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Jennifer Aniston: Bikini Sunbathing with Shirtless Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston: Bikini Sunbathing with Shirtless Justin Theroux!

Jennifer Aniston wears a pink bikini top while sunbathing with her shirtless fiance Justin Theroux on Christmas Eve Monday (December 24) in Mexico.

Later in the day, the 43-year-old actress changed into a green strapless bikini top.

Jen and Justin arrived in the sunny locale the day before to spend the holidays together in Cabo San Lucas.

Jen‘s We’re The Millers co-star Emma Roberts recently talked about working with her in the flick.

Jennifer Aniston is a genius. I’ve been such a fan of hers for so long, so to get to work with her was one of those dream come true, check-off-my-list kind of things that I’ve always wanted,” Emma told the Huffington Post.

30+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux sunbathing…

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jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 01
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 02
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 03
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 04
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 05
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 06
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 07
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 08
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 09
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 10
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 11
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 12
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 13
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 14
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 15
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 16
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 17
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 18
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 19
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 20
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 21
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 22
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 23
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 24
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 25
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 26
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 27
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 28
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 29
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 30
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 31
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 32
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 33
jennifer aniston bikini sunbathing with shirtless justin theroux 34

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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157 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Bikini Sunbathing with Shirtless Justin Theroux!”

  1. 1
    Casey Says:

    Ugh I’m sitting here in the freezing cold… can I have her life please

  2. 2
    Hoe Says:

    Oh Lala :) merry christmas!

  3. 3
    Carla Says:

    Shirtless Justin Theroux YES thanks! Hot Body!!!

  4. 4
    Ding Ding Says:

    A Jen Aniston crotch shot? Give me a break and give her a break SPLASH and Just Jared

  5. 5
    teri Says:

    Just as fug as eva.

  6. 6
    teri Says:

    Is that a beer gut Jen? Wow not attractive at all.

  7. 7
    Gossip Girl Says:

    These pics aren’t awkward at all….
    I don’t get why celebs always go to the hottest place for the holidays. I know its weather is nicer but the holidays ain’t the same without the cold air and snow!
    Merry christmas too all and happy holidays guysssssssss!

  8. 8
    so eewww Says:

    gross, i thought heidi and spencer were gone for good…..

  9. 9
    Ugh Says:

    Is he seriously wearing a newsboy hat while sunbathing?? Can’t he ever give the posing a break?

    And I find it terribly depressing that neither has family to be with. What a shallow life.

  10. 10
    bobbi Says:


  11. 11



  12. 12
    Rosa Says:

    You know what the binoculars are for, right? She needs to make sure the paparazzi is there, otherwise she would have to call her publicist to give her gps coordinates again. Poor Justin must be bored to tears dating this woman. Hey, getting paid well to be bored ain’t so bad and it’s not like he has very good prospects either. Match made in Heaven.

  13. 13
    Guest Says:

    I thought Jen fans said she was pregnant? when will they ever get the hint

  14. 14
    Odd Says:

    From the PopSugar pics I genuinely thought she was pregnant.
    More fool me!

  15. 15

    i thought she was pregnant is this another fake pregnancy like beyonce??? old sterile old cow cant get pregnant so she hires a surrogate but pretend to be pregnant so that her desperate fans will believe that she has a baby

  16. 16
    tri Says:


  17. 17
    OHNO Says:

    if her fans believe that she was pregnant then how many does that make that she has aborted??????????????/ BABY KILLER!!!!!!

  18. 18
    whatever Says:

    @Ding Ding:

    She knows her picture is being taken. Not like it is the first time she has been photographed in Mexico. If you don’t want people looking between your legs then close them or she could have positioned herself in the opposite direction.

    She should close her legs because it is not lady like, and that i not a good view when everything is hanging out. Not sexy at all . And he could invest in a pair of trunks, instead of cutting a pair of his skinny jeans. His tats looks gross took. Random

    But she actually could be pregnant. you really can’t tell if she is early and laying on her stomach. Doubt she is but who knows. And where is his family. We know she doesn’t care much for family, but wonder why there have never been any pictures of Jennifer with is mother or father or anyone. Does his family not like her or something. Just strange. Really. Why were they not at the engagement. has she even met them. again Strange.

  19. 19
    N000000000000000000000 Says:

    Nasty- Cover up Grandma. They don’t look happy either. Fake and Staged.

  20. 20
    chick Says:

    cellulite galore!!

  21. 21
    Katbchev Says:

    Hey gossip girl, not all of us live in cold climates. I’m from Minnesota originally, but much prefer my Southern California Christmases now. Also, I still think Aniston looks pregnant. She’s lying flat and her mid section is not!

  22. 22
    janai Says:

    he wears belt and go swimming…

  23. 23
    laura Says:

    ahahah, now we know she’s not preggo!

  24. 24
    creed Says:

    … and why is Emma Roberts mentioned?

  25. 25
    Not pregnant Says:


    She is not pregnant, she has gained some weight and middle aged spread is taking over as it does with all chunky people who have lived on the Zone Diet for 20 years LOL

    GET REAL!!!!!!!

