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Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram, Meditates Like Ravi Shankar

Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram, Meditates Like Ravi Shankar

Give Vanessa Hudgens a warm welcome to the world of Instagram!

Just days after the internet went into an uproar over the website’s new user policy, the 24-year-old actress has created an official account to connect with her fans via her photos.

“Oh. Hello. Officially on Instagram,” Vanessa captioned her first photos. Make sure to follow her at @VanessaHudgens!

“Oh hey hey. I’m officially on Instagram. Where you at?!” Vanessa wrote on Facebook along with a screencap of her account.

Vanessa also posted a couple photos of herself on Facebook with the caption, “Ravi Shankar, incense, meditating.” Check them out below!

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180 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram, Meditates Like Ravi Shankar”

  1. 1
    amika Says:

    she was always on instagram she just had it on private (@gypsyraja)

  2. 2
    tamin Says:

    IKR! gorgeous

  3. 3
    emma Says:


  4. 4
    emma Says:

    and she is so stunning

  5. 5
    anney Says:

    she is so pretty

  6. 6
    Pearl Says:

    now she has a public one, she has over 400 pictures on her private instagram!

  7. 7
    Pearl Says:

    she is so gorgeous, is she wearing a sari, right? so so so gorgeous.

  8. 8
    maru Says:

    cute, and im alredy following her on instagram

  9. 9
    sam Says:

    aweee she looks adorable

  10. 10
    sam Says:

    this one is my fave

  11. 11

    how rude

  12. 12
    rachel Says:

    she is so average looking in sari. indian women are so much more beautiful in sari.

  13. 13
    Pudgie The Famewh0re Says:

    Great. Now her fans can’t complain about Ashley posting pics on her Instagram now that Pudge has one she will be posting pics..

  14. 14
    lorel Says:

    how cute!! i hope she posts cute pictures <3 SHE IS GORGEOUS!

  15. 15
    tinnne Says:


  16. 16
    tinnne Says:

    love her

  17. 17
    Fan Here Says:

    OMG why so cute Vanessa?

  18. 18
    belle Says:

    a<sdkfhkajshdfksj YES

  19. 19
    belle Says:

    she is so gorgeous

  20. 20
    TT Says:

    Isn’t she gorgeous!?

  21. 21
    luna Says:

    i love her! her team made her an account because there were like 546546 fake Vanessa´s on Instagram with millions of followers! at least now she has just one account!

  22. 22
    Xo Says:

    I love this one:

    She’s stunning.

  23. 23
    luna Says:

    she is the most gorgeous person! she beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

  24. 24
    george Says:

    finally, can’t wait till she start posting cute pictures! i’m following her!

  25. 25
    emma Says:

    I don’t care what people say. I want her to post lot of pics everyday. As a fan that means a lot to me. I wish she would start tweeting though. Even the haters who complain about her having daily posts on JJ must be bored and wating until a new post comes. They actually love her daily posts.

  26. 26
    quinCC Says:


  27. 27
    Chelles Says:

    Vanessa always keeps it interesting and looks stunning while doing so.

  28. 28
    italian mom Says:

    This sounds so good. Not necessarily understand what it is YET (ahahah) but very happy for her.

  29. 29
    Raynnah Says:

    she is adorable…

  30. 30
    Nightwish Says:

    Silly Vanity

  31. 31
    More lame pics of Van Says:

    instagram we go

  32. 32
    xoxo Says:

    @More lame pics of Van: But you love Van right? You go Vanessa.

  33. 33
    !! Says:

    she is NOT Indian so she needs to take that off!!

  34. 34
    foxy Says:

    she is sooooooooooooooo india

  35. 35
    samsam Says:

    if she wasn’t famous she would be a normal pretty girl with all these accounts and NO ONE would be complaining because they didn’t know her plus because everyone else does it. i bet the ones that are complaining she has this also have a ton of accounts like twitter, facebook, tumblr etc. soo…why can’t she have it?

  36. 36
    BOHJI Says:

    Aw, she looks like an Indian princess. Just adorable. Looking forward to more pics,

  37. 37
    BO Says:

    this is a humiliation to ravi shankar and to ‘our’ dress.who do u think are to wear ‘our’ dress and adres ravi shankar ,the great legend that way.silly gal

  38. 38
    BO Says:

    this is a total humiliation! she had captioned it ‘ravi shankar’ ha? she could have at least said like ravi shankar

  39. 39
    BO Says:

    a girl knwn for taking n.ude and lesb.ian pics of oneself is wearing a saree pretending medidation and captioning it with indian legend’s name! it’s an insult!

  40. 40
    BO Says:

    u bet rachel.we look so much better in sarees.we dont have such thick noses or fish lips like this gal.she looks weird in them.

  41. 41
    Tru Says:

    Surprised she didn’t have an account before this. She is a beautiful girl but she seems to be very narcissistic.

  42. 42
    eve Says:

    LOL! She probably had never heard of Ravi Shankar before he died…

    LOL at those 10th rank celebs who think people are interested in their every thought and every step. Delusional idiots.

