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Jennifer Aniston & Gwyneth Paltrow 'Demand A Plan' Against Gun Violence

Jennifer Aniston & Gwyneth Paltrow 'Demand A Plan' Against Gun Violence

Check out Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, and Michelle Williams in this newly released PSA for Demand a Plan, a grassroots initiative to demand that President Obama and Congress step forward with a plan to end gun violence.

Also taking part in the star studded effort are Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Munn, Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Ellen DeGeneres, Julianne Moore, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt, Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, John Slattery, Jeremy Renner, Conan O’Brien, and more.

“How many more colleges? How many more classrooms? How many more movie theaters? How many more houses of faith?” the stars in the video ask.

Check out the PSA below.

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  • urbigfatazz

    @Little Miss Wicked:


  • toni

    I congratulate them for speaking out about this but I find it quite sad that it took this long for the outrage to fully come out. We should have been this active and forceful when Columbine happened.
    I will say
    1) We really need to speak about mental illness in this country. It is time to stop downplaying and ignoring this as a whole and we really need to speak out more about this.
    2) Yes I am not a fan of guns and I want them to be regulated, but banning guns completely will not stop criminals. They will find ways to get guns. Matter of fact, most of them don’t even have registered and legal guns right now anyways.

  • JJ

    I have to disagree. If we have gun laws all thats going to do is keep innocent people from being able to protect themselves, while the criminals will find a way to get the guns no matter what. If they are insane, they will find a way to get the guns. We nee to stop focusing so much on the guns and start focusing on those who are so mentally ill. And instead of just sitting around and not doing anything about it when they notice something is wrong, why don’t we actually try to get them help. And just because we have stricter gun laws doesn’t mean they wouldn’t find another way. Its the mentally ill we have to worry about getting help, not stricter gun laws.

  • lwwl

    Only focus the gun control wouldn’t fix the problem. The mental illness system need to improve as well. There is already wrong that gun actually is cheaper than antidepressant prescriptions and psychiatrist consultant fees.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Those “guns” on the one mighty and strong in Anchorman 2004 are the plan. Just you watch.

  • kelly

    Blah Blah Blah. Start a foundation to combat the power the NRA has. This video is just a ego booster and most likely was started by some of these actors/actresses pr agency.

  • Marie

    If Hollywood really cares about gun violence, they would stop glamourizing it in their movies and video games. They are just as much to blame. Funny how they take out violent scenes after a gun attack, but have no problem filming it and releasing it as long as there is not violence around it’s premier. They can all start by telling their bodyguards to give up their guns. I also guarantee most of these celebrities (minus Paltrow) probably own a gun since they are the do as I say and not as I do crowd.

  • Marie

    So you want to stop blaming movies for these horrific murders, but want to blame the NRA? hypocrite. We need tougher gun control laws for sure, but people who are members of the NRA are usually hunters and competition shooters. Parents has lost control of parenting their kids. I think people who own guns should have to have them secured in a safe as we do. Parents need to start parenting their kids appropriately and be responsible if you own guns. We are gun owners, but they are locked in a safe, not a gun case. Not all Americans should have guns, but a ban is not going to happen. Ban the 2nd Amendment and soon to follow will be a ban on the 1st Amendment which we all know Hollywood will bitch about.

  • Little Miss Wicked


  • WhatATool

    Beyonce taking part in this video is a contradiction in itself.. being married to a man that gained his fortune by talking about violence & guns. Hypocrisy at its finest.
    How many rappers have gunned down people in schools or house of worship,or unarmed teen for playing loud music,last time I checked it was a proud NRA gun tottin whack job

  • WhatATool

    Does anyone remember what the President said at the prayer vigil
    “No single law — no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world, or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society. But that can’t be an excuse for inaction”
    No one is saying people can’t own guns. But No one needs a gun that can Spray bullets! The babies killed in Newtown had 3 to 11 bullets in their bodies
    When Need Change Now

  • nani

    Pure Hipocrisy.. J.Aniston spent the day after the tragedy in a spa caring for herself. Now she goes there to talk about enough to guns? Is she really worried about all that damage? Is she actually worried about others? And her mother, for instance? What about her?

  • Kel

    1) Many of you people should ask yourselves first :”have I endorsed these violent movies, games, etc.?”… because sadly most likely the answer is yes, I know I have…. So instead of blaming filmmakers, STOP providing a paycheck for these people and think twice before endorsing this booming market.