  26. 26
    lollol Says:


  27. 27
    Guest Says:

    Jennifer has a drink in that picture so does Justin. There are no indications that she pregnant based on these pictures, you hens need to give it up. You all are getting pretty damn desperate now

  28. 28
    Not pregnant Says:

    She knows the paps are there as they always are and she chooses to lift her crotch up for closeups and then spread her legs for more close shots.

    And this is a paragon of womanhood lmao

  29. 29
    Me Says:

    Never thought she was pregnant.

  30. 30
    Katbchev Says:

    Jeez, some of you are just nasty and mean. I thought people were supposed to show their goodness this time of year. Anyway, I have NO investment in this topic whatsoever. I just put in my two cents. Whether Aniston is pregnant or not doesn’t make an iota of difference in my life. I shall move along and leave you all to your nastiness.

  31. 31
    marlanni Says:

    She goes to Mexico just in case her old, sick mum asks her to visit.

  32. 32
    lollol Says:

    its bad omen, she brought Justin to Cabo, the next thing, he will dump her. all the men she brought to cabo dumped her.

  33. 33

    Jennifer Aniston’s mother had a bad stroke and where is Ms. Aniston? Having a blast in Sunny Mexico. Why is this not being reported on the gossip shows that she shuns her own mother. Instead they talk about her glorious wedding coming soon. Her mother lives in a cheap apartment in Los Angelos and Jennifer Aniston just brought her boyfriend a 250,000 car and other expensive toys. He’s with her for her money. Her fans are so stupid. Jennifer Aniston is fake and bland but her fans think she is and will always be the character Rachel from friends which she hates. The woman is cold hearted. Who treats your own mother like this. Her mother gave her life.

  34. 34
    Liverwurst Says:

    Meow! They look HOT! @Ugh:
    They are each others family silly girl. Millions of couples don’t have children and consider themselves “a family.”

  35. 35
    Cam Says:

    Called the paps-then she opened up her disgusting behind so they could get a picture of her cellulite nasty thighs. This must be the reason Jen was able to break up his relationship with Heidi Bivens. Guess this douche was not getting enough pap attention with Heidi. On the bright side Jen was able to find another lowlife publicity ho like herself.

  36. 36
    the hobbit Says:

    the hobbit dude likes to be in the limelight just like mansion. they know the paps are there and yet they pose for them.

  37. 37
    African Girl Says:

    I Know they are sunbathing but does he have to be so…oily? I swear you can fry an egg…a dozen eggs on that body.
    And what’s a Mexico Christmas Trip without an Aniston crotch show. Christmas is officially here.

  38. 38
    Jessica Says:

    She has no class. She knows the paps are right there and yet opens her legs up for them!

    Cate Blanchett is the same age and you would never see her like this . Aniston is a joke.

    Also if she is pregnant like her fans are so desperate for where is this bump????? Her stomach has had the middle age spread for a year now.

  39. 39
    toria Says:

    Why are they sun bathing on the tiled floor instead of the reclining cushioned chairs? Just wondering…seems like the tile would be very hard vs. the cushioned lounge chairs.

  40. 40
    TC Says:

    Wouldn’t they be more comfortable in lounge chairs?!

  41. 41
    john Says:

    she looks flawless. i see angelina’s pathetic fans are going crazy in the comment. too bad jen looks 20 years younger than angelina. and justin looks x10 better than brad does now.

  42. 42
    TC Says:

    Ah, toria beat me to the punch!

  43. 43
    sadhagjen Says:

    hairy Hobbit and his saggy *****, NASTY!!!

  44. 44
    Not pregnant Says:


    Still owned by Angelina right LOL. You sad pitiful thang!

    Can’t talk about Jen without dragging in a woman who has no connection to these pics or these people.

    It is almost 2013 and you are still hung up on a past which is not yours.

    Is Jen so boring (and Justin as well) that you can’t say anything about them?

    And showing one’s crotch is not the most classy act to perform for the paps. And neither are wide spread middle aged legs HeHeHe

    Just telling it like it is LOL.

    Guess Justin has no liking for swim attire and needs a belt to keep his skinny cutoffs up, well he is kind of tiny LOL.

  45. 45
    Jessica Says:


    So with your comments you think Jen looks 17????? In what world?

    Her face looks 43 with all the sun damage. She has a rough, rough face. Her body is nothing special. Go to any beach and you will see better bodies with better faces.

    Why still bring up Brad almost a decade later??? Still not over him I see. Justin with his receding hairline and hooked nose is the opposite of hot. And what is with those shorts? Haha

  46. 46
    elle Says:

    those are really invasive pictures- from the grainy texture they are long lens- and those crotch shots- too invasive. paparazzi are bad

  47. 47
    Not pregnant Says:


    Paps get the same kind of pics of Jen each and every time she is in Cabo. She knows they are there and she performs for them each and every time, year after year after year.

    She has her binoculars and knows the paps are taking her pics.

    Yes they are invasive pics but Jen cooperates with the paps year after year after year and gives them what they want.

  48. 48
    Gun Says:

    Great couple

  49. 49
    Gun Says:

    Good looking couple

  50. 50
    Gun Says:


  51. 51
    JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig Says:

    HoHOHO, Nasty 50yoa jen should SHUT her legs vulgar hag will do anything for attention. She is soooooo classsssy.
    No more Christmas eve dinners with CC and left her mom to rot in her apt??
    Americas sweet heart is one cold b!t@!

