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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Australian Park Stroll with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Australian Park Stroll with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman spends some time with her husband Keith Urban at a park on Monday (December 24) in Sydney, Australia.

The 45-year-old actress and the 45-year-old country singer were joined by their cutie pie daughters Sunday and Faith.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Nicole recently chatted with the Los Angeles Times about a specific scene in her recent film The Paperboy.

“The peeing scene, which everyone seems shocked by, I played it as black comedy. To me that was funny,” Nicole shared. “It wasn’t meant to be ‘Oh, my God.’ It’s not sexual, it’s her actually trying to heal a jellyfish wound, and she’s territorial and fighting off other girls. It’s her way of showing she cares. So I put a different slant on it.”

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73 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Australian Park Stroll with the Girls!”

  1. 1
    maggie Says:

    That’s not Sunday and Faith. Sunday is in the red dress and Nicole’s niece is the older girl.

  2. 2
    Dieter Says:

    She has a wonderful ass !!!!

  3. 3
    SAG Says:

    -Whether SAG voters responded to the film as camp or took it at face value, they also were responding to a not-so-stealth campaign on Kidman’s behalf. Screeners for “The Paperboy” were sent out widely, with Kidman being the only talent named on the box, not Matthew McConaughey, Efron, Cusack or Daniels. She made a few Q&A appearances on behalf of the film in Los Angeles and made herself available for interviews from Europe, where she is filming “Grace of Monaco.”-

  4. 4
    ... Says:

    i know where they’re at and it’s disappointing that these pics are online because it’s a pretty private area so the paparazzi either followed them from home OR someone called them
    and one of those girls is her niece, not her daughter.

  5. 5
    Dieter Says:

    She is so beautiful and talented and works so hard !!! She has a gorgeous ass !!!

  6. 6
    ... Says:

    And UGH! once again, why is it worded like this: “Australian Park Stroll with the Girls!”
    that’s like saying, “american park stroll”.. it just makes no sense. Americans know that there are states in Australia?

  7. 7
    Jen Says:

    The jacket she’s wearing is the Lululemon Define jacket…Not that cheap knockoff you are linking it too.

  8. 8
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Dieter: You’re a creep…

  9. 9
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @: Someone called them…Typical photo-op…

  10. 10
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    Keith is gorgeous…And my King… :)

  11. 11
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @maggie: maggienovo?

  12. 12
    GG Says:


  13. 13
    maggie Says:

    Oh WOW! I thought the internet was supposed to be anonymous. I feel like I’m being stalked. LOL

  14. 14
    ... Says:

    @1urbanfan27: lol yeah i was trying to be subtle :) ha~

  15. 15
    @1urbanfan27 Says:

    Keith Urban isn’t your anything. Go get some counseling for your mental health issues.

  16. 16
    hopeso Says:

    OH MY GOD Faith is so big and Sunday is all grown up so beautiful both of them

  17. 17
    wan Says:

    Beautiful family. Love them so mach.

  18. 18
    Cristina Says:

    Nicole is a disgusting RUPERT MURDOCH FRIEND, the bigot propagandist. So that makes her a supporter of his bigot propaganda.

    She disgusts me.

  19. 19
    Josh Says:

    Nicole and Keith seem to have a very strong, loving marriage. Good for them!

  20. 20
    Josh Says:

    @Cristina: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Naomi Watts are also friends with Rupert Murdoch…

  21. 21
    Frozoid Says:

    Saw a movie preview of some horror movie she is in. Shots of her plastic surgerized face- especially around her mouth- were very distracting. People were talking about it.

  22. 22
    African Girl Says:

    The little girl in the red hair thingy has a passing resemblance to Bella.

  23. 23
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @@1urbanfan27: :)

  24. 24
    Josh Says:

    @Frozoid: A preview of Stoker? That’s weird considering there hasn’t been any “preview” yet (the movie comes out in March next year). And based on the trailer, her face looks very natural in it and it looks like another great performance from her. At which theater did you see it (if you’re not lying,of course)?

  25. 25
    bc Says:

    those kids should be wearing hats esp in the Australian summer heat!

  26. 26
    Lori Says:

    Frozoid is back with all of her other names, I knew she would be when it has anything to do with beautiful Nicole Kidman and her fantasy boyfriend Keith Urban. Try to get over it, he’s happily married. Nicole and Keith and their girls make such a beautiful family.

