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Jennifer Aniston & Gwyneth Paltrow 'Demand A Plan' Against Gun Violence

Jennifer Aniston & Gwyneth Paltrow 'Demand A Plan' Against Gun Violence

Check out Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Michelle Williams in this newly released PSA for Demand a Plan, a grassroots initiative to demand that President Obama and Congress step forward with a plan to end gun violence.

Also taking part in the star studded effort are Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Munn, Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Ellen DeGeneres, Julianne Moore, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt, Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, John Slattery, Jeremy Renner, Conan O’Brien, and more.

“How many more colleges? How many more classrooms? How many more movie theaters? How many more houses of faith?” the stars in the video ask.

Check out the PSA below.

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  • Hoe

    Great Vid!

  • Bluebell

    great video!!!!

  • Ann

    Okay…here’s a plan…why don’t we cut out violence in movies, games, and television? Let’s start with the film industry. Make all movies that have violence X-rated, including comic book violence. That way, no dumb parent can bring their kid to watch and R-rated violent movie….since it will now be X-rated. Hollywood should encourage a better rating system….that would cut the influence of violence on young kids.

  • sullivan

    It would be a more compelling video if “real” people were in it and not celebrities.

  • Terry

    @sullivan: It wouldn’t be on this site then and you would not have seen it.

  • -B-

    Great video.

    And how about we stop blaming movies and games and television. How is rating a movie X-rated going to stop dumb parents from bringing their kids? They are already bringing them to R-rated movies, they’ll get them in to the X-rated. Start demanding better policies at the movie theaters, not for censorship of movies.

    Violence has been around for centuries and centuries. We learn about it in books, at school, on the computer, in movies, through friends, etc… but common sense can prevail. How about parents talking to their children instead of blaming everyone. How about communites stepping up and making sure everyone survives in this world. How about better healthcare to help those who are sick before they get their hands on guns? How about better gun reforms? How about needing licenses and insurance if you want to own a gun. There are so many things to take into account and think about.

    Blaming movies and computer games sounds like the NRA, just blame everyone else so they can keep making money off of guns that kill. Money seems more important these days that the life of a human being.

    Like the video says, demand a plan because blaming is not a plan and it does nothing to stop this violence.

  • Terri

    As a parent my first demand would be from the television and motion picture industry. Gratuitous glorification of violence must be considered a huge contributor to today’s culture. Don’t blame the NRA. Blame every face in this video. You own the problem. You have financially benefited from the problem. Clean your own house first…then by all means point fingers.

  • Alaia

    @Ann: Such a simplistic way of looking at things. Do you think that will stop parents from buying the DVDs for their children? Do you really think that is THE problem? To quote the film Scream, “Movies don’t make serial killers, they just make serial killers more creative.” What influenced Jack the Ripper to murder several prostitutes in the 19th century? ’cause it certainly wasn’t the media!

  • debra g.

    @Ann: Great idea………I think lots of people would support this !!! I hope you promote doing this !!!!!

  • Sasi

    I think it’s quite hypocritical for a good portion of these stars demanding a change, yet seeing them in films shooting guns and starring in such violent films for us Americans is BS!

  • buckerbuck


  • Yohji

    @Sasi: Ahaha, thanks for the laugh. Blame these regular people doing their jobs for starring in violent films. Not society for treating people with mental health issues so terribly or the gun laws. People who blame it on the media are MORONS. Are you saying violence didn’t exist before the age of media? Unthinkably violent acts were committed before TV or films.

  • Ol

    I am surprised Beyonce took part in this campaign. How would J-Z react to it?

  • sillyme

    These people are effin idiots. You cannot end gun violence any more than you can end knife violence. You cannot end wars. You cannot end fighting. Grow up!

    You people in Hollywood want to make a difference, then deal with your side of it – the violence, the video games. Are you all going to stop making movies with guns? What is YOUR commitment?

  • LaCroix

    Beyonce taking part in this video is a contradiction in itself.. being married to a man that gained his fortune by talking about violence & guns. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • mo

    It is to be made possibly a child with make a distinction between reality and put representation. Of course if one parks it only before the television and does not talk with the child, it can happen they understand power in the cinema differently.
    So I find it importantly somebody what acts. Whether now VIPs or normal people.

  • XYZ

    hypocrites of the highest degree, puppets….

  • buckerbuck


  • rachel

    this video is the pinnacle of hypocracy: apparently its ok for their bodyguards to have guns to protect them from the same looneytune type that killed the kids, but jane doe like me should just be victimized: i think not. these people are for entertainment purposes only. anything beyond that that they use their spotlight for is hypocracy. had i been armed inside that school, those kids would not have been murdered. their logic is flawed. criminals never obey laws, so why make more to victimize the non-criminals. too much botox makes these people have zero common sense.