  52. 52
    Gun Says:


    That your classy classy idol FUGelina

  53. 53
    Zee Says:

    Grandma, close your legs. Remember your fans think you’re classy. And guess JT’s wearing a cap to protect his bald spot from the sun.

  54. 54
    rachel Says:

    granny face is still showing. you can not hide the ugyliest face in the world

  55. 55
    paula Says:

    thanks for the photos!

  56. 56
    somali girl Says:

    YUK!!! i was sooo not ready for a saggy tranny granny cooch.


  57. 57
    Joey Says:

    the holidays ain’t the same without the cold air and snow!

  58. 58
    Tina Says:

    Such a profound, meaningful & substantial life they both have…completely opposite of mundane, shallow, & self serving..*rolls eyes*

  59. 59
    sea Says:

    Celebrities are too boring, they only know Cabo, Miami and St. Barts. Laying on a concrete floor instead of a white beach in heavens on earth like Seychelles, Maldives, Bora Bora.

  60. 60
    Ann Says:

    Thanks JJ

  61. 61
    Audrey Says:

    Hottest couple. EVER.

  62. 62
    re Says:

    her body is sooo hot!

  63. 63
    re Says:

    @ Tina – Such a profound, meaningful & substantial life you have, posting about celebrities on Just Jared…

  64. 64
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    Nice guns…

  65. 65
    Shreya Says:

    The more I see JustJen going on holidays all the time or shopping the rest of the time – I feel I am the more fortunate one here. These two only spends time with themselves doing shallow things with their show business friends instead of using their celebrity status to do something worthwhile or even spend time with their family members. I know some people will argue that friends are important as well but it doesn’t come close to family ties.

    As for the picture of Jennifer showing her female parts well Jennifer knows that her pictures will be taken and she could have done something about it. Instead she decided to show as much as possible without showing it all. She is really getting more and more desperate for media attention and hopefully her fans will realise how she uses the media and how self centred she really is.

  66. 66
    Rebecca Says:

    they both look amazing for their age! its an example for us!

  67. 67
    FatJen Steals Heidis Goof Says:

    Jennifer Aniston broke up a 14 yr. relationship . Heidi Bivens heart is broken but instead of realising what she was doing Jen bought an apt two doors away from Justin and Heidi. Worse yet is Jen was friends with Justin and Heidi,she knew them well, Jen knew their love for one another well too. Some Friend!!!!!!

    When Heidi asked both Justin and Jen if it was true that they were sleeping together Justin and Jen both lied to her. It wasn’t till the paps had pics of Justin and Jen together that Justin had to up the truth and when he did he kicked Heidi Bivens out of the apt they shared since Heidi was 20 yrs old. Heidi now being 34 was devastated but didn’t do
    talk shows to become famous or coat tail on anyones name.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the highest paid actors in HW b/c they can act. Jennifer Aniston can’t act and if anybody has any feelings for this women it’s sympathy which she accepts greatly. Jen lives on Brad Pitt’s name , can’t fill seats at theaters even by the poor Jen fans b/c her movies are duds. Lets be honest if Jennifer Aniston has any fans she drew them in from pity,sympathy . How embarrassing to lose all sense of pride.

    As for children who cares really? A woman like Jennifer Aniston who can’t do introductions on stage onless drunk should not have children.
    Drunks make terrible mothers.
    As for Justin T he has lived off of a women since forever. First Heidi and now Jennifer. It’s doubtful the guy has 5 thousand dollars. Now he has the millionare he hoped Heidi Bivens to be so she could support him.

    It’s shameful that JJ puts Jen and Justins shopping trips online here. There are only one or if two fans i would be shocked. Changing names is easy to talk to yourself. JA just gets spit on here.

    It’s obvious i have lost all respect for Jennifer Aniston and the man she bedded down with while knowing full well Heidi was right next door. After all , think about it, Justin was sleeping with Heidi and Jen at the same time. Jen didn’t mind, she moved to NYC with all intentions of breaking up her friend Heidi and Justins relationship.

    Heidi Bivens came out of this smelling like a rose b/c she’s a classy lady,only asking Jen and Justin to not rub the relationship in her face.
    Jennifer Aniston and Justin t couldn’t even do that. How callous ,how very cruel. PPL all over the world know this and are not thilled about JA or why not support her films?
    Aniston has gotten herself into a mess which is karma much deserved.

  68. 68
    yep Says:

    Merry Christmas! Love Jen and Justin.

  69. 69
    yep Says:

    One would think they could stop the hate for Christmas……one day a year…. Lovely couple.

  70. 70
    Grandma Says:

    @toria: Christmas presents for Ticky.
    1. A breast lift
    2. Lipo for her arms and Middle Age spread
    3 New bikinis, since she put on twenty lbs, and is still wearing the same old ones.
    4. For someone to take her to visit her sick Mother in the hospital, since she is not going to it on her own, no love for her family.
    Christmas gifts for Squiggy.
    1. A bathing suit.
    2. A real JOB, GIGALO don’t count.
    Ease up on the shoe polish on his hair.
    Change the oil he using, he looks like a grease ape.
    Buy jeans that fit, you’re legs are too short for skinny jeans.
    He looks like a triangle in the cut off jeans.

