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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Visit Churches in Paris

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Visit Churches in Paris

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez walk hand-in-hand as they do some sightseeing at historic churches on Sunday (December 23) in Paris, France.

The 46-year-old actress and 46-year-old actor visited two famous Parisian churches: the Saint-Sulpice and the Église de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

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The day before, the couple arrived on a flight to Paris, holding hands as they made their way through the airport.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez holding hands while visiting some churches in Paris…

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78 Responses to “Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Visit Churches in Paris”

  1. 1
    chatter Says:

    I wish that woman would grow out her hair or wear a wig. She looks like a Pakistani boy. So unfeminine.

  2. 2
    Shy Says:

    I will never look the same at Olivier Martinez after those Gabriel pictures. Monster.

  3. 3
    Evy Says:

    Jared, stop posting pictures of them, they should be boycotted!

  4. 4
    LMAOROTF Says:

    LMAOROTF well well, if it’s not the dysfunktional delusional duo. Good sign they’re not eloping…all those who wed in gay puree have two ceremonies-civil and religious

  5. 5
    Not fooling anyone Says:

    Not fooling anyone…will she /they ever learn less is more

  6. 6
    registry Says:

    @LMAOROTF: be at the registry at C-u-n-t-s R US

  7. 7
    Cho Says:

    They need to stay in Paris and let Nahla stay with her dad.

  8. 8
    #7 forgot to mention Says:

    @LMAOROTF: Ya forgot to mention that he’s hated and /or not thought much of in his own country as told to me by several of my Parisian/ne buddies. Plus so much of them going unnoticed in Paris and not tipping off the French pappis (sarcasm).

  9. 9
    Cristina Says:

    @Evy: #5

    If you want them boycotted, why are you here?

  10. 10
    ok? Says:

    can someone please burn those ugly baggy jeans he keeps wearing?

  11. 11
    lainey Says:


  12. 12
    OhCanada Says:

    She doesn’t look quite all there. She looks fragile. I bet even if it was not her turn to be with Nahla for xmas, I bet she wanted to be close by. she looks uneasy and he looks like he is in his element. He is still a MUNSTER.

    So much for more privacy in France, their every move being documented. Take notes Gabe!

  13. 13
    Susie#1 Says:

    His beard is graying and between that and his bad dye job, he’s looking older and seedy. BTW, does he ever wear different jeans and shoes?

  14. 14
    Sami Says:

    I hope this means Nahla is spending Christmas with Gabriel, and not with the psychopaths.

  15. 15
    NE1 Says:

    And he can just forget all about how he almost killed someone the same way his character was killed in Unfaithful.

  16. 16
    sea Says:

    They are in love and I like them together.
    Marriages end very often, and we’ll never know what exactly happened between Halle and Gabriel from A to Z, so let them live their new loves and lives as they want.

  17. 17
    Sarena Says:

    Paris is a wonderful place to be around Christmas, Halle has every right to enjoy life. The only thing Gabriel is doing is being bitter and holding back his daughter from enjoying life. When she grows up she will decide and that decision will always be I want to spend more time with my mom.

  18. 18
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    Hahahaha, I first read this as “the couple arrived on a fight to Paris”

  19. 19
    me2 Says:

    such a slimy couple…when will she come to her senses!!!

  20. 20
    titiparisien Says:

    Look at Olivier Martinez for L Homme Yves saint Laurent perfume :)

    Great couple

  21. 21
    titiparisien Says:

    And you should note that there s no crazy paparazzis around them

    People don t care about them , they are totally anonymous in Paris :)

    that s why they want to live there

    like Scarlett Johansson brad Pitt angelina jolie and so on …

  22. 22
    titiparisien Says:


    She s perfect in my french eyes

    you don t know anything about real natural beauty

    i mean without make up , surgery etc ..

