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Adriana Lima: Miu Miu's Spring 2013 Campaign Photos!

Adriana Lima: Miu Miu's Spring 2013 Campaign Photos!

Check out Adriana Lima in these new Spring 2013 images for Miu Miu‘s latest campaign!

The 31-year-old model was joined for the photo shoot by fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes, along with Arizona Muse, Bette Franke, Martha Hunt, Malgosia Bela, and Tamara Weijenberg.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Miu Miu described the images as “mise-en-scènes and still lifes, in a mysterious domestic setting,” according to WWD.

The Spring 2013 shoot was photographed by famed fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

15+ promotional images inside from Miu Miu‘s Spring 2013 campaign…

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adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 01
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 02
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 03
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 04
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 05
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 06
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 07
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 08
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 09
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 10
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 11
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 12
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 13
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 14
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 15
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 16
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 17
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 18
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 19

Credit: Miu Miu
Posted to: Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes

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  • suz

    Hmmm…. PETA is gonna be on the warpath……

  • rachel

    more pictures of adriana less of miranda kerr.

  • true

    The only true supermodel Victoria’s Secret has now really.

  • grrr

    Haha… Adriana is doing high-end fashion campaigns while Miranda is doing paparazzi campaigns. Who is is the better one?

  • Bellissima

    oh my…..she is stunning!!! i love Adriana <3

  • ani

    @grrr: Does Miranda even do high fashion campaigns anymore? Just curious!

  • how

    Her features are absolutely striking! She’s one beautiful model!

  • Helen

    Is Arizona in the pictures? I can’t see her. Or maybe my eyes have problems lol

  • ccae

    Doutzen is Gorgeous. Love here. The redhead too is beautiful

  • Cate

    Adriana actually started off in high end fashion but becasue she has been with VS for so long people mainly associate her with that.

    @Helena: It’s not your eyes, she is just hard to see. Arizona is in the first pic with the white coat with her head turned away.

  • uhmmm

    Miu Miu is not high fashion.
    Its big sister Prada is, but this is just an offshoot.
    Still a very nice brand, don’t get me wrong. But don’t kid yourself that this is HF.

  • Bart

    wow Adriana’s 3rd fashon campaign after 100 years, go girl! why cant she get only girl campaigns? she shares all her ads with other models. not exactly prestigious…

  • isshebritish

    good those austin powers teeth are NOT showing!

  • @4

    I’m sure that you already know this, but Miranda is the new face of Mango. She’s taking over since kate left.
    But I thought that this was a thread about Adriana. Why bring up any other model at all?

  • noone

    I get confused. People say she is attractive, but I do not see it. Yes, she has beautiful eyes and is good shape, but she is not attractive in the face. I’m sorry, but I have to say it. I respect her choice for waiting to have sex until marriage though.

  • @4

    She isn’t doing HF right now, but she is the new face of Mango. They always get top models to rep for them, so it is quite a coup for her, even though ot isn’t HF.
    But why did you bring up Miranda in this thread, anyway?

  • catalog

    @Cate: she dabbled in fashion but never ruled it. She was thrown into a few fashion shows in her early days but never opened and closed them walking side by side with the designers and she has only had c list fashion campaigns besides Givenchy and this one and less than 6 Vogue covers. for someone so “popular” on the internet she sure is weak when it comes to real modeling. I much prefer her in GQ and VS, where she belongs.

  • horrible

    Adriana you fur scum! what a horrible person!!!

  • hmm

    I guess that this is why Doutzen lost so much weight. She wanted to land a fashion campaign. Too bad. IMO, she is much prettier with a few pounds on her.

  • steph

    Still no solo campaigns for Adriana?
    I guess that no designer is willing to risk it all on a one dimensional model.

  • Stan

    @noone: the people who find her attractive are adult film star fans. I think she has amazing eyes, but face wise nothing special. People are just obsessed with the exotic look. Personally I always see homo erectus when I look at her.

  • @17

    How long has it been since her last Vogue cover?

  • Ummm…

    Whoever said Mui Mui isn’t high fashion needs to shut up this instance. It’s obvious the person doesn’t know much about the fashion industry. Miu Miu is up there with Prada and Givenchy and Louis Vuitton.
    Even google wiill tell you this

  • deedws

    @@17: This year.

  • @23

    Anyone who has to Google fashion info is showing their ignorance.
    Proud of it, aren’t you? Admitting that you had to Google it?
    But no, Miu Miu is NOT on the same level as Prada, and is NOT considered HF. It is considered to be a high end ‘bridge’ line.
    It’s more alone the lines of Ann Klein.

  • @24

    Are you talking about Vogue Brazil? Nah, cover on your home country doesn’t really count. Especially since it had to be one of the worst covers that Vogue ever put out. Dead eyes and stupid hair.

  • why why

    @isshebritish: Who has Austin Powers teeth? If it’s Adriana you’re talking about, then you’re a hater.

  • lostrespect

    she’s draped in a dead animal, shameful.

  • why why

    @Stan: The people who find her attractiver are normal people who are not blinded by hatred. Truth is, there more people who find her attractive than those who don’t

  • @27

    seriously have you seen those chompers? horrific teeth. Models used to have perfect colgate smiles, not look like a walking advert for gum disease.