  71. 71
    =D Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS lovely Jennifer:)
    lookin hottt

  72. 72
    jm Says:

    Best decision John Mayer made was to leave Jen. He is with Katy Perry having fun, trying new things and giving back. If he was with Jen, he would be doing the same thing over and over again.

  73. 73
    me2 Says:

    i’m sooooo happy jen found love with justin…..i wish them a lifetime of happiness…..i hope the wedding is soon!!!

  74. 74
    Grandma Says:

    This chick will never learn, every guy she took to Mexico, dumped her soon after the trip.
    Vince Vaughn
    John Mayer
    Gerard Butler.
    Those guys have money, Squiggy is broke and unemployed, so he will have to stick around longer, then he will be back in rehab for his addictions and boredom.

  75. 75
    Lady Aniston Says:

    At least now we know she s a woman!

  76. 76
    Lady Aniston Says:

    the paparazzi are really invasive btw

  77. 77
    Shreya Says:

    @ Lady Aniston: looool thank you for making me laugh

  78. 78
    guest Says:

    Well I guess she’s not having a baby at 44 years. Hens lets now go for 45 years old.. Aren’t you tired by now? She’s been divorced from Brad since she was 36 years old. She now turns 44 in less than 2 months. So are you still wondering why Brad divorced her? She doesn’t want a family..According to Hens she was having a baby at 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43,and now 44. I had one argue with me on another site two years ago since she was convinced Ticky was pregnant at 41 years and going to have a baby at 42.. Two years later, no baby but still tanning, drinking and smoking cigs at 44.
    When are you going to be convinced that this woman loves her single life without kids. So Brad was suppose to stay with this woman and continue sitting on his couch smoking joints, hangin out in Mexico at 50 years old, making worthless movies (like she has)??

    Thank Gawd Brad met Angie.

  79. 79
    seattle Says:

    No She is not,

  80. 80
    oh please Says:

    Aniston is not suited for a family. She don’t even spend holidays with her own family. Now she has Justin abandoning his family. What a perfect selfish life she lives!

  81. 81
    Commenting on comments Says:

    Their body language says bored. She seems to be pouting about something and giving him nada.

  82. 82
    Commenting on comments Says:

    I think she has gained a few pounds because she can’t run anymore. She has been wearing a knee brace for awhile now and a few months ago she had bandages on her knee, so maybe had some surgery. You can see it laying on the towel next to her leg.

  83. 83
    Ann Says:

    Pretty couple

  84. 84
    Ann Says:


  85. 85
    ha ha Says:

    glad she’s not prego, too into herself to have a kid anyway……

  86. 86
    ace11 Says:

    Looking Hot…but what’s the point???

    Christmas is for being with family and friends

    Her life is kind of sad actually

  87. 87
    Daniela Says:

    Here in Brazil, “actresses” who expose themselves this way are called “Periguetes” that means *****.

  88. 88
    RC Says:

    Too all those who spend so much time trashing these two–grow up and move the f… on. You are getting boring!

  89. 89
    OHNO Says:


  90. 90
    NYC Says:

    how disappointed for her fans according to them she has been pregnant for 7 years now, is that the longest pregnancy or 7 different pregnancies
    Oh quick here is the Paps. that i call time to place my bag in front of my stomach and pretend..

  91. 91
    naturegirl Says:

    the OLD sow with the long man face pregnant???? says who x17?? dirty laundry?? hollywood life?? DESPERATE MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  92. 92
    Megs Says:

    I’m a fan of JA, but I’ve never cared if she’s pregnant or not. I don’t have children, and don’t plan on it. My mother had me when she was 44. My folks are deceased and family lives elsewhere. It’s basically me and my husband during the holiday season. J and J have parents, not many siblings and none of us know the circumstances of the relationships with their immediate family. I think they look annoyed, due to the usual invasion of privacy. I’m done looking at their private lives. Say what you will, it’s all your opinion and nothing is based in fact.

  93. 93
    Tina Says:

    wow..white trash alert! The guy couldnt manage to buy swim trunks, he just figured he cut his jean and roll them up, all the while his belt is still on!! Might as well tatoo “Merica” on his forehead…

  94. 94
    Neusinha Says:

    @Daniela: so rihanna, Alessandra Ambrósio, julianne hough, kate walsh, halle berry and the models are periguetes too! Only Angelina jolie is not cause she is too ugly and bizarre to wear a bikini

  95. 95
    Neusinha Says:

    JP fans are just jealous cause Jen is beautiful and hot and health and happy and relaxed and in love! JP fans just cant see happiness. JP fans like sadness and sorrow. JP fans arent humanitarians. JP fans are just selfish and hypocrite. JP fans are a Shame! They really suck! Envy is such a bitchh!

  96. 96
    Shreya Says:

    @ Neusinha: Stop dragging Angelina Jolie into this. She has been named the most beautiful woman by many people around the world and also the hottest body. Women’s body change after pregnancies – something Jennifer will never let happen as she is too much into her body. As for the other women who are models and actresses you named – none of those ever spread their legs to be photographed like this. They also looked classy and not trashy like Jennifer.

    As for JP humanitarian effects – the whole world knows that they help those in need without expecting anything in return. Not only do other celebrities admire and respect them but also politicians admire they magnanimity.