  43. 43
    The truth Says:

    Very arrogant person , annoying and very ugly !!!! she has no talent . she want just money with advertising ( samsung , virgin air etc..) GO AWAY VANESSA !!!!! This is the truth…the truth speaking

  44. 44
    italian mom Says:

    @The truth:
    What did she do to you to be called names?? YOU are arrogant, for sure, and should be elsewhere instead on a Vanessa thread if you feel that bad.

  45. 45
    The truth Says:

    @italian mom:
    I’m feel good thanks !! and I forgive you for your arrogance ! Maybe she’s your daughter i see that you defend her ( sarcastic) You know The truth hurt…I’m the truth…the truth speaking…

  46. 46
    justsaying Says:

    @The truth: You are paying attention to her…you came on here and took the time to post. Everyone is interested in Vanessa-the only difference is that some of us are not afraid to admit it. If I don’t like someone I don’t pay any attention to them…. Oh and EVE, ya kill me on here….you said that these celebs are on here thinking that people are interested in their every thought and here you are! Ya kinda embarrassed yourself…

  47. 47
    The truth Says:

    @italian mom:

    you love vanessa a lot !! BUT WAKE UP ! she don’t know you..

    If you think that i love her…it’s your problem. this is the truth the truth speaking

  48. 48
    BO Says:

    Such an arrogant misleading person,using respected people’s name along with her scandolous name ,trying to cover up her dirty deeds.i see now that she looks nothing like us in a sari

  49. 49
    tina Says:

    I love all the comments that state what she ” thinks” or “seem to be” simple because there is no way anyone can know what someine else thinks. Of course, she get paid for endorsements, name a celebrity who doesn’t.

  50. 50
    tina Says:

    Sb someone else thinks

  51. 51
    cookie Says:

    cultural appropriation at its finest, congrats.

  52. 52
    BO Says:

    she’s just trying waaay too hard to look like an Indian .but indian girls’ have very fine features , unlike hers which are waay too bold and rough cut if i may say . now i can see that she looks nothing much like us at all .

  53. 53
    BO Says:

    poor thing , she must have taken so much trouble finding sarees , the matching jewellery etc to pose for just few pics .must have been quite a tiring business ,i don’t think these jewellery is abundant in your countries .perhaps she might have had them shipped directly from india ! poor thing .if she had a career , she wouldn’t have to take all these trouble staying in the spotlight .! allocate more time on your career girl and find some leading role in some film , no need for the film to be a blockbuster , just play a leading role for a change .people would at least remember you when you play a leading role !

  54. 54
    BO Says:

    that piece of jewellery that she’s wearing in her hand is my favourite one out of all the jewellery we wear . we wear it on our wedding day ! ha …so romantic !

  55. 55
    maria Says:

    Beautiful girl, inside and out. She is not afraid to be different, and her spirituality is a big part of who she is. She also likes to be artistic in her photos, and is quite a photographer herself. I imagine she’ll post great photos.

  56. 56
    maria Says:

    And these photos are not meant to show disrespect, but instead admiration for a culture. She is NOT Indian, so she will not all of a sudden grow Indian features. How stupid. I think it’s admirable she knows of Ravi Shankar.

  57. 57
    !! Says:

    @maria: what kind of two yr old bullsh*t is this: “so she will not all of a sudden grow Indian features. How stupid.” actually as i am Indian i do find it disrespectful – our culture is not around for celebrities to use as a trend.

  58. 58
    !! Says:

    @cookie: right?! lovely how fangirls support this kind of cra*p..

  59. 59
    tina Says:

    @!!: So no Indian people dress in western attire? Are we as a people suppose to “find it disrespectful?” Or is that privilege only held by your “culture”

  60. 60
    !! Says:

    @tina: oh thank you for that lovely racist comment. But as she’s a wearing traditional garment your statement is useless. I’m just going to ignore your complete disrespect for my culture as you clearly know nothing about it. ALSO, check yourself before not only being a bigot but being an ignorant one

  61. 61
    tina Says:

    @!!: There was no racism in that comment. You are the one saying no one should wear clothes of your culture except you. THAT IS RACIST.

  62. 62
    BO Says:

    such a dirty girl wearing as an indian bride and captioning it with one of the most legendary musicians in the world is insulting to that country , culture !

  63. 63
    BOHJI Says:

    In my country any one could wear a sari irrespective of your race or culture. I’m in a multiracial multi cultural country and we celebrate all festivities and that is the beauty of it. There is no restriction in wearing another’s cultural costume. I think Vanessa looks beautiful in a sari and she can pull it off as being from northern India.

  64. 64
    N Says:

    I’m of Indian descent (born and raised) and I don’t think these pictures aree insulting. Maybe Vanessa Hudgens is a fan of Ravi Shankar’s work like… she loves the beatles. This girl is absolutely gorgeous and is always expressing her love for our culture.

