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Bar Refaeli: Pirelli Store Shopper!

Bar Refaeli: Pirelli Store Shopper!

Bar Refaeli leaves the Pirelli store after shopping with some pals on Saturday (December 22) in Milan, Italy.

Later that evening, the 27-year-old model went out to dinner with some pals, including two male friends.

“Sorry girls, these two are taken.. But nothing wrong with looking ;)” Bar tweeted, along with a pic of her guy pals.

In case you missed it, check out Bar looking super amazing in these new lingerie campaign pics for Passionata!

20+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli heading to her car after shopping at Pirelli…

Just Jared on Facebook
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 01
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 02
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 03
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 04
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 05
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 06
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 07
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 08
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 09
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 10
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 11
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 12
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 13
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 14
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 15
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 16
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 17
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 18
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 19
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 20
bar refaeli pirelli store shopper 21

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Odd

    She’e still Z List JJ.
    27 year old draft dodging Playboy/Maxim model with a failed TV show
    Only paid bloggers write on her No major mags care, not even Perez!
    I guess Fat Tzipi pays you enough

  • LOL

    How much did they call the paps? She’s a never was. Barf does not even have tags on people or us weekly mags. No one cares.

  • K

    She loos like a meth addict!

  • rough

    are those jowls I see already? wow only 27?!!

  • dlistmodel

    Tzipi follows JJ on her twitter and retweets the links! that just shows you why this D list model was always so heavily featured here LMAO. her mother has a deal.

  • girl

    I think she is a cute enough girl but I just cant respect her career as a model. She dated Leo and only began to get covers AFTER him, never before him. and then all she wants to do is pose for cheap lingerie and beach shoots? I just think she doesnt have much of a drive. She takes the obvious jobs. which is fine, but she will never be respected or revered as one of the best of all time…its just laughable when she gets the “supermodel” title by the clueless media. eh whatever floats her boat but all her shoots look the same and I think she has more paparazzi and event shots in her “portfolio” than actual modeling work.


    great ass

  • Yeah!

    Bar is an ugly fat ho. I cant stand that b*tch.

  • very beautiful

    very beautiful

  • Mello

    Dat ass!

  • @girl

    Some blogs writes about her cause they are paid by her mother to.

    She is a ZERO in the modelling world. An almost 30 year old model who sans high fashion and just poses half naked. Pathetic

  • Kate Upton……..

    leaves Z list Barf in the dust. Sports Illustrated, Muse, CR Fashion Book (first issue at that),US GQ, US Esquire, US Cosmo, and of course Vogue Italia and UK Vogue all in less than a year.
    Shes getting a second SI cover and American Vogue is the next logical step. And all without latching onto a famous man!
    That’s why Bar’s besties with Kim Kardashian they are both professional red carpet attendees at this point.

  • Cassandra

    Black doesn’t help her look thinner. I can’t believe she can work as a model with those chubby and short legs.


    @Kate Upton……..: Kate is doing miles better in her career but come on she is no better than barf. she had to pay for her Met gala ticket! LMAO something barf would do as well. they’re both pathetic and average.

  • Kate Upton……..

    You’re right.
    But come on you can’t deny Kate has taken it to another level from her SI cover. Something Barf failed at BIG time. Also rumor or not Kate is famous for her covers, curves and commercial videos and does not need to have a famous boyfriend name checked in every article on her.

  • dieter

    She has a BEAUTIFUL Ass !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • innn

    i dont give a sh*t about her i just want her jacket for Christmas… please Santa i’ve been real good. ;)


    @Kate Upton……..: Kate always has some athlete attached to her name from what Ive seen. Her pr is probably the same as Barfs.

  • Jess

    I can seethe obsessed Miranda fan trolling again…

  • @Jess

    I see the deranged “its Miranda-obsessed-Miranda-mymanda- bringing up Miranda-in – thread-no-one-has-mentioned-her -only-Kate-Upton-Miranda-is-everywhere” wacko trolling again.

  • Jess

    @@Jess: The point is, stop making haters comments (that you make such a big deal out of in Miranda threads) in other models threads. It doesn’t make anyone think Miranda is a more well-liked model–it just makes you look like an a**hole.

  • @Jess

    LOL. You still think its one Miranda fan everywhere. No one here gives a shit about Miranda but you. You need help for your obsession and whoever has been manipulating the cookies.

  • JJ

    Why do you allow people go manipulate cookies so easily? No way could 20 people have been here to thumb down the truth on Z list Barf.