    2) With regards to the bigger picture: Gun violence is so prevalent in America because of your gun laws. I live in Canada and gun violence is not as prominent b/c with the exception of police, people are not allowed to own guns. This case (Sandy Hook) is a very dark part of American history now b/c it could have been avoided. The government MUST make it so that except for police and such, REGULAR CIVILIANS should by NO MEANS be allowed to own guns. What difference does it make if “certain civilians” are allowed to own guns? The young man who went to go and shoot these poor victims did not own a gun himself… it was his own mother (no criminal record) who had purchased this gun for “self protection”.. meanwhile it was the instrument which ultimately caused her own death!!!
    I also understand that in order to own guns for “self protection” you must be 18 or older….so how are people being “protected” when children were harmed since they aren’t allowed to own a gun b/c they are underage!! By supporting that people should own guns in your country… you are paying a great disrespect to these victims and their families and are ultimately letting them die in vain if these gun laws are not changed. It is absolutely barbaric to keep stupid gun laws (some have which have been effective since 1791) if all it has done is cause harm in your country. How can you even keep asinine laws like that effective b/c of “the constitution” or whatever. Slavery has been banned…. do you think we should keep that policy alive too??
    I understand it will be a big, expensive project that the government will have to take… but as a human beings… I seriously hope that we have not grown so selfish that making money is more important than our fellow human being’s life….

  • Sean

    I like how people act as if it is the celebrities fault that these things happen. People are saying they are hypocrites because they make money off of violence in movies. How is it their fault they might make an action movie and some random nutcase goes on a killing spree. Why should the rest of us suffer because some people take things to an extreme and decide hmm i’m gonna kill someone today but it’s ok everyone will blame the movies.

    I’m from Australia. Our last major shooting massacre was back in the early 90s. We got guns under control and we don’t have major shootings. You guys have like 3 or more a year. It’s terrible. I also think there needs to be some major mental health care needed in the USA.

  • just a thought

    Except for Beyonce none of those people have any power in Hollywood to get things changed. I wonder where all the major celebs were.

  • urbigfatazz

    @Little Miss Wicked:

    last time i’m going to say it, automatic , high powered guns with high capacity clips MAKES IT EASIER TO CAUSE QUICK AND EASY DESTRUCTION ……. i didnt say anyone would disappear, UGH if i said this please point it out to me OK

  • Lawrence

    Poor misguided celebrities, nothing better to do then spin their heels. Guns aren’t the problem, its the people using them. Gun laws work, yet wackos and others will always find a way around them so all this talk about tighter gun laws is just going to make the rats move underground. Sure take away are means of defending ourselves and mean “us” not the celeb’s who have bodyguards, they’re such hypocrites. Some how they’re lives our worth more then mine or anyone else’s?, screw that!. Well thats what owning a gun for is sweetie, people use to do back in the day of course people were less stupid back then and could be trusted to use a gun for defense and food only*lol*.

  • Little Miss Wicked

    @urbigfatazz: If you outlawed the high powered guns, criminals would us low powered one….. or not even a gun a weapon is a weapon. If someone wants to hurt someone they well thats my point!

  • lana

    Banning guns, weapons or whatever does NOT solve anything. People do not realize that the killers or the gunmen in the news lately were mentally sick. People have to take action on organizing and planning more institutions for these kind of people, such as, better and functional system to treat these kind of behaviour. If you guys didn’t realise, in the Sandy Hook incident, the gunman did not purchase or collect any guns from retail, his MOTHER owned these weapons. The questions is, why the f*ck would the mother keep weapons in her household when she knew that she has a sick child living with her?

  • Hal

    People all around the world see movies, violent and non violent movies yet most of the times these tragedies happen in the US. It’s too easy to buy and own a gun in the US. It’s that crazy idea that everybody has a right to legally own a gun that brings on these tragedies. In the hand of mentally unstable persons this idea is dangerous.

  • Anne

    Stop kissing the gun lobby ass. That’s the first line of the plan.

  • Anne

    @Hal: Exactly! What the person that are blaming Hollywood are forgetting is that almost everybody around the globe sees the same violent movies the American people see, even in the most peaceful countries. So, violence in movies and video games is definitely not the problem but the fact that it is too easy to buy guns in the US.

  • Jared

    Celebrities spent much of the last ten years waiting for the Iraq war to go bad so they could act like it was Vietnam era again. They spent so much time becoming distant and worshiping a big golden idol that has only led this country further down into the hole. I don’t care what they have to say about anything.

    Maybe Brad Pitt can come on and talk a bout how great it is that the drug war is over. Sure, he won’t talk about how bad drug abuse is and how a negative affect it has on people’s communities. He’s a guy who got 7 mil for a stupid commericial. Go count your money and shut up.

  • Ann, you rock

    @Ann: I know, I find some of these actors hypocritical… and you put it back in their face. They see no problem in using that same gun that they prohibit in their movies. Free publicity and good PR for these celebs. They make way too much money… more money than anyone deserves or could use in a thousand lifetimes. Why don’t they just take what the need and give the rest to this anti-gun cause, then I’d believe them.

