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Katie Holmes & Suri: Papyrus Pair!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Papyrus Pair!

Katie Holmes holds hands with her daughter Suri as they head to Papyrus on Sunday (December 23) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress and her little one grabbed some stationary and gifting supplies at the Chelsea neighborhood store.

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Suri is reportedly spending Christmas with her father Tom Cruise. “We have got lots of very special things planned. We are all going to be together,” he said, speaking about Suri and his two older children Connor and Bella.

FYI: Katie is wearing Bloch flats.

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  • Nikki

    So Cute

  • day

    I’d be freezing if I were dressed like that little girl

  • Evy

    Dear Katie,

    Have you ever heard of leggings, tights or simply pants? Seriously wtf !!

  • toria


    It was in the 50′s today in NYC.

  • Chups

    Isn’t it cold in NY…why does she have that little girl in a skirt with out legging. Gosh put some pants on the child for crying out loud. Your legs are warm but yet your child has on a skirt.

  • Michelle

    I know it sounds crazy but everytime I see Suri, I see a bit of Joshua Jackson in her face & expressions…

  • A

    This is not an appropriate outfit for a kid! A mini-skirt? WTF!

  • Desperate & Awkward

    Putting Suri in a mini skirt with no tights somehow makes Katie relevant? Her PR tem has reached bottom.

  • Ben

    I think Katie bores Suri. She’ll perk up when she’s with Tom.

  • Katie’s Worst Outfit Evah!
  • toria

    Katie and the cast of Dead Accounts must be on pins and needles waiting for the new box office figures to be released tomorrow. Currently Dead Accounts is, well dead last, in terms of seats sold on Broadway. If it dips much lower Katie will have plenty of time to concentrate on her H&Y line as she and the rest of the cast will most likely be unemployed before too long!

  • Sarah

    I agree, it is absolutely ridiculous for her not to be wearing tights. She is dressed warmly otherwise but then has bare legs. Katie does not seem to know how to parent.

  • Verity

    It was 28 F in NYC, that child should have been dressed warmer.

  • Barbara

    Good heavens ….have all Katie stories on here been taken over by COS people

  • Verity

    @toria: She was on Letterman trying to drum up business as the show is not doing very well.

  • Deanna


    I hope for his sake that Josh isn’t the father. I don’t want him to get involved with that crazy again. I think it’s best if Josh stays as far away from Katie as possible. It actually wouldn’t suprise me if Katie used Suri to try and get Josh back.

  • Only COS dress appropriately?

    So, only COS people can recognize when a child isn’t dressed appropriately?
    Seriously, this ridiculous grade school name calling is old.
    Unfortunately for Katie, COS is not the only ones who comment on her post, other people with a brain and good judgement skills call Bull$h!T when a talentless, past irrelevant, actress whose only claim to fame is Dawson’s Creek and Tom Cruise baby’s mama has exceeded her 5 minutes of fame.

  • TabithaFan21

    can’t you fix the pictures? they are messed up.

  • Nothing on the legs?

    Why would you put scarf, gloves, ear muffs and a big coat on a little girl and NO tights? It doesn’t make sense.

  • Nothing on the legs?

    @Nothing on the legs?:
    correction: no gloves

  • Mara

    Oh golly, everyone give Katie a break. Suri hardly looks like she is freezing. A lot of kids don’t feel the cold.


    that child looks perfect! the weather was mild here in NYC and she was dressed far more appropriate than most other times – i.e high heels, no jacket, etc. looks like NYC agrees with them! and katie looks much more herself now that her contract with tom has expired. hopefully now she can find herself in a happy, real relationship.

  • rubyz

    Where is Social Services, or whatever US agency deals with child neglect? Holmes does not have a lick of commons sense: her child is bare legged while she wears a down parka. If there was a responsible ADULT in this relationship, the conversation might go something like this: “Put your leggings on or stay home.” PERIOD.

  • asdfg

    Where are Suri’s sweats? Leggings? Poor girl looks freezing!!! :(

  • asdfg


    Right, because Katie has on jeans and bulky jacket yet she dresses her daughter in a skirt….yet Suri looks “perfect”? What is wrong with you?

  • Thornton

    Actually Suri doesn’t look cold at all. She is smiling and looking very happy. As people who actually live in NYC have pointed out the weather wasn’t even that cold. I just hope you never have kids rubyz. Nasty, judgmental people like yourself who spend all their time attacking people that make them feel inferior end up raising children just like them. If you ever have children it would certainly be to their advantage if social services took them away from you. All the real abuse going on in this world and this is the best you can do with your time. If you are the same person I’ve seen attacking Katie on other sites, what a disgrace to Canada you are. I’m embarrassed to have you as a citizen of our great country. And I certainly agree with you Barbara, it’s seems the crazy COS people come out to attack Katie constantly. You would think they would worry more about the terrible reviews the top critics are giving Jack Reacher and Tom Cruise’s performance, and the poor opening it had in terms of money, more than attacking his ex wife.

  • Tatum

    I am so tired of her dressing Suri in mini skirts! Ridiculous. Suri is 7, not 2.

  • Suri Loses It Again!
  • @rubyz

    Oh for God’s sake. It was WARM in NYC today. Suri is dressed fine. And if you think this is child abuse or neglect then I suggest you read a few stories about parents who beat their kids to death or use a cigarette to burn them, or lock them in a cage and starve them. This is absolutely nothing compared to what social workers and DCFS deals with — especially in NYC. Get a grip.

