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Kate Bosworth: Fatburger Lunch with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Fatburger Lunch with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish make a stop at Fatburger for a quick lunch on Saturday afternoon (December 22) in Studio City, Calif.

Before lunch, the couple went shopping at The Americana at Brand in Glendale.

Kate and Michael werespotted holding hands earlier in the week while heading to their car in a parking garage.

Michael recently tweeted Kate a picture of a tattoo that read, “She’s more myself than I am, whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same.” Love the quote!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish out for lunch…

Just Jared on Facebook
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 01
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 02
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 03
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 04
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 05
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 06
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 07
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 08
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 09
kate bosworth michael polish fatburger lunch 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Poppy

    Of course you love that quote! You’re on her payroll aren’t you, Jared?
    Bahahaha, like this anorexic skank would eat a burger?!!!!!

  • Suze

    They aren’t clinging to one another? It’s a Christmas miracle! I still don’t understand why this “actress” gets so many posts on here.

  • commonsense

    My God their tweets to each other are so self-indulgent, vain and pretentious! Kate has certainly found her soul-mate in this fool! How can they be so completely lacking in self-awareness?

  • Kelly

    She NEEDS a fatburger.

  • ??

    I don’t get his hair.
    Does he think that slicking it back like that is attractive? Wrong
    Or does he think that it makes him look ‘artistic’? Wrong again.
    Poor Kate. She goes from Orlando, to Alex, to THAT?
    Maybe she was just tired of being with men who are prettier than she is?

  • Eresyn

    Maybe i am fashion challenged, but i really don’t get the “heavy sweater/summer pegged jeans” combo…unless you were at the beach and suddenly turned very cold, it makes no sense to me…Anyway, she HAD to ruin it even more by adding those awful boots…OMG please, somebody get her a new pair and kill the old ones with fire!!!

  • Trish

    Very awkward looking in these photos and what;s up with his scarf???

  • Celeste

    this guy, not only is truly frightening and disgusting but an absolutely pathetic loser.

  • ladybug

    @Eresyn: I don’t mind the sweater but the capri/sweater/bootie combo if you can pull it off. Thjis combo looked better on Charlize.And she’s rolled up the jeans, which just looks dorky.

    And aren’t those her favorite booties, that she seemed to wear all the time last year?

    At least she gave us a three day break from PapWalkFameWhoring.

    Sometimes I wonder what MP really feels-he’s gone from indie director to self-indulgent Twitterer and willing famewhore. Does he have any self-respect left?

    ??: His hair’s not as gelled as it usually is. And she’s combed hers.

    I don’t think it’s so much that MP’s less pretty (though that may help). She’s the ‘star’ in this couple, and he is completely devoted to her in a way that the previous exes I don’t think ever where or were going to be. He seems to think she’s the most beautiful woman, a great actress, a fashion icon, etc. He appears to find the famewhoring, clinginess and neediness positive traits, whereas the exes didn’t.

    @Trish, he likes scarves:

  • Tanter

    “She’s more myself than I am, whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same.” – good grief! o.O Could you say over the top and oversharing at the same time :puke:

  • Uh huh

    She probably purged it from her body soon after eating.

  • They look UN clean

    Don’t know what’s wrong with these two but they look dirty as if they need a boiling shower with a good scrub.

    Who are they? They make me think of another weird couple Bilson and Christensen. The last pretends to be bothered by the paps and this one doesn’t even pretend to hide that it’s a showmance.

    NICE and merry xmas!

  • danielik

    She wants to smell some food…

  • Hmmm


    It really is gag inducing, especially when you consider that he is a 40 something year old man. This is like teenage level stuff.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Just browsing through and I see the usual KB thread LOL. I like her outfit especially the sweater. Oh and I see there is a half namesake @14 Hola!

    Pssst I have the same boots as KB but mine are cleaner so I don’t feel as bad when people criticize hers.:)

  • Idgi

    I don’t see how you can make fun of what someone eats.

  • Whycantipost


    Uhm, we make fun of what she DOESN’T eat. That’s a big difference (about a 50pound difference xD)

  • Polish the lap dog

    Polish is a titty baby, lap dog, unemployed director oh I forgot the topshop commercial he directed so he did have work :) With the kind help of HW tramp , looser Kate Bozwhore
    I bet he has to ask really nicely pretty please if he can have a shIt just incase he might upset her for not asking
    and where’s her step daughter jasper considering there soooooo close.

