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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Holiday Party Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Holiday Party Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler walk arm and arm while they head to a holiday party with friends on Sunday (December 23) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 24-year-old actress posted a picture of herself in a sari and joined Instagram, so make sure to follow her @VanessaHudgens.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa recently blogged about the holidays on her official website.

“New York really knows how to get ready for the holiday…,” Vanessa wrote. “It’s a Winter Wonderland.”

FYI: Austin is wearing AllSaints.

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  • A

    @take a hike Vanessa got famous for them. That’s just as bad.

    And sure Ashley has some haters on her own. But the largest majority of them on this site happen to be poor pathetic pudgens pumpers.

  • A

    Oh and dumb@ss you’re on a Hudgens post where she’s walking down the street. Not any different than the things Ashley gets posts of on other gossip sites.

  • http://deleted/ Alexandra

    @take a hike:
    im going to agree with you, i dont think anyone here is hating on Ash, like this fan is hating on Vanessa… i understand she probably needs to defend her, but this time no one was hating on her, she is already getting SO MUCH hate from the Anna Faris´s fan base, and , even i think this is stupid, Kaley Cuoco’s fans… And of course the Scary Movie haters out there… she needs to understand this is just the first trailer, probably the second one would be better.

  • Emma

    @BO: Just stop it.
    I think you’re insane. Nobody here is interested you and your love Zac Efron
    And as Kylie said, she was moved and so happy without Zac Efron
    Just leave her alone

  • take a hike

    @A: If it helps you sleep at night then keep believing that nonsense. Build a bridge and move it along.

  • steLL

    @take a hike my dear you do need to take a hike.

    Same goes with you guys na. Just because you think Pudge can do no wrong that doesn’t mean everyone does. Pudges trip to the gym and grocery shop isn’t facinating or gossipworthy either. And that Spring breakers movie looks like porn for the mentally retarded.

  • http://deleted BO

    lol , now we have another ip tracer . funny not one of them can get facts correct .and btw , i don’t have an static ip ! i mask it .lolol

  • Ugly hair extensions, Pudge!!!

    :- [

  • take a hike

    @steLL: Obviously, people do think Vanessa is interesting especially to you haters. Vanessa made a movie with James Franco and Harmony Korrine. Ashley made a movie with DNasty the porn star and LiLo.’ Nuff said.

  • http://deleted/ Alexandra

    nop nop.. is not working! trololol

    BTW, i hope Maria, Tina, BOHJI and everyone just ignore the haters… IGNORE THEM.

  • Please, like Franco is God LOL


  • http://deleted/ Alexandra

    @take a hike:
    i think you should ignore the trolls too. If you dont like Ashley, just ignore her and ignore her fans. we are here to support Vanessa… don’t become one of them.

  • http://deleted/ Alexandra

    S.S trolololol

    Intric8 / Nightwish, we know what you are doing… someone here doesnt like the “thumbs down” lol

  • I will be heard, pal

    @Alexandra: we can do it the easy way or the hard way. Your choice

  • Van is dressin like a 35 yr ol

    Dont tell me she’s plannin a family already

  • steLL

    @take a hike
    I don’t find Pudge interesting at all. What I find interesting is the amount you guys find her interesting when she isn’t. (if you understand what I am saying)

    Yah she worked with James franco. I think she got lucky with that. I am pretty sure that was the last time she will ever get lucky like that. Clearly she was cast in Spring Breakers for her looks and her teen appeal. Please don’t tell me she was cast in it because of her talent for acting cause we all know that isn’t true.

  • take a hike

    @I will be heard, pal: Oh look it’s our resident f*ckwit Nightwish. I just thumbed you down pal.

  • take a hike

    @steLL: ZZZZZZZ. That’s all I’ve got for you.

  • BO

    Ashley made a movie with a porn star .I’m sure hudge pudge doesn’t feel the need to do that , she’s a porn star herself ! lolol there’s no difference between hudge the pudge and lindsay as to the nature of scandals .lolol

  • Scary Movie 5 looks hilarious!

    The previews are fantastic. Ash is great!

  • Mollie

    they are so cute, it is nice to see a real couple out there in HW, and Vanessa’s family loves Austin. i find his relationship with her family so adorable.

