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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Holiday Party Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Holiday Party Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler walk arm and arm while they head to a holiday party with friends on Sunday (December 23) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 24-year-old actress posted a picture of herself in a sari and joined Instagram, so make sure to follow her @VanessaHudgens.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa recently blogged about the holidays on her official website.

“New York really knows how to get ready for the holiday…,” Vanessa wrote. “It’s a Winter Wonderland.”

FYI: Austin is wearing AllSaints.

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  • Nightwish

    Just my honest analysis of this situation. Pudgekin looks like she’s going off the deep end fashion wise. It appears as if she raided her mom’s closet while she was out at the ice cream shop. Her hair is a mess. Half of her extensions have found their way down the shower drain or are stuck somewhere on austins trousers. The oversized circular shades do not flatter her captain ahab jawline in a complimentary way. If she got really drunk one night and passed out in her front lawn, she’d be chucked into the garbage truck by accident. Not only that, she is suddenly looking way to old for Austin. Munchkin needs to go for someone older, but she never will because she wants to be in control of the relationship. I dunno guys, things are taking a turn for the worse with our flat-chested hottie here, and i hope our hero can pull herself out of this rut. Happy Holidays.

  • tina

    So because she’s not wearing something that show her assets, she’s “dressing older” but if she did she’d be a s lut. This is why she doesn’t dress to please anyone but her self. Now I have a LIFE with a family and friends who love me so on this holiday I will be spending time with them, not posting on soneone I don’t like. Happy Holidays.

  • BO

    happy holidays to u 2 tina williams,lolol

  • noone

    She spends so much time when she has boyfriends with them. I take it she doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends or any other friends. Why does she dress like a hobo? She afford some of the most expensive clothes, and she choosing she wear these unflattering outfits. Heck, if I was in the position to buy and wear stuff from Prada and huge names like that I would wear it most of the time.

  • Annie

    @noone: Shut up…. You don’t know anything about her. And it’s none of your business what kinds of clothes she wears.She has the right to choose what to wear

  • steLL


    she did wear high brands like that when she was with Zac. She looked more happier with Zac as well. But since she started dating Austin it looks like she threw all the good clothes away and now she goes by the ” I am trashy ” look. I guess it depends on who she’s dating at the moment.

    BTW Pudge need to take that hideous extentions off and have a good long shower.

  • steLL

    When the paps aren’t around Pudge looks depressed. When they are around its very clear Pudge is trying to act all happy. Tryin to make someone jelaous there ha Pudge ? I don’t think its workin

  • BO

    oh of course,she can’t afford to wear such expensive clothes all by herself.clearly,zac bought them for her.when they broke up,shd must hav hauled them all to a big truck and had them delivered to

  • anaisgruzelle

    à mon avis ils sont perfait. L’amour est vourais.

  • BO

    does it snow there now?

  • The truth

    why so ugly vanessa ??? Like a homeless…. The truth speaking…

  • BO

    2 and half hours more for xmas here!

  • The truth

    why so flawless vanessa ??? Like a princess…. The truth speaking…

  • The truth

    your best decision Vanessa, was dump efron… that’s the truth…. The truth speaking…

  • Liberty

    1) Vanessa Hudgens appears happy constantly spending time with Austin Butler and for people who truly support Vanessa, the fact she is happy is all that should matter.
    2) Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have two very different careers. Just because they dated and starred together does not mean you have to constantly compare them. As for Ashley Tisdale her production company makes her a heck of a lot of money.

  • The truth

    You can take my name !! but not the truth !! i forgive your arrogance. this is the truth…the truth speaking….

  • kelly martineau

    There back in la. Big lips looks like a nerd with his botton done on the very top.

  • kelly martineau

    Like to see her with her sister or her mom or with friends instead of with big lips 24/7 5 days a week. in la or ny.

  • Ade

    I just think it’s hilarious how all of you pathetic people are sitting behind a computer screen arguing, hating, and insulting the careers of Vanessa, Zac, and Austin.

    Sure, none of them are all that successful right now, but they’re trying to get there. Brad Pitt didn’t become an A-Lister overnight.

    Vanessa’s beautiful, talented, and I have so much respect for her and Austin seems to really make her happy. I can’t wait to continue to watch her career bloom.

  • http://yahoo sanae

    she looks so great and Austin is so hot they make a great couple.

  • Daisy

    @steLL: You are BO, aren’t you?
    No matter how you change your name, you can’t hide it.
    You really need to stop changing your name… Moreover, she looks happier now than when with Zac

  • sven

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    Check it out now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It’s selling FAST!

  • Celestine

    The whole she is happier now then she was with Zac is weird to me it seems to me that she was unhappy then? No she wasn’t! If she was she wouldn’t have dated him for 5 years. Stop discrediting their relationship ,they were in love. Done! And for all you fans, yes he’s not a blockbuster hit movie star yet, neither is Vanessa so stop putting Zac down in order to put Vanessa on a higher pedestal and the whole Gayfron thing? Stop it he’s not in her life anymore, don’t be that pathetic fan. She looks beautiful but I honestly can’t stand that outfit, nothing to do with her I just wouldn’t like it in anyone. And BO? Shut up! Don’t be that fan, the pathetic fan who goes around trying to convince people that Zac is this and that, I love him and all but lol you crack me up! If you really believed he was brilliant let him convince others on his own you don’t have to be a troll. And yes I’m really a Zac fan but I like Vanessa too, she’s cool.


    Daisy is Celestine .
    No matter how you change your name , you can’t hide it .lolol

  • BO

    merry Xmas !

  • BO

    merry Xmas ! is it 12 now ?

  • yets

    i love you girl.
    Merry Christmas to all Vanessa Hudgens fans all over the world.
    spread the love and God us all.

  • Joey

    Happy christmas for everybody! 74HC14D

  • liz

    same old pudgy chick in the same old overdone type outfit!

  • kelly martineau

    Any more pitchures of them any where else.

  • BO

    tsunami anniversary in 5 minutes.doomed day

  • maria

    @BO: That was truly a tragedy. So sad. Will never forget the images of the flooding and the people whose lives were affected forever.

    I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas with their families, and that the New Year brings health, happiness, and wonderful new memories. And That is meant for ALL of you.

  • telle

    she looks beautiful¡¡¡

  • bettyboop

    Wow, this girl gets so many comments, most of them preteen fans. It’s kind of sad that the internet provides a vehicle for their obsession. You can see just how crazy it is; no wonder Disney and everyone else tries to cash in on these type of stars. But will these fans mature & snap out of it eventually? There’s no telling anymore…because this generation relies on the internet which can fuel these celeb addictions…