  • buckerbuck



  • angela

    wonder how much they paid them to do this video

  • rachel

    you know jennifer aniston does not believe what she preaches. it is so form of publicity for her ass

  • poor JL

    @angela: zero money, just a good PR

  • Little Miss Wicked

    Thousands and thousands of good people have guns and they don’t go around hurting people. These people that go to the movies and schools are NUTS. Just because you take there gun away doesn’t make them any less CRAZY! If they wont to hurt people they will find a way. This just puts the thousands and thousands of good people in danger!!!!!!

  • an opinion

    Celebs jumping before thinking. Demand a plan is too easy. The NRA is giving you a plan. More guns. Now what celebs?


    I don’t think they are doing it to PR..
    However I do agreee they should relax with the violence in movies, tv and stuff….altough violence was before movies.

  • Shreya

    Shame it has to take a tragedy like this shooting of innocent children for people to react. Actors like George Clooney and Brad Pitt have campaigned for this gun policy for years and even made movies about it but people ignored them. Go watch Killing them Softly and you will see how the director has tried to show us how guns are ruining USA.

  • Jungle

    I dont have the money to pay for a security system at home. I need my gun.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Not to rain on their parade, but why are these videos always shot in black & white? It’s become tired at this point. An easy, cliché way to sya “ooh, deep & dramatic!”. Otherwise, there’s surprisingly very few of them who actually appear invested in what they’re saying. Among them Chris Rock, Peter Dinklage and, surpisingly, Jennifer Aniston.

  • guest4114

    wow finally some people who maybe have the power to start a change, because they are in the public eye, you can´t denie that, do something and send a message out there. and what do people do? think it´s not right ore true because they are celebrities. at least some poeple do something about it. what the hell is wrong with this world?

  • Sarena

    @Little Miss Wicked: Idiot it makes them less dangerous so they don’t the weapon to take 26 lives.

  • Geezuz

    Everyone with a gun should be pursued. We need to get rid of these weapons.
    Please people hand in your guns and stop with the murder cases. Death is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

  • an opinion

    @Jungle: No one wants to take away your gun. Pres Obama just don’t think you need a semi automatic gun or ammo clip that kills many in seconds to keep you safe.

  • Bluebell

    Sometimes Americans are strange…
    In Europe, where I live, we have no guns in our homes! In fact I don’t even know a singel person that owns a gun.
    Educating fact: we have almost zero crimes where guns are involved! Let’s face it: you can’t hurt people as much with a knife as with a gun!

    Americans who think they need guns to protect themselves are idiots!! You do NOT need a gun to feel safe! Get proper alarm systems for your houses and relax!! The world would be a better place without guns in the nightstand!!!

    And I agree with lots of the comments before! Hollywood should stop making bloody movies!!!!!

  • Marina

    I know people will blame me, hate me for this, whatever. You know why ? Bc I’m not a citizen of this country, blame me if you want to.
    The thing is, people all around the world have watched this. Americans discussing what to do with the gun laws. Over and over and over again. Innocent people being shot while being in a movie theatre, now children. Why does always have to happen sth bad first ? Why can’t we prevent these things. And I’m not only talking about America here. For me the thing is this: I’m German (don’t come me with that Nazi thing now, I’m not so stupid to react to that). Till the age of about 13, I didn’t even know that a good amount of people in America have guns, a looooot of people. A few year later I asked my mom, “why does almost everyone have a gun with them ?” she responded – “they’re allowed to, it’s normal there”. And I’m not saying that Germany doesn’t have any difficult problems etc, but this shocked me. Shocked. I asked myself how sth like that can be normal. Ever. I never understood. You can be safe without a gun. ‘course I understand if you live in a dangerous area etc. But still. According to the motto, ‘I’m in a bad mood, hate my mom, let’s shoot some people”. It’s not the movies, it’s not the media. It’s us. We as human beings have to do sth. Of course I know that a rampage also happened in Germany, it was horrible. But the possibilty here that it happens is low. I mean it. When the NRA said “if the principal/teacher would’ve had a gun etc”. I actually thought WTF ! I also thought, yeah right, if I have an argument with my neighbour tomorrow, I’m gonna grab my gun. Problem solved. For me, guns aren’t any form of problem solvers, they’re problem makers. So please, it’s far too late for that. But change sth, citizens of America, change.

  • Bluebell


  • anomisa

    One, almost all of these celeb-retards have starred in a film or a tv show that glorified violence. Two, almost all of them travel with armed security everywhere they go. Puke!

  • Change

    Maybe the real problem is that this video – which was meant to inspire – is being commented on negatively. This video was posted to show an important message – a change is needed. Regardless of how many of you feel how to go about that, or your aversion to some of the stars or disliking that its in black and white.. how about we stand together and agree that something needs to change. I choose to focus on the positive message of this video and would love to help make a change anyway I can.

  • Halie

    I agree with rachel, Jenifer Aniston don’t care her desperate behind is looking for all the pr she can get.

  • ozzie

    Guns and television violence are not how you produce a killer …

    If you go back at look at the school shootings you will find most of the shooters were treated as outcast and victims of violence themselves.