  23. 23
    Nothingtowritehomeabout Says:

    Halle Berry should consider herself lucky, she’s not allowed to go to Paris. I went to Paris. It is nothing to write home about. It’s kind of gloomy during the winter, because pretty much all the residential buildings, have the same style, and the same color. One block looks the same as the next block. You could easily get lost. It’s ridiculously expensive, a few years ago, a sandwich with a small piece of cheese, and a small piece of salmon, was like 9 euros. I can only imagine what it costs now. Many people just refuse to say even a word of English, even if you’re struggling, and even though they know it. It’s a far cry from this romantic city that everyone portrays it to be. Also, one strange thing I noticed there, when riding the subway, so many girls there have horrible acne. And then I connected it, their bakeries are filled with sweets, rarely do they have something salty, so eating all those sweets, will mess with your insulin levels, which causes acne. Peace.

  24. 24
    Kilem Says:

    This must their -Hey Look At Us in Paris Finding a Place to Get Married- tour. We got the -Hey Look At Me Finding Schools For My Daughter In Paris So I Can Kidnap Her- last year.
    Having said that, Nahla is one lucky kid in a way to spend Christmas in Quebec and then New Year’s in Paris.

  25. 25
    Derv Says:

    Nahla deserves to be with her caring and loving father, not those two crazies.

  26. 26
    Patty Says:

    Boring fake couple.They will “split” when that douche decides to go back to France forever,he has no friends,nor family in the U.S..She will soon have to choose between Nahla and that guy,if she really wants to live in Paris,she can’t have both.No judge will allow her to leave the country with Nahla anymore.Halle looks like a man with that short hair…

  27. 27
    Boy Says:

    You can often tell how much love there is between a couple, by how much they look at one another. These two rarely look at each other. I somehow think that she’s desperate for a man, any man. And he’s with her, maybe because of a sense of duty, like he needs to be there. But I don’t really sense, romantic love, between these two.

  28. 28
    Boy Says:

    Halle Berry has borderline personality disorder. These people view everyone as either their friend or their foe. They cannot control their emotions, and they expect other people to fulfill their emotional needs, and soothe their emotional scars from childhood. Halle Berry needs to be alone, for at least a good year or two, go to a more secluded city, where there are not as many paparazzi, or not as much attention, and just try to get to know herself, try to integrate her emotions into her life, re-experience those old scars and emotions of abandonment, and go on with her life. Otherwise, she will keep picking men that are either violent or aggressive, or unstable, because borderlines are naturally drawn toward intense, unstable relationships, because these relationships remind them of their childhood, and we are all drawn to what’s familiar.

  29. 29
    tulip827 Says:

    @Boy: Whether she needs to be alone is her business…but I do agreed needs to stay away from violent, aggressive and unstable man. And I total applaud her for leaving Gabriel controlling, money sucking a$$.

  30. 30
    Kilem Says:


    Gabriel has his own porcelain pots to p^ss in.

  31. 31
    Heather Says:

    YOu can tell Olivier is so happy to be back home

  32. 32
    tish Says:

    Halle B looks like ***** and that assswipe brutal basterd. she calls a man is an animal.

    I just don’t get why she thinks the rest of the world is stupid???
    The fight she is responsible for in her backyard where OM the animal almost killed Nahla’s father immediately got wiped under the carpet. IF it had of been the way HB said it occurred she would be talking about it to the media . And too Gabrial would be crucified for causing such havoc. It’s not hard to figure out there is something seriously menatally wrong with Halle B. How many times before Nahla was born did the audiences of the world pity her when she whined about her abusive marriages and her saying she would never ever marrying again? Such BS always looking for pity. Many of us listened too many times. Ontill a bright light came on ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! This relationship sucks at this point but they feel STUCK b/c they already look like two Losers so i cringe to think of that ‘stuck feeling .. Looks good on Halle and the creep she crawls to.
    Most importantly is i will never pay another red nickel to see any of her films nor his, not that i remember him being in any good movies . And trust i am a movie buff.
    Have a good life Halle and Animal, nobody cares anymore. If you win a BET award it will be out of pity…yeah pathetic but ppl arn’t stupid. SMH.

  33. 33
    villedeville Says:

    Headline: Sun, 23 December 2012 at 2:15 pm
    “Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Visit Churches in Paris”

    There are more than 20 photos. All I see is one church door and a few steps leading to somewhere. Where are the churches?