  27. 27
    Josh Says:

    It looks like the premiere of Stoker will be at the Sundance Film Festival on january 20th, 2013. There’s already a review from one of the Sundance selectors on their website. Here it is : “Visionary filmmaker Park Chan-Wook, whose Old Boy and Three…Extremes both played at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005, returns with another macabre story, one that marks his first venture into English-language cinema. Armed with an inspired script, a world-class cast, and a wickedly playful nature, he subverts audience expectations by employing delightful visual trickery and placing a magnet over the moral compass of the film, giving complex and sympathetic motivations for the characters’ violent actions. Featuring a gasp-inducing performance from Nicole Kidman, Stoker is a haunting, Hitchcockian tale as unsettling as it is stunning. – T. G.”

  28. 28
    Teri Says:

    Keith and Nicole make such a gorgeous couple, they are Sooooo fascinating.

  29. 29
    Toria Says:

    Jared it is Nicole’s niece Sybella and Sunday out for a stroll in the park, not Faith and Sunday.

  30. 30
    @bc Says:

    It is in the low 70′s in Sydney this week. Hardly the Australian “heat” at the moment. And weren’t you on the Suri/Katie thread complaining about Suri in no tights in 50 degree weather?

  31. 31
    dontchaknow Says:


    Your King? Keith is not YOUR anything.. he is Nicole’s for life :)

  32. 32
    @1urbanfan27 Says:

    You know if you were really Keith’s #1 fan and you really loved him you would be happy that he is happy instead of always dragging down his relationship with Nicole. Whether she is the super b-itch of your desires or whether she is the nicest person on the planet–it really doesn’t matter what you or I or any of us think or feel. It is what Keith thinks and feels. And he obviously loves and adores her. And if you cared about him, then you’d stop with the snarky comments. Because you certainly aren’t showing him a lot of love or respect. And that makes you anything but his #1 fan.

  33. 33
    Louise Says:

    Thank you, JJ, for the fun picutres of the Urban family. Keith and Nicole are so busy with their careers, but make their family the most important thing in their lives. Keith has flown back and forth to Europe every week to spend time with his family while Nicole is filming. They are dedicated to each other, their daughters, and their extended family. What a fine American/Australian family are the Urbans.

  34. 34
    Frozoid Says:

    @Josh: No, it’s not a preview of Stoker. It’s another name. Seems to be a horror movie about a young girl, stepfather and stepmother and some weird supernatural stuff going on. I saw the preview at AMC movie theaters on 42nd Street in New York City, between 8th and 9th avenues, for the 5:05 pm screening of “Hyde Park on Hudson” on Satuday, December 22.

    Very rude of you to challenge my veracity. I am not someone you would want to do that with.

  35. 35
    Frozoid Says:

    @Josh: Actually, Josh, it WAS a preview of Stoker, and it was at the AMC Movie Theater on West 42nd Street on Saturday December 22 at the 5:05 pm showing of “Hyde Park on the Hudson.”

    Don’t know why you would make a false statement about there being no preview of Stoker yet, but shame on you for accusing me of lying about this – and accusing me of lying on Christmas Eve, no less.

  36. 36
    Josh Says:

    @Frozoid: Oh, okay. I thought you said you saw an advance screening of Stoker. Nevermind. What you saw was the trailer. This :
    I still don’t see anything wrong with Kidman’s face and/or mouth. It looks like a great film.

  37. 37
    Frozoid Says:

    @Josh: No, I just saw a preview.

  38. 38
    plain truth Says:

    Christmas Eve doesn’t change the fact you ARE a liar. But skeptics never have liked to be challenged because they lie so often and so easily and it always catches up with them.

  39. 39
    Aei Says:

    Alright, I love Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban… BUT you have to look at Keith’s Sketchers Shape-Ups and wonder if he is wearing them to get some calves or to get the extra two inches. I think the latter, hahahaha.

    Again, not meant to be offensive, just an observation!!

  40. 40
    HAHA Says:

    @@bc: WHAT? in sydney it hit between 35-40 degrees all week.. its honestly the hottest December i can remember.. usually it’s only this hot in Jan. And if you’re looking up sydney weather you’re doing it wrong.. that is just a generalized post because it only measures the heat in the inner city.. not outer city nor suburbs.

