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Orlando Bloom: Christmas Shopping with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom: Christmas Shopping with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom is as happy as can be to spend some quality father-son time with his boy Flynn while doing some last minute Christmas shopping on Saturday (December 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier that day, the 35-year-old actor hopped out of his car on an early morning drive to take a picture of the beautiful sunrise.

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Earlier in the week, Orly was spotted taking his bicycle to a repair shop.

25+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom shopping with Flynn

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orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 01
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 02
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 03
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 04
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 05
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 06
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 07
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 08
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 09
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 10
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 11
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 12
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 13
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 14
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 15
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 16
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 17
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 18
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 19
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 20
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 21
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 22
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 23
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 24
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 25
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 26
orlando bloom christmas shopping with flynn 27

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Mopp

    Flynn will become a really good-looking man.

  • awww

    There we go!
    Thanks, Jared!
    Seeing Orlando with his beautiful boy just makes my heart melt.

  • GUH!

    Beautiful man. Beautiful smile. Beautiful baby.

  • Lou

    These pictures are SO ADORABLE.

  • Kris

    Miranda wasn’t invited? But she loves being papped.

  • @5

    There we are.
    Only four posts in, and you haters bring up Miranda, even though she is not the subject of the thread.
    You really are obsessed, aren’t you.

  • @5

    Oh, he’s probably out shopping for a Christmas present for her.
    Kills you, doesn’t it.

  • sara

    That gorgeous smile gets me every time.
    And Flynnie is getting so tall! So adorable!

  • notyourfriend


  • Meena

    Get that kid a sippy cup.

  • GG

    Kisses for the camera….phoney!

  • @10

    he has one. But kids his age usually swap out cups for a bottle for milk.
    It took me a while to get my daughter to drink milk out of a cup. Juice or water? No problem. But I guess that she associates milk with a nipple.
    And even afer she started drinking milk from a cup, she still preferred a bottle once in a while.

  • @11

    You think that it is phoney for a father to kiss his child while he is holding him that close? That’s incredibly sad.

  • Xcv

    Bloom and his wife are never together. Gwen Stephanie is on this website every day too but she’s mostly pictured with her husband. I wonder if their marriage is a sham.

  • @14

    sooooooo, if Orlando or Miranda are photographed, they are famewhores, set ups, fake, etc.
    But if another couple is photographed, it’s proof of their strong relationship??
    Was someone on the other thread really wonder why we call these idiots ‘hypocrites’?

  • Famewh0re

    No wedding ring, maybe he finally dumped the famewh0re.

  • Suspicious

    These two are definitely over. The announcement coming soon after Christmas.

  • lolita

    …. and where is the mama?

  • Lucia

    What is Orlando Bloom doing now? I didn’t know anything about his work after pirates of the caribbean, does anyone knows what is he doing now?

  • ha

    ‘Bout time you socks showed up.
    I was starting to get worried about you.
    I thought that your meds had kicked in, and that we wouldn’t have anyone to mock on this thread.

  • sam

    I find it strange that [after a lot of rumors about his relationship] he’s been on this post three times this week after not being around for a while.

  • @21

    Because he is in LA now. Land of the paps.
    He’s just come back after being in South Africa and his country home in England. Nothing funny about it at all.

  • sam

    ..And now I’m just waiting for a photo-op of him with Miranda Kerr
    @Suspicious: Yep, i agree with you. They’ll wait until after the holidays

  • Meme

    @ha: It’s so funny to read your posts where you actually have the audacity to call OTHER PEOPLE crazy! You are so delusional. We know you love Miranda but damn, it’s time to get out of your basement and forge a life of your own. Anyone who comments on every single thread about her, her son, her husband etc is not mentally stable. And yes, she calls the paparazzi on herself. It was confirmed on another popular website by the girlfriend of a paparazzi photographer. There’s even a video on Youtube of her talking with a photographer at a VS Store event, where she’s standing with him and telling him which bad photos of her to delete from the shots he got! I know you think the cameras just flock to her and that she’s the biggest thing since Cindy Crawford…but she’s not.

  • @24

    “Anyone who comments on every single thread about her, her son, her husband etc is not mentally stable”
    You just described that hater stalkers to a T.
    Too funny!