  34. 34
    Boy Says:

    “Have a good life Halle and Animal, nobody cares anymore.”

    I’m sorry I had to lol on that one. That’s funny.

  35. 35


  36. 36
    Anne Says:

    @Nothingtowritehomeabout: I had exactly the same feeling the first and second time I visited Paris. That it was a very beautiful but gray and gloomy museum with all buildings looking the same, where people looked sadder and less elegant than the romantic ideal portraits. To fully enjoy Paris one has to know it well, speak French (essential), have money and truly enjoy what’s French, their culture and habits. It took me a few visits. Now, I love it. Try to go in the Spring. I finally fell in love with the city when I watched the sunrise from the top of Montmartre with no tourists around. It was magic. But, I’m fluent in French, so people were nice to me. It’s really difficult to feel at home if you don’t.
    Halle looks like she’s about to cry. But, she looks a few years younger than Olivier. I’m on Gabriel’s side in their story but I find her very beautiful.

  37. 37
    Ginger Says:

    They are probably shopping for a house.

  38. 38
    douibt it Says:

    don’t know much abt JJ’s church thing so know he’s showing her around his nieghborhood. he supposedly lived in that place. doubt the ‘re house hunting–Halle is not going to pay 75% in taxes nor does she have that kind of money. She’s not going to move their–she looks bored in the pix here and on other sites. Yes she will have to choose. No they’re not in love. Nahla’s not going over–don’t believe TMZz etc. Gabe isn’t that stupid.

    The amzaing thing is Olly is totally oblivious and cares more about being home than being with her. He’s more excited about her being recognized than she is when walking around in his neighborhood. Funny for someone who isn’t that popular over other.

  39. 39
    candy Says:

    love his shoes, yes with the heels, I guess he needs them. Is this the man that left his girl friend when she had cancer? Halle should marry him, and buy a home there. He should open a restaurant there. Halle need to lose some weight about 20 pounds.

  40. 40
    bigteddybear Says:

    we all know now what a BIG BIG FOOL HALLE IS!!!!!!

  41. 41
    MIX UP Says:


  42. 42
    MIX UP Says:

    in that YSL AD is Olivier trying to look like gabriel? NOT WORKING AT ALL

  43. 43
    MIX UP Says:


  44. 44
    Rocky Says:


    Why Pakistani boy? Why not say, ‘A Boy’? Idiot!

  45. 45
    anaisgruzelle Says:

    oh la la Halle Berry is perfect woman. Bienvue à Paris!

  46. 46
    yep Says:

    I thought the whole purpose of moving to France is the paps wouldn’t be taking photos……Surely these photos aren’t taken in France? anyway, Merry Christmas

  47. 47
    Liverwurst Says:

    She looks very unhappy…we’ve seen this look on her face before. Usually ends the relationship shortly there after. I’ve never noticed she has big ears before.

  48. 48
    Jesse Says:

    Why are they looking for churches? Last time I checked no religion condones illegitimate children like Halle Berrys daughter, Nahla.

  49. 49
    sightseeing in nbhd Says:

    @Jesse: They’re sightseeing in his neighborhood. They’re not getting married, no matter if she, they, the tabloids, their PR/damage control teams spin it. Even if they were— all marriages in France used to be required to have both a civil and religious ceremony: Halle ‘s not going to pay 75% in French income tax; nor is she going to travel back and forth without Nahla unless for work…

  50. 50
    Happy Holidays, Halle! Says:

    Aw yes, she looks a little sad not to have her daughter there. But they seem like such a peaceful couple, just comfortable being together without all the fanfare, walking and holding hands. I wish them the very best. Way too much ridiculous hatred on these boards for Halle. Years ago, everybody was bashing Aubry, calling him gay, etc. Now they pretend to love him. Go figure. Lol! Some people will never forgive this beautiful lady for switching over to the “white side.” Unbelievable! That’s the American way. Everybody yells “No color lines,” but the racism is as present as it ever was. Truly sad……………. Well, I for one luv them together. They are a handsome couple. Positive, positive feelings going out into the universe for them. Blessings galore!

