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Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram, Meditates Like Ravi Shankar

Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram, Meditates Like Ravi Shankar

Give Vanessa Hudgens a warm welcome to the world of Instagram!

Just days after the internet went into an uproar over the website’s new user policy, the 24-year-old actress has created an official account to connect with her fans via her photos.

“Oh. Hello. Officially on Instagram,” Vanessa captioned her first photos. Make sure to follow her at @VanessaHudgens!

“Oh hey hey. I’m officially on Instagram. Where you at?!” Vanessa wrote on Facebook along with a screencap of her account.

Vanessa also posted a couple photos of herself on Facebook with the caption, “Ravi Shankar, incense, meditating.” Check them out below!

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180 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Joins Instagram, Meditates Like Ravi Shankar”

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  1. 126
    . Says:

    Tina i asked you a question before woman. Where did Vanessa admire Ravi Shankar ? Or were you making it up ?

  2. 127
    telle Says:

    GREAT¡¡¡ she’s the cutest … =)

  3. 128
    maria Says:

    @.: She posted on her FB, “Ravi Shankar, incense, and meditating.” She is not being disrespectful. She is saying she is listening to Shankar, has incense burning, and is meditating. She has long been a fan of ALL those things. No disrespect intended……in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s not something that is a part of most American’s lives, but she admires other cultures, and brings that into her own life. Geez. I think that’s a beautiful thing.

  4. 129
    MUAH Says:


  5. 130
    Allusions Says:

    There are two people famous named Ravi Shankar.
    -sitar player, 92 years old, died recently, Nora Jones father
    - Shri Shri Ravi Shankar is head of the non-profit Art of Living foundation. Teaches ancient breathing technique and meditation. Stress relief program.

    Which one are you all speaking of? They are different people!

  6. 131
    toria Says:

    I’m sorry VH fans, but these are horrible pics. She looks like the joker in Batman.

  7. 132
    lanas-world Says:

    @The truth: I dont like her , but if she is ugly, then I am Quasimodo -.-”

  8. 133
    A Says:

    She looks so stupid.

  9. 134
    Sheila Says:

    It means a lot to you for her to post pictures of herself? Gosh, every young impressionable girl should have a wise older sis to help guide her through life so she doesn’t become a rabid fan of a celebrity. I wish I had one when I was little & obsessed with Britney. One day you’ll realize how silly it is. Live for yourself, see each day as yours – not what your fave celeb did, said, wore…not defending them endlessly when that energy would be better served improving yourself….no celebrity is what they appear to be and that’s fine, just keep it in mind… take everything with a grain of salt…don’t ever cling or become obsessed.

  10. 135
    A Says:

    “the 24-year-old actress has created an official account to connect with her fans via her photos.”

    Okay so you guys said that when Ashley did this it made her a famewh0re and that you were glad that Vanessa didn’t share her personal photos with the world. Now that she is, you’re praising her for it. Uhm, own up guys. Own up.

  11. 136
    A Says:

    “@maria God forbid she would have posted a picture of her a$$, like someone else we know. And that is not self serving??”

    She took pictures of her cl!t and t!ts dumb@ss. Oh my God. Leave Ashley’s mere bikini photo alone. In which her @ss looked fabulous by the way.

  12. 137
    Nightwish Says:

    What did i tell you guys? Of course there is an ulterior motive! This was from way back in feb, so i wasnt aware.

  13. 138
    Nightwish Says:

    Come on Pudgekin. There is no need to pander to another race just to further your own career. You don’t look Indian, not even northern Indian. You look filipina/haole. Maybe hispanic, but that’s a bit of a stretch if you ask me. There are many Indian actresses who deserve the roles you want to try out for.

  14. 139
    maria Says:

    @A: Honey, she didn’t post them on IG. So nice of you to take a look at private pics like that. At least the guy who stole them is in JAIL. Whatsherface posted them on purpose. No comparison. And no one ever said that just having an IG or any othe social media, makes you a famewh*re. It’s what you post, how often, posting what you do and where you go every day. That’s what’s offensive. And for the record, if Vanessa ever does that, I will say it’s true as well. But I will go out on a limb, and say she’ll never post a pic of her a$$ for her fans. If that’s what you call staying in touch with your fans, i will laugh my head off.

  15. 140
    steLLe Says:

    Well if we go by Maria’s logic above then Stella is clearly a FAMEWH0RE. She’s always posting pics of her boobs while making sexy faces.

    I don’t think Vanessa will be posting pics of her a$$ (maybe vag!na perhabs) cause we already have seen them so nothing exiting to see there. She should do porn now. The only think we haven’t seen is Pudge in some real action doing what she’s best at. PORN

  16. 141
    K Says:

    If she was actually mediating then she wouldn’t be instagramming.

