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Orlando Bloom: Picture Perfect Sunrise!

Orlando Bloom: Picture Perfect Sunrise!

Orlando Bloom enjoys the sunrise while heading out for an early morning drive on Saturday (December 22) in West Hollywood.

The 35-year-old actor was seen getting out of his car to capture a picture of the beautiful landscape surrounding him.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Earlier in the week, Orlando was spotted taking his bicycle to a repair shop in Beverly Hills.

Orlando‘s wife Miranda Kerr recently talked to the press about spending time with him in South Africa.

“I just spent two months in South Africa with Orlando while he was filming Zulu. It was great to spend time on set with him, and just be there for him, being a mother and a housewife,” Miranda shared.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom enjoying the views of West Hollywood…

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orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 01
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 02
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 03
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 04
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 05
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 06
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 07
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 08
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 09
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 10
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 11
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 12
orlando bloom picture perfect sunset 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Jim

    Miranda you got to be kidding me… I don’t even know what to say!!

  • Dunzo

    Jared, why do you keep putting quotes of Miranda in an Orlando post? They are two different people you know, they haven’t been seen together since October! He’s looking better than two days ago, it looks like he had a wash and a shave.

  • Kelly

    I have to confess.. I used to love Miranda! To me, she was the most beautiful woman ever! but seeing how overexposed she is and her embarrassing quotes.. I not that thrilled of her anymore. She seems like a big phony to me now and shockingly annoying too.

  • Jesse

    Miranda must be happy that orlando cant escape her since she has a kid now.

  • Katy Perry

    Pfft please miranda.. you are no gisele or kate moss

  • Anne

    Orlando is a cuteness. I love his style. Forget about his annoying wife people!

  • mimi

    BAHAHAAHAHAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!! “being a mother and a housewife” …Even Kim K is smart enough to not talk like that XD

  • wow

    I see that the resident hater sock is on duty.
    how they hanging ta?
    How long have you been online waiting for news?
    Orlando and Miranda are together and happy. Nothing you say can change that.

  • YAY!

    Oh, and
    Lookin’ good Orlando!

  • Chel

    Miranda and Orlando have obviously split up. Wonder when they are going to make the announcement?

  • @2

    Acyually, they were seen together just a last week in a pub in London. And on a flight to LA.
    Get your stories straight.

  • pas

    Orlando is SO GORGEOUS!
    Hot car, too!

  • HA!

    Gotta love the delph-idiots.
    One minute they are saying that if the rumors were false, their reps would not have gone to the trouble of making a statement.
    In the very next breath, they say that the rumors must be true, otherwise they would make a statement.
    And they wonder why we call them hypocrites?

  • @10

    Obviously split?
    How can you claim that when they are together in LA?


    funny the more famous a model gets the haters come out of the wood work. Everyone liked MK when she was hardly known and now she finally has some attention and jealous girls (mostly adriana flea-ma fangirls) cant take it.

  • MIA

    He always has been and always will be a wonderful man!!!

  • Terrible Twos

    When did she spend a couple months in South Africa? Seriously all I’ve seen are photos of her all over NYC. So not sure when this time warp happened that I suddenly missed out on.

  • @17

    You did miss it.
    She was there with Orlando before coming back to NY for the VS fashion show taping.
    They were photographed there together.

  • Ma

    @Terrible Twos: On her instagram you can see that they went on a safari.. ;)
    Orlando is just… HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • @17

    Funny that you missed that, eh?

  • Yoda

    Miranda Kerr is a walking advertisement. She’s a walking sales pitch, although she’s probably very sweet in real life.
    Orlando just looks awful. What’s he thinking with those pants????!!! He used to be sweet and fresh looking, circa the LOTR period. Now he looks like a scraggly, fallen elf. Shame on you Orlando!

  • carrie

    where are their wedding rings? she seems to wear her ring but him?

  • Jess

    I see resident Miranda psycho fan is blowing up the thread again…

  • Cosgrove

    If they really were seen together, why not provide a link to pictures/articles of it? The result of not doing so is merely leaving people to believe it is not true – just taking your word for it is not proof enough, sweetheart.

  • Candice

    She didn’t spend 9 weeks / two months in South Africa, she spent 6 weeks there, leaving flynn with orlando to go on a safari.

    btw does anyone think it strange that Orlando never showed up to the Hobbit UK premiere even tough he was tweeted that same day (with picture) to be in the UK, less an hour away from where the premiere was held. And the we have miranda telling everyone how she was going to england to be with orlando, he ditches the premiere and she ends up leaving a few days later, just to drop flynn of and go straight to madrid.

  • Sylvia

    We can clearly see he is not wearing his wedding band any longer. And when was the last sighting / picture of him with Miranda?

