’s over. So time to move on no matter who ends up with a mate/g/f any sooner then the other. What’s the big deal except for some ppl like to gossip about what becomes old news. Main Thing is.. Move on.

  • jah

    Congrats to you Demi Moore! Blessings!
    Best gift for Christmas, and New Year 2013.

  • damn

    Why the previous last two ex-husbands cheated on her with young chicks on bed, ending with . How sadly and pitiful on Demi Moore! Double standard Cerebrities! Demi Moore you are desevered to have the money filed from divource. People are just simply jealous on you.

  • lisa

    Ashton will have to pay out when he splits with Mila ina couple of years.