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Robert Pattinson: Guitar Arrival at JFK Airport!

Robert Pattinson: Guitar Arrival at JFK Airport!

Robert Pattinson carries a guitar case while arriving at JFK Airport on Saturday (December 22) in New York City.

The 26-year-old actor’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart recently made the list at number ten for IMDB’s Top 10 Stars of 2012.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

The IMDB Top 10 Stars of 2012 list was determined by the actual page views of more than 160 million monthly unique users who visit the website.

Last week, Kristen was spotted looking casual chic while arriving at JFK Airport for a departing flight.

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119 Responses to “Robert Pattinson: Guitar Arrival at JFK Airport!”

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  1. 101
    find a hobby Says:

    Wht K’s fans? Where? You are for real? Do K fans keep multiple blogs to bash R? Didn’t think so. Back off thier back too, sweety. OTR is not K’s problem but Garrett Hedlud’S and Sam R’s. K had a small role in it.

  2. 102
    Caitlin Says:

    @lainey: Where is the proof he is back with Kristen. He was contractual obligated to promote with her for BD2. She appeared much closer to Garrett Hedlund in the OTR promotion than she did with Rob. Look how many one on one pictures she took with Garrett compared to maybe one with Rob during BD2 promotion.

  3. 103
    Trouble with harry Says:

    @find a hobby:Why did they use Kristen in all the promotion if she had such a small part. They only brought Sam Riley over to New York. Viggo Mortensen was at TIFF but they didn’t invite him to the promotion. Also Kirsten Dunst was at TIFF but all the press interviews were Kristen and Garrett just like all the LA and California press.

  4. 104
    Tracy Says:

    @Ali: Thank you…I was going to say the same thing. Damn Krisban’s

  5. 105
    Tracy Says:

    @Dis: LOL! That was really funny..

  6. 106
    green Says:

    @Proud: You have no right to judge them. Why don’t you teach your idol,kristen about religion (if she wants to be a good person) ?

  7. 107
    guest Says:

    @Twilight is over: here comes the arrogant brainless krisbians. SHUT UP!!!

  8. 108
    carolyn Says:

    Still care about him, but am disappointed he is back with KS. They ARE becoming like siamese twins, as someone noted they are not on here…No smiles…If i did not know better, i would think he is as miserable as she is…

  9. 109
    Tia maria Says:

    @guest: and people call kristen fans childish when haters are the ones using stupid childish words such as Krisbians.

    She did something stupid,get over it and get on with your own lives.

  10. 110
    Tia maria Says:

    @pal: cool thanks for letting me know

  11. 111
    tee Says:

    I think he’s really adorable myself but they were cute together back when they were first promoting Twi back before anyone knew what Twi was. Once people started noticing some of those old youtubes and were smitten I think the suits tried to force something more formal and then the charm was gone. He looked bored and did the bare minimum and she always looked mad. Too much like real life, right? So yeah it’s like watching paint dry now.

  12. 112
    apsara Says:

    he is still cute and gorgeous but watching them together is like watching paint dry ! stale and boring !!!

  13. 113
    marco Says:

    He was seen out on a date in London, so it appears to be over. Maybe it was in response to Gio Agnelli starting tweets that Kristen’s friends were going to London leading to mass speculation that they were all going to his parents’ house for the holidays, and they would all meet up for New Year’s eve and maybe a Christmas wedding. Then his family was getting bashed for being Catholic and leaving her out if she wasn’t invited as them being uncharitable. So sounds like he pulled the plug on a frenzy starting with that.

  14. 114
    nepenthes Says:

    Roberto my love, you do look very nice (I especially enjoy the inside of his jacket, lol), but please please release more songs! I’d be most interested to listen to them!

  15. 115
    sheila Says:

    I’m glad Rob finally got papped again! So at least we get good pics of him. There for awhile he was following KStew’s lead to scowl and run past them, which is kind of the opposite of what celebs do to get their photos out there, right? No one wants to see a scowly faced meanburger running away.

  16. 116
    pari Says:

    he is a happy person , hope he stays that way . KS is bad news …he always scowls when he is with her . hope he gets rid of her .

  17. 117
    Donna Lightle Says:

    @Caitlin: The reason for the low attendance is that it came out at the wrong time. I want to see it, but had so many other things like shopping, baking, work and wrapping presents. Oh, I forgot about decorating the house for guests. I want to still go see it now that Christmas is over! So glad everything is done!! I hope others will have the time to go see OTR now that the Christmas rush is over.

  18. 118
    rob fan Says:

    @Ftw: thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard, really? stay with her till dvd comes out , are you 12 or just have no brain cells lol! Hes with her cause he wants to be, no one is that moronic to stay with someone for a dvd release, grow up!

  19. 119
    Amber Says:

    Rob looks like he is trully a DOORMAT ! he is tied to the apron stings of Kristens cheating **** !

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