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Adriana Lima: Miu Miu's Spring 2013 Campaign Photos!

Adriana Lima: Miu Miu's Spring 2013 Campaign Photos!

Check out Adriana Lima in these new Spring 2013 images for Miu Miu‘s latest campaign!

The 31-year-old model was joined for the photo shoot by fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes, along with Arizona Muse, Bette Franke, Martha Hunt, Malgosia Bela, and Tamara Weijenberg.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Miu Miu described the images as “mise-en-scènes and still lifes, in a mysterious domestic setting,” according to WWD.

The Spring 2013 shoot was photographed by famed fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

15+ promotional images inside from Miu Miu‘s Spring 2013 campaign…

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adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 01
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 02
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 03
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 04
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 05
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 06
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 07
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 08
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 09
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 10
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 11
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 12
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 13
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 14
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 15
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 16
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 17
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 18
adriana lima miu miu spring 2013 campaign photos 19

Credit: Miu Miu
Posted to: Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes

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  • Rabidstans

    @wweirdone: Brad Pitt in a CHANEL commercial and ad campaign totally different than cars and flowers! LMAO. and no the only one I recognized last year is that dude from Ferris Buellers day off. I also think its lame that she is in her 30s and STILL only cares about being a se* symbol and nothing more. *YAWN*. doesnt she have any substance?

  • coins

    I just have to admire how stupid Miranda fans are and how stupid they think people are. Everyone that reads JJ knows that you idiots go to any thread about any model who’s not Miranda to call the model ugly.not high fashion/one note. All that to make Miranda look like a god. I’ve seen you’re work on Gisele/Bar/Adriana/Kate’s thread. It’s the same person (two of you at the every least).
    And please, most of the comments I see Adriana fans make on Kate Upton and Barbara are positive. In Candice case, it’s not just Adriana fans .Most people who are VS models fans all say a negative things at some point about Candice because VS is trying so hard to make her the new it girl, hence not giving the other girls enough attention. Especially the younger one. Still, everyone knows Adriana’s VS’s No.1 ambassador.
    People hate Miranda because she’s a famewhore who’s trying to be a supermodel she’ll never be. Nice try trying to make it look like it’s only Adriana fans.
    So basically, the only model Adriana fans hate on is Miranda. And it’s not because she’s getting attention. Why would they? Out of all the models you mentioned, Kate is the only one that got more attention than Adriana this year. Miranda couldn’t get more attention than her even with all the super famewhoring she’s been doing. She even makes it look like Leo is interested in her and that she might leave VS and she had naked photos of her on the internet, saying they were leaked just to get people’s attention. Adriana is still the most searched VS model on the internet only Kate is more searched than she is in modeling.
    You theory is lacking babe?

    See I read Bellazon. I know a thing or two about these girls’ work and how their fans behave.

  • noone


    For the record, I am not a fan of any model. If you were referring to me. I just want to state my opinion. In reality, I found very few models attractive in the face. Some have amazing eyes, but how many are wearing colored contacts? I have no clue what Bellazon is.

  • jrgkjrgbfbv,bmnvjbnjv

    I just finished reading this thread and what I want to add is: What’s with the Adriana vs Miranda war? I’m not familiar with Miranda that much but she seems like a nice person, no? And Adriana is charming so maybe I’m missing something?

    And I’m going to say this because it’s disturbing me… saying that Miu Miu is not a high fashion is a very poor argument.

  • gaga

    @coins: no honestly I think Adriana fans hate way more than Miranda fans do…at least from what Ive seen. She is popular online only because young ppl stalk the net and thats the base of her fanbase and because her photos all look very ahem, x rated like. Adriana is never in gossip magazines or on gossip tv maybe a few times a year when shes promoting something for VS. her personal life is never ever talked about or followed. Miranda is a media darling because of her amazing style and because of her cute baby. Adriana is 31 and still doing 21 yr old modeling work. She needs to build relationships other than with Victorias Secret if she expects to get work in 5 more years. She hardly got work in her 20s and 30s. I hope you know it will only be worse in her late 30s and 40s, if she is still even around by then, which I doubt becuse she has not branded herself.

