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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: LAX Lovers!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: LAX Lovers!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev make their way through LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Wednesday (December 26) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor recently tweeted some exciting news at his fans.

“1st 100 to donate/raise at least $50 have a chance to win an iPad Mini signed by me and be my PEN PAL for a week” Ian tweeted, along with a link for info on how to get fundraising!

Meanwhile, Nina tweeted that she’s off to China!

“And I’m at it again… Packing – but this time for CHINA! Leave in the morning and connect a bunch of times. It’s going to be a lot of Travel but its so worth it – I’m so excited !!! Can’t wait! My first time to Asia!” she wrote.

FYI: Ian is wearing a Rogue jacket. Nina is wearing the Rachel Zoe Collection Trish coat and Lucas handbag.

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder heading through LAX Airport…

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 01
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 02
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 03
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 04
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 05
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 06
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 07
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 08
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 09
ian somerhalder nina dobrev lax lovers 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Miri


  • tina

    Ian is freakin hot and I love this scarf on him!!! *–*

  • jenfan

    I HATE those boots she has on…BUT they look nice! I’ve always wanted to go to China!! Hope they have fun!!

  • JC

    Wow China! These two are going to travel the whole world together. Im glad they found each other. It’s good to see a couple that have spent most of their time together, day in and day out for over three years still really happy. They put alot of other hollywood twosomes to shame.

  • an

    funny to see how different their twits are …

  • TeylaW

    Love these two! They look so rested and happy! After spending their 3rd Christmas together in Sun Valley, Idaho, along with both their families (they are so family oriented), they are off to China for a private event and then on to Thailand to bring in the New Year. Three Christmas & New Years Holidays together! Their love just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I truly wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  • guest

    @TeylaW: except his family wasn’t in Sun Valley this year. Hmmm…really not sure he was either. I could tweet that I’m in Russia, doesn’t mean I am. Sun Valley is a huge celebrity spot yet there are NO pics of them there together. Also, last year he posted pics time and time again with NO snow, and all of her pics had snow up to her a$$! They were not in the same location last year. Not to mention, she herself said they JUST started dating in April 2012 and he still won’t confirm it. Definitely not love. And, if you’re right, that makes them both 2 of the biggest liars of all time and yet the fans rejoice over them. That’s what’s wrong with this whole nation. People just want to create a fantasy and it doesn’t matter if there’s lying or cheating or anything else negative. So, they’re either JUST dating or they’re LIARS. And if they don’t want people in on their private lives, they shouldn’t have become actors. It comes with the territory unfortunately.

  • verox87

    Love them so much..perfect human beings!
    They’re simply special!!

  • verox87

    @guest: really?? oh come on..

  • guest

    Gotta love the intentional distance he keeps between himself and her. He’s not even in the pics where she’s watching the other 2 people kiss and hug. Also, wasn’t it Nina herself who was quoted in a magazine interview that if you’re no longer smiling in a relationship then you shouldn’t be in it?? Exactly which of these pics is Ian smiling in?? Oh, that’s right, NONE! haha Hysterical!

  • Verite

    @guest: LOL. Ok so the photos of them at the airport going to Sun Valley and the tweets of people who saw them skiing together are all lies and fabrications. The photos of her with his family at Thanksgiving — all fake. And the fact that the two of them are in an airport going to freaking China together — all for promotional purposes. I wish people would just stop with this. They are dating, get over it. If it bothers you so much, then, by all means stop looking at their pictures.

  • A

    Why do you hate them so much? People all over Twitter were talking about seeing them together over the past few days on the ski slopes, last year too if I remember correctly. And I’m sorry, but I DO NOT spend family holidays with people that I don’t love. There is no point in the constant negativity aimed at them. Leave them alone and let them be. Keep your anger, and your negative attitude, to yourself.

  • Verite

    @guest: Oh and by the way your bitterness is not at all attractive.

  • TeylaW

    Actually, yes, Ian’s family was there, but his brother& sister in law were not. His sister, Robyn & her two kids were definitely there. Nina’s mother, who has been with them since Thanksgiving, and brother, who flew over from Greece where he attends a university, were also there… Ian and Nina were spotted together on the slopes and there are pictures, if you actually knew where to look. They also took the time to take pictures with a couple of fans. However, the Somerhalder retreat, which was built by his father years ago, is private. Ian and Nina are a definitely a couple. Those that what to deny that fact are completely delusional. Ian and Nina are not obligated to speak publicly about their personal lives or verbally confirm anything. They have been a couple since April 2010 and have spent the last three Christmas & New Year holidays together.
    (Dec. 2010, Dec. 2011, Dec. 2012)

  • Ryane

    YAY! Thanks JJ! Pictures of Ian and Nina at LAX on their way to Shanghai, China for a private event and then on to Thailand to bring in the NEW YEAR. These two are so adorable and are the HOTTEST celebrity couple around! They look so happy and relaxed after spending Christmas together in Sun Valley, Idaho…again (3 years and counting). I hope they have fun and return to Atlanta safely. They will attend the People’s Choice Awards together on January 9th and I hope they win their categories.

  • Kelly

    @guest You are sooooo RIGTH!!!! Ian looks so miserable in every new pics of them together ( When they were buying a christmas tree he was like soooo bored) , It’s like now that he got Nina he’s sick of her. Nina looks happy in every pic,and tweets a lot about him,But I woun’t be surprised If he cheats on or breaks up with her next year with someone else .

  • LJ

    She’s still bearding? God it’s 2013 already!

  • MyBB-Elena

    LOVE THEM #NIANFTW <333 And people PLEASE! just IGNORE the bitter comments about Nian. Looks like Is the same person in every single article about Nian.

