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Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy With Christmas Tweet

Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy With Christmas Tweet

Jessica Simpson has confirmed her pregnancy through a Twitter pic, posted Christmas morning to her account!

The 32-year-old entertainer tweeted a pic of her adorable daughter Maxwell, with the words “Big Sis” written in the sand underneath. “Merry Christmas from my family to yours” Jess captioned the picture.

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This will be the second child for Jess and fiance Eric Johnson.

Last month, rumors began swirling that Jess and Eric were expecting their second child together.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the wonderful news!!

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  • lauren

    what was the point of weigh watchers then?

  • Jenny

    She has an adorable family.

  • TJ


    Money…what else!

  • Courtney

    @Luaren shut up have you ever heard of an unintended pregnancy. congrats to them as long as this child is healthy nad happy like Maxwell is than the age difference between them doesn’t matter Arthur Newman Jr and hi younger brother Paul were almost exactly a year apart born January 22nd 1924 & January 26th 1925.

  • Annie

    Irish Twins huh?…cute! Congrats, Jess.

  • Karen

    oh no

  • laura

    Happy for them!!

  • LooseLipz

    My brothers and I are all 13 months apart…no big deal. Just be happy for her. As far as her weight, whatever. Life isn’t about the number on the scale.

  • toria


    Gee such Christmas spirit, peace on earth attitude this holy day Courtney. Lauren was just asking a question, one that is on the lips of many–if you read other blogs a lot of folks are asking the question–basically she got what $4 million or so for WW and then gets pregnant and gains weight? Easy peasy $4 million and a pregnancy to excuse a weight gain…that is what many are saying.

    But as another poster said–if they are happy and the baby is healthy…none of our biz.

  • toni

    1) This is one of the worst kept secrets period because it was obvious she was pregnant.
    2) I wish her a healthy baby, but I wonder when will she get married to him.

  • ha

    last thread people were calling her a sl(ut and saying how disgusting she is for getting pregnant again… and now everyone loves her? make up your mind, I’m tired of women haters and I’m a woman..
    the reason people didn’t like her in the first place was because she gained weight 0_o ugh whatever.. the kids cute and congrats to her.. i hope she’s in a good place now!!

  • ha

    @LooseLipz: word! people are fu(king morons on this site.

  • CCC

    O lord here we go again! Merry Christmas all

  • July

    And Britney : Sean Preston was born on september 14, 2005 and Jayden James on september 12, 2006.

    Congrats Jessica.

  • Lailah

    She always announces her pregnancies in the most adorable ways. I’m sure her miracle was unexpected but joyous. Congrats on the new addition Jess! Maxwell is beautiful and is going to be a great big sister.

  • Chel

    Can’t imagine that WW paid her the entire $4 million. She probably got some of it but not the full payout. I noticed that WW is running a bunch of web ads but none with Jessica. Many of them have Jennifer Hudson. I guess that one ad that just aired is the end of the road for Jessica’s deal with WW. She will be showing soon so no more ads.

  • Josephine


    What? Where is the logic in calling someone a s..lut for having a second baby with the same man? Getting pregnant is disgusting? Only idiots could have said that. Surprise, surprise – their parents had sex and their mothers got pregnant and had to waste 9 months of their lives and go through a painful labour just to bring them into the world. Jessica isn’t the first and won’t be the last woman to have 2 babies 1 year apart. It’s nothing new or controversial. Congratulations.

  • Rebecca

    She was asking a question. A question many, many are asking.You jumped to conclusion real fast and you defensive. I for one am not happy for Jessica. And this is no accident. Sorry but this is her 2nd one, by now she should know how to avoid getting pregnant. What I find bad is that she paints herself to be some christian. Well I guess she is not. She also screwed WW by allowing herself to get pregnant so soon and during a contract with them.

  • LooseLipz


    I suppose you think she should put weight watchers before her body and family?
    Get real.
    She doesn’t need the money, so if by chance they cancel her contract, her prize is a brand new baby in 9 months. No money can buy that miracle.

  • person

    I do not like Jessica Simpson. I think she is ugly no matter what weight she is. I think she seems shallow and has ZERO talent and is uneducated and dumb. I don’t care if she is having another kid or not I just do not like her (sam I am)

  • Lynn

    if you have nothing else to do in your life, might as well just make babies

  • Cristina

    Unwed mother having baby after baby. And just think her father was a PASTOR.

  • hmm…

    I agree with Rebecca to a point. Yea, lots of Hollywood girls are having babies, left and right, but Jessica and her crazy family were supposed to be Christians, above everything else. That’s how they presented themselves in the beginning. I am angry with the entire clan for being such a FACADE! If they had not put it out that they were spiritual people, then they could just do like everyone else, but they had people believing in them, believing they really had close relationships with God — and now this! Everything fell apart. The girls are getting pregnant out of wedlock with not even a thought about it. Daddy is secretly gay and probably diving full on into the gay lifestyle. I mean, how much worse can it possibly get??? I would feel ashamed of myself. I would tellmy fans I am sorry that I was a fake and that I misrepresented my faith so greatly. It’s something not taken lightly. Christian people (esp. young ones) are always looking for someone they can believe in. I hope other famous people will think first before they do something like this. Usually the biggest talkers are the biggest phonies. I don’t totally blame the Simpson girls, as they are the product of their weird parents. You can’t expect much. However, if Jessica was really that faithful, she could decide to do better. She could decide to really try hard not to do the things her parents did. She’s been dating different men since her divorce from Lache and she got pregnant again because she was careless about it. No big deal to her. Again, her lack of living the way a Christian person should is greatly telling. I hope for her sake that everything works out better for her. I hope she won’t be a single parent in a year or so.