  41. 41
    somali girl Says:

    Nicole kidmam before plastic surgery was a sight that will haunt me. Yuk!!!! she looked like a horse, no upper lip to support her disgusting teeth. now that she bought the upper lip it looks like a deflated tire.she also had herboobs done but kept it small like kKelly Rowland.

  42. 42
    HAHA Says:

    good god i get thumbed down because i know how hot it is in my town LOL. this site is ridiculous!!

  43. 43
    HAHA is a liar Says:

    You can’t fool people. In your comments you conveniently live in whatever city Urban or Kidman pics are taken. This is not the first time you’ve been caught falsifying information over a spelling mistake. If you really were Australian you would have spelled generalized ‘s’ and not a ‘z’. You ARE NOT Aussie, Somali, African, or any other nationality that you try and fail to pass as here.

  44. 44
    Sami Says:

    Love the pictures. Glad the great family is having some time relaxing.

  45. 45
    kary Says:

    Nic and Keith look so cute together and Sunday is a beautiful little girl… same with the niece… beautiful family… so, Haters must be angry because they’re still in love and happy… LOL… just get over it… they deserve each other… You must try to get a life and start living it.

  46. 46
    .. Says:

    Oh look, Nicole has snatched Sunday off the nanny and taken her for a photo op walk. Good to see Nicole and Keith have hats, no doubt protecting themselves from the harsh Australian summer sun. No hats on Sunday or her cousin … how very, very odd.

  47. 47
    Josh Says:

    @..: There’s nothing odd about those pictures. Just a happy family. It’s your behaviour here that is odd.

  48. 48
    :) Says:

    These photos perfectly illustrate what happens when you pay nannies to mother your children. Nicole doesn’t have to constantly think about the welfare of her children because that what she pays the nannies to do and it’s obvious the nanny is having the christmas season off. All Nicole has to think about is herself. That’s why she made sure her pale skin is protected from the harsh Australian summer sun with a hat and her daughter’s is not.

  49. 49
    JJ Says:

    “The peeing scene, which everyone (nobody saw the movie) seems shocked (amused) by, I played it (as per the script) as black comedy. To me that was funny,” Nicole shared (aggressively campaigning for award nominations). “It wasn’t (was) meant to be ‘Oh, my God.’ It’s not (is totally) sexual, it’s her actually trying to heal a jellyfish wound, and she’s territorial and fighting off other girls. It’s her way of showing she (is a tart) cares. So I (not me, the Director) put a different slant on it.”

  50. 50
    Josh Says:

    @:): WTH are you talking about? What I see in those pictures is a very happy little girl having fun with her parents and her cousin.

  51. 51
    Teri Says:

    @ :) Frozoid. ( same person) Good God you are a sick person. Nicole and Keith perfection. I am sure their children are well taken care of, better than yours, get off of your iPad and go check on them, try to forget about Nicole and Keith, try to give your sick mind a rest.

  52. 52
    Josh Says:

    @JJ: You obviously haven’t seen The Paperboy. The “peeing scene” is nothing. Here’s a great review of Nicole’s performance from the Los Angeles Times : “Kidman is a force of nature, more vulnerable, more sensual than she has ever been. The control you usually see in her performances has been thrown to the wind, and the freedom she exudes is intoxicating.”

  53. 53
    Em Says:

    It was 90 degrees in the shade. What I see is a hot little Sunday Roast without sun protection.

  54. 54
    Josh Says:

    @Em: You don’t need to change your name every time you post here.

  55. 55
    TC Says:

    Here’s a review for you to read Josh … The Paperboy, A Haggard Old Dog of a Movie, A Calamitous Failure On Every Conceivable Level, by Caspar Salmon.