  65. 65
    tina Says:

    I read comments from others with Indian background on other sites. None of them were offended. We all live in the same world. Are you saying one culture is better than another? Because that is the definition of racism.

  66. 66
    uh Says:


  67. 67
    steLLa Says:

    Her little sister is such a famewh@re. Just like Vanessa. She has been posting pics of her in revealing clothes and showing clevege while doing seductive poses on her instagram. She has been doing this since she was 15. Vanessa will most likely be doing the same thing. I laugh when these people praise their mother saying she raised good daughters when the mother herself doesn’t seem to be giving a $hit what her teenage daughter is doing. Didn’t this family learn something from Vanessa’s scandal. Atleast her ones were supposedly hacked, on the other hand the little one is doing the same thing by purpose. Is Gina sleeping. But she can’t do anything now its too late. Attending church won’t help it either.

  68. 68
    ol Says:

    Why should she have to be Indian to wear a sari? I guess that means Indian men and women can’t wear Western clothes because it will be offensive to Westerners?this thing is just getting ridiculous… please miss “ALWAYS IGNORED” SL, stop changing your name! lol

  69. 69
    !! Says:

    @tina: LOL i just realized i’m arguing with a (tween)ager. And i’m done with this racist thread.
    (and bullsh*t the people on here are indian. they’re just kissi*ing your racist as*s.)

  70. 70
    ol Says:

    she looks so pretty, an appropiate tribute, this is not the first time she is talking about Ravi Shankar, she is well know for loving meditation (she was several times at different places around the world in yoga shelters) and yoga. And she is stunning!

  71. 71
    . Says:


  72. 72
    . Says:



  73. 73
    maria Says:

    @!!: You can attribute that BS to your not-so-lovely BOzo, who said this:

    she’s just trying waaay too hard to look like an Indian .but indian girls’ have very fine features , unlike hers which are waay too bold and rough cut if i may say . now i can see that she looks nothing much like us at all

    When was it ever said she looks Indian? She never has, never will. And certainly doesn’t in these photos. I think they’re lovely, and bring some recognition to a culture she admires. Figures you idiots would find something racist about it. Vanessa has mixed heritage, and does not have a racist bone in her body. Get over yourselves already. You certainly are showing ignorance for your culture.

  74. 74
    . Says:

    we all know is just BO, she is really obsessed with Vanessa, and now she’s probably really mad because no one takes her serious, since like 5/6 threads everyone is just ignoring her . hahaha POOR THING!

  75. 75
    BO Says:

    lol ,looks like some non -indian is becoming indian .lol N ? lol i’m sure indians are offended by this .not because she wore a sari you nutjobs , because she captioned it by their legend’s name .

  76. 76
    !! Says:

    @maria: the fu*ck are you even talking about? BO or whatever has his/her own problems going on — and my comments are directed solely by me — last time i say this: Your comments along with “tina’s” are racist and disgusting — and how would you know if v.h was a racist or not? shut up.. when you grow up you’ll understand what culture actually means. and its NOT taking photos and posting them on instagram.

  77. 77
    tina Says:

    @.: She is pathetic, trying to make problems where there are none. Vanessa not allowed to admire someone because he is from a different country? That’s racism.

  78. 78
    maria Says:

    @!!: Good grief. You are such an idiot, and I don’t care where you’re from. Bo made a stupid comment about how she just realized Vanessa does not look Indian, and I was just saying she never did. Totally went over your racist head. Oh well. I do find it fascinating that you and people like Bo know how to swear very well.

  79. 79
    BO Says:

    actually onco , i said the first day i came here that she looks like us .and now aftre seein these pics , i came to the conclusuon that she doesn’t look lke us afterall

  80. 80
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOHJI: But those people you speak of in your country are exposed to other cultures all their lives bohji, and i know for a fact that very very very few chinese in KL would dress up in traditional indian wear, the malays and a few other cultures may dress up in traditional muslim attire, but that’s because they are muslim. If cultures cross dress there, it’s reserved for certain types of the year, but those people have Point here is that if you wear the traditional clothes of another culture and choose to pimp yourself out to the public on a widespread medium like instagram, you should at least have a deep interest in that culture. Out of respect for them.

  81. 81
    BOHJI Says:

    !! , don’t let me guess who this is. I don’t see how it is considered insulting when one wears another’s cultural/ traditional costume. I have attended Hindu weddings and see non- Indians wearing beautiful saris whilst some opt for punjabi garb and there are those who wear western evening wear, what’s the big deal and fuss?
    No one can have ownership of a cultural outfit. It is free for all. It is like saying if you are Asian then you should only reside in an Asian country and if you are Caucasian you must live in your country of origin. You are not allowed to mix cultures and inter-racial, cultural marriages should be prohibited. A good example of a comment by an ignoramus.

  82. 82
    Layna Says:

    a little lesson on cultural appropriation: it’s NOT okay for someone to appropriate someone else’ s culture. that IS actually racist (regardless of her intent)

    this isn’t about her being a racist, it’s about her DOING A THING that is racist. vanessa is mixed with several things, but she is not indian.