  • wweirdone

    @Rabidstans: LMAO. You’re now making excuses? Didn’t you originally say A list actors don’t do commercials?
    And implying that a perfume commercial is better than a car and flower commercial is just so senseless. How many celebs do you see doing a car/flower commercial on the most watched event in Amercia? Not even that, a car commercial speas more volumes than a perfume (that’s a dime a dozen).

    At least she just does decent-sexy. And she’s known as a sexy model because she does it so gracefully. If you want sexy, go toAdriana. Miranda does erotic-nude-sexy with Terry and anyone who is willing to work with her. She’s not graceful at it that’s why she behaves like a sl*ut and shows us where the sun doesn’t shine. She’ll drop off her pants in a second. And she’ll be 30 in a few months.
    My dear, stop already.

  • noty

    @gaga: Here on JJ land Miranda fans hate on people more. Sorry it’s true.
    You mean to say Miu Miu and Pirelli and superbowl commercials are 21 year old modeling work? That’s not funny. I quickly browsed her jj threads right now and her work is like those of celebrities, not 21 year old unnamed models.
    Miranda singing in commercials and and doing naked shoots is what 21 year old struggling model looks like. She’s only in the media because she goes to hell and back to make sure she’s there. Whereas, Adriana is private and takes control of the media only when she has major projects coming out. Hollywood is filled with people like that. She’s more famous and more celebrated that’s why she’s one of the most popular models and even more popular than some celebs on the web.
    Sorry, I just had to comment after reading that. I hate hypocrisy. Don’t mind me. Go back to defending your favorites.

  • ringaling

    @noty: please go look at queen of the panty modelings work. Adriana showed her T&A all the time in her early career bending over buck nekkid getting spanked with her tongue out for Ellen von unwerth and over Lenny Kravitz face and she talks about how x rated her and her hubby are all the time. its just no one cares because shes married to a z list athlete. her whole career is based on her panty modeling, nothing more. hence why shes popular online. fat old men with an available hand love the adrianas of the world, duh.

  • Uhmmmm

    Miu Miu doesn’t do haute couture.
    You really have no idea what high fashion is, do you?
    Poor little Adriana fans. They think anything that costs more than Sears is high fashion.

  • @52

    Uhmmm, if it was crazy Miranda fans who attacked first, please explain why one of you obsessed haters brought up Miranda in the second post??
    If anyone is crazy or obsessed, it’s Miranda’s hater/stalkers.
    If you hadn’t brought her up, no one would have mentioned her.

  • Huh?

    Adriana fans always bring her being searched on the internet as this great thing. As opposed to having a fan base in a certain demographic.
    If we go by internet searches or yuo tube videos then Ket Upton is the biggest supermodel on Planet Earth. But it does not work that way.
    If she’e so big on the net why is Adriran she not a lead story on JJ this year? You best believe that if Adriana could move products or magazines Vogue, Harpers Bazzar, Elle heck even Vanity Fair would come calling. They would happily snap her pregnant if she is this great thing. Why haven’t they??? Lemme guess its because of Miranda. Its ALL Miranda’s fault. Lol Ms Kerr is truly powerful and is blinding the illumnati.

  • stop

    @ringaling: stop lying. The only truth in ths is she did do nude photo shoots when she was young. As in late 90s when she was a muse for Ellen von. Miranda is doing them still and she’s pushing 30. And I just Googled Adriana and Ellen. Her’s were tastefully done. Any photoshoot involving terry is porn-like. That’s what Miranda does.

  • aaadds

    Here’s my favorite MIU MIU Haute Couture collection. And there are brands that don’t do couture but are still hf

    I love the mood of this campaign. So nice to see Adriana in another high fashion campaign

  • off it

    I don’t understand you people. Why are you defending Miu Miu as a high fashion brand? All the people that need to know that it’s a high fashion brand already know. Leave stupid people alone. Let them continue day dreaming.
    That said, I’m drooling at Tamara’s pictures. Glad to see her doing so well.