  51. 51
    Hey ugly people, Says:

    … on this board: You need to sit down and shut up. Bet you’re fat with hideous fat/ugly faces — and bodies! Can’t call Halle a boy or anything. You must really suck in real life, cuz you are so JEALOUS!!!!

  52. 52
    Molly Says:

    Why all the hate for Halle? I don’t get it. Personally, I am very happy that she found a man who is finally treating her right. She is moving on from the other previous husbands/boyfriends who in my opinion made her feel unstable with their baggage/stuff. I have been following her career since Swordfish, and since that movie, the XMen movies and onward, her co-star Hugh Jackman (who can do no wrong in my eyes) has always had positive things to say about her and I agree with him. I was excited to see her get together with Olivier since I’ve also been a fan of his since his earlier movie “Horseman On The Roof”. Olivier is a real honest to goodness man, and he is grounded, strong and good for her and they are into each other in spirit – very different from her other previous relationships. I really like her and Olivier as a couple and it seems like it’s the real deal finally for her and also for him too. I am very thrilled for her and I wish her all the best!

  53. 53
    Okay Says:

    Eric Benet and David Justice can get off this board now. You guys moved on and are supposedly happy, so why are you guys and your crews still bothering Halle? Get over it!

  54. 54
    huggybear Says:

    this women put her man before her child how sad

  55. 55
    Donte Says:

    For all you Halle Berry bashers, you can kiss her BLACK @SS!!!

  56. 56
    AvaMommy Says:

    Saw the ad from your link, and it looks like they photoshopped as much of the unattractive out of him. @titiparisien:

  57. 57
    huggybear Says:

    @Donte HALLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU BLACK ASS. look who she out with take a good look around you, take you head out of the her pictures for LAX TO FRANCE YOU CAN SEE IS DEMAGE CONTROL A PICTURE TELL A THOUSAND WORDS.

  58. 58
    LOL! Says:

    @huggybear: Will you get over it, MAN! You’re either totally ghetto, OR you are pretending to be. Stop being such a stupid racist. Halle is half Caucasian. She’s been married, divorced, had bad relationships, had to face the wrath of idiots like you for years… She has MORE than earned the right to be happy with whoever she chooses. Half of you bums arguing about Halle would be with a Caucasian person at the drop of a hat (if they would have you, but you’re too ghetto and unattractive), yet online you’re so Pro Black. And yes, I’m even talking about you black men from the ghetto who are so angry with white men because you’re envious of what they have. Good grief! You are truly sad, hopeless individuals. You really don’t have anything good in your lives, do you? Ask God to change you AND your lives.

  59. 59
    huggybear Says:

    LOL!@ first of all no one was speaking to you, two you needed to shut your racist ass up. you don’t know me. three halle put herself out by what she do in her personl life that the price you pay when you become a movie star. the public become your bed pillow friends DEAL WITH IT!!!!

  60. 60
    Donte Says:

    @huggybear: Halle Berry is a FINE 46 year old BLACK WOMAN who has it going on so don’t hate the player hate the game!

  61. 61
    only civil is legal Says:

    @LMAOROTF: In present day France, only a civil ceremony (first before religious) is legal in France. A Catholic Church wedding if Halle’s eligible is moot.

  62. 62
    only civil is legal Says:

    @Kilem: see post…only civil marriages in France are legal. etc…

  63. 63
    huggybear Says:

    @Donte am fifty year old black women with beautiful skin no wrinkles no face lift or nose job and am proud of who I am I don’t want to be halle berry, she not happy look in her eyes and you can see her soul is not happy. I am very happy with who I am I don’t needed a man to make feel am a women be your self not want to be halle berry it not pretty Donte.

  64. 64
    Valerie Says:

    looks like Paris does not hide you from the paps.
    I could not be that far from my child during the holidays.

  65. 65
    LOL! Says:

    @huggybear: And I say that if you are not a black male and are instead a black female, you’re jealous. You can have gorgeous black skin, but still have ugly features and bad hair. That is probably you. And the fact that Halle Berry has been able to date black men that you would probably kill to be with, and now she’s ALSO able to date fine Caucasian men… well, that’s just eating you alive. You can’t do that, can you?