  • Sandy

    The proportions of that outfit make her look like a small child.

  • ladybug

    @Hmmm: It’s not any better than a couple of months ago when his Twitter page had the photo of him wearing a t-shirt that said ‘I Fu*** love Kate’. How tweenish.

    @Polish the lap dog: he’s like a lap dog, or a duck that’s imprinted on her. It’s rather pathetic.

  • stevie

    She’s so gorgeous and happy!

  • chelle

    Those freaking booties could probably walk all on their own… Nastiness the both of them…. just saying

  • harlo

    Love KB.

  • ladybug

    She really can’t wear jeans well, can she? The previous papwalk jeans were almost too tight-and badly styled, and these look better but don’t fit her at all in the crotch.

    Oh, MP:

    (also, doesn’t look like a moon, looks like a giant banana, but maybe that’s just me).

  • ND

    I fully expect to be in the minority here: I like this outfit, although apart from the shoes. I’d like to see a more substantial boot, like a motorcycle boot over some skinny-but-still-relaxed fit jeans, but otherwise, this looks like a really comfortable outfit for a chill afternoon. They booth look really relaxed and happy with each other and it looks like she curled her hair or used a blow dryer instead of letting it dry flat to her head. It must be her Christmas gift to us. Have a happy holiday, everyone!

  • chelle

    @ND: The best Christmas gift she could give would be to disappear along with blohan and Kartrashians

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I honestly don´t mind JJ keeps posting about her – she´s my guilty pleasure … it´s more the tweets they send to each other that makes me a little … yeah, let´s just call it sick. They behave like a couple of 14 year olds.

  • ladybug

    @ND: I like the outfit, from a distance. And I don’t mind the shorter pants/sweater combo because my legs don’t get that cold, but my top half does.
    But, in her case she’s also probably wearing it because apparently it’s the ‘new’ style or whatever, Charlize has been papped in a similar outfit.
    So, she’s still a fashion follower, not leader.

    @chelle, I consider it a Christmas present that they weren’t draped all over themselves like spider monkeys, as is their usual style.
    Though maybe for a New Year’s treat we’ll get paps photos from her birthday next week, maybe bikini shots from Mexico?

    @InsertCoolNameHere: She is a guilty pleasure, isn’t she? As previous posters have mentioned, she’s not as obviously screwed up as a LeAnne Rimes or LiLo or Amanda Bynes. Or even Demi Moore. But she still has ‘issues’, you can’t help but pay some attention, even if you don’t want it. Despite what her fans claim, it isn’t about her exes, it’s really about her.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    Yes, a guilty pleasure indeed. Because I do want be updated about her “work” and other stuff, but I don´t really want to at the same time. Makes sense?? :p – and JJ keeps posting about her.

  • ladybug

    @InsertCoolNameHere: JJ keeps posting on her, the Daily Mail does, I think Popsugar does. But on a regular basis they’re really the only gossip pages/sites that do. The others will go months without a post on her. I’m presuming that she gets mention on the fashion sites.
    But isn’t that about it? The fashion sites will continue to cover her, since she’s such a fashion icon (rolls eyes). But she’s not really a movie star, and MP’s isn’t famous in the gossip or fashion way (despite DM’s attempts to make him into some hot fashion accessory of Kate’s).

    I do have to admire her continuing famewhoring, though. she doesn’t give up, no matter how obvious and try-hard she may seem to most everyone else.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I´m still formulating my opinion about her … it changes a little by every new update – Sooo, I´m not subscribing to one specific theory.
    Before I read the comments in here I thought she was liked. Not talented or praised by all, but generally liked and I got curious. Did some research to get a better feel of her (for lack of better word) reputation and boy did I learn a thing or two. Yeah, so much is gossip and speculations = needs to be thrown away, but on the other hand … some of it is sadly way to obvious.

  • ladybug

    @InsertCoolNameHere: I don’t hate her, I don’t think she’s evil or even a famewhore on the level of, say, the Kardashians.
    But I think she got caught up in the more superficial aspects of the fame that came her way post Blue Crush. Admittedly, I don’t think she’s that terribly talented-whether it be acting or jewelry ‘designing’ , but what she has I think she could have done better to try and cultivate it. I don’t get the impression that she has tried. Or if she once did, she does no longer.
    Reading her interviews from when she was in Australia during the SK-II promotion, she just seemed so delusional about her talent and such. And I don’t think she even realized it.
    Her fans claim that those of who don’t like her don’t like her because of who she’s dated, or because she’s a fashion icon, and we’re fat jealous fan-girls.
    I don’t think her fans give her enough credit-she can be quite unlikable and off-putting on her own.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    The way I see it, things went south for her during/after Superman Returns. But probably also her relationship with OB – he was so big in that period. It screwed her up – looking at her timeline.