    It’s one thing to admire a culture, it’s a completely different thing to f*cking appropriate it like it’s a trend.

    And also, “western clothing” is made in places like india, china, indonesia, etc. so you might want to try that argument from a different angle, sweetie.

  83. 83
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: That is NOT racism. Man you guys are so quick to pull the trigger with that accusation. It wouldnt be so bad if pudgie were immersing herself in the culture, but these are vanity shots. The more religion-based the attire, the more people of that particular race will take offense.

  84. 84
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOHJI: Is Vanessa trying to break into the bollywood scene? Maybe that’s what this is all about.

  85. 85
    BOHJI Says:

    Nightwish, you are wrong and it just goes to show how much you know of my country. Our sarong kebaya is worn by all races here and it is worn with pride. Even our airline uses the kebaya as its uniform and the baju kurung is again worn in government schools by all females. The beauty of it is they have a choice to wear the pinafore dress or the baju kurung. It is not restricted to Malays or Muslims a s you call it. Women of all races use the baju kurung for work as it is comfortable and easy to wear .

  86. 86
    Layna Says:

    @BOHJI: Islam (muslim) is not a culture/race, it’s a religion.

  87. 87
    BOHJI Says:

    Layna, you have a lot to learn. Your comment denotes ignorance.

  88. 88
    tina Says:

    This is where assumptions come into place. She has in the past stated her interest in meditation and her admiration for Ravi Shankar. My boys will laugh at the fact you assume someone who disagrees with you is a tween.

  89. 89
    BO Says:

    ok,so now hudge pudge wore our dress and addresd an indian legend cause she wanted to show that she respects indian leg!

  90. 90
    Layna Says:

    @BOHJI: actually my comment has nothing to do with ignorance. I am a Muslim. and Islam actually has nothing to do with ones culture or race. and if you think it does, you have ways to go.

  91. 91
    BO Says:

    india ,don’t think u are alone in this.ur tiny neighbour is always with u!

  92. 92
    Layna Says:

    @BOHJI: and also, the last thing I want to bring into this discussion is religion. vanessa hudgens appropriating a culture has nothing to do with religion.

  93. 93
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOHJI: Pudgies intentions notwithstanding, these pics are too self-serving and vanity-based for my taste. And that kebaya you brought up has become generic national attire at this point, yeah it has cross culture influences but its basically the equivalent of an aloha shirt from hawaii. Nobody would take much offense to that.

  94. 94
    BOHJI Says:

    @ Layna, don’t I know that?! 95 percent of our Malays are Muslims.
    For crying out loud a lot of westerners adopt the Indian garb when they attend spiritual courses in India. Look at the Beatles in their heyday, they wore Indian outfits when they visited India in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Was that an insult?!

  95. 95
    Dabu Says:

    Having been to India, a sari is just basically a dress and anyone can wear one. And yes, if VH had been dressed in American Indian garb there’d be an outcry. Personally I think these are dreadful pictures of her. She looks like a ghoul. Dress is beautiful, but the camera angle makes her look dreadful.

  96. 96
    Nightwish Says:

    She’s trying to market herself to bollywood. She might even have a small project nobody knows about, and this is a teaser. Who knows. With van, it’s attention seeking, that much is certain.

  97. 97
    Layna Says:

    @BOHJI: So cultural appropriation is okay because the Beatles did it? is that was you’re saying?

    listen, we can go on for days with this same old conversation. the point is, you CAN appreciate a culture without appropriating it like it’s a trend.

  98. 98
    BO Says:

    Yeah,but hudge pudge isn’t attending anythng in india

  99. 99
    BOHJI Says:

    @Layna, I have good Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian friends of different denominations and then again I have friends who are more spiritually inclined. I think everyone should be allowed to have the freedom of choice when it comes to religion.

  100. 100
    Layna Says:

    @BOHJI: lol ……………………. what does your friends spiritual/religious beliefs have anything to do with what i just said?

    everyone should have the ability to practice the religion/spirituality they want. that’s a basic human right.

    but that has got NOTHING to do with what i just said about cultural appropriation.

  101. 101
    BO Says:

    Ah!what a day.i got 3 thumbs up.thanks sweetheart

  102. 102
    Wow Says:

    @Nightwish: Omg what this little lunatic b!tch doing here? Is it yummy to suck my toe again? Maybe u can suck my butt after that lolololol

  103. 103
    BOHJI Says:

    I don’t see Vanessa as mocking the Indian culture. She is into spiritualism and that explains everything. You don’t have to have Indian blood to wear an Indian sari. I personally think that some are jealous of the fact that she does look beautiful in a sari and turn the whole thing into an insulting one’s culture issue, stupid!

  104. 104
    BO Says:

    It’s a good thing that indians have no idea who she is,otherwise there’ll be an uproar that she insulted their recently passed away god shankar.but they’ll ignore this as they don’t knw she’s an hudge pudge has nothing to fear

  105. 105
    BOHJI Says:

    To me it is spiritually appropriate, live with it. No one has ownership. If it becomes a trend then, you should be proud. I would be. If the Sarong kebaya caught on with western world.

