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Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin: New York Landing with the Kids!

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin: New York Landing with the Kids!

Gwyneth Paltrow pulls her luggage while touching down at JFK Airport on Sunday (December 23) in New York City.

The 40-year-old actress was accompanied by her husband Chris Martin and their children Apple and Moses.

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Gwyneth recently wrote about perfection on her Goop website.

“Striving for achieving a sense of perfection has been a misguided belief in my life, often leading me down the wrong path. It has made me, at times, place value on the wrong things,” Gwyneth shared.

Gwyneth added, “It has made me not listen to my true self for fear that I would somehow fail in another’s eyes. I was curious as to how the idea of perfection has become so pervasive in our society, how it begins, how it hurts us and perhaps, even, if it carries a certain benefit.”

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  • Pattycake

    OK, here’s a perfect example of why I find her so repulsive. This search for perfection is not HER fault, it is society’s fault, so says GP.

  • tay

    they are always so distant.
    her daughter resembles Heidi klum a bit

  • Skye

    Gwyneth Paltrow, American blueblood, the (self-proclaimed) high-culture priestess, and now, philosopher.

    Poor Gwyneth! She really does mean well!

  • Meena

    Woman, shut up!

  • kula

    blah blah blah, i love how Greg Proops mocks her

  • geez

    Her hair looks like a mass of knots.

  • commonsense

    She says all this as she strives for the “perfect” body.

  • Hal

    Oh Goopy, just give yourself a break!

  • dancer

    Apple looks like a mix of her daddy and GP’s pal, Plum Sykes.

  • Daleann

    She is truly sickening. She should just stop doing interviews and perhaps the general population wouldn’t cringe at the mere thought of her.

  • Adoring Fan

    Gwynnie, please buy a brush and conditioner.

  • traycee

    She looks good for 40.

  • LaCroix

    I don’t even understand how she can relate a quote like this when she does absolutely nothing in her life to even reflect it.. she is not acting in anything besides Iron man .. she does nothing on a humanitarian forefront…wtf is she talking about?

  • christian

    She’s not attractive.

  • Boy

    Before reading any of the drivel, she says to you, make sure you know that this woman suffers from NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. She has a lack of empathy, thinks most people are below her, hobnobs with the rich and famous, so that their status and fame will rub off on her, she looks down on poor people or god-forbid “average” people, she has no sense of self, she is self-absorbed, thinks that her s**t doens’t stink, and is always trying to sound more “edified” that she really is. Yes, she tries to use big words, and tries to seem like she graduated from the Harvard of cooking and life school. BS.

  • Boy

    There is no way in hell these two are are together. Just for show folks, moving on. He looks utterly miserable to be with this vacuous, self-absorbed narcissist. Not that he’s any better. Can’t respect a man that will be with a woman just for show. She probably even knows he doesn’t like her, but the fact that he keeps up this charade strokes her monstrous, and humongous ego. Narcissists are just for show. So a relationship for show is sometimes even better than a real one.


    the more “relatable” she tries to be to the “commoners,” the more obnoxious she comes across. the kids are cute though, and seem to be pretty well-adjusted.

  • Ann

    ughhh, pseudo intellectuals are the worst of Hollywood, she tries too hard it makes parasites like Bieber look like a mercy bullet. Hush, girl, dress well, smile and stop embarrassing yourself with buzz words that mean nothing. Did she write a book yet….

  • Well

    The kids are cute. The mommy not so much.

  • Joy

    I’m glad she named her website good because this is exactly what comes out of her mouth. No substance there. Let me do a translation of what she said above.

    I tried to achieve the appearence of perfection by hanging out with Madonna. That was misguided. She’s just as narccisistic as me, so it didn’t work. It lead me down the wrong path. Now I’m on to scam artists like Tracy Anderson.

    I am a poor victim. Can you believe that before I was this narcissistic monster, that I actually gave up my will to someone else, because I wanted to be liked? I am a perfectionistic beast. Everything around me, about me, must seem perfect, so I’m naturaly drawn to this idea of perfectionism. I would like to know how it hurts me me me, I mean everyone, and how it benefits me me me, I mean everyone.

  • LooseLipz

    Said as she does a colonic and starves for 3 weeks before an award show. I hate this pompous twit. Another example of Hollywood nepotism ..

  • YUCK…


  • YUCK…


  • Who?


  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • PearlieQ

    Dear Gwyneth: I is the most boring word in the dictionary.

  • Vero

    Bitter, envious, jealous, disgusting people. Get a life! Gwyneth has got a beautiful family.

  • LooseLipz

    And really, how cruel it is to name your children Apple and Moses. I’m certain they’ll be teased for years and years..

  • Gigs

    hmmmmm, well perfection is in they eye of the beholder, I guess….subjective perception certainly exists I would say…a certain person sees something/somone as perfect…..and pbjective perfection….I guess if you were to poll every person (or a rep sample) in the world and ask them whether or not they find a certain thing/person etc. perfect, you could then figure out whether most people/or whether the stat average finds that person/thing in question perfect or not….however, it still won’t be 100% of the polled pple that find that perfect…and, more so their opinion of perfection would only apply to that one person/thing they were asked about……and, obviously, it would only refer to what the polled people find perfect….not what eg. nature finds perfect, or what art finds perfect etc…..hmmmm….lol…

  • Gigs

    ps: or what a certain generation, a certain culture etc finds perfect….unless you poll the cross-culturallly and cross-generationally (dead generation obviously excluded) etc etc, so their opinions won’t factor into the “obejective perfection” notion….

  • Gigs

    Chris however, needs to wipe that permanent sour puss expression off his face….that would annoy me big time if someone constantly complainign about even the media/paps…..get the f over it, Chris.

  • macchiato

    Apple and Moses …

  • Frozoid

    God, she’s an idiot.

  • Frozoid


    She didn’t go to college, even!!

  • karen

    Love that couple and family!
    Paltrow is just a stunning lady!

  • Peapo

    I with the minority here. I think Gwyneth, Chris and kids are an adorable family. At least Gwyneth tries to find some sense in her world and success. There are so many horrible narcissistic, vapid celebrities, I think Gwyneth is a real, person with real feelings striving to improve her life and trying to include us in her travels.
    Beautiful family. I hope they find the privacy they desire over the holidays.

  • Myfa

    I don’t get why everyone thinks these two are stuck up or faking a marriage or anything. They both seem kind, generous and down to earth to me. Yes, Gwyneth’s quotes sound a bit pretentious or patronizing, but I think she just wants to help people who are in the same situation.
    Lovely family.

  • Ash

    My God! That is one UGLY little girl. She looks exactly like her father, bless it!

  • Veronica A

    How can anyone call any child ugly?!?! Apple is NOT an ugly little girl. Jeeze… lighten up!

  • yawn

    Boring, pretentious woman. She is her own worst enemy.

  • nj

    i’m interested at how would u look at ur 40??? take care of ur own life