  • aaadds
  • hahahahahah

    @Huh?: Kate Upton is the most famous American models. And indeed the biggest supermodel of the moment. I don’t know if it will last, but she’s also one of the most in-demand models too. All thanks to her internet fame.
    Don’t even try to put Miranda in the same league as those people.
    Adriana has 5 superbowl commercials (VS included). And she did the world famous Pirelli Calendar while pregnant. That calendar can go toe-to-toe with some of the magazines you’ve mentioned when it comes to relevance in popular culture. So what if Vanity Fair and Elle didn’t call her? She’s a model, people want to see actresses more than models. That doesn’t mean they don’t know her.

    When will Miranda do the projects Adriana does? Never. When will she be famous as Adriana? Never. When will companies start paying her as much money as they do with Adriana? Never. Stop. Don’t try to say stupid things ok.

  • Toni

    @uhmmm: you sound like a delusional hater. I’m not that informed in fashion but I know Miu Miu is high fashion and no I didn’t goggle it either.
    Anyways, Adrianna is beautiful and Doutzen is too. Heck Miranda is too so I don’t get the pitting one against the other.

  • Toni

    Also Adrianna is beautiful and no it’s not some one type of person who thinks that. Matter of fact, I’ve heard from many different people think she is beautiful.
    And the excuse for getting a Vogue cover in Brazil is just that, an excuse.

    Some of you guys need to stop hating on all of these models and stop trying to put them against one another.

  • delusional

    @hahahahahah: funny after 10 years + in this bizz, you can count Adriana’s prestigious jobs on one hand . Compare her portfolio to a supermodel of the past and you will see what I’m talking about…Adriana is just another Laetitia Casta/Klum/Banks (popular lingerie models with many male fans, who did fashion sporadically) she is no Kate,Linda,Naomi,Cindy and the like. that is a given. they have over 500-1000 covers. I went on Limas fansite and was shocked she doesnt even have over 100 covers after this long in the bizz. WOW.

  • @66

    Don’t tell anyone what they can or cant say. Adriana fans are as crazy as people claim
    I’m Scottish and in the UK and most of Western Europe and the Commonwealth Miranda is more famous than Adriana. Adriana might be big business in Latin America/Southern Europe but Gisele buries here there too.
    I ask again if Adriana is so great why is she not getting the prestigious projects or game changing campaigns and magazines covers that her ‘beloved’ (deranged) public want to see? I don’t care for Miranda, Kate Moss is my favourite model but Miranda’s and Adriana’s portfolio are not that different so the fashion world probably don”t see her as that great anyway. So much for Lima being the second coming.
    Kate Moss, Kate Upton, Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss are packing on the covers this year alone so its just a BS excuse that people want to see only actresses not models on the cover. But keep lying as the illumnati do. All hail Adriana the Queen of the internet. That’s all that matters

  • @69

    Don’t disturb them with facts.
    Young Karlie Kloss’ portfolio s8ts on Adriana but no one is calling her the messiah.
    Adriana is most searched on the internet. That’s ALL that matters.
    She’s the GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the internet

  • stop
  • stop
  • LOL

    The Lima stans ae so proud to shove her internet popularity down everyone’s throats every chance they get. are you really proud of this? the same people who have Beiber trending everyday and asked who Paul McCartney was? lmao. those kids are obviously clueless. Net wise she is popular, because her body of work. Print and tv she is no where to be seen almost all year long. At least not in America where I live. Heck I turn on my tv and see the 1990s supermodels in their 40s and 50s more than I do her. just note not everyone lives on the net…Cheryl Teigs,Elle MacPherson,Christie Brinkley are household names and they are almost forgotten to the beiber fandom generation. but anyone over 20 knows exactly who they are. internet popularity and overall status are two completely different things children. Jenna Jameson is popular online too.

  • Lexi

    I live in Los Angeles and have leave in many big cities. And Adriana is more famous than Miranda everywhere I go.Hell even my neighbor who’s fron Jamaica has a picture of Adriana as her cell phone wallpaper. I don’t like any particular model, nor do I hate them. But Adriana really is more famous than Miranda. I know people that mention Adriana’s name in a convo. Never Miranda or any of the other models currently at VS It’s the truth.

  • Lexi

    @Lexi: *lived

  • Jess

    @@23: Obsessed Miranda fan, get out of all other models threads!

  • Lexi

    @LOL: Net wise she is popular, because her body of work. Print and tv she is no where to be seen almost all year long. At least not in America where I live.