  106. 106
    Wow Says:

    @BO: ****.

  107. 107
    BOHJI Says:

    Ravi Shankar’s daughter, Nora Jones is as western as they come by the way. Stop making a big fuss like as if Vanessa desecrated a temple. Ravi Shankar was a gifted musician period,

  108. 108
    BO Says:

    ah!she looks ghastly in the pics,u pathetic loser.her thick nose and fish lips weird looking.she better stick to western attire.she ain’t gonna go anywhr in bollywood with all those indian beauties

  109. 109
    BO Says:

    wow,***** lol

  110. 110
    55 Says:

    she looks cute

  111. 111
    . Says:

    Really @tina? Where did she admired Ravi Shankar? Tell me the interview?

  112. 112
    Nightwish Says:

    @Wow: No, but maybe i can shove a broken bottle up your butt, as.shole.

  113. 113
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOHJI: It really comes down to Vanessa’s intent. She has pimped herself out as a hispanic to get roles, pimped herself up to look arabian in that recent magazine shoot, and now Pudgekin is attempting to move in on another culture. If this is somehow self-serving for her, meaning, she is trying to position herself to appeal to the bollywood community merely for acting work, then that will be quite disappointing and qualify more as a cultural prostitution of oneself rather than mere ‘cultural appropriation’. To be fair, maybe her intentions are innocent. Time will tell.

  114. 114
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: That is truly asinine. She has not “pimped” herself to look like anything. She probably got those roles because of her looks. She didn’t change them to get a role. How stupid is that? These pics are a tribute to someone she admires, plain and simple. She is not wearing the attire and then posing in a disrespectful way. You idiots take offense to everything she does. God forbid she would have posted a picture of her a$$, like someone else we know. And that is not self serving??

  115. 115
    Liberty Says:

    1)I don’t think its disrespectful unless you are trying to make fun of a culture or using stereotypes that would be considered racist or not showing the culture in a good light.Vanessa Hudgens is doing none of the above, infact by wearing it she is showing her fans she is open and accepting of other cultures around her,and is open minded when it comes to belief systems.
    2)To the ignoramus who said it is an insult to their culture needs to lighten up, she meant no ill by doing this. By implying that you are saying that you must only stick to the dress deemed appropriate by your culture,which is infact insulting to every other culture out there.

  116. 116
    xo Says:

    @Nightwish: First of all, she is part spanish, and when she was younger her spanish genes were more dominant so of course she got cast as hispanic characters. Second, how the hell does being on the cover of Haper’s Bazaar Arabia mean she’s pimping herself out as an arabian? Did Nicole Kidman pimp herself out as an arabian when she was on the cover too? What a stupid thing to say.
    And no, she is not trying to appeal to bollywood. Again, there you go making things up.

  117. 117
    tina Says:

    “pimped herself out” what the he ll is that suppose to mean. ALL actors go out for roles you sad little man, because of her looks she was cast as hispanic. You’re just pathetic.

  118. 118
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: What’s with the “little” assumptions with you guys! I’m a decent size, you know. lol

  119. 119
    Nightwish Says:

    I would rock Pudgies world, thats for sure. You too Tina. lol

  120. 120
    Nightwish Says:

    Wait, im not even giving myself enough credit here, i am flat out hng. rofl

  121. 121
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: I, personally, am refering to your narrow mind.

  122. 122
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Oh. Oops. Merry christmas!

  123. 123
    cookie Says:

    do you know what’s worse than defending someone for cultural appropriation? tearing whoever sees something wrong in those pictures, saying it’s not racist. if people who belong to this culture just said this is, in fact, racist, you should just keep your mouth shut, and listen. otherwise you’re being as racist and ignorant as someone dressing with traditional clothes of a culture she’s not part of.

    ya rly she meant no harm to anyway, well uhm, thank god? no one here’s saying she’s being racist on purpose. in fact, many people aren’t even aware of what qualifies as racist or offensive torward a specific culture (now y’all tell me wearing a native american headdress for non native americans is perfectly fine, right?), and she’s a living proof of that.

    not to mention that the fact you people think she’s oh so cool wearing those traditional clothes, while you’d probably laugh at an indian woman wearing the same clothes, shows how blissfully unware you are about white privilege.

    so go ahead now, thums down my comment and keep ignoring this matter. it’s just so easy to ignore racism when you’re white. and keep in mind it’s a white woman speaking.

  124. 124
    sam Says:

    Why why why does she have to do that UGLY DUCK FACE. She’s a beautiful girl and that ugly duck face makes her look ugly.

  125. 125
    tina Says:

    @cookie: Are you saying you are Indian and are offended?

  126. 126
    . Says:

    Tina i asked you a question before woman. Where did Vanessa admire Ravi Shankar ? Or were you making it up ?

