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Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Split

Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Split

Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy have called it quits, can confirm.

“It brings me great sadness to say that Jason and I are separating. This was an extremely difficult decision that as a woman and a mother, I have to accept as the best choice for our family,” the 42-year-old reality television personality said in a statement.

“We have love and respect for one another and will continue to amicably co-parent our daughter [Bryn] who is and will always remain our first priority,” Bethenny continued. “This is an immensely painful and heartbreaking time for us.”

“I am heartbroken. I am sad. We will work through this as a family.” she tweeted earlier in the day.

Bethenny and Jason were together for two years.

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  • BEAN

    That’s sooo sad. He’s such a nice guy and they are actually perfect for each other but Bethenny I think doesn’t know how to be loved and is used to be a strong woman on her own. Probably due to the fact she had a terrible mother.

  • ok?

    of course. bethenny is a seriously damaged woman and i don’t think she has the ability to be married.

    jason was way too nice for her.

  • Yes, it’s sad

    Oh my my! I thought they would make it. He is such a great catch! But I believe they never had a lot in common. They also come from different worlds. Well, now she knows what it’s like to be married. At least she got the chance. Just sad to see a split when there is a child involved. I think her career and the fact that she was the major breadwinner was too much for him to take. I think a real man is usually like that. He wants to be the man in the family. He wants his wife to look up to him, respect him. However, they did make the vows. This is where for better or for worse kicks in. Bethenny will likely have her “down” periods in the future. She won’t always be out there in front of everybody. That’s when a good husband is your best friend and companion. This sucks!

  • XYZ


    This is not an excuse for her.

  • That’s not an excuse

    @ok?: There are lots of damaged people out there. Joyce Meyer, the Christian minister/writer/speaker was sexually abused by relatives and she was a complete mess, but she married a great guy and they have been married forever.——- These people just cannot stay committed. They break their commitments when things don’t feel right. They throw in the towel. When people are committed, they stay. Even people in lousy relationships stay together when they are committed. But Bethenny and her husband should be committed and also working to make things better because they are both special people with good hearts.

  • Luna

    All I can think about is ‘Poor Bryn.’ :’c

  • creed

    That blows! He was soo good for her. I hope they reconcile, even though they probably won’t. It sucks, cause he did seem a little jealous of her success… ughh this is why you shouldn’t have a newlywed show! It is a curse!

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    Who ??

  • Hot Mess

    Having known Bethenny several years ago, she is a truly sad and desperate woman. All she ever wanted was fame – at any cost. She will step on anyone in her way. She is beyond grating and has never been able to keep a friendship with anyone once she gets what she needs from them. I am surprised she has done as well as she has but her TV show was awful as she is out of her comfort zone and appeared beyond uncomfortable with the format. I can guarantee it will be off the air within a year. She is gross, nasty and a complete B-I-T-C-H. Trust me, I’ve had first hand experience with her and am glad I no longer do.

  • WT???

    She found a man that loves her and supports her career. So not true that strong women can’t be in a relationship. Truth is you can have it all. You may not have it at the same time, but you can have a family, career. It happens. It takes work and compromise. I don’t think she knows how to compromise.

    Such a shame. And all those public denials and statements. Pap walks to say we are together.

  • an opinion

    If you watch her show it showed that she could not let things go. Bethenny needs to find a guy who has dealt with dysfunctional families. Jason came from a different world than Bethenny and probably could not handle it. Sad because they seem like a great couple.

  • Chelles

    The word is that she has an out of control eating disorder and is bulimic. Hope she gets some help for her daughter’s sake.

  • Ginger

    She is so controlling just by watching her show. I don’t blame Jason one bit if he was the one that decided to end this marriage.

  • me2

    i don’t blame Jason either for getting out…..he is such a good guy…and a good dad…..bethany is a fool…and will never find such a nice guy again….. Jason..on the other hand will have many nice girls to meet..and i’m sure he will marry, and have more children with a calm, nice girl who isn’t looking to control him…..poor guy couldnt even see his own parents when he wanted to……Jason…i’m sure u r sad right now…but u will be soooo much better off with someone else…soon!!

  • Bohiko

    @Yes, it’s sad: FYI, she was married before she married him! still sad though…

  • Rachel

    Theres no use in saying it was one persons fault. Its always two peoples faults in a divorce. From watching their show since season 1, it was obvious they came from completely different worlds. And they got pregnant and married so quick and with all the excitement they probably thought they were right for each other despite all of their differences. But once all that excitement fades and you’re left just being married in the real world, its a lot less glamorous. Bethenny had issues but so did Jason. He clearly did not support her success fully. Also, their communication styles were different. Yes, Bethenny is loud and blunt. But thats who she always was. He married her knowing that. Thats not an excuse. They clearly are just not meant for each other and if you watched their show, that was apparent in the later seasons once they settled into married life. Its a shame but it happens!

  • Lizzy7

    Heartbroken and sad? About what, Bethenny? YOU are the sole reason for the split. Someday you’ll realize your husband and child were more important than your selfish self-absorbed life. But by then, the damage will already be done. Poor Bryn. She’ll never be the person she would have been had you stayed together. :(

  • ..