  • @@rubyz

    And it’s not as war and genocide…it still is bad.

  • jay

    Suri resembles Joshua Jackson a lot. She looks more and more like him everyday. Just look up his mighty duck days or dawson’s creek. Its down right scary. Suri resembles Katie too but she looks more like Josh. Theres a reason Tom is not in the picture any more. Suri may have have his name but she doesn’t have his face. Unless Josh knows the truth but I seriously doubt it. Josh doesnt seem they type of guy to let someone else raise his child. So I think this is Katie’s secret. There’s a reason she called Josh and it wasn’t to catch up. This has been building for 6 years. Now the truth is going to come out eventually. Just wait.

  • rp3

    @Thornton: The movies budget is only 60 million dumbass!!!

  • Carmen

    @jay: Your an idiot, she looks like Tom.

  • Melanie

    Oh do shut up now about what bloody Suri is wearing. They’re shopping not off to the Golden Globes. At least Katie is always there for her child, unlike Zombie Cruise. You guys are Mission Impossible when it comes to these 2. Is Suri in hospital with sickness from her SHOCKING outfit? Puhleeeaazzee people.

  • Melanie

    @Deanna: That is just tragic. When exactly did Katie become the crazy married to psychopath Scientology freak Cruise? You’re as we call it here, “goofed” in your head.

  • Melanie

    @Thornton: BRAVO

  • Sofia

    Tom’s movie is in over 3000 theaters so it isn’t like its an Indie film. It had a weak opening. Plus the 60 million doesn’t include the millions spent to promote it. Some think the studio is lying about it being 60m for an action film when it includes Tom’s 20 million paycheck up front.

  • dressesherself

    I’m sure Suri would have leggings or tights on if SHE wanted them. That child runs her own life!

  • Hypothermia

    That’s called hypothermia!

  • Jack Reacher

    Paramount predicted a $12-15 mil weekend for Jack Reacher and by mid-afternoon Sunday the numbers reported was $15.6 (Fri & Sat numbers only). Ghost Protocol had an opening of $12, 785 (3555 theaters) – It was up against Sherlock Holmes – Dec 14, 2012.

    Do I think Jack Reacher will get the same domestic gross as Ghost Protocol, NO. ☺ Just an example to illustrate weekend numbers from a 4 day Holiday weekend followed by another Holiday (New Years) means we still have two days to go this week and a 4 day weekend coming up. ☺

    I do believe that Paramount’s projection for this weekend and the eventual total domestic gross being compared to Valkyrie or Knight & Day is a definite possibility.

    Even with the “weak opening” Jack Reacher was still #2 for the weekend, which had The Hobbit leaving EVERYONE in the dust .

    To even get nearly half ($15.6) of what The Hobbit made ($36) is a pretty good feat for Tom Cruise considering what him/Jack Reacher the movie was up against – outcry from Lee Child novel fans, CT shooting and negative publicity of his personal life.

    There is still X-MAS eve & day for the complete Holiday numbers to come in – which includes the big releases of Les Miserables (PG-13), Django Unchained (R). Opportunity for Jack Reacher to pull in a younger audience, who have already seen The Hobbit, not really into musicals (teen boys, generally speaking) or just want to shave off 20 or 30 mins of their movie going experience. Gotta have something to do after opening those presents.

    Also, Jack Reacher doesn’t open until Dec 26 to major international markets (France, Spain, UK, Japan, etc).

  • Sofia

    No, Ghost Protocol opened in limited release to 12 million in 425 theaters. It then opened wide to 30 mil in 3000+ theaters.

  • Jack Reacher

    It’s an old school action film none of the special effects of say.. “Looper” which has a production cost of $30 mil listed.
    Besides a well orchestrated car chase, appr 3 fight scenes (bathroom, street fight and another towards the end) and some shooting there is no CGI, so why would it be unbelievable that Jack Reacher (filmed in Pittsburgh), that had maybe 4 premieres (London, Amsterdam, Madrid and Pittsburgh).
    Where’s all the advertising cost you speak of? Many media outlets claim he hasn’t promoted enough. (google them if your inclined)

  • Jack Reacher

    @Sofia: Thanks Sofia – I stand corrected.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Suri seems to be a very greedy girl, grabbing as much as she could\couldn’t hold.
    She often opts for the largest portion possible for ice cream. Very greedy and nasty.

  • Toria

    @Jack Reacher:

    I believe I also read that some of their strategy with opening it at this time was the long weekend for Christmas. The studio is thinking it will pick up momentum as the week goes on (into New Years). As a Jack Reacher fan I’m not going to see it because I don’t want my ‘in my mind’ picture of Reacher replaced by Tom Cruise, but I have heard from friends that have seen it that it is a good action film. It will probably gross around $150 million with overseas, domestic, rental and sales. So it should make back the money spent on it.

  • anaisgruzelle

    nice dreesses up Suri!

  • MR

    Tommy is treating Suri as a suppressive person; he should be seeing the kid more.

  • TabithaFan21

    PLEASE fix the pictures!

  • NT

    I see Tom & Katie in her !!! More of katie , But lots of Tom also

  • How Low Can It Go?

    Hmmm, let’s see..DA grossed $337,545 the week ending 12/16 [down $99K from previous week) and now it is down to…….

    $243,154 gross (12/23 week down $94,391)
    3076 seats sold (down 485 from previous week)

    How low will they let it go before closing the door on this play?