    Do you live in an American Jungle?

  • Trolls

    LMAO at Miranda fans trying to make Adriana unfamous, un-high fashion, un-beautiful because Miranda isn’t there.
    Lol. If Miranda is more famous than Adriana? Where is her solo tv series appearance? Where is her multiple superbowl commercials? Where is her two Pirelli Calendar appearances (the second one which is the most iconic Pirelli Calendar appearance making headlines all over the world)? Why isn’t she more popular on the, web with all the famewhroing she does, than Adriana? Where is her Spike Guys’ Choice Awards for “Hottest Girl on the Planet”? Why doesn’t she even have a profile at forbes (even more embarrassing as she calls herself a business woman)? Why hasn’t she been on any of the forbes list that isn’t the models list? Adriana has been named one of the most powerful celebs by forbes several times, including one the most powerful female celebs and Latino celebs. Why isn’t she on’s the Supers list (which is about famous models)? Why isn’t she so popular that she’d become one of the top 10 of the most dangerous celebs on the web 2 years in a row? Why do people search Adriana diet on the web more than they do with Miranda’s? Where is Miranda’s high fashion campaigns from the last 5 seasons of fashion?
    Miranda does absolutely nothing in the real entertainment industry. Nobody give a fig about her. The only people that talk about her is her poor fans and only when she makes an attempt to be in the centre of a scandal. She will never happen. Please answer my question. America is where it all happens and the only job Miranda does there is for her paps.

    Why is Adriana more celebrated? Why? why? Why?

  • wouldn’tuliketoknow


    I find neither woman particular attractive in the face. Beautiful eyes, but that’s about it. Then I wonder if they wear colored contacts. Which a lot of celebrities do. Both seem down-to-earth, but that’s also called an act.

  • @79

    Where is Adriana more celebrated. Not in Latin America that’s Gisele.
    Not in the US. The old school models – Cindy, Linda, bury her there
    Not in Europe – Linda, Letitia, Kate M destroy her there
    Where is she more celebrated? On the internet? Like the pron star Jenna Jameson/ Justin Bieber? Lets compare the ‘celebrated’ Adriana’s portfolio with the ‘less celebrated (fewer deranged fans)
    Where? Where? Where?
    LOL @Illumnatii blaming Miranda Kerr again. We’ve had Kate moss and Kate Upton fans here but in the diseased mind of the illumnati its ALL Miranda Kerr! Miranda Kerr controls the universe. Miranda fans WANTS to destroy the universe

  • Too much

    @Trolls: Too many questions. The true answer is, Lima is more famous and richer because she’s better than Miranda.

  • @Jess

    You again. I see the deranged “its Miranda-obsessed-Miranda-mymanda- bringing -Miranda-is-everywhere” wacko trolling every model forum.

  • Trolls

    Why are you bringing other models into this? Are you out of pathetic ideas? Gisele being the queen in Latin America doesn’t mean Adriana isn’t more celebrated than Miranda there. That’s common sense. The old school American models are old now and people who care about them are old too. Simple sense. They aren’t as celebrated as they once were. People forgot about them. In America. Adriana is more celebrated than Miranda there to. In Europe (as in Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Germany etc) Adriana takes the cake there too.
    The only places Miranda can keep to herself is her hometown and her husband’s hometown. She can’t even famewhore successfully.
    And you are a fool if you try to use Justin beiber as an example on how Internet popularity doesn’t matter. The kid is one of the most famous people on earth. You can’t make it seem like it doesn’t matter because Miranda doesn’t have it. And a porn star’s internet popularity is nowhere near as high as Adriana and Justin’s.

    Why haven’t you answered my series of questions? No possible answers?

  • Lalique

    The picture in which Adriana has one arm draped over her belly and looks nauseated is a cautionary tale to women: This is what happens if you give into temptation and eat more than 20 calories in one day.

  • Truthie

    @@66: Um, NOT according to Google trends:,%20miranda%20kerr

    Miranda got her highest hits in connection to Orlando Bloom,

  • @Jess

    You are a fool
    Not everyone is a Miranda fan
    Your stats are BS too,.Irina Shayk is more celebrated than Adriana in Turkey for example.
    Now you insult the old school models as well.Their fans are ‘old women’ right. LOL Adriana fans are losers all round.