  • erin

    jen aniston’s face is so expressive

  • erin

    my opinion is that we have to forbid arms!

  • erin

    oops, we have to forbid guns!

  • Shreya

    @ Jared: why are you dragging Brad’s view on the drug policy into this gun policy debate? Is it because you hate him and will take any chance to criticise him or because Jennifer was in the video?

    Brad has campaigned to get the gun policy changed for years and even made movies like Killing them Softly to show us that guns will always destroy humanity. That guns are slowly but surely killing people around the world and especially in USA.

    So if you want to bash the celebrities for this video then bash those who are actually in the video and not those who aren’t shown.

  • Mike

    Give me a break! Why the hell would you have a dumbo like Jennifer Aniston making any comments when she is as cluless as a dumb bell.? WTF! . Aniston paid the same agent Huvane millions to get her photo taken to be seen on JJ’s but doesn’t mind her parade of goons (bodyguards) surrounding her with their big toting GUNS..
    For that matter everyone of these ppl are agent Huvane hypocrite hacks. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Money talks Bullshyte walks. Give us something real JJ pulease.

    We all have been around long enough to know how much Huvane paid you . Pathetic!!!!

  • WF

    People who are blaming violence on movies and video games have been misinformed, because there has never been a strong study to indicate a correlation between violence in the media and violence in people. Taking violence out of video games and movies will not solve anything, and you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Some of the most brutal killings have been done before video games and other forms of mass media, and in fact, murder rates have been DECREASING (felt I needed to make that clear).
    The truth is, the United States has one of the highest percentages of deaths by firearms. I am from Canada, but I have also traveled to Europe many times, and I cannot honestly say I have met anyone who even owns a gun, and it’s safe to say that murder rates are significantly lower both in Europe, and in Canada. Of course there are many other factors to this, but gun control laws are one of the bigger factors.
    Guns are a security blanket for many Americans, but it really doesn’t keep you or your loved ones safe. Many killings have been linked to children finding guns within their households, playing with them, and accidentally shooting themselves, or loved ones. Making guns more difficult to obtain would be a step in the right direction.
    In short, guns were created as tools to kill, and I personally do not believe belong in the home, and should be near impossible to obtain.

  • Just an observation

    1. There are over 40,000 gun laws on the books in the US today.
    2. Crazy people and criminals don’t abide by laws.
    3. Deinstitutionalization of the seriously mentally I’ll in the 70s and 80s by a bunch of bleeding heart social workers under the guise of keeping dysfunctional families in tact has resulted in Sandy Hook, NYC subway murder, and countless other tragedies along with homelessness.
    4. Decriminalize drugs.
    5. Release all non-violent drug offenders.
    6. Eliminate the DEA.
    7. Retrofit prisons to provide appropriate facilities for those mentally ill best served in long-term institutional care.
    8. Fund with savings from disbanded DEA and associated costs to convict and imprison non-violent drug crimes.

    As for these self-important celebrities, this smacks of disingenuous self-promotion. To other commenters’ points, they’re entitled to 24/7 armed protection because they make garbage tv, movies and music, but I’m on my own unless I find a way to join their elite clique of the undeserving haves. I think not.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Lana at #69: The Sandy Hook and Aurora shooters were both bipolar. A result of their parents breeding with defective seed. The same defective seed that was tossed in Clarice Starling’s face in Silence of the Lambs, by that psycho who was in the cell next to Dr Hannibal Lecter. Defective seed is a result of no genuine whole wheat in the daily diet.

  • DFQ


    That doesn’t mean kids are going to stop watching any of the R-rated movies, or stop playing those games! That is a stupid plan.

    And it’s not like Hollywood would ever do it. Why would they lose half of their profits? They don’t care!

    The whole plan is to half parents actually PAYING ATTENTION to their children. I mean, how stupid can you be? Just put a new rating on and teenage kids (Who are rebelling because they either think it’s cool or because their parents give them too much space) will suddenly start thinking ‘oh, I guess we can’t watch this anymore’. NO- Teenagers won’t do that. Marijuana is illegal, do teenagers suddenly care? No. Everday there are cases of teenagers overdosing on drugs.

    The problem is that TEENAGERS WILL NOT CHANGE unless PARENTS take their own stupid responsibility seriously and keep a COLLAR ON THEIR CHILDREN.

    Honestly, it’s stupid how you think that suddenly with a new rating on any entertainment means people will suddenly take a liking.

    The problem is that everyone talks but no body acts. Take the stupid responsibility, take your stupid children, don’t constantly give them trust that they DON’T deserve, take care of them and don’t spoil them.

    What irritates me more than anything is that if you suddenly smack a child, because this specific child might have crossed the line, you’re immediately put into jail. I honestly think that corporal punishment should be brought back. I mean, parents should have liscence’, because sometimes there are right moments to discipline and there are moments where it is not appropriate.