    @ok?: that is the most ignorant comment.. ever. She was abused and abandoned as a child – none of that was her fault. You need to be a lot more sensitive in your wording. Typical of women to blame women in this situation but considering we don’t ACTUALLY know what either of them are like we need to stop judging her..

  • Sean


  • NYC

    It’s his fault for knocking her up in the first place. They hardly knew each other. This was always a ticking time bomb from day one. I feel bad for the baby girl. HIs parents are great. I wonder how upset they are about this? What a shame.
    Is this Bethenny’s Xmas gift to Jason?

  • an opinion

    Celebs always release news like this around the Christmas holiday. Most of the media is on vacation thus less people getting in their faces. By the time things are back to normal (after the new year day) this story will be old news.

  • Jo

    That’s just sad cause I love Bethenny. In the last season of her show we saw that they had serious issues and seemed like they couln’t get over them. It’s just sad.

  • Greggy D.

    Can’t blame Jason for bailing. I wouldn’t be able to put up with that condescending Queen Bitch either.

  • My Take

    Bethenny has a lot of damage from her childhood. That’s why she acts the way she does — kind of cold and aloof. Not a very warm person. Funny, yes, but not too warm. It takes a very strong man to deal with a woman like that. When she feels insecure and threatened, she will lash out and shut down — cut him out. I’ll bet her mouth is a mean disaster during fights. I believe that she alone could keep this together if she would back down and realize that he’s probably the best man she will ever get. She needs to get her priorities straight. I don’t believe in begging men, but in this case, I would. I would beg this man to not leave me (like Pink’s song says). I think if she would stop fighting back and show her real hurt and vulnerability to this sweet man, he would stay. He had good values like that. He probably also needs to get counseling to help him deal with her moods in the future. They need to put everything else on hold and hold onto this marriage.

  • Jan

    Did Bethenny announce this on Dec. 23 because Santa Claus was getting more attention than Bethenny? She can earn billions but it will not make her happy.

  • Jan

    @My Take: She had counseling and is in her forties. It’s time to stop using her childhood as an excuse for bad behavior. Many have said she plays the victim and her childhood was not bad at all. She has made millions but she is still miserable and makes everyone around her want to run. Bryn will want to get away when she is older too.

  • kula

    cant say that i’m surprised .. gonna zip it due to their child

  • remember da truth

    #9 I don’t believe for a minute you’ve been within 100 miles of Bethenny Frankel. You sound like the bitter one. She has had friends she’s kept since her school days — obviously she can sustain relationships that are healthy and fun.

    In watching her show, I saw Jason as the one who caused a lot of the problems. Bethenny was the one trying to make things work. She had to talk him into doing couples therapy and when faced with any disagreement, he would hide or withdraw.

  • remember da truth

    Jason was not entirely the “nice” guy that everyone thinks he is. I’ve been around passive agressive types like that — smiling and kind in front of people, selfish and whiny and even manipulative and cruel when they think no one is watching. The scene where they were to go on the trip together and he is insulting and refuses to even talk it out was very telling. They had argued about something that morning, but instead of talking it out, he threw insults at her then refused to talk as soon as the cameras were rolling. She called him on it on camera and he ran away, refusing to acknowledge that he was anything but the “nice” guy, and even admitted he wanted everyone to think he was the perfect husband.

  • remember da truth

    Jason is a mamby pamby man, mediocre at his job so he couldn’t handle that he was with someone more successful, even though he knew what he was walking into the moment he started to date her. He wanted to still be in the bosom of his parents, hanging out with his friends where he was the top guy in high school. Jason never grew up.

    Bethenny recognizes her problems and tries to do something about them, but Jason always wanted to use her past against her and never face up to any of his own responsibility. He couldn’t even partner with her on planning the wedding, when she would ask his opinion and try to get his participation. She wanted him to be part of her company, and step up as a man in business. He just wants to be a pampered mama’s boy all his life.

  • harhar

    most relationships don’t survive multiple miscarriages. the stress of trying to conceive can strain the best of marriages and bring out the worst in people.

  • Rocky

    OK. Who is this woman? What kind of show did she have? Never heard of her.

  • My Take

    @Jan: Well yea, I agree that there comes a time to make up your mind. People in Hollywood seem to “live” in therapy. But I think the main problem is the marriage is second to them. It has to be first — even before her career. If her career comes before the marriage, she needs to stay single. Don’t get married. Easy.

  • My Take

    @remember da truth: I think you’re being too hard on Jason. As I’ve seen him, he’s very decent and caring. I also did not see a mama’s boy at all. He’s family oriented. I just think that Bethenny, in order to protect herself, is deliberately putting Jason second as a safeguard for her feelings. He is not feeling special to her because she’s chasing her dream career….. Angelina Jolie was once like that, wanting so badly to be a huge star, but luckily she rose to the very top of the heap and realized the top is “empty” for a person like her. She realized all that before she met Brad Pitt, so Brad is now with a woman who puts him and the family first. It has to be that way, or men really become resentful and feel useless.

  • miapocca


    smart comment!!!