    Last but not least Jennifer only helped an orphanage in Mexico because the goes to holiday there every-time and doesn’t want to appear selfish. No one in the movie world (those respectful ones) care about her and most politicians don’t even know her name – except that she is called Rachel.

  97. 97
    rosinha Says:


  98. 98
    rosinha Says:

    Daniela is a typical brangeloon you, jealous and aggressive, unfortunately Brazil is a country that has the most insane and uncontrolled jolie-pitt fans! Neusinha, thank you for telling the truth to this daniela!

  99. 99
    Neusinha Says:

    How can You know that Jen knew that there was a paparazzi? Jen has a system to protect herself from them. She can keep her save but not totally save. I was missing Photos of her in a bikini. She doesnt like paparazzi Very much. There are photos of her showing a finger, hiding her face. I really dont believe you dont know how the paparazzi works! jen argumented with herói mother blecaute of this

    You say body and beauty arent important but the first thing YouTube said is that Jolie WAS considered the most beautiful woman. Contradictory. Or hypocritical

    If you are saying that jolie did A lot of charity so good for her and the people that she is helping. anyway charity is An altruist act. It shouldnt have be using tão promote ourselves or to indicate that someone is good or better than others. Who do charity doesnt make it for receiving glory. At least shoudnt. Jp fans constantly use Angelina humanitarian work to venerate her, tought there is something more important on this, like the good for the others. Charity is like a self donation and no one has the obligation to do. JP fans like dragging Jen cause they think that her donations arent good enough. after all, humanitarian works is to promote individualities or to help Who need?

  100. 100
    ann h Says:

    Jen’s on her little soapbox pretending to care about gun control. Justin parading around proudly with a gun on his necklace. Yup, that sounds about right.
    I’m aware that Angie has a similar necklace made by her son Madox, but she’s not sounding off on that promo video, or wearing it 24/7. Big difference.

  101. 101
    WhorezillaJolie Says:

    So I see that she’s got a cunt like an old catchers mitt.

  102. 102
    poor JL Says:

    @WhorezillaJolie: desperate fan of jen ….LOL

  103. 103
    sullivan Says:

    Wow. The old boozehound is flashing her “catcher’s mitt” for the paps. Such class. No wonder she and Chelsea Handler are such goods pals. Quality attracts quality.

  104. 104
    Hmmm Says:


    More to life than having a baby…and she has a pretty fabulous life.

  105. 105
    Hmmm Says:

    @Not pregnant: You sound jealous. She has an incredible body for ANY age.

  106. 106
    @Neusinha Says:

    Jen goes to Baja several times a year and stays at the same places. the paps always get pics of her. So do you think she is stupid and thinks this year they won’t find her? Jen also has one of the most media and PR savvy PR guys in the acting industry–Huvane–as her publicist. Do you think he ever misses a chance to publicize her?

    And what is with bashing AJ for her humanitarian work? She is a visible symbol of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. They use her for publicity, for recording conditions and reporting back about conditions at the camps they send her to. There are at least a half dozen or so ambassadors for the refugees. Jolie is the one that does the most. She has done several random acts of kindness where you can tell a “normal” human let the word out thru a blurry photo or a tweet rather than her PR machine…oh wait I don’t believe Jolie uses a publicist does she?

    You bash AJ and BP, but you and other aniston fans are curiously silent when it comes to talking about her taking Justin from Heidi Bivens. JT was with HB for 14 years. And JA fans excuse it because ‘they weren’t married.” HELLO? They were living together and had been together 14 years. Heidi was blindsided. When Brad left Jen she knew he was unhappy. Knew that the marriage had problems.

    So I’m sorry if my sympathies for JA dried up long ago. I’m sorry she got hurt in the process of the divorce and the resulting publicity, but really–Jen and Huvane have used her hurt and her divorce to churn out a ton of publicity and sympathy for herself and to keep her in the public’s eye. So forgive me if I don’t get all teared up because she is being photographed by paps–paps that she most likely tipped off that she and JT were in going to be in Baja.

  107. 107
    dogod Says:

    Ho ho ho… fuggalore!!!

  108. 108
    whatever Says:

    all the hatred comments come from angelina jealous jolie.

  109. 109
    what is that? Says:

    hi guys, can you tell me what are those white flesh looking thing in jen’s crotch under her ass? Are those fats in her ass?? I cant seem to figure out why it looks that way?? so it seems she really has some fatty ass that it makes a fold when she sits on her ass.

  110. 110
    floretta50 Says:


    Sorry, fugly. needs surgery, face lift, in a hurry!

  111. 111
    Keira Says:

    I am disgusted by the amount of hate and criticism in everyone’s comments. Seriously, why do you think it’s ok to write such mean comments about a woman you don’t even know? And even if you did know her, would it give you the right to say hurtful things about her body, her relationship and how she lives her life? Would you like to be criticized about your every move and every pound you put on (her body looks fantastic btw so your comments are all the more disturbing)?

    Last I checked she is living her life without hurting others and she has millions of fans all over the world who have found her talented and beautiful since her iconic role as Rachel on Friends. So people, look at your own flaws before you bully someone who doesn’t even know you exist and who doesn’t deserve all this hate and negativity. Jeez people, she is a person with feelings too just like you and me.
    Posting under the cover of anonymity doesn’t give you the right to be cruel. How do you think it makes her feel to read your comments if she ever looks at celebrity blogs? Grow up and be nice to others…

  112. 112
    goopiness Says:


    Jen has NEVER “been to that orphanage. It is in Tijuana and she wouldn’t be caught dead in Tijuana.