  127. 127
    telle Says:

    GREAT¡¡¡ she’s the cutest … =)

  128. 128
    maria Says:

    @.: She posted on her FB, “Ravi Shankar, incense, and meditating.” She is not being disrespectful. She is saying she is listening to Shankar, has incense burning, and is meditating. She has long been a fan of ALL those things. No disrespect intended……in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s not something that is a part of most American’s lives, but she admires other cultures, and brings that into her own life. Geez. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

  129. 129
    MUAH Says:


  130. 130
    Allusions Says:

    There are two people famous named Ravi Shankar.
    -sitar player, 92 years old, died recently, Nora Jones father
    - Shri Shri Ravi Shankar is head of the non-profit Art of Living foundation. Teaches ancient breathing technique and meditation. Stress relief program.

    Which one are you all speaking of? They are different people!

  131. 131
    toria Says:

    I’m sorry VH fans, but these are horrible pics. She looks like the joker in Batman.

  132. 132
    lanas-world Says:

    @The truth: I dont like her , but if she is ugly, then I am Quasimodo -.-”

  133. 133
    A Says:

    She looks so stupid.

  134. 134
    Sheila Says:

    It means a lot to you for her to post pictures of herself? Gosh, every young impressionable girl should have a wise older sis to help guide her through life so she doesn’t become a rabid fan of a celebrity. I wish I had one when I was little & obsessed with Britney. One day you’ll realize how silly it is. Live for yourself, see each day as yours – not what your fave celeb did, said, wore…not defending them endlessly when that energy would be better served improving yourself….no celebrity is what they appear to be and that’s fine, just keep it in mind… take everything with a grain of salt…don’t ever cling or become obsessed.

  135. 135
    A Says:

    “the 24-year-old actress has created an official account to connect with her fans via her photos.”

    Okay so you guys said that when Ashley did this it made her a famewh0re and that you were glad that Vanessa didn’t share her personal photos with the world. Now that she is, you’re praising her for it. Uhm, own up guys. Own up.

  136. 136
    A Says:

    “@maria God forbid she would have posted a picture of her a$$, like someone else we know. And that is not self serving??”

    She took pictures of her cl!t and t!ts dumb@ss. Oh my God. Leave Ashley’s mere bikini photo alone. In which her @ss looked fabulous by the way.

  137. 137
    Nightwish Says:

    What did i tell you guys? Of course there is an ulterior motive! This was from way back in feb, so i wasnt aware.

  138. 138
    Nightwish Says:

    Come on Pudgekin. There is no need to pander to another race just to further your own career. You don’t look Indian, not even northern Indian. You look filipina/haole. Maybe hispanic, but that’s a bit of a stretch if you ask me. There are many Indian actresses who deserve the roles you want to try out for.

  139. 139
    maria Says:

    @A: Honey, she didn’t post them on IG. So nice of you to take a look at private pics like that. At least the guy who stole them is in JAIL. Whatsherface posted them on purpose. No comparison. And no one ever said that just having an IG or any othe social media, makes you a famewh*re. It’s what you post, how often, posting what you do and where you go every day. That’s what’s offensive. And for the record, if Vanessa ever does that, I will say it’s true as well. But I will go out on a limb, and say she’ll never post a pic of her a$$ for her fans. If that’s what you call staying in touch with your fans, i will laugh my head off.

  140. 140
    steLLe Says:

    Well if we go by Maria’s logic above then Stella is clearly a FAMEWH0RE. She’s always posting pics of her boobs while making sexy faces.

    I don’t think Vanessa will be posting pics of her a$$ (maybe vag!na perhabs) cause we already have seen them so nothing exiting to see there. She should do porn now. The only think we haven’t seen is Pudge in some real action doing what she’s best at. PORN

  141. 141
    K Says:

    If she was actually mediating then she wouldn’t be instagramming.

  142. 142
    M Says:

    stop changing your name. And YOU ARE following Stella, so you are making her relevant. She never said “im Vanessa´s sister, so you should follow me”. If YOU ARE following Stella is because YOU ARE interested on her. She is just a normal teen posting normal pics, if she wasnt Vanessa´s little sister you wouldnt even been talking about her, because her pictures are totally normal.

    Vanessa, you gorgeous girl, i cant with your beauty!!!!

  143. 143
    steLLe Says:

    Ow really M? then Ashley posting pics of her a$$ is also fina na? is it only Stella who has the courtecy to post pics of her boobs? What is the difference between that?

    I am not following her btw. You can just go to her tag on tumblr and all the pics are there. I ain’t interensted in her. I was using the chick as a example to show Pudges fans that If Stella can post pics like that then Ashley can too. Does Stella get a excuse because she’s Pudges sister?