  • Jess

    @@Jess: And if you really weren’t such an a**hole, you’d be clever enough to at least TRY to change your syntax so we’d think it was someone else. Second, your IP gives you away. Whatever. I think it’s pathetic how you’re ruining all model posts for everyone these days. (Cue several posts with you defending yourself and slandering anyone who speaks against you.)

  • Onda Mitra

    @JJ: duh there are other ways than deleting cookies to be able to do that. i don’t think people have used the cookie method since like five years ago or sumthin

  • Amanda

    I don’t care for all the hate in this thread. I for one think she looks beautiful! A real natural and sweet-looking girl.

  • @Jess

    Your’e insane. You’re a sick d8ck.
    My IP gives me away? I’ve been ruining other models posts? You know I’ve been visiting other models’ posts’? I’ve been slandering people? You’re a headcase.

  • Draft Dodger

    Inferior Model:

    Lower in rank, status, or quality.
    A person lower than another in status or ability.
    adjective. lower – subordinate – low – under
    noun. subordinate

    @27 – Ignore Jess. I just read the Adriana Lima Miu Miu post. The one on the JJ head banner. She repeats the same thing. She obviously sees Miranda Kerr fans everywhere. She’s a loon.

  • Jess

    @@Jess: @Draft Dodger: BOTH of you are still the same person! Omg.

  • @Jess

    LOL. If you insist. You better go have a look at the DM site, Celebitchy and ONTD who diss Bar regularly.
    Never mind. Its probably all ONE Miranda Kerr fan too LMAO

  • Jess

    @@Jess: “If you insist”. Ah. Thank you. Finally an admittance.

  • @Jess

    As stated, here is ‘Jess’ tormenting all model posts with her “ITS ALL MIRANDA KERR FANS” obsession.

  • ali

    oh my god .. look at her MANLY Ugly Chuncky soccer legs .

    she obviosly does not have a model body .

  • ali

    she is not aging well . she looks 10 years Older than her real age .

  • Pearl

    The same ol’ frustrated Leo fans still try to post negative stuff on Leo’s most desirable and most beautiful ex-girlfriend. Get over it, losers… Gisele won’t never take Leo back. No need to try to downgrade the girl who replaced the brazilian giraffe:)

  • LOL, LOL to the same losers

    hey…. you forgot to change your nickname from #33 to #34. LOL. too funny.

  • Susie Q

    She is still wearing the same diamond earings DiCaprio gave her few years ago.

  • @5

    LOL. Most ‘beautiful’ ‘desirable’ but no man wants her!
    And why are you still obsessed with and insulting Gisele.? Shes mega rich, MARRIED to a hunk with 2 children something Bar wont be having anytime soon.

  • tink

    Ok a couple of things here.

    First of all whoever you are’ nice work, I guess I don’t have to do it all here. President elect romney-you’re kidding right-i mean that’s been a non issue for a month here now. And of course you want the right wing doucheto win but you see justice was served and he didn’t.

    But now you are on to miranda hunh? Does that mean she won the leo peen conract and you have inside info? Bcuz I don’t think hell be seriouslygoing for that. Hit it on the dl a few times yeah but there is no way kenny sunshine would advise him to see miranda openly. Why waste it all on miranda when there is just so much b level cooze like her and bar out there? Sure they’ll mess around and miranda is quite mistaken to be doing so…but no big relaysh is coming out of that, trust me.

    As far as giselle, we don’t care. We hate bar more than we love leo anyway

  • tink

    From enty, I think-

    B+ model seeing a+ list actor knowing it will never come to anything- cam and leo.

    A+ actor who calls in for strippers and lost ex girlfriend- leo and erin

    A+ actor who might live another 40 years and calls in women- leo

    A+ actor who told model to give custody of child up to see him- leo and miranda.

    It all adds up to someone playing the field on the dl and having women come to see him- the blind with cam said he messes with several…

    Time will tell. But the next openly dating one won’t be miranda no matter what he tells her to get into her knickers

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL, LOL to the same losers: I couldn’t have said it better, LOL to YOU same losers. Ali didnt have to change his monniker, he just POSTED TWICE YOU DIMWIT. You seem not to be able to comprehend this. Sometimes you POST MORE THAN ONCE. IT IS NOT LIKE ANYONE IS CHARGING US. AFTER ALL YOU DO IT FOR YOURSELF ALL THE TIME !!!!

    And barfie girl you really look bad in those pants. Really unflattering.