  66. 66
    huggybear Says:

    @ LOL! you are and ass be yourself and stop trying be like halle beauty come within not on the outside grow up and stop calling people ugly you big fool.

  67. 67
    Mix up Says:

    It so sad when people who said their love Halle Berry reduce themself to attack other people for speaking their minds and call them all kinds of nasty name even calling them ugly how sad GOD BLESS THEM their or blinded.

  68. 68
    LOL! Says:

    @huggybear: AHA!!!Well, you let the cat out of the bag with your “tired” response. YOU MUST INDEED BE UGLY — just as I suspected! If you were as fair as Halle Berry, you would have quickly stated that you were attractive. Yea, it’s sad when ugly, jealous black women get on a site and attack beautiful black women, esp one of the only few black women who has been able to make a career in Hollywood. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking Halle Berry for ANYTHING!

  69. 69
    LOL! Says:

    There is nothing worse than a person who is ugly thru and thru!

  70. 70
    huggybear Says:


  71. 71
    huggybear Says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking Halle Berry for ANYTHING! you mean even if she kill someone? LOL you are sick

  72. 72
    LOL! Says:

    @huggybear: Now you want to bring Almighty God into this after all your mean words directed at Halle Berry and me calling you an ugly person. I’m sure the shoe fits. Well, I’m sure God is not very happy with you judging/continually blaming Halle Berry for an “accident” that I’m sure still weighs heavily on her mind. You just want to keep kicking and kicking her no matter what because your heart is filled with jealous hatred.

  73. 73
    huggybear Says:

    @ LOL the same way you speak about gabreil ? lady you needed to get the persons who talk halle acident right before you judge me GOD BLESS YOU. GET YOUR FACT RIGHT

  74. 74
    LOL! Says:

    I never said anything horrible about Gabriel. Halle has a history of finding the wrong men. Why should Gabriel be different? Because he’s white??? Anyhow, a racist woman like you is not sticking up for Gabriel. You’re just jealous of Halle Berry. She lives a life you dream about, but there is no way you can attain it. The accident is in the past. She’s just trying to be happy, but you don’t want her to. You really should be ashamed to attack another black woman, esp. someone like her who is a very sweet person. She’s not loose. She’s not scandalous. She’s pretty upstanding as far as her lifestyle goes. If Halle Berry was fat and ugly, was getting wasted every week, and going down the drain like you, you’d be on this board standing up for her. You do not want to see her succeed at anything. I know your kind. You’re a sucky jealous person!

  75. 75
    huggybear Says:

    Is so sad when people sit down and used race to get what their want. black or white skinny or fat wrong is wrong I don’t care how much money you have it take two to make a child. both of you have a right to rised you child without a third party get between the two of you, it not about how much money you have that make you a good mother or father it love and putting your child first and I MEAN FIRST. GOD BLESS NAHLA, GABRIEL AND HALLE I hope for the year she will put NAHLA FIRST NOT SOME MAN THAT COME AFTER THE FACT NAHLA AND GABRIEL WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAMILY HAPPY NEW YEAR

  76. 76
    Amazed Says:

    These two looking great together. Everyone needs to move on, Halle Olivier love each other stop judging.

  77. 77
    diana Costa Says:


  78. 78
    diana Costa Says:

    Ha pessoas que só sabem criticar, outras que sao tribalistas, tudo isto porque Olivier não é americano. Halle Berry nunca pareceu tão feliz como agora, se Aubry fosse bom ela não o teria deixado. Olivier é um actor, trabalhador quer uma familia e quer sustentar a familia. Aubry é um doador, não passa de um intereseiro e sua luta é apenas por causa do dinheiro de Halle porque ele nem é conhecido. Outras são tão ignorantes que confudem miséria, com puberdade, acne não tem nada haver com os doces… informe-se melhor. Outras ainda pedem para queimar as calças ou outros comentários estúpidos, como, não vou olhar para ele da mesma maneira, ele não te conhece. Deixem o casal viver a vida e ser feliz. Olivier ama tanto Halle que pela primeira vez ele pensa em casar……ISTO É AMOR…

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