  • wouldn’tuliketoknow


    Unintended pregnancy? It’s called not having sex, birth control, and contraceptives.

    She probably wants to make even more off of WW. If they take her back.

  • jessssssssus_loves_me

    Dear Rebecca (and all you other Jesus Freaks out there)…

    just so I get this straight…

    ….your “all-loving” God allows INNOCENT children to be stricken down with incurable diseases and cancer…to be massacred in classrooms…
    and yet Jessica Simpson is the horrible one for being a bad christian by having a child out of wedlock??? really… you people are unreal. you have nothing better to do than judge others…what pathetic lives you good christians must all lead…

  • wouldn’tuliketoknow

    @LooseLipz: How do you know she doesn’t need the money? There are plenty of celebrities people think are rich, but aren’t. Look how many came to the surface about having deep debts with the IRS.

  • NYC

    Jessica Simpson = pure white trash.

  • wouldn’tuliketoknow

    Actually bad comes from Satan.

  • XYZ

    Looks like Jessica Simpson never heard of contraception, neither her husband. unless she wants to keep him next to her by staying pregnant….

  • wouldn’tuliketoknow

    @jessssssssus_loves_me: Also your statement is hypercritical as well. In a way you are judging others as well. Calling those who disagree with you pathetic.

  • jessssssssus_loves_me

    @wouldn’tuliketoknow: @wouldn’tuliketoknow:

    Ha. Typical “Christian” response. Q: WWJD?? A:Deflect responsibility whenever possible….

  • jessssssssus_loves_me


    Actually, I didn’t call anyone pathetic…you might want to re-read my statement….here you go…”what pathetic lives you good christians must all lead”… I was merely commenting on the obviously un-interesting lives those individuals must lead and in fact, I salute those individuals for their ability to lead such perfect, god-approving lives….just saying….

    Anyhow, Merry Christmas!!

  • Truth Be Told

    @jessssssssus_loves_me: You just showed your idiocy. WHO MASSACRED THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN? God didn’t do it. You atheists and your bunch all blame God for what humans beings are doing. Oh why doesn’t God intervene then? He does intervene in the lives of those who love and believe in him. Sorry if you’re outside the circle. Yea, when bad things happen, you blame him. When you want to live apart from him and have 5 babies out of wedlock, then you tell him to back away from your life. Blame yourselves and all the other evil people in the world for what THEY are doing!

  • Truth Be Told

    And for the record, no one said Jessica Simpson can’t have 5 babies out of wedlock if she wants to. I never hated the girl. I don’t know her anyhow. The problem is when people like the Simpsons MISREPRESENT their faith, esp. a famous people who are being watched and admired by many young people who want something to believe in. To the world, the Simpson family showed that their faith didn’t mean much. To someone like me, it showed that they really never had it in the first place. Hopefully God in his wisdom and mercy is working and one day they’ll look back on all this and know that his way is still the best way… my personal opinion.

  • Thank Goodness

    for people like Carrie Underwood!

  • Blackcat9

    @Lynn: Nothing else to do?! Really! Do you know how many successful businesses Jessica has? Not to mention how rich she is! I think Jessica is SMART for not marrying! She learned a hard lesson the first time around!

  • Emma

    Doesn’t she know condoms exist?

  • ha

    @Josephine: yes i know… which is why i wrote that.. if you’ve seen the other j.s threads that’s what was written. (to be clear i like her and dont think shes a sl*t…)

  • awww

    cutie patootie baby

  • anna

    yeah you’re going to be a big sis because your mommy was too dumb to realize that you could get pregnant while breastfeeding. Congrats!

  • Huh?

    She’s not going to marry him is she?

  • fridayhype

    The photo is adorable! Dear Jessica you are horrible at keeping secrets!!!

  • HO ho ho

    @NYC: You totally read my mind. Her entire family is white trash. I’m not even going to comment on her deadbeat fiance.

  • Renee

    Wow! Okay! Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Unintended pregnancy? Uh, no. For those of you who think women can’t get pregnant soon after they have a baby, you need another biology lesson. I’m sure her doctor told her that she CAN get pregnant soon after having this one. At this rate, why even get married. Just stay engaged until after this second baby comes and then they can just say they are common law married. On the business side, I’m sure this wasn’t in her contract with Weight Watchers. Not a good business move, but then again that’s no surprise with Jessica. I’m sure other big companies like Weight Watchers will think twice when dealing with her. Anyway, hope the pregnancy goes well for her and the baby.

  • sven

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