    The advertisement was lovely though. I wouldn’t have commented on this page had I not seen your idiotic comment.

  • Annie

    I think you got a silly set of priorities by saying that video games and movies should be banned over guns. Would I prefer that kids didn’t play violent games? Sure! I wouldn’t call killing “virtual” people a form of healthy entertainment, but it’s not doing any proper harm if its stays that way, take it from Canada and other places, they got the same movies and games and still have low crime rates, but when you take a gun into your own hands, that’s in a whole ‘nother level of potential damage. REAL damage.

    Besides from that, I think America has become such a neurotic nation with a false sense of security. I may sound naive, but for me, the sense of security doesn’t come from having guns to counterattack, it comes from not having to worry that someone will attack you in the first place!

    Yes, I think guns should be banned, but most of all we need proper mental health treatment at zero or low cost, good parenting, efficient policing and etc…

    This generation is so hyperbolic that they rather take action into their own hands over seeking for help or treatment and trying to find ways to have a regular peaceful life. This saddens me deeply. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims.


    1) Revise mental health care and its laws. This “we can’t do anything until they actually hurt someone” policy is why these kids are dead. In addition, weigh the rights of the many with the rights of the one. If you have cancer and don’t take your medicine, you die. If you have schizophrenia and don’t take your medicine, other people could die. There’s a balance.

    Also, low cost to no cost medicine should be made available.

    2) Tighter monitoring and restriction on forms of violent entertainment, especially video games. Video games are inherently different than movies because they are constructed from the player’s perspective. You don’t see yourself in the game because you are the one seeing; moreover, it’s the pinnacle of narcissism because everything exists in that world *for you*: everything exists to make you better or worse. Other’s are merely puppets in the play, and when you pull the trigger with the remote control and they die, there’s no empathy for them because they don’t matter.

    And transference of that perspective from the inner world of the game to the outer world is all-too-easy for a young person/mentally unstable/ill person who lacks the self-awareness to understand this potential and readjust his/her mindset. The video game and reality merge with each other to become the same.

    3) Tighten up gun control laws, although this is futile if the parent is stupid enough to keep guns in the house with ha psychotic child. That’s what sadden me most about the whole incident: mom’s stupidity was a required element in the horrible crime.

    4) Ultimately, it’s up to parents to not be moronic idiots who let their kids have a free-for-all when it comes to violent games, etc. Parents, don’t be stupid.


    One more

    5) An unfortunate effect of globalization and the media is that massacres garner such attention and horror not only from a small community, but from the world at large. Again, it is the perspective of the shooter that comes into play – just as he wishes to own the world of the game, to incorporate it into his own ego (to see all) he wishes to be acknowledged in some way (which the video game cannot do, other than “points”), to be recognized by all. A literal massacre is the way this ego-need is fulfilled: not only cannot he not be ignored any longer, he has superceded everything, even life. He played God by taking life, and then died as God too.

    This ego need would exist apart from the media, but the precedent of worldwide media recognition of such tragedies guarentees his success a priori.

    Destroy this ego-supply and you take away at least part of his reward…

  • Hal

    The equation is easy, the more people own guns the more likely some nutter is among them who uses them in a dangerous way. Befitting from this is the NRA

  • Ced

    Maybe if there weren’t so many guns out there, then bodyguards wouldn’t have to wear guns to protect celebrities

  • Ced

    For example in London cops don’t guns and it’s going pretty well

  • TheDudeAbides

    DFQ at #83 is basically right. Plus stop making autistic bipolar semi schizophrenic children who have to wear glasses at age five.

  • Adrianna

    This video really touched me.

  • devil’s advocate

    Jennifer Aniston. Isn’t that the person whose boyfriend wears a
    pistol charm dangling on a chain around his neck???

  • Dd

    Guns don’t kill… People kill.

  • h

    Good job!

  • A

    I am a truther, and it’s about time you become one too.

  • Marla Gold

    This video would be more powerful if they used victims/survivors of violence. @Ann 100% agree why not cut out violence in Hollywood. You’re right let’s start with stricter censoring laws in Hollywood. Half the actors in this video have appeared in violent movies involving guns.

  • Rike

    I just read that every year in America approx. 30,000 get shot and killed, another 200,000 get injured by guns.
    I’m glad to live in Europe where people don’t have guns at home as if it was the most normal thing! That is so bizarre about America, it’s beyond my imagination how someone (who isn’t a policeman or a hunter) could own firearms. Could I really simply buy a gun in a supermarket just like buying some candies? Unbelieveable.

  • Gupta

    That’s exactly what I’ve been saying too. Cut the violence from media and games and change Quentin Tarantino like violent movies to x-rated.

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