    One of the dirty truth America hides from the world and itself is that there is violence and neglect in almost all of the families in this country. It has nothing to do with what young people see on TV and all to do with what they see in their families and lives.

    It’s very common place for people to beat their children here and neglect them during key developmental years.

    A large part of the problem is we are not allowed to teach psychology and human development in most of the k-12 schools because religion is at odds with actual science.

    It has everything to do with the way we treat each other and care for each other. It’s nothing to do with movies, tv, or video games.

  • Little Miss Wicked

    @Sarena: You missed the point idiot! What about knife crimes? You can go to home depot and get a nail gun or a gas can to blow things up. You dont need a gun to hurt people. Owning a gun doesn’t turn you into a bad person. Alot of people own guns. The people that do these Violent crimes are INSANE and just because you take everybodys gun away doesn’t make them less crazy, moron! If we are trying to think proactively maybe we should do more to get help for those who are mentally ill.

  • Tess

    I am a huge nerd and love a lot of projects these actors put out. BUT…if we fool ourselves into thinking that media has little to do with violence in our society, we will continue to see these horrendous incidents. Violence in the media has effects. Man has been violent since for thousands of years, but never in the history of our civilization has storytelling been so readily accessible. And I think it is a piece of a terrifying puzzle that makes up people like Adam Lanza, James Holmes, and the slew of other deranged psychopaths. But Hollywood is in the business of making money. And stylized violence = cash. So just saying “It’s guns, get rid of them!” isn’t going to solve the deeper problem. And criminals will find a way to use weapons of destruction, whether guns are outlawed or not.

  • Dave Franco

    I agree. Gun violence will always exist… it’s the mentally ill we need to take care of. Look at Canada… we got mold the system like theirs.

    NRA are bunch of fools but these came celebs use guns for protection against stalkers… they’re gonna change their story.

  • Little Miss Wicked

    @Dave Franco: I agree its the mentally ill that need to be taken care of!

  • hexxuss

    A plan!? That’s easy – remove the criminals with violent tendencies. Newsflash, the criminals don’t give 2 craps about the current gun laws, and they’ll continue to care JUST as much about future ones!! Shouldn’t need ‘Big Brother’ holding our hands on every issue – next thing you know people will want them to tell us when to crap & wipe!

  • Daphne

    Oh how special because these blowhards made a video. Guess what? We know something needs to be done without seeing their mugs.

  • Lauriane

    I’m not American but I follow this debate. As a European (I’m French) I think guns in the US should be banned, I mean you should have a strong control o guns and give licence as it is the case with cars.It is not normal that anyone can buy a gun, people should be tested (psychologically) and those who are known to be violent, who already went to jail etc shouldn’t have the right to carry a gun.
    But in the mean time I understand that this kind of thing is difficult to do since it’s the 2nd Amendment that gives you this right, there is also the lobby thing (money rules really everything and everywhere, not just in the US and I’m not only talking about guns).But hey,what’s the point to have a big gun to defend yourself, I really don’t understand.In Europe,we do not defend ourselves like that, many people don’t even have a security system and we do not have the same rate concerning violence,so guns are definitly not the solution.

    I just wanted to give my opinion but I don’t have all the facts.I never went to the US so I know my opinion does not take into account the cultural thing and all of this.

  • Lauriane

    And by the way, I didn’t say it but all these mass murder are horrible, even more when it’s young children.

  • Aranka Paul

    #6 -B-, I couldn’t agree with you more. The education about non-violence should start with parents. I am certain that Nancy Lanza was aware of the fact that her son had emotianal/mental issues. How could she not. She even complained to the owners of the local restaurant she used to frequent that her son was a problematic boy. Hey, she lives in a million dollar home, drives nice Honda, has all these guns and you mean to tell me that she could not afford good mental care for her son. What does she do, she takes this son to the shooting range – are you kidding me. That boy should have been in a padded cell, never mind the shooting range. Where was her head, how could she have not used common sence and motherly instinct. This is what happens when parents act like ostriges and burry their heads in the sand “see no evel, hear no evil”. And where was the father, did he know the severity of this young man’s problems. I just don’t buy that not a living soul knew the gravity of the kid’s situation. I simply can’t wrap my head around the fact that the mother kept all these lethal guns within the reach of the mentally unstable boy. I do feel sorry for the mother and I don’t. I truly feel so much loss and sadness towards the twenty six people who had nothing to do with this crazy family and who lost ther precious lives for nothing, absolutely nothing. The mother wanted the boy to “fit in” (I have read this in the papers). What does that tell us, it tells us that mother knew that the boy didn’t fit in. I am convinced that due to her actions or lack of, she indirectly caused this horrible tragedy.

  • V for Vendetta

    It’s all funy making this stupid video to put Americans to sleep..If the government really wants to gun control, they have to stop gun lobbies first and the holywood movies..I feel sorry for the Americans for both whom died with the tragic incident and whom in a deep sleep!