  17. 142
    M Says:

    stop changing your name. And YOU ARE following Stella, so you are making her relevant. She never said “im Vanessa´s sister, so you should follow me”. If YOU ARE following Stella is because YOU ARE interested on her. She is just a normal teen posting normal pics, if she wasnt Vanessa´s little sister you wouldnt even been talking about her, because her pictures are totally normal.

    Vanessa, you gorgeous girl, i cant with your beauty!!!!

  18. 143
    steLLe Says:

    Ow really M? then Ashley posting pics of her a$$ is also fina na? is it only Stella who has the courtecy to post pics of her boobs? What is the difference between that?

    I am not following her btw. You can just go to her tag on tumblr and all the pics are there. I ain’t interensted in her. I was using the chick as a example to show Pudges fans that If Stella can post pics like that then Ashley can too. Does Stella get a excuse because she’s Pudges sister?

  19. 144
    M Says:

    so thats means you are actually intrested on Stella… you are searching for her tag on tumblr. And once again STELLA IS NOT FAMOUS, she is just a normal 16 years old (she is going to fight with her friends over twitter, she is going to talk about her boyfriend on twitter, she is going to post quotes about being sad or happy… SHE IS JUST 16, SHE CAN BE A LITTLE INMATURE, is not like she is 30 and posting songs or shading other people… SHE IS NOT FAMOUS), IF YOU ARE obssessed with her, and YOU ARE following her on twitter and instagram, and YOU ARE searching for her pics/tag on tumblr it actually means YOU ARE interested on her.

    SHE IS NOT FAMOUS RIGHT NOW!!! she is just a normal 16 years old.

  20. 145
    steLLe Says:

    You aren’t understanding my point here @M. What I am saying is how come is it O.K for Stella to post provocative pics and thats fine with the Vanessa fans. (she is her sister) when Ashley does the same thats wrong. You guys are obviously giving her a excuse because she’s Pudges sister. You can’t say anything bad about her sister. Then that would be like bad mouthing Vanessa. It doesn’t matter if she’s 30 or 16. Actually if you think about it its more wrong on Stella’s part. She’s a teenager. Ashley is a adult. Gina didn’t learn anything from pudges scandal. Gina need to keep a eye on Stell. But its way too late now. She’s already on her way to become the next airhead from the Pudgens family. Gina must be very proud.

  21. 146
    steLLe Says:

    @M you aren’t Stell herself aren’t ya? Sounds just like her.

  22. 147
    M Says:

    So you’re saying Stella is as “famous” as Ashley? Stella is 16 and SHE IS NOT FAMOUS, if she wasnt Vanessa´s little sister you would NEVER EVEN KNOW ABOUT HER, so you would NEVER EVEN KNOW ABOUT HER INSTAGRAM, so you would NEVER SEEN HER PICTURES. You know her because she is Vanessa´s sister, and YOU ARE MAKING HER RELEVANT. She has an instagram like any other 16 years old, because SHE IS NOT FAMOUS.

    So if she is not famous WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT HER. She never asked YOU to search for her pictures. YOU KNOW HER BECAUSE SHE IS VANESSA´S LITTLE SISTER, WHy would you even talk about someone who isnt famous? We already know you are obssessed with Vanessa, but … are you obssesed with Stella too?

  23. 148
    steLLe Says:

    @M alright you must be a airhead as well. Do you live under a rock. Stella is famous for being Vanessa’s sister. There is lot of candids of her taking Stella with her to pimp her around. Gym pics and etc. Everyone who knows pudge also knows she has a sis. You are just reaching here. You aren’t a regular here either way. You just ignore my point as a whole and is trying to turn it to your own advantage. Again I ask How is it O.K for Stella to post pics of her cleavege when its wrong for Ashley to post pics of her stuff? You will again repeat the same “stella isn’t famous” as a excuse. But you know it goes both ways. If its O.K for Stel to do so then Pudge fans need to shut the hell up about Ashley posting pics. The pics Stella have posted are way more provocative that the Pics Ashley have posted. You must follow Stella as well na? So you must know this. Don’t use that “Stella isn’t famous” on me again. She is clearly famous for being pudges sister.

  24. 149
    steLLe Says:

    You can’t compare Stella to a normal teenager. She’s celeb’s sister. The Hudgens family clerly knows lot of eyes are on them. They are famous. Its dumb of you to compare her to a normal 16 year old when she isn’t

  25. 150
    steLLe Says:

    goodnight ya’ll be back in the morning.

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