    As a rule, you rarely come across a film whose audacity, artistry and sheer beauty are able to make all of its disparate elements coalesce into a moving, thought-provoking drama that entertains and asks questions of its audiences. The Paperboy, Lee Daniels’ follow-up to the critical and commercial hit Precious is no exception to this rule, being a haggard old dog of a movie that is a calamitous failure on just about every conceivable level. Stupid, boring, ugly, badly written, directed and acted, morally questionable and smug, this is a dud through and through, with so few redeeming features that it would be an act of charity for me to list them. It represents a career low for everyone concerned — a remark I would like to follow with a reminder that The Paperboy’s cast members have appeared in Failure To Launch,The Stepford Wives, High School Musical 3, Scary Movie 3 and Must Love Dogs.
    Set in the early days of the Civil Rights movement — which should already set alarm bells a-ringing amongst viewers who know what Lee Daniels can do to an ‘issue’ when so minded — The Paperboy focuses on a young man (Zac Efron, doing his damnedest) whose journalist brother (McConaughey) arrives in town with a black British colleague to investigate the possibly wrongful conviction of a man for murder. The brothers and the colleague (David Oyelowo) soon link up with Charlotte Bless, a nympho obsessed with writing to convicts on death row, who has been corresponding with the suspect (John Cusack). Macy Gray, who plays the brothers’ maid, narrates the whole disaster, for reasons that are unclear. Over the course of a summer so hot that Efron must walk around in tiny white briefs for a significant portion of the film, the film sees many exciting twists and turns occur en route to finding out whether Cusack is guilty or not. These twists and turns include gay interracial BDSM sex that results in the loss of an eye, Nicole Kidman peeing on Efron’s face to save him from jellyfish stings, and Oyelowo turning out to be not British at all but American, which makes no sense at all and didn’t need to be put in.
    That’s the thing with Lee Daniels’ wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if school of writing: anything goes. While this is to be saluted when in service of a vision or even, god forbid, a story, it doesn’t go down well when it’s used in a film that touches on racism, murder and rape, and it certainly doesn’t help this picture. Everything is done in such cack-handed fashion — the overly expository and folksy narration, the disposable camera cinematography, the quite astonishing plot gaps, the vile sex scenes, the way it tackles race — that you leave the cinema feeling almost overwhelmed by the badness.
    The race moments are terribly done: Efron’s tender, teasing relationship with Macy Gray is implausible and sits badly beside his calling Oyelowo a horrible epithet at one point; something for which he apologises to Gray but not Oyelowo. Homosexuality — presented here as a ho-hum plot twist — is laughably presented and apparently not that much of a problem for anyone to accept in the early 60s. There is a ridiculous thriller-style ending to the film that renders invalid any emotional involvement that there might have been. In terms of storytelling, the brothers’ relationship is poorly written, Oyelowo’s character a joke, and the story peters out at the end, with a little bit of narration bunged in to make up for it. How can it have been so shabbily made?
    McConaughey, who has been here before with A Time To Kill — an infinitely better film — completely fails to convince in his role as a crusading journalist with a dark secret. Nicole Kidman throws herself into her role when she should really have dipped a toe in it and run for the hills: her Charlotte Bless is inconsistent, pruriently written and a complete embarrassment from start to finish. Her sex scene with Cusack, inter-cut with footage of pigs, was repugnant and seemingly endless. Efron — filmed adoringly and kitted out in the manner of a gay 70s pornstar with blond highlights and an assortment of vests, white underpants and barely-there swimming-trunks — tries to register his character as a human but is in truth a collection of stitched-together characteristics; and anything we need to know about him is fed to us in narration. Macy Gray gives the best performance of the film. I know. Redeeming features now over with, it remains to ask why this film was allowed to show at a celebration of art films. It can only be because its stars were sure to show up on the red carpet and provide headlines, for the film is strictly without merit as anything other than a laughable potboiler. It is a sorry, limp, bedraggled mess of a film — so bad it’s bad. Don’t watch it.

  56. 56

    It is just my observation, but it surprises me that Sunday is out in the sun without a hat. Nicole has often said that she was not allowed to go out into the sun at all as a child because of her fair skin; and that today she is grateful for that. It seems that Sunday has the same fair skin and I would have thought the same would have applied to her. Who knows, maybe Sunday refuses to wear a hat or sleeves (to protect her skin). The Urbans have said Sunday is strong-willed.

  57. 57
    sheila Says:

    omg people! Relax! These photos were just a moment in time. We have no idea how long they were even there. They are excellent parents and wouldn’t expose their children to too much sunlight. Get a grip!

  58. 58
    Josh Says:

    @TC: That review was written by someone called “Caspar Salmon”. Never heard of him. Is he a reviewer?
    Here’s another review of Kidman’s performance by Mary Corliss from TIME Magazine : “The revelation, however, is Kidman’s performance. Renouncing the goddess image she has so frequently assumed, her Charlotte is a ripe, feral creature, working all her sexual wiles just for exercise. With a risky mixture of precision and abandon, Kidman splendidly creates a vision of Southern womanhood at its most toxic. It won’t happen, but she deserves the Best Actress prize at this year’s Cannes.”