  144. 144
    M Says:

    so thats means you are actually intrested on Stella… you are searching for her tag on tumblr. And once again STELLA IS NOT FAMOUS, she is just a normal 16 years old (she is going to fight with her friends over twitter, she is going to talk about her boyfriend on twitter, she is going to post quotes about being sad or happy… SHE IS JUST 16, SHE CAN BE A LITTLE INMATURE, is not like she is 30 and posting songs or shading other people… SHE IS NOT FAMOUS), IF YOU ARE obssessed with her, and YOU ARE following her on twitter and instagram, and YOU ARE searching for her pics/tag on tumblr it actually means YOU ARE interested on her.

    SHE IS NOT FAMOUS RIGHT NOW!!! she is just a normal 16 years old.

  145. 145
    steLLe Says:

    You aren’t understanding my point here @M. What I am saying is how come is it O.K for Stella to post provocative pics and thats fine with the Vanessa fans. (she is her sister) when Ashley does the same thats wrong. You guys are obviously giving her a excuse because she’s Pudges sister. You can’t say anything bad about her sister. Then that would be like bad mouthing Vanessa. It doesn’t matter if she’s 30 or 16. Actually if you think about it its more wrong on Stella’s part. She’s a teenager. Ashley is a adult. Gina didn’t learn anything from pudges scandal. Gina need to keep a eye on Stell. But its way too late now. She’s already on her way to become the next airhead from the Pudgens family. Gina must be very proud.

  146. 146
    steLLe Says:

    @M you aren’t Stell herself aren’t ya? Sounds just like her.

  147. 147
    M Says:

    So you’re saying Stella is as “famous” as Ashley? Stella is 16 and SHE IS NOT FAMOUS, if she wasnt Vanessa´s little sister you would NEVER EVEN KNOW ABOUT HER, so you would NEVER EVEN KNOW ABOUT HER INSTAGRAM, so you would NEVER SEEN HER PICTURES. You know her because she is Vanessa´s sister, and YOU ARE MAKING HER RELEVANT. She has an instagram like any other 16 years old, because SHE IS NOT FAMOUS.

    So if she is not famous WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT HER. She never asked YOU to search for her pictures. YOU KNOW HER BECAUSE SHE IS VANESSA´S LITTLE SISTER, WHy would you even talk about someone who isnt famous? We already know you are obssessed with Vanessa, but … are you obssesed with Stella too?

  148. 148
    steLLe Says:

    @M alright you must be a airhead as well. Do you live under a rock. Stella is famous for being Vanessa’s sister. There is lot of candids of her taking Stella with her to pimp her around. Gym pics and etc. Everyone who knows pudge also knows she has a sis. You are just reaching here. You aren’t a regular here either way. You just ignore my point as a whole and is trying to turn it to your own advantage. Again I ask How is it O.K for Stella to post pics of her cleavege when its wrong for Ashley to post pics of her stuff? You will again repeat the same “stella isn’t famous” as a excuse. But you know it goes both ways. If its O.K for Stel to do so then Pudge fans need to shut the hell up about Ashley posting pics. The pics Stella have posted are way more provocative that the Pics Ashley have posted. You must follow Stella as well na? So you must know this. Don’t use that “Stella isn’t famous” on me again. She is clearly famous for being pudges sister.

  149. 149
    steLLe Says:

    You can’t compare Stella to a normal teenager. She’s celeb’s sister. The Hudgens family clerly knows lot of eyes are on them. They are famous. Its dumb of you to compare her to a normal 16 year old when she isn’t

  150. 150
    steLLe Says:

    goodnight ya’ll be back in the morning.

  151. 151
    Wow Says:

    @Nightwish: Ahahaha I don’t care, I also can shove your butt too, ASS.HOLE, nice try. Lololol

  152. 152
    Wow Says:

    @BO: Lololol this b!tch is getting craazzzyyyy suck my toe suck it suck it hahaha

  153. 153
    Chloe Says:

    @A@Nightwish@steLLe: Sorry. No one here pays attention about you and Ashley
    Fans of Ashley are really impolite and wretched
    You move to a board for Ashley

  154. 154
    Nightwish Says:

    You’re just a brainless counter-troll, that doesn’t take any talent. Merry christmas nevertheless, dic.khead.

  155. 155
    Van is dressin like this just Says:


  156. 156
    to kiss up to bollywood Says:


  157. 157
    because she can't find Says:

    :- [

  158. 158
    any work in hollywood! LOL! Says:

    :- | BOOOOOO!

  159. 159
    Van: I can look Indian too! Says:


  160. 160
    Van: Will you please hire me? Says:


  161. 161
    maria Says:

    @Van: Will you please hire me?: Sorry, buddy. I could care less about Bollywood films. Have no interest, and I highly doubt Vanessa’s goal in life is to be a Bollywood star. LOLOLOL. No one seems to get she loves photography, and even got a camera from her ex years ago, I think on her 21st. She takes very artsy photos, and I think these are the same idea. No ulterior motive intended. She loves to meditate and keep peace within herself, she is a big fan of Shankar’s, and she dressed the part for her fans. Big frikkin deal.

  162. 162
    maria Says:

    @steLLe: You seemed to miss the point. No one was comparing Stella to anyone. She is irrelevant here. It’s like saying Tisdale’s sister posts provocative pics, so why can’t Vanessa? Half the world does. That’s NOT the point.

