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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Lakers Game for Christmas!

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Lakers Game for Christmas!

Rihanna and Chris Brown step out for the first time together in years while sitting courtside during a Lakers game at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 25).

During the Christmas basketball game, the New York Knicks faced off against the Lakers. At halftime, Lakers were up, 51-49.

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Looks like these two are ready to go public with their on-again relationship. And of all days to show it off – Christmas!

FYI: Ri and Chris arrived in the same car together!

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Chris Brown at Lakers game during Christmas…

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Credit: Robyn Beck/AGP/Getty; Photos: AKM-GSI, SplashNewsOnline
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  • marta

    She’s probably wearing that big gold choker to cover the strangulation marks around her neck.

  • Neicea

    If Rihanna wants to be with Chris that is her choice. People please stop with all the negativity, they’re young,and we all made mistakes. So stop trying to act like you never done anything wrong.We are not perfect and never will be,let’s just hope and pray Chris learns from his mistake and never lay his hands on anyone.

  • zija

    only you guys from just jared are full of hate. if u go to tumblr,instagram,facebook…people are happy cuz they are together. if rihanna is happy then you don have to judge her. If you love someone so much then ..why not? ok. chris is a jerk because of that thing 3 yrs ago. but if theY love eachother…nothing cant stop them.So.LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU HATERS. #CHRIANNA

  • dokey

    @zija: you are chrianna stan. lol ofc you like it. and most agreeing are fans. but there’s still people with some brain out there who’d not blindly follow them in that situation.

  • Meena

    Trying waaaaaaay too hard.



  • Jessie

    Everything she does is calculated. There’s no shame in her game because that’s all she’s about, playing a game. This isn’t about Brown, it’s about her.

  • @Ina_Angel

    This is very disturbing and sends the wrong message to abused women everywhere in the world. She is a very confused little girl. It’s not about forgiveness it’s about what is right and what is wrong and how you pay your dues in this life. Chris Brown, the man who beat his girl up and won.

  • Oda Mae Brown

    She is pathetic. Not just because she is with him, but because she is purposely FLAUNTING it every 5 seconds for publicity & to get the public angry. She’ll do things like post pics of Chris in her bed on Twitter, known full well that it will get her fans angry. The fact that she even HAS fans after this is insane. Miss “I could never go back to him because what kind of message would that send to girls” is now back to him like a pathetic lap dog, and bragging about it. Rather than taking her anger for what he did out on him, in her twisted deformed mind she’s taking her anger out on the PUBLIC with her songs all about how its “nobodys business” and ****.

    Rihanna, you’re a piece of ****. You deserve what you get. If he hits you again, good. Maybe he’ll knock some sense into you. I will never feel sympathy for moron girls who constantly go back to men who beat them. They’re weak, pathetic, and embarrassing to the female gender.

  • Babbom

    She needs publicity to sell tickets. Doesnt she have a concert coming up?

  • bsyllie

    This is most unfortunate. Unfortunate Chris Brown hasn’t faded into obscurity, unfortunate that, after all the crap they put each other through, they still go back there, unfortunate for Rihanna as it will more than like happen again. The world would be a better place if that poor example of a human being (the one who supposedly has a penis more so than than her) just disappeared without a trace.

  • dokey

    @Babbom: hehehe. yeah. a couple chris brown fans sure gonna buy some tickets now. his tour is already over. he wont get anything.

  • person

    people need to let up on the judgement. As long as she is happy just be happy for her! I think Chris Brown is super lame and gross- but clearly he meets a need in her and she seems to want to be with him so she deserves to be happy-.

  • person

    but I will add that in the photos she seems to be affectionatw with him but I don’t see him looking kindly at her or touching her lovingly. I think she will play this out for a while so she can put it to rest and move on. they probably have good sex and that is worth something!

  • peacelovemusic

    does he really have a gold tooth? i mean do people still get those?

  • Crystak

    I hope he hits her again. Maybe knock some sense into her this time.

  • awwww

    they look so cute together
    merry christmas you two

  • Love The Shoes

    I’m not a Rihanna fan and I have NEVER liked Chris Brown but I wish them a new chance to get it better than the last time because she is obviously happy. There is joy on her face; JOY and that’s undeniable. I just hope they care about one another enough to respect kids paying attention to young love in a fishbowl.

  • Donte

    I don’t get, it I thought he was back with his girlfriend. The loving must be GOOD!

  • Jen


    Rihanna: Remember that time you beat the crap out of me
    Chris Brown: (laughing) Good times, good times..

  • Teri B

    Even if he doesn’t abuse her again, there is still the fact that not only has he been traipsing around with his supposed “ex” Karreuche but had a thing with some Middle-Eastern model. This at the same time Rihanna is posting pics and being in la-la land with dude. He’s doing this on purpose and she’s falling for it. It’s quite sad and I don’t understand how a woman is allowing herself to be used. As well as exposing herself to STDs, whatever else is going on. And everytime she gets arrogant, poses pics of them together he pops up with the ex or with other women. So you can’t tell me something is not right with it. I guess people have to figure it out on their own. How much humiliation is she going to take? You know shortly, she’ll be angry with him again once he gets caught up.