  • Ummm…

    @@23: I asked you to google it because you have start somewhere. But if you say it’s not a high fashion brand, then good for you. I just hope you don’t display such stupid words around fashion conscious people because they’ll make a mockery of you.
    Like it or not, Mui Mui is high fashion and this campaign is a blue chip campaign. But you obviously don’t know all this so it’s like I’m talking to a child.

  • no

    @@4: The simple reason Miranda isn’t doing high fashion campaigns is designers and photographers don’t take her seriously.

  • Cate

    What’s with these defensive responses? I never said she ruled high end fashion or was landing multiple Vogue covers or was a favourite for haute coutre or anything. All I said was that she started off in high-end fashion but she is better known for VS now. She’s always had a more commmercial look and that’s where she has found her niche. Nothing wrong with that.

    Miu Miu obviously isn’t as prestigious as Prada but I’d still call it high end-even if it is a “bridge line”.

  • And…

    @Bart: When was the last time Miranda had a high fashion campaign? Almost 3 years ago? lol, give it a rest. And why are you acting like this is Adriana’s 3rd high fashion campaign?

  • awww

    all the girls look gorgeous

  • pantymodel

    Armani fragrance (not mainline)
    Blumarine (shared the campaign)
    Givenchy (shared the campaign and got the least amount of shots)
    Miu Miu (shared the campaign)
    Donna Karan was her only solo one yet and its not blue chip.

    only has Vogue Brazil and Spain covers (not big editions)

    that is very weak.

  • hmmm

    @pantymodel: It’s weak? Did Adriana ever tell you her main aim in modeling was to become a high fashion model? At least she doesn’t have to pretend she’s a high fashion model neither does she have to famewhore to land campaigns.
    Also, Adriana did two Blumarine campaigns and I’m sure there are other fashion campaigns she did in the past that you didn’t mention

  • Anita

    In what world is Mui Mui not High Fashion? Are you people joking or you’re Ignorant?

  • stegn

    did she go on her infamous starvation diet to fit into miu miu’s clothes?

  • BarKer

    @Anita: and you know because? you have to spell the brands name right before anyone will take your word for it…

  • Adriana

    Lima looks very sophisticated here. She a stunner! She and Doutzen are so pretty!

  • LMAO

    The person that said Vogue Brazil doesn’t count because Brazil is her homeland has to be 10 years old. A sound adult or even a teenager won’t say such nonsense

  • Anita

    @BarKer: If spelling errors is your best response… then you’re not fit to argue with me. Miu Miu is high fashion but you can stay in denial, nobody will stop you. I don’t know why people are responding to something as preposterous as this (like, is it even allowed?) but I’m not one to continue arguing with stupid fools.

  • tata

    I see the Miranda fanatic is here. Don’t mind her people. She’s just mad that despite all of Miranda’s attention wh0ring, Adriana gets to be featured in a Prada book and get a Miu Miu campaign this year, while Miranda gets Mango and that Asian brand where she was pathetically singing in a commercial advertising bags. She’s just mad Adriana isn’t as celebrated as Miranda. lmao…

  • wweirdone

    @catalog: ROFL. Models that are popular get super bowl commercials and Maybelline contracts and Doritos commercials and have GQ covers, then and only then does it matter if you have high fashion ads and such… Please Adriana did prestigious things this year that even movies stars don’t do. Her popularity got her to the top and as you can see, she’s doing ads for high fashion brands.

  • sorry but

    @@23: I don’t know where you get your info from but it’s feeding you lies. Miu Miu is 100% High Fashion. Any brand that does haute couture is High Fashion That campaign you’re seeing right there is a solid blue-chip campaign. So quit with the self-embarrassment.

  • @tata

    Why are some of you OBSESSED with Miranda???? Everytime I read another model’s post ANY negative remark bitchy/constructive is always blamed on Miranda or her fans. You must have dreams about Miranda. She clearly haunts your existence.

  • Rabidstans

    @wweirdone: hm you dont see movie stars in commercials…only out of work has beens. Angelina Jolie and the like wouldn’t be caught dead doing commercials. Adriana does sell out commercial jobs for money and attention. If she cared about actually building her very weak portfolio than turning anon men on, she would have more respect.

  • snowy

    @@tata: Adriana fans are known to HATE any and every other popular model on the planet. Just visit a fashion forum; they talk more about other models than they do Adriana lmao. Pathetic fangirls. Miranda,Kate Upton,Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin are the latest victims of their immature wrath. since they are getting alot of attention this past year. If a new model comes along and gets a ton of attention, you better believe the Adriana stans will be on it like flies. I cant imagine her having fans over the age of 20. I would be very surprised.

  • wweirdone

    @Rabidstans: This only proves you ignorance. Goerge Clooney has a Nestle commercial running on TV and Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercial is on every TV. I’m sure when I think about it harder, dozens of other actors would come to mind. But I don’t really have to think to prove a fool wrong. Only relevant celebrities get A-List commercials.
    I’m sure you’ll be quite from now on because that’s what you do when you don’t have anymore stupid things to say. Why haven’t you responded to the #46? Go ahead, respond and prove that Miu Miu isn’t high fashion. lolololol