  • @Trolls

    What questions did you ask fool?
    And if actresses not models are allegedly the only ones on covers.
    Why are Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Kate Upton and Joan Smalls dominating the covers still and not Adriana? I mean is she not the second coming even after her nudes like Miranda?

  • Trolls

    And not everyone is an Adriana fan. We just want to correct the lies you want to feed people.
    And now Google Trends stats are BS? LMAO. You sound desperate now. Google trends speaks more volumes than you. Adriana is more celebrated/popular/famous than 99% of models in the world
    Since you said Irina is celebrated than Adriana in Turkey, here’s a google trends link still wanna lie some more?

    Adriana disgraces Miranda so much fame wise OMG. All the endless hours of articles/stories and paps…smh… All the while Adriana hides at her home.

    Kate Upton as mentioned is the most famous American model. So I can’t say much on that. She only got 2 American covers this year. one of the two being sport’s illustrated.
    Kate Moss got one and only because she was promoting her new book
    Joan and Karlie got to share one issue of W magazine. And you say these girls are dominating the covers? haha
    And what I’d like to know is why Miranda does absolutely nothing in America given that you guys say she’s a media darling? I’d really like you to explain why she’s a flop in America.

  • Trolls

    Adriana is more celebrated/popular/famous than 99% of models in the world

    What I was trying to say is Adriana is the most celebrated model in Turkey, not the world!

  • Ha!

    Miranda haters dominate every thread. Whether they are about Herod not. Her haters are obsessed with her, and she occupies their every waking moment. They bring her up in this thread, and then try to claim that it’s her fans that are invading. LOL
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • @Trolls

    Kate got only 2 American covers this year? Other than SI? So it was her twin sister on US Cosmopolitan, US Esquire as well as US GQ. Not to mention her US Vogue editorials?
    Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss and Joan Smalls ALSO got international Vogue covers Joan is actually currently on Vogue Brazil. Fact. Kloss’ Vogue backdrop at this stage surpasses Adriana at the age of 21 Only Adriana stans can keep talking such nonsense and attack other models.

  • dawne

    Who the eff cares………they are only models for god’s sake. They don’t contribute a damn thing to society other than ‘selling’ something.’ Puleeze. Focus on something or someone with a bit more substance. No wonder the world is going to hell in a handbasket………….just superficial worship.

  • Trolls

    @@Trolls: Thank you for reminding me Kate’s Esquire and GQ covers. I totally forgot. I would never intentionally try yo hide a model’s success. Again, she’s the most famous American model so… Haha we were talking bout America you went international when you knew only a few models actually work in America? And covers aren’t the only things models do. What about campaigns in America? Mainstream campaigns? Only Upton and Lima do that these days.

    So did you decided not to answer why Miranda is a complete flop in America just like you ignored when people actually proved Lima is more famous than Miranda everywhere?
    And how many covers do Miranda have? I mean legit fashion magazine covers. You said she’s a media darling and I read on many of her threads where it’s mentioned she crossed over to high fashion. How many covers and campaigns does she have? Lima is only 2 years her senior and Miranda has been modeling since she was a teen. So tell me how many! Does she have as many covers as Karlie and Joan? lmao if you lie, I’ll call it out.

  • rrr4e

    @dawne: Models are feeding hungry people all over the world. Gisele, Karlie, Adriana Isabeli just to name a few. It’s ignorant to say they don’t contribute anything in the society in general.

  • LimaBeiberholics

    OMG again, all her fans brag about is her “popularity” give it a rest. Cindy Crawford is THE MOST FAMOUS model of ALL TIME. She was Angelina Jolie status in her day. and yet she hasnt trended ONE time and has only 150 k facebook fans. She is not relevant to the Beiber 12 yr old internet generation, Lima is. There is a MAJOR difference in their statuses though. Cindy, in the 90s you couldnt escape her. She was omnipresent whether you were in the grocery store check out line and her face was staring back at you on EVERY single mag cover from Cosmo to Vogue to Shape, or turning on your tv and seeing her in Revlon commercials,music videos or hosting her own MTV show. popularity/relevance is different than overall fame. My grandpa knows who Cindy is. get out of your internet bubble and quit hanging out with 10 year olds and you will see Limas status pails in comparison.