  113. 113
    Team Heidi Says:

    Well excuse me but isn’t this Jennifer Aniston’s thread where you give your opinion about her no matter who you may be?

    That’s what i thought duh!

    I dislike this pitiful pos with her BS lies ordinary looking face with a huge chin and now a fat falling apart body. I have no respect for a phoney who used her money to buy an apt next door to her friends Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroucreep so she could sleep with Heidi’s b/f Just an azz. . Lied about it to Heidi right square to her face. So called friends come a dime a dozen to this conniving tramp but when you call somebody like Chelseapuke Handjob the caulksocker who got a talk show from sleeping around your newest best friend that puts everything into prospective completely.

    14 years with that lowlife Theroucreep since the age of 20, now 34 Heidi gets thrown out of her abode and treated like a throwaway untensil. Anuston pushed her way in slept with justanazz while the ruthless Anuston sat and shot the shite with Heidi B as supposed friends do knowing she just finished wiping her smelly catchers mitt off right after humping Heid’s 14 yr in love man of her dreams. The girl Heidi might have been stuck with a jerk but he was her jerk ontill sneaky passive aggressive Manface came along. Think about it here’s Anuston laughing and frollicking with her friend Heidi all the while her mind was going and going as to how quick she could she get Heidi out of the picture.. Easy peasy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    I don’t see too many ppl jumping to Anuston’s defense anymore. They know they sound like idiots to think what Anuston did with that puke was acceptable.

    As for these ricic ugly pictures has anybody here ever been to Cabos? Do you know that a pap can’t get near any of the celebs.
    Sitting or lying in the sun and you think these photos are being taken without anyones knowledge. NOT. The conniving Anuston allowed these pics to be taken by her own photographers. Slimebucket Anuston chose what pics she wanted JJ to put on his board. He;ll i am not a celeb but never would it happen that paps could get close to this area with out Anustons consent and arrangement.. Why does this tramp think ppl are dumb azzz’s like herself?

    Anuston has been trying to fool ppl for yrs. She played the pity trip up for a few yrs steady. But you can’t go on national tv and tell the world you are divorced due to irreconcilable differences , using the term nobody was carousing around as well as it was an absentee marriage failure , then change it to Angie took my man. Get out of here you old whoare! It was a crap marriage and as the whoare said Brad can do whatever he wants but she didn’t stipulate i am going to try to make life he:ll on earth for the younger exceptionally beautiful Jolie. All the while Anuston is humping Vince Vaughn.

    No, this is Anuston’s thread where you like or lump opinions about her b/c this is where you have your say about the nasty biaatch. no matter who you are. Admit it losers your failing actress is a conniving lying whoare
    who has you stupid posters fooled hook line and sinker. every single bit of her deceitful scams from day one have come back to haunt her.= KARMA
    if Anuston is so popular where are all of her fans? I see one or two here using the same name. JL alias Bett had to ditch those names . Two idjots who think like Anuston the sneak that ppl are suppose to believe your redic crap posts as you get paid to try to keep the shoddy bodied fug face relevant Get Real!!!

    Have a good life with Miss Anuston while he whittles away your cash fugface. Justanazzz could shitte on your head and you would allow it b/c you can’t have him walking away after pulling this suga daddy from beneath Heidi Bivens. Disgusting pigs!

    Heidi sweet thing you will in time find out this pos did you a major favor . You have been thru drug and alcohol treatment programs with him so many times SUCKS! i belive in your heart you knew he wasn’t serious. Look at who he ended up with her name is coke and toke Anuston. The fool can’t even give out awards on stage to others bc she is sloshed/ stoned every time she swaggers on stage .

    14 yrs of paying his way. Heidi you are an angel and when anybody hears your name they think of your hard earned dollars and how Anuston used you like a dirty sock..and she was your friend.!!!!. Anuston is running out of friends. She can have her agent do a write up about her having lunch with CC who lost respect for her and moved on as well as any old name he wants to come up with but we never see pictures b/c we know it’s BS

  114. 114
    Hahahahaha Says:

    I think iuts SUPER funny how ANGELINA JOLIE fans cannot leave JENNY alone. cannot stay away when theres fresh news about her.
    They will forever be lookin out for news about her.
    waitiong to critisize. hoping to change people’s minds.
    silly little pathetic billies.

  115. 115
    Hahahahaha Says:

    Jen looks Great btw.

  116. 116
    Maggie Says:

    Dont worry,its just jealous hateful Angelina fans~

  117. 117
    Grandma Says:

    Poor Nancy Dow all by herself on Christmas Day, while her only daughter that she raised by herself, takes her free loading toyboy to Mexico,to show her flabby Coochie.
    She’ll be 44 soon, and this moocher will dump her like all the other men did and she’ll be alone except for a stray dog.
    CC is tight with her family, it took David dumping her to realize what type of friend Ticky was. When Ticky was toss aside like yesterday’s garbage, CC held her hands but when CC needed hers held, Ticky found
    a new friend, HoHandler.
    All the baying about, Ticky has friends, what a laugh, most of their husbands dump them, got tired of their bitterness and sitting around gossiping.
    In hindsight CC probably wished she did not have Ticky at her house so often with her Goddess circle of B itches and she would’ve seen that her marriage was falling apart.
    Never seen David so happy, since he left that coven of witches.