  • KAY blood

    Maybe the next time they get into an argument he’ll kill her. She’s not too smart, is she?



  • lila

    It’s funny that people will happily buy her albums and her singles that clearly spell out all of the stuff that happened in their relationship and clearly spell out the fact that these two are in love and that their love is “hopeless” and that she “loves the way he lies.” Everyone is happy to support her music which supports this relationship. But as soon as she actually follows through, everyone is all up in arms about it. RIdiculous.

  • dokey

    @lila: it’s “just” music. can be actually unrelated to him. makes you mood if you feel yourself init. obviously that still good and works. that relationship is watching her as a real person from the outside. people see how she really is. that can be different. something you might not like doing it this way.


  • anna

    omg Rhianna you are sooo lucky to be with an amazing guy like Chris! Remember when he beat you up and left you to die? That was soooo hot!!!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    I hate them both. He looks like a dirty meth head and no words for her.

  • Halli

    She seems SOOOOOO happy and that’s just sad!
    To be this excited by a boy who never loved you and beat you up like a tenderized piece of meat until she had to escape to save herself. This girl, that’s what she is – she is no woman, is a dumb pathetic loser. With that money she should be buying herself a good education!

  • Nate

    I love the classy gold tooth look. LOL The dude is rich but still manages to look like a bum.

  • fridayhype

    Rihanna picked her poison

  • NICK

    Some simply deserve what they get, karma is a bitch and never wish anything bad to happen to her- but damn girl is stupid.

  • PP podd

    @Love The Shoes:
    You know what? You also feel a hell of a lot of JOY when you’re shooting heroin and snoring cocaine. Feeling JOY over toxic substances or people, isn’t real “joy” . It is a crutch weak, empty people use to convince themselves they’re happy.

    The fact that Rihanna would go back to a man who nearly KILLED HER is so beyond disgusting and pathetic. He didn’t ****ing just slap her or something. He repeatedly punched her in the face, bit her, and choked her until she BLACKED OUT. Then he fled the scene LEAVING HER THERE blood and bashed while she screamed for help for someone to call 911. She literally could have DIED. To justify her going back with him makes you just as ****ed up in the head as she is. It’s like trying to justify someone being raped and then marrying their rapist after .

  • yep

    It’s funny. my 2013 resolution is to rid the world of Chris Brown. By any means necessary. I know where you are, Chris.

  • anonymous

    @ Ala, Lisa and Qiana Jones..I love your “Live your life and let them live theirs. Instead of judging their lives, go worry about your own.”..I’m sorry but if that were to happen and no one no longer writes about them, talks about them, judges them, comments on them or publishes pictures of them..they would no longer have a career and be relevant anymore..So they do care what people say..if no one were to longer say anything or gives a shit..then they wouldn’t have a career..these two are sad people

  • imatwotimesfive

    i hope this relationship doesnt last. she needs to get some closure and move on from this gooby. he is so fug, i mean really? a gold cap on his canine? go away already!

  • Rihanna the next Whitney

    Chris Brown is to Rihanna Robyn Fenty what was Bobby Brown to Whitney Houston!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@nuraancharles1 nuraan

    If she’s happy with him good for her but she is sending a wrong message,
    She must not forget she is a celebrity she is in the public eye
    and her fans obviously want to be like her
    so they think its okay to be with a guy who beats you.
    Yes she forgave him but she doesn’t have to have any kind of relationship with him.

  • lanas-world

    both are pathetic untalented losers.

  • Seguro de Hogar

    @commonsense: Agree… so sad

  • ….

    so fu<king disgusting.. but let's be honest, this is a power trip for both of them – she got a car from her management for acting like a mess, he got rihanna for acting like an abusive cun<t — and ANYONE who dismisses or excuses abuse should throw themselves into a wall!!

  • ….

    ..and the comments on tumblr about this disgust me.. all those stupid team breezy morons need to hide away until they’re grown people who know how to act in public. Also, they threatened that lady who called him out on twitter, telling her they’d find her and k*ill her.. LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stupid

    and they need to change that cake song 2: crackercrackercrackercrackercrackerrrrrr

  • Isabella


  • Awww!!

    No matter what people say they belong to eachother!!

  • Tessa

    I’m pretty sure you guys that are spreading venom, don’t even know that he is getting help. He’s in a program for domestic violence. No one ever wants to see the good that he’s doing. He’s trying to help himself.

  • Dirkstar

    Well done, Chris !!!
    1st rule, if you wanna┬┤ get back the woman, you love:

  • http://jj just sayin’
  • bebe

    hohoho…can these two stop trying to live like its 1996/fake as can be

  • http://@laurielovesadam Solo

    I am very proud of RiRi, she is a super successful popstar and what she did for her country is beyond selfless, thousands of people will benefit from her 1.75 mill donation, to me that’s what being a role model is all about! She can do whatever makes her happy. To all negative losers who judge her, let’s see you do something that counts, but than you cannot, you are all soo consumed by your selfishness and negativity. It’s Xmas for Heaven’s sake, at least be positive!

  • as