  • @24

    Uhmmm, since the haters are usually the first to post on her threads, and the first to bring her up on threads that aren’t even about her, I think that you are calling the wrong people ‘basement babies’.
    And I love your oh, so credible source… a paps girlfriend? LOL! Hilarious.
    And maybe you can ask her why the paps have to camp out outside of their apartment if she calls them. None of you haters have every been able to give a plausible answer to that one. Come on, go ask her. LOL!
    And gee, a photographer at a VS event??? Then she MUST have called them, for surely VS wouldn’t have invited the press to an event, now would they? Oh, and if the guy was giving her approval of his photos, he was an invited photographer, not a pap. And legit photographers often show their subjects the photos.
    Once again, your arguments fail. But try again, I live proving idiots wrong.

  • Kane

    @Lucia: Just a little movie called The Hobbit, that’s been split into a trilogy. He plays a character you may have heard of: Legolas.

  • @sam

    Soooo, them NOT being papped together is a sure sign of trouble. and them getting papped together is a set up?
    You idiots have an answer for everything, don’t you.

  • Nancy

    Flynn is such a cute kid. Orlando you can tell is a loving and protective father.

  • funny

    For some reason I thought that this was a post about Orlando and Flynn.
    Silly me.

  • sam

    @@sam: DO NOT call me, or anyone, an idiot. If you want to have an adult conversation that’s fine. But do not insult me.

  • cute but poor kid

    I feel sorry for this cute little boy. Both his parents are desperate fame seekers that would do anything for attention (like even using their “beloved” child). Shame on you Orlando!

  • @sam

    Then stop hinting at idiotic conspiracy theories.
    Act like a logical adult, instead of a blind hater, and no one will call you names.

  • @32


  • sam

    @@sam: Ok, you’re disgusting – don’t tell me what to say. And as you’re not part of their relationship you are also just running on rumors so how does that make you right?
    [It's seriously no wonder people are so hesitant to comment on any thread that has to do with orlando bloom & M.K.]

  • @34

    He’s not the only celebrity father. Are you going to tell me that other famous daddies never go out with their kids? But guess what? Orlando (Miranda too) always makes sure that he and his little boy must be seen together in public.

  • what?

    @@34: LOLLL did u just respond to yoursel???
    or are u fighting with yourself?

  • @35

    What rumors are we running on?
    Are you saying that we are running on rumors because we don’t believe the BS of gossip rags?
    Sure, whatever.
    And the only thing that is disgusting here is someone like you seeming to be pleased about a potential breakup. that’s just SICK!
    And hesitant to post? If that was true, you haters wouldn’t be the first to post, post the most often, and be the first to bring Miranda up in a thread that has nothing to do with her!
    So you can stop with the ‘poor little me’ routine. No one here is buying it.

  • HA!

    A hater is mad because someone said that they should act like a logical adult.

  • sam

    blind item has reported it over and over again and as YOU are not involved in their relationship you are going off of gossip sites also….
    And this isn’t a ‘poor me’ routine, it’s called being a civilized adult that knows how to have a conversation without being an ignorant or abusive person.

  • HA!

    I’m sorry. But you admit to believing blind items (waves at the delphite), yet you expect to be treated with respect?
    You’re kidding, right.

  • @40

    Not believing idiotic rumors that have no basis in reality is NOT running on rumors. It’s ignoring them.
    And besides, those rumors have been proved false. Over and over again.
    Adults ignore stupidity like that. If you want to be treated as an adult, start acting like one.

  • sam

    @HA!: and you believe JustJared so how exactly is that any different?
    And i don’t care if you don’t respect me as YOU have to live with your personality
    serious bad vibes here

  • @sam

    You cite blind items as your source. Oh sweetie, no. Just no.

  • HA!

    Who believes JJ? I take EVERYTHNG with a grain of salt.
    Like #38 said. Being pleased with rumors of a breakup of a young family with a toddler is wishing for bad Karma. Unfounded rumrs that a child’s home may be broken is good news to you?
    What a horrible person you must be.

  • @sam

    Gossip Cop was just one of several sites that dispelled those rumors. And they have one of the best track records out there.

  • sam

    @HA!: LOL
    yes and you’re an angel who continues to say their marriage is amazing like you’re their live-in nanny.
    And you think you’re sending out positive energy by calling people idiots?

  • Sarah

    Gosh i love them they are such a cute family! But why so much hate?

  • what?

    sorry but can we all go back to #36 & appreciate the crazy miranda kerr fan responding to herself??? genius, man!!
    and u call everyone else sock puppets
    ohhhhh karma

  • HA!

    Where did I say that?
    Please point out where EXACTLY.
    Putting words into people’s mouths. Believing blind items. Ignoring facts.
    Pleased about bad things (possibly) happening to a baby?
    No other word fits as well. IDIOT. Well, maybe B*TCH? Would you prefer that we refer to you as SamBitch?
    Well, OK then. As long as it isn’t ‘IDIOT’, right?