  163. 163
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: Good morning! Coffee yet? Hello, she was practically begging India to throw her an acting job, didn’t you read the link?

  164. 164
    Wow Says:

    @Nightwish: okay nigga merry Christmas and please get your fatty meat ass out of here, can you? Ahhh I shall be in peace, happy holidays **** :*

  165. 165
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: Actually had tea this morning, but usually a one cup coffee girl. Whatever she said about Bollywood, I’m sure was just being PC. I don’t buy that’s her intent. But I have always said that I think roles will be difficult for her to land, because of her looks. Yes, she’s beautiful, but she is multicultural, and Hollywood is very racist. They will cast any attractive white actress in most of their roles. Girls with ethnic looks will get the supporting roles, and that is just how it is in the US. Look at her last roles, except Spring Breakers. In Gimme Shelter, she’s a pregnant, homeless teen, insinuating that only minority teens would find themselves in that situation. In J2, she was sought after, because she can look like a native Polynesian. In Frozen Ground, she can pass for native Alaskan. It seems to be a trend, and that’s why I feel roles will be harder to come by for her. That’s just my gut on this. I hope I am wrong. I think she has great raw potential, and I think her next 3 films will bring that out.

  166. 166
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: I’ve lived in hawaii practically all my life, she looks nothing like a native polynesian. Nor does she look alaskan. The general viewing public not familiar with these races wont really know or care, and she has black hair and can get dark, etc. so close enough…

  167. 167
    Nightwish Says:

    @Wow: If you dont stop getting on my nerves and STFU i will spam the hell out of Pudgies post again. Ok? Your call *******. Coward. Hatersuck, is that you? TIna? Chelles? Carma?

  168. 168
    Wow Says:

    @Nightwish: Excuse me, who the heck starts spamming hudgens post here and getting her fans nerves up? You right? So I just want u to taste how it feels like how we feel abt what you wrote. Suck my toe.

  169. 169
    Nightwish Says:

    Whatever jerk

  170. 170
    Wow Says:

    @Nightwish: Awww goodbye my little lunatic biatcchhh you know you love me xoxo :*

  171. 171
    Nightwish Says:

    Kelly the crackhead

  172. 172
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: “spam the the hell…..” What the hell do you call what you have been doing? For you to go to an article where an INDIAN REPORTER ASKED her if she would do bollywood is laughable. What would you have her do? Insult his culture to his face by saying “No, I wouldn’t consider bollywood?” Of course, she would give the answer he wanted to hear, ANY ACTOR in her place would have. Again pathetic little man try thinking before you post.
    I had no idea Ashley posted pictures on instagram, the only thing I knew about was her constant twitting her where abouts and posting pictures there. So she been using instagram. too? STILL DON’T CARE.
    The Stella thing, get over it, her pictures are the same as most other sixteeen year olds. For you to have seen them, means you took the time to go to her account and look for them, plain and simple. Are you saying because her sister is Vanessa, she shouldn’t be allowed to do what normal girls her age do? That’s a crock of bull.

  173. 173
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: She was able to pass as Polynesian more than any other young actress out there. That is the point. Dakota Fanning couldn’t, Tisdale couldn’t, nor could Gomez. You are getting far too “technical”. Because of her looks, she CAN pass for other races, though not exactly any particular one.

    @tina: Hey, tina! Happy Holidays! And I agree. Some people will believe anything they read, and Vanessa is very adept at being respectful to her hosts/interviewers. Like I said, she was being PC.

  174. 174
    tina Says:

    @maria: Happy Holidays to you. I agree with you, she was listening to Shankar, with incense, meditating. Why is that a crime? Like I’ve said in the past, if she were to go into a burning building and rescue babies, they would criticize her for getting dirt on her face. “If you look for evil in a person, you will find it.’ They just need to watch for whose looking for it in them.

  175. 175
    maria Says:

    @tina: Crazy time of year, isn’t it?? Planning my menu for the next few days, grocery shopping, then finishing the wrapping. I have to work tomorrow, so hopefully will get it all done today. How are you holding up?

  176. 176
    italian mom Says:

    Here already finished the first day of official festivities and 48 though hours ahead to give my best. This is what a big loving feasty family deserves at Christmas. It takes a huge amount of energy, will I decently survive? Not that sure.
    Wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and off topic to Nightwish: google insalata russa recipe, the second one. Try it!
    In topic I love the black hat photos. Lovely bubbly Vanessa. Love the colors too.

  177. 177
    take a hike Says:

    @Nightwish: Thumbed down into oblivion yet again. When are you going to get the picture?

  178. 178
    maria Says:

    @italian mom: Wishing you a beautiful, joyous Christmas. IM! I am going to try that recipe too!

  179. 179
    freya Says:



  180. 180
    tina Says:

    WHERE DOES SHE COMPARE HERSELF TO ANYONE? Maybe you should learn to read before making stupid statements.

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