  • Abt Vans hair extensions again

    It looks like half of em fell off already, she should have em redone. Just sayin.

  • Pudge better not pressure Aust

    to get married or have kids soon. He needs to have his life without any manipulations going on by black widow here..

  • to get married early, dammit

    :- O

  • http://deleted BO

    pathetic ! don’t you losers have the last minute arrangements to be made for X’mas , rather than spending your entire time here ? losers .how can you even think of some stupid celeb when the whole world around you is getting ready for X’mas ? idiots

  • Ok.. hard way it is, losers!

    : – |

  • Pattycake

    gorgeous as usual

  • Pattycake

    whoa hello there you handsome man!! they make a cute couple

  • me

    so nice to see them back in LA

  • me

    she always looks happy with him.

  • me

    the IG today was so cute.

  • tina

    Well fans, I must say you have succeeded in driving intric8/nightwish over the edge. Good to see them back in LA to spend time with their families and friends for the holidays. Next year will be busy for her, love she has someone to enjoy her down time with.

  • Old maid walking with austin

    :- (

  • Merry Xmas, Pudgekin losers!

    Ho Ho Ho!

  • “I want her bag, hair..” LOL!

    @VEE: I dont think you want Pudgekin’s hair there VEE. You cant be serious, which means your just a pumper.

  • Downvote away, morons. LOL!

    Still wishing a happy holiday season to you all regardless

  • J-ish

    omg people put on a bit TOO MUCH time on hating lol, Check yourselves this Christmas season and get a life lolz

  • Nightwish

    @J-ish: I agree. Too much hating, too much downvoting. Everyone should get in the christmas spirit and chill. Hey, don’t you think Van’s choice of dress is a tad too frumpy, gypsyish and more inclined for someone twice her age? It’s just an innocent observation, no malice or anything.

  • maria

    Ok, A, bring it on. I didn’t even know Ashley had a new thread. Are you inviting me to post or what??

    Oh and I never laughed so hard as BOzo coming up with a new category of movies to suit her lover. “super hit”???? Wow. That’s reaching. You may use that term for your Bollywood or Hindi movies. We don’t use that term.

  • BO

    actually you do use the term , the terms of the rankings are global ,just that you use blockbuster more often .commonly you call a film having a large box office profit ”a blockbuster ” loser ! which is exact;y what TLO was grossing nearly as four times as it’s budget . face it , Zac Efron coming of age drama film IS A BLOCKBUSTER !!! let’s see how much Vanessa hudgens coming of age film grosses , if there’s any film like that at all .

  • Nightwish

    @BO: Oh no, nothing is a blockbuster unless pudgekin is in it. And if it completely bombs, it was the fault of a marketing fiasco prior to the film, not Pudgies performance. Maria has it all figured out.

  • BO

    hey tik tik , is that you following me on twitter ? tina williams ? lol ol

  • maria

    @Nightwish: I already said she does not have one, except for J2. When Efron makes a decent movie, I will be the first to applaud. Never said she would be the first, win an oscar, or anything of that nature. I reserve that kind of worship for A or Bozo. My feet are firmly planted, no head in the clouds or anywhere else for that matter. And please……if you saw TLO or CSC, and liked them, then I will truly worry about you.

  • BO

    surely you have feet ”firmly” planted in the ground , may be they are just too ”firmly” planted that you are burried waist deep .lolol thats why you can’t see the reality of pudge hudge and zac . because you are burried waist deep in soil and can’t locomote

  • steLL

    Come on @BO Pudge fans know that Ashley and Zac is better than Pudge in every which way. But they won’t admit it. We all know Pudge is nowhere near what these people make her out to be.

  • tina

    @steLL: Yet you think Stella is famous because of her. Sad little child.

  • BO

    stell,i beg to disagree,pudge hudge is waaay ahead than zac and ash… famewhoring

  • steLL

    oops @BO forgot that one. She has become so superior on famewh0ring that I actually forgot she famewh0res. Her existence depends on famewh0ring these days so it didn’t even come across my mind :DDD

  • steLL

    What @tina ? care to explain further ?

  • telle

    gorgeous ladyyy