  118. 118
    Shreya Says:

    @ Maggie: what should we non Jennifer fans be jealous of? The fact that she is 44 years old and trying hard to look and act younger than she is? Or the fact that she cried and cried and used the media when she first claimed that Brad didn’t cheat and afterwards changed it and claimed he did? Or the fact that she has now done exactly the same thing she accused Angelina of doing – she cheated with Justin and ruined his 14 year relationship with Heidi (who happened to be her friend)? Or that while they were never any proof to the accusation that Brad cheated with Angelina but there are several pictures with Jennifer cheating with Justin and even Heidi’s mum confirmed this fact? Or that she has not been seen with her supposed best friend Courtney Cox but instead always linked with the racist Chelsea Handler? Or that she is holidaying in Mexico instead of spending time with her mother who was admitted to the hospital? Or that they only seem to holiday all year long or buy stuff for the house they purchased? Or that she has never wanted to ruin her body with a pregnancy hence she is still childless in her 40s (even if she couldn’t have children, there are many kids who are in need of adopting)?

    So tell me Maggie what she we be jealous of?

  119. 119
    Great Comments Says:

    Comment 94,95 and 99 by Neusinha are great

  120. 120
    smh Says:

    @Grandma: STFU Grandma,Shreya.

  121. 121
    Princess Jen is the best Says:

    @Shreya: Jenny is ruleing your life and destroying it! you took time out from your day to write ALL that like 3 big paragraphs.. GOT YOU WORKED UP,HUH. you are owned. loser.
    btw. Jen is not trying hard at alll.

  122. 122
    Hot bods! Says:

    Pictures of her in the red bikini=Hottt

  123. 123
    JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig Says:

    jen hags need to buy a dictionary look up Classy because a 50yoa nasty ho with her legs wide open showing her firecrotch is NOT CLASSY
    Eddie munster looks like a fool in that outfit

  124. 124
    Shreya Says:

    @ smh & princess Jen is the best: ahh the universal replies Jennifer fans gives when they are unable to answers the questions. Maybe you should try and write proper sentences where you try and argue for your idol but maybe you need alcohol like Jennufer to be able to string two words together. Ohh it only took me like a minute or so to write those paragraphs and I didn’t even need to think that hard. As for me being a loser and that Jennifer owns me – don’t make me laugh. Everytime I see an article or pictures of her in bikini it only makes me feel a lot more grateful of my life with my family and friends. If it makes me a loser for pointing out the flaws in your idol then so be it – even being a loser is better than being desperate and hypocritical like you Jennifer fans and like your idol.

  125. 125
    smh Says:

    I DIDNT EVEN READ ANY OF THAT IT LOOKS WAY TOO BORING AND FULL OF BS. No one reads these types of long block of words,btw. but I’ll reply anyways.
    I read the bit ”the universal replies Jennifer fans gives when they are unable to answers the questions”(copy n pasted that)
    YOUR BS about Jen/Jen fans IS INSUBSTANTIAL,meaningless,worthless.
    k bye:)

    maybe you should put like spaces (use enter key) after each sentence so it looks more appealing to read/readable.seriously.

  126. 126
    Louis Says:

    @Shreya: The question is,why do you crazy anti Jens want her to have children so badly,so that in your opinion”her life will be more fulfilled”,
    Gosh,creeps. what the hell?
    You try to make it out that Jen is a sad unsexy unclassy loser.
    does she look that way? oh hell no.
    Jen has flaws? I dont frikken think so.
    only in your minds.
    so take a look in the mirror sunshine.

  127. 127
    she is.. Says:

    Hott :)

  128. 128
    Miller Says:


    No one but her sad, desperate, pathetic “fans” (which are basically a bunch of bitter dumped middle aged hags) want her to have children. Anuston is the one who keeps playing her fans with this fantasy of a little gollum whenever she bangs some guy that doesnt run away before the wet spot dries. Everytime this bloated slag drags her fug mug out for some pr wh.orin’ its a hen that starts cluckin’ “ohma Gawd, she’s a pregnant”. And at 44, its not even funny anymore, its just…shake your head pathetic. And a woman, who for eight years has glomed on to her ex and his new partner to keep her self relevant (her acting coach admitted that the trick would try to “one up them”) by playing the eternal victim all the while having a string of hump and dump relationships. Only to have to settle for some stubby legged loser , who hasnt had a job in two years, that she’s buying motorcycles, skinny jeans, leather jackets, vacations, houses, cars and endless shopping trips so that he’ll hang around, but her mother spends her last days in poverty. Sounds like loser to me.

  129. 129
    Bea Says:

    These photos made my day. I needed a good laugh and seeing the bitter desperate hag spread her legs for attention and letting her fat fly free while her chew toy tries to keep his bald spot out of the with a newsboy cap(!) did it.

    Running up a close second are the Jenhags who have to break out the “you are jealous” card because they have nothing else to go with.