  • @Trolls

    “Only Upton and Lima do mainstream campaigns”. Are you for real?
    Adriana’s parrallell universe which her stans inhabit is truly special
    Go to the Fashion Spot Forum, look under Ad campaigns and see the dozens of brands currently done by the models I just mentioned that dominates Adriana work never mind Doutzen Kroes, Hilary Rhoda e.t.c
    I won’t comment on Miranda because as many can see the weird obsession the Adriana fans have with Kerr should not be fed. It does remind me of how Gisele was often under attack of the Lima Illumanti ‘Horse’, ‘Tranny’, ‘Whore’. And of course the abuse of Heid Klum. I guess its Miranda’s turn.
    Though if Adriana is so great why do her fans have to debase devalue other models constantly?? Hmmmmmmm

  • Kayyy

    Dear lord, some of these Miranda fans are seriously crazy. They have successfully made themselves the laughing stocks of JJ.
    Calling a brand not high fashion because a model you dislike worked for them is a new low. Saying Adriana isn’t more celebrated than Miranda isn’t going to make that true. Stop comparing Miranda to Adriana Lima. Adriana has a way better career than her. It’s not even funny how far ahead she is of Miranda.
    Trying to revive back old school models isn’t going to happen they’re gone just like Miranda and Lima will be gone someday. If you go to the streets, people young people will give you a ‘Cindy who?’ And they will probably be familiar with Gisele and Adriana’s name, not Miranda. And what kind of society were you raised in? The kind that tells you it is an insult to call people old? You need to grow up.
    The fact the Cindy hasn’t trended one time only says exactly what you don’t want to hear. She’s irrelevant and her level of fame went down so low. Only relevant and famous people trend on twitter, like Lady Gaga, Angelina, Ben Affleck, Miley Cyrus even Adriana trends on twitter now. Let me guess Miranda only trended one time and it was in the Victoria’s Secret show? lmao… that’s why you don’t want it to seem like it’s something. Just like how you wanted to make internet popularity irrelevant when we all know Upton and Bieber actually started from there.
    And if I read #94 correctly, it says American campaigns, not fashion campaigns and it’s a straight up fact, that Adriana and Kate Upton are the only 2 models getting mainstream campaigns the kind legit celebs do.,

    Miranda fans are not gong to make her a supermodel by trying to bring down other models. She just doesn’t even begin to go nowhere as close as Lima’s success/wealth/fame/ And since she’s almost 30, it probably will never happen

  • wow

    These Adriana fans are psycho.
    They attack anyone who doesn’t think that their favorite mouth breather walks on water. And attack any model that they feel is in the way.
    Sorry to break it to you, but Adriana is a panty model. Nothing more. Men like her because she looks like a hooker in all of her photographs. She pretends to be private, yet invited the press to watch her work out. She also releases private family photographs. She pretends to be humble, but then hogs the stage like she is the only one people want to see. And she is so desperate for attention that she came back from having a baby about 15 pounds too soon.
    She has nothing after modeling is over. No brands. No business. Nothing. No brains.

  • Winona

    @dawne: You are not one tp speak about superficial worship since you’re here reading JJ probably because of you fave celeb.@@Trolls: Don’t insult VS legends like Klum, Bundchen and Adriana by putting them in the same comment with Miranda. Lima fans as far as I can tell were nice towards Gisele and Heidi. Why are you playing stupid in the first place? People’s hate for Miranda is a general thing, not Lima fans thing. She’s an attention wh*re and people dislike her for it. Simple.

    I too would like to know why Miranda is NOT working in the US market? And where is her high fashion campaigns from the past few seasons? How many covers does she have. Answer please if Miranda is as big as you claim.

    “popularity/relevance is different than overall fame.”
    True. And Miranda has none of the two. Adriana books work in America time and time again over the years… so I think she relevant/popular there for a model especially than Miranda who will kill to work in the American market but any company in it’s right mind won’t have her.
    You Miranda fans need to visit a shrink.