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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Lakers Game for Christmas!

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Lakers Game for Christmas!

Rihanna and Chris Brown step out for the first time together in years while sitting courtside during a Lakers game at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 25).

During the Christmas basketball game, the New York Knicks faced off against the Lakers. At halftime, Lakers were up, 51-49.

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Looks like these two are ready to go public with their on-again relationship. And of all days to show it off – Christmas!

FYI: Ri and Chris arrived in the same car together!

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Chris Brown at Lakers game during Christmas…

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119 Responses to “Rihanna & Chris Brown: Lakers Game for Christmas!”

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  1. 26
    guest 99 Says:

    Actually, it send a very good message to all girls, who think that bulling and intimidating men and being verbally abusive at the same time is OK. If the system does not punish verbal abuse life can punish you. Sooner or later the abusive nature of a woman will show on her face and no one will love her. She can ruin via intimidation not only others’ lives, but will ruin the idea what it is to be a woman. So, now Rihana can not find whatever she things love is, and no one is looking to find it in her. Therefore, she is desperate to make it nice with the man she almost ruined. This is the reason why she looks so unnatural and confused in her body language. So, girls, don’t use man as you punch bags for verbal abuse. You will then become unloved.

  2. 27
    KMC Says:

    Wow, Chris looks so bad. He used to be such an adorable kid….Drugs are bad… And seriously!? A gold tooth!? This guy is pure trash.

  3. 28
    dokey Says:

    whatever. it’s their lives. btw it’s a real life. not that sh*t on the net right here commenting.

  4. 29
    godlike Says:

    Chris is a champ, keeps his woman in check

  5. 30
    Hmmm Says:

    Poor Rihanna, so sad.

  6. 31
    285493 Says:

    I think they belong together, just like I think britney and justin does.
    If u really love somebody he/she deserves a second chance…. :)

  7. 32
    hanna Says:

    Whaaaat?? But then i thought that, she was in Barbados for x-mas. Why does she let that fool play her and Kae??? They both weak and naive to play his games.

  8. 33
    Sarah2 Says:

    I have a question. Is this even legal? Wasn’t he supposed to stay away from her for 5 years? Or are there loopholes in the judgement? I’m Just wondering.

  9. 34
    C. Says:

    Those two prove every day that even all the money in the world can’t buy you class and intelligence. Sad.

  10. 35
    Buya Says:

    Well, this little basketball outing STILL won’t make him faithful, STILL won’t stop him from getting with other girls, and getting with his ex. Rihanna is an obsessed, stalker, weirdo type. He’s not looking at her even once in these pictures. That’s not a good sign. A guy who likes a girl almost always makes eye contact with her. I never thought I’d say this, but I think she’s more deranged than him, because even he looks like he knows that their relationships has changed, becaus they have changed. She still somehow thinks she can have the old relationship back.

  11. 36
    dokey Says:

    @Sarah2: they have an “events” clause on the papers. this is their loophole. they could sell that as media coverage for promotion if they wanted. but honest… no judge would call a hearing over that. and most of all he is judged by women. if they feel like rihanna calling them they wont cut her bedtime for that matter. ;)

  12. 37
    Buya Says:

    I think there’s something mentally wrong with people, who KNOW that their bf/gf whatever, is cheating on them, and still want to get with them. There is something seriously wrong in the wiring of these people’s heads. He keeps showing her that he’s hanging with Kae, and with other girls, and she STILL wants to be with him. She is more messed up than he is, and that says a lot, because he’s messed up too. I honestly think that she is the man in that relationship if that makes sense. And he seems like the female. I think she definitely was verbally abusive with him, so was maybe surprised when he the female in that relationship when ape-sh*t on her. Still doesn’t excuse what he did, but I think he’s the only guy she can be a man with, so to speak. I think her personality is very masculine, and the way she is looking at him in some of these pics, shows that she’s the pursuer/alpha male in that relationship, and he’s the more receptive type.

  13. 38
    dokey Says:

    @C.: look at their youth. uneducated. raised in domestic violent families. talk about class and intelligence. what do you expect? ;)

  14. 39
    Sarena Says:

    Everyone please be aware that she is prime example of domestic violence. She is like any domestic abuse victim, she will return for more and more. She is not going to stop seeing him, he has degraded her and she doesn’t value her life with others but the man who did that to her. It is quite complicated situation. However, I do not feel sorry for her, she is nothing like the others she is beautiful and rich. She has resources to heal her self with the amount of money she has, she can buy a self-esteem but she refuses to. This terrible relationship will entertain us but damaging for her, now lets put money on the next time he hits her? or the next time he kills her? all if fair here she wants attention she has mine for all the wrong reasons. She might not make it to 30 lol

  15. 40
    d Says:

    I think the only reason he takes her on these little pity dates, is because being associated with her is good for his business. Other than that, I don’t think he has any feelings for her, and google pictures from way back, I don’t think he ever had feelings for her. He looks kind of uncomfortable in her presence. Same as in these pictures. He’s laughing, but he looks like he’s a lamb in the presence of a lion, not that he is a lamb. They’re both monsters, in their own right.

  16. 41
    C. Lyon Says:

    I hope the Lakers won today or somebody’s gonna get a beat’in!!!!!

  17. 42
    h Says:

    wow what happened to chris?

  18. 43
    candee Says:

    agree, that she’s more into him. whatever.. they deserve each other.
    ugh…his tooth

  19. 44
    Lynn Says:

    This is really sad and she may as well be the symbol of domestic violence. I hope she comes to her senses. She just needs to move on.

  20. 45
    LOL Says:

    Chris looks as skinny as Rihanna, looks at his legs!

  21. 46

    Chris is my idol. King and Queen

  22. 47
    Kfan Says:

    I hope he beats the s**t out of her again.

  23. 48
    Kaique Says:

    I think people usually judge too much and always forget to put yourself in such situation. They love each other and their lives belong to them. STOP JUDGING

  24. 49
    jill Says:

    He looks like a goat from the side, such ugly, ugly fake teeth. Bleeech.

  25. 50
    B Says:

    Chris looks awful, he looks like he’s been doing drugs lately, and Rihanna is an idiot for going back to man that could have killed her.

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