  59. 59
    kary Says:

    OMG… many sick people here…. they’re having time together… we have not idea how long they were there… they look happy… I see two little girls having fun with Nic and Keith… I just don’t understand why the same people gets mad everytime Nic is having a happy time with her family… come on guys, maybe you should try go out and breath fresh air and think in your own life and stop critize the other ones!!!

  60. 60
    Maynard1 Says:

    I don’t remember seeing Kidman smile while with her family for a long time. It’s a shame because she’s all smiles during filming. At the Cannes festival she was actually giddy, and photos taken while she’s been filming in Belgium are ‘ toothy’ to say the least. Nicole, if you don’t appreciate the second chance you received seven years ago, you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. Your family deserves the best, not a pained look because you have to take a walk with them now and then. The bottom line is you’re married to a very desirable man who’s going to wake up some day and realize that fact whether you do or not.

  61. 61
    Billy Says:

    Kidman, November 2008 … Three years ago I had a wonderful (plummeting) career. I was getting (chasing) movie offers. I had an (undeserved) Oscar. I had beautiful children (who I never saw). But there was something (nothing) missing, I wasn’t loved! A man (victim) came along and (I) said, “Let me take (order) you to Tennessee” (for a photo op). There he (ME) said, “You deserve to be (contractually) loved. Let me (contractually) love you.” And I did (don’t). So thank (screw) you Keith …

  62. 62
    Josh Says:

    Are all the Keith Urban fans as nasty, vicious and crazy as “Billy”, “Maynard1″ and all her other names (Em, TC, JJ, …)?

  63. 63
    @Maynard1 Says:

    Guess you missed the other pictures of Nicole laughing and chasing Sunday around. And Keith with little Faith on a swing. Lovely, happy family.

  64. 64
    plain truth Says:

    @@Maynard1 They know. They always play dumb. They scour the internet for info and new photos. I’m sure they saw those plus the video Nicole posted of Xmas shopping for her family in Belgium, the pics of Nicole with the girls at a museum in Europe, Sunday out with Daddy shopping, Nicole with Faith on her lap traveling. They’ve seen it all and yet Maynard and her 101 user names will post lie after lie after lie.

    @Josh Absolutely not. Don’t let the few mentally disturbed women who hate themselves and their real lives give you the wrong impression. There are fan sites, message boards, tumblr blogs that have embraced Nicole & Keith as a couple from day one. They are great communities to be a part of. The trolls here feed on their own hate. They are sad and sick and don’t in any way represent a true Keith Urban fan. All you have to do is read his fan club message board to see how much we only want the best for his wife and daughters.

  65. 65
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Maynard1: No worries…He knows…

  66. 66
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @plain truth: lol…Why do celebs pimp out their families? And keep other things a secret?

  67. 67
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @dontchaknow: lol… :)

  68. 68
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @plain truth: You have no concept of a true Keith Urban fan…Most of you came along after her…And apparently, you never listen to Keith himself when he tells you that everyone is entitled to their opinions…When he tells you that the song meanings change to him…When he tells you he needs sleep…When his own moderator tells you that bullying will not be tolerated…He has told you many things, if you would only listen…Unfortunately, you are too busy believing what’s in print…

  69. 69
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @dontchaknow: And BTW…FYI…He is my King…He knows…And there is nothing you can do to change that…

  70. 70
    Get back on your meds 27 Says:

    What have you nuts been saying for 8 years – Keith lost most of his fans after ”she” came along. Get your stories straight.

    You have no grip on reality. Why are you so fixated on a man you think is pimping out his family and hiding things. You seriously need help because Nicole and his daughters don’t ”deem” themselves a part of his life. They don’t need your permission. They just are because he chose Nicole, loves her, and made a family with her. He will never choose you.

  71. 71
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Get back on your meds 27: I didn’t say HE was, stalker…Why do you think he looks like that in the pictures? As for his choices…He knows what they are…You do not…

  72. 72
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    @Get back on your meds 27: And of course you have been reading my blog…It’s amazing how many google to find me or trace me through .net…Why so interested in me?

  73. 73
    Barbara Says:

    @Cristina: Nicole is a friend of Rupert’s ex-wife, not Rupert.

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