  130. 130
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    HYPOCRITE is thy name…
    What you call all those losers who post day in day out over at the JPs thread 24/7…. 360 days non stop …
    Jealous of greasy hag lying on a concrete slap baking her self to death with slymey looking FUG wearing cut up legging with a belt…
    That above pictures are the best picture in the World eveeeerrrrr!!!!!!!
    Long live FUG and FUGlier… May they live happily ever after…
    and leave the JPs alone…. But you fugs simply can’t … Cos without the JPs your Chinny the ChinnochiHO is simply a plain fug Rachel Green !!!!!!!

  131. 131
    jilly Says:

    They both look fantastic, love them both.

  132. 132
    Ann Says:

    Sweet pics !!

  133. 133
    yep Says:

    Jared just really showed himself! All other sites have more class and more caring toward the star…….Love JEN! and Justin!

  134. 134
    Oh boy-Blind Vice w/Jen Says:

    165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#2**
    This former A list television actress who is still A list with name recognition despite a horribly unimpressive movie career was headed on a very expensive vacation this week when a mom pushing a girl in a wheelchair came up to the actress and said that her daughter has leukemia and wondered if the actress would pose for a photo. The actress took a look at the girl and shook her head and said, “Sorry. Don’t have time.” The actress then went outside and had a cigarette.

    Answer (although not yet proven) Jennifer Aniston (although she may not have been allowed to pose because of her affiliation with St. Jude’s)

  135. 135
    Wanda Says:

    OMG, her privates hanging out! What a disgusting old pig she is. We know she has this staged to grab attention. She is asking for all the sexual predators to prey on her. Sick!

  136. 136

    go scream to the ocean.
    Do not feed them,guys.

  137. 137
    Evelin Says:

    I wanna look like her:)
    nice pics!
    Ty Jared

  138. 138
    Gina Says:

    looks so nice and sunny…

  139. 139
    Kath Says:

    @Bea: I dont want to engage with a troll but….
    These pictures are taken by a sneaky stalker paparazzo with a long distance lenz! I doubt Jennifer could even SEE him,let alone,as you put it,”the bitter desperate hag spread her legs for attention”.
    k honey?
    she is just sun bathing as one does. do you sun bathe fully clothed with your legs crossed? what are you a nun?
    Is that crappy bs all you got?
    Now, take a chill pill.

  140. 140
    Grandma Says:

    Poor Ticky is on her usual attention seeking trip. All her trips it is the same pose, legs wide open, these pictures you can clap any year on them.
    It’s never Ticky’s fault, that Paps got on to private property and only took pics of these two losers, (arranged photo-op).
    We would not want to take away her only job, screaming at the ocean.
    All the mean things she did to people and her Mother, are starting to rebound on her.
    Squiggy will take her to the cleaners, because he think he is smart.

  141. 141
    pair of birds!!!! Says:

    Justin and Jen should make love several times a day … Justin is so hot seems to be a fabulous lover and Jen never seemed so happy …

  142. 142
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Screaming at the Ocean is Chin the ChinochiHO trade mark… Your hag very OWN WORDS… It’s her job since BP left her sorry fat ass!

  143. 143
    lol Says:

    I am laughing at the haters/jolie fans bad mouthing Jennifer.
    They know theres nothing that bad to say about her. they are making crap up and nit picking now.
    Desperation at its best.
    also what chin? her chin is perfect and normal and cute and feminine. on the otherhand…did you guys see jolies jaw..its more than manly…
    Why not just give up?
    I dont see the point of what you’re tryiing to do. does it feel really good to criticize your idol’s hubby’s ex? hm. pretty sadistic.
    you guys, your bad karma tank is always full up.

  144. 144
    Sonja Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler: now that jolie is anorexic all other woman of healthy weight are fat? give me a break.

  145. 145
    Justin>Brad Says:

    I am SO glad Jennifer split up with that Brad.
    Who knew,in his pretty boy days,that he would turn out to be such a hobo sorry looking homeless dog when he is older?
    His personality isnt great too. does he ever have the balls to defend his partner when media backlash her?no.
    Justin is one heck of a hunk. he seems really down to earth and sweet.too.
    YAY! :D
    oh boy Im so happy:)
    Greatest outcome for Princess Jennifer Aniston.
    Gorgeous pics of beautiful Jen and hot Justin
    now,get married asap,please! lol

  146. 146
    wow Says:

    Justin’s tattoo is hot :-)

  147. 147
    louise Says:

    I wonder what book shes reading…

  148. 148
    catwoman Says:

    Beautiful people bautiful pics x

  149. 149
    nice Says:

    I wanna go to Mexico! Its so cold where I am…

  150. 150
    holy crap Says:

    look at those abs!!

  151. 151
    Jess Says:

    Great torso!! wow x

  152. 152
    catwoman Says:

    He is hot she is gorgeous :-)
    I wanna know what shes reading

  153. 153
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Louis: what did you Loonifers say she was having again? oh, yeah! a baby girl…bwahaha!!!! Looks like your PR Queen played you RETARDISTON yet again!!! Oopsie!!! I did..I do..I will!!!

  154. 154
    manouche Says:

    the greatest fraud ever

  155. 155
    omg! Says:

    Jen reading this 50 shades of gray …

  156. 156
    Ann Says:

  157. 157
    devil's advocate Says:

    Justin needs to either always face the camera or keep a shirt on
    cause his back is an eyesore.

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