    I do think she does the things/projects that she feels are awesom (in terms of the fashion projects and other things related – the movies are probably more like what she could get), but the final touches could be better. It seems like it´s always half way there.

  • Inquiring minds want to know..

    Aren’t you all bored of making the same comments again and again over similar pictures of them? Even as a mindless endeavor to waste time like playing online games, after awhile it gets old and you at least need a new game. Isn’t it time to move on? Picking your nose has more merit at this point.

  • ladybug

    @Inquiring minds want to know..: Pot, meet kettle.

    @InsertCoolNameHere: I still wonder what Kevin Spacey was thinking, making sure she got cast as Lois Lane in SR. She was just all sorts of wrong for that part.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    Hmmm … her eyes are still pretty cool. Heterochromia iridum. I do love that about her. But okay, a person´s born with that. Not hard.

    Inquiring minds want to know: As long as she is in this area of work she will be talked about. I don´t think she get much att like the others thou, so who cares what we write here. It´s just a gossip site.

  • ladybug

    @InsertCoolNameHere: As you mentioned, her eyes in a sense don’t have anything to do with what makes her her, she’s not the only one who has this condition, and if the most unique thing about her isn’t really anything to do with her personally or personality, not really a good sign.

    She’s not going away anytime soon, even if she’s not as popular as she was, with electronic media there is always going to be a site out there that’ll post about her on occasion. Even if most everyone who glances at that post goes: who?

  • ladybug

    So, once again, married or not married?

    Kate Bosworth @katebosworth

    my hubby, the baker.

  • Macy

    Again hey? Good lord, I was hoping for a Christmas miracle that these two would drop off the face of the earth, but I guess not.

    I saw that. Interesting slip.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Oh, they’re not dropping off the face of the Earth anytime soon.

    The hubby thing. Can’t decide if it’s part of a pr ploy, as has been suggested by some commenters. Or if, like calling Jasper her stepdaughter when she may not legally/formally be, MP will be her husband and she just calls him that already.

  • ladybug

    And the DM is back to noticing how tiny she is:

    From the looks of her shrinking frame, Kate Bosworth hasn’t tucked into any greasy, fat-laden food in a very long time.

    But the super skinny actress was spotted walking inside a Fatburger on Saturday in the Studio City section of L.A. with fiancé Michael Polish.

  • Tulip

    I think calling MP her husband or Jasper her step daughter are merely terms of endearment at this point. It’s Kate’s way of saying she loves them that much and thinks of them as her family. It’s sweet.
    @ladybug: I like the picture on Kate’s twitter of MP baking.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: I don’t consider ‘husband’ or ‘step-daughter’ terms of endearment (nor any step appendage). They’re more straight forward labels for me.
    Hubs, hubby, yeah, that’s a term of endearment/nickname. And I’m sure that she’s got nicknames for Jasper and MP that she doesn’t use in Twitter posts or interviews.

  • Macy

    Who knows? She did use hubby, so maybe she’s just decided to call him that in advance of actually being married. I can’t believe she would get married without trying to sell photos and getting press about it by blabbing to magazines. When it happens, it will be more Timberlake/Biel than Reynolds/Lively, that’s for sure.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: She may actually want a low-key wedding, but I also think she wants some publicity for it, however she can get it, whomever will cover it. Can’t imagine a cover for her, not at this point, but she’ll probably get blurbs in some of the print mags. And on the websites. And most casual readers will be ‘who?’

  • Tanter

    Polish is 32?

  • Suze

    @Tanter: According to the DM, yes. He’s actually 42.

  • ladybug

    @Suze: The DM’s been making that mistake for several posts now, and it’s been pointed out in the comments repeatedly. So, of course, they’ve not corrected it.

  • Suze

    @ladybug: I’ve noticed that too. I guess they don’t care, maybe?

  • ladybug

    @Suze: Nope. The funny thing is you can tell that they just cut/paste/rcopy a lot of content because once they make a mistake they keep repeating it, even when pointed out repeatedly.