  • Nora

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    p.s Sorry Orlando fans

  • katine

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  • AustinPowersAdriana

    @Jess: I see resident Adriana bucked tooth mangled mouth fans flooding Mirandas threads again. I swear they HATE any and every model getting attention besides her 30 some year old panty model a*ss. get over your hate and obsession with the poor island girl who cant speak English after 100 years in America.

  • @25

    They were on Safari together. There is a picture of them in the airport at the park that proves it.
    It seems that the only people stupid enough to continue saying that she went on safari alone, or with her lover, while Orlando was at home with the baby are delpites. Are you one of those losers? Denying photographic proof again? Still?
    And no thinks that it is strange for Orlando to not be at the premiere of a movie that he wasn’t even in, except you idiots.
    he was spending private time with his family. Is there something wrong with that now, too?

  • ?

    I have a serious question…
    Why is it OK for haters to stalk her across the web, posting over and over again, spreading nothing but lies, twisted truths and hate.
    But when a fan posts ANYTHING, the haters label them as “crazy”
    Is it really just because they aren’t letting you spread your lies, and that frustrates the heck out of you?
    Or is it something deeper?
    Maybe even pathological?

  • hawehaveitnow

    not a fan of hers. She is always photgraphed in perfect clothes etc…
    She loves attention. Seems phony and conceited. Bubble head

  • @26

    He has worn it, along with the small gold bands that they used to wear on their little fingers, on a chain around his neck since shortly after they got married.
    But you already know this, I’m sure.

  • huh

    Posts about Orlando, Ale, Adriana, or any VS model are always turned into threads about Miranda by her insane haters.
    And then they have the nerve to call her fans obsessed?

  • Return of the Hobbits

    @wow: and the main shipper is on duty

  • Return of the Hobbits

    @HA!: you are the only one calling them hypocrites. They have the rose coloured glasses off – what’s your excuse?

  • ?

    I have a serious question…
    Why is it OK for haters to stalk her across the web, posting over and over again, spreading nothing but lies, twisted truths and hate.
    But when a fan posts ANYTHING, the haters label them as “crazy”
    Is it really just because they aren’t letting you spread your lies, and that frustrates the heck out of you?
    Or is it something deeper?
    Maybe even pathological?

  • Return of the Hobbits

    @@2: paid for by the commercial to keep MK relevant in a world where most of the people can see through her lies.

  • @36

    Actually, a lot of people call them hypocrites, because that is exactly what they are. And what would you call people that post garbage like that? Hmm?
    Just wondering.

  • @38

    Miranda just got Mango.
    She IS relevant.

  • sara

    He looks so good!
    Love him!

  • Funny

    For some reason I thought that this was a thread about Orlando Bloom.
    Guess that I was mistaken.

  • fleas

    @?: because; they are what their name implies: HATERS! its ok for haters to stalk,read,click on celebs they supposedly “hate” (fun life…) but the fans are “crazy”. LMAO. sounds the opposite to me. Haters are crazy, everyone knows this. they are usually fat and ugly too. (check facebook or sites they have to use their real photos with, you will see…) theyre disgusting looking its a fact
    and the ones doing the hating of ANY model is Adriana Lima fans. check them on the net, theyre insane! RABIES infested.

  • awww

    No linking? OK
    There are pics of Orlando and Flynn out in Beverly Hills today.
    So cute!

  • awww

    They’re at celeb baby laundry.

  • ummm

    He really can’t blame his wife for consistently seeking attention while he’s also a famewh*re himself. Enjoying the sunrise with pap waiting there? Serisously? He’s no Brad Pitt or Rob Pattinson! Hey Orlando, get over it. Your career is obviously dead. How about having some class and making yourself a bit more low-profile ugh?

  • @46

    Uhm, he’s obviously surprised by the pap.
    And BTW, Brad’s last film BOMBED.
    And no Robert Pattinson? What are you, 14?
    Thank God that he is NOT Foot-Face. Orlando is gorgeous, talented and intelligent. Rob lacks all three qualities. Rob’s career is over after Twatlight. OVER LOL!

  • @46

    He just finished filming a crime drama with Forrest Whittaker. And before that he was filming The Hobbit.
    I guess that you really are a 14 year old girl if you are dumb enough to hold Pattinson up as an example of someone with a flourishing career.
    So ridiculous.

  • Nancy

    Orlando is a great actor. Just got the good doctor DVD. Can’t wait to watch it. He looks handsome as always. The haters have gotten out of control with their hatred of Miranda and her family. I am a Miranda and Orlando fan. I think they make a beautiful couple. I hate all the lies and fabrications that have been told about them. They are together and are happy. He has been doing movies and will be doing Cities and The Laureate. His career is not dead. Her modelling career is still going strong. She is one of the best vs models out there.

  • @49

    I thought he has dropped out of The Laureate?! Well I could be wrong.