  • kat

    who is that couple kissing in the pictures?? that is NOT nina and Ian :D

  • MyBB-Elena

    Just one comment @guest @Kelly Ian is a grown men, “IF” he wasn’t happy in the relationship with Nina He wouldn’t be with her (They’ve been together almost 3 years now) I don’t think that a 23 year old can force a 34 year old to be with her #justsaying. Nian <333

  • Twirl

    I hope he can find some acting gigs after this tired show is over. So many actors hotter and more talented competing for CW type roles. Don’t see him ever going beyond CW. I think Lost was is high point.

  • jo

    I love her outfit and he’s sooo hot here!!!

  • Tick

    I don’t know how Nina got that part. She is so average looking. In the Vampire Diaries books, Elena Gilbert was blonde like the author. She was supposed to look like a goddess, not like that twit Nina. Ian will dump her for a Nordic girl after the show ends. I hate how they castes that show. I’ve gone back to watching Buffy & Angel,

  • Natalie

    Let’s not forget people, they are a private couple.

  • sarah

    Nina does love to have her pic’s taken. Ian seems like a really sincere guy. Seems like Nina is one of those social climbers who uses people.

  • Alaric

    @ Sarah, I think you’re right. She wants to be private and than she, not him, tweets where she is going. That is not the first time. She wants media attention. She is not natural and Ian gives light to VD, he is pushing her career because I’ve seen her act and she can’t do any chemistry with other actors, only with him. He also, not once, asked his fans to vote for her. I don’t think much of People CA because one teenager without serious occupation in live can vote zillion times. Serious awards is what you can’t have that way. I live in Europe and can tell you that VD is not that famous here, people don’t know much of this duo but know who Kristen Stewart is, younger and better actress than bout of them. Ian for what I saw has more talent dan ND and after he opens her all the doors he won’t be enough for her. And he is 34, so I even agree that he is now at his top.

  • Amy


    Reality check: Most actors don’t talk about their relationship publicly because it’s private.

  • doe eyed girl

    ahhhh I love love love Nina’s coat

  • River

    Adorable couple! They look so happy! Love their outfits!
    I hope they have a fantastic trip together!

  • Elena

    I don´t think that Nina or Ian (especially) are in love, but work is work. I think that right now for them their careers is way more important than having a relationship and they (as any actor/actress that is in this business) right now all they need is getting publiciy for them and for the show. They know that they have to deal with this Nian thing for a couple of more years and after that they are free. I don´t think that they hate each other or tired of each other in fact I think that they kind love each other (being in love is different) and very good friends, but the way I see it they are “business” partners, I mean they know that people love them and have a good press so they make the best of it, they both have common goals right now, which is their careers. I also think that they are smart and have very good PR people around them, they know that two young co-stars getting together brings good publicity but at the same time brings bad things, like people talk less and less about their careers, so in that regard they use that Nian thing in small dosis.

    I think that in Hollywood is VERY common two young actors getting together and having fans, but that last until the movies and the show is over, and with Nian will happen the same thing.

  • bobie

    so they spent 3 christmas together with all their families and they are a fake couple??? i’m sorry for you guys, doesn’t work anymore.
    they are a couple and i feel compassion for those two people who always write the same way here. you can not find a worthy reason to consider them a pr couple. try again. LOL

  • Sherry

    Nina looks lovely and rested, but poor Ian looks tired, although still a handsome man…together not together, as long as they had a good Holiday :) P.S. I’m neither a Nian /Delena fan, I just enjoy the tvd show, It doesn’t make sense that two young people would fake a relationship if that is indeed the case – than its beyond me, I mean who in their right mind would give up years of their life to pretend to people that they’re a couple … I’m just saying!!!

  • Marsha

    @TeylaW: YOU ARE A TROLL

  • Marsha

    @guest: SHUT UP!!!

  • verox87

    @bobie: THIS..thank you!

  • verox87

    @Marsha: OH GOD YES PLEASE!

  • Marsha

    @guest: OOPS @TeylaW you are NOT a troll!! that was for @Guest who is a TOTAL TROLL

  • Verite

    People need to just grow up and get over it.@Elena: I don’t agree that it is “very common for young actors getting together” strictly for the sake of promotion. I would agree that it is common for young actors to get together because they cannot realistically be in relationships with non show-business people as no one could put up with or understand the impact that their career has on their personal lives and relationships. I also agree that when actors are together they work to promote each others careers as any of us would who are not in acting. When you go to a business dinner with your significant other, you are doing so to help support his/her career. I also think that actors are very good at compartmentalizing their personal lives vs career lives. So when you don’t see them together at events like movie releases or award dinners that’s because to them, that’s a work event, not a personal event. And when they are at a personal, family event, they keep it quiet and personal. The working and personal lives of people often in the public eye are very different than everyone else’s. I am not a giggling teenager and I know a PR relationship when I see one and this one is just two people dating and supporting each other.

  • Raine

    I am concerned for Ian. What will he do after VD. His movie career failed years ago and he is losing his hair and getting too old for CW type roles. Maybe he can play a Dad on a show?

  • bettyboop

    lol the couple that’s kissing is cute, chemistry just slides off of them…that’s real. These two can’t even fake it. The difference is staggering, and thanks for the comparison.

  • Kathleen


    Do you not see well? Maybe an eye doctor’s appt. may be in order. lol

    No need to worry about Ian, he is doing just fine…. ;)

  • Ric

    I personally am not a Elena/Damon fan or Nian so I will just say what I think. It does make me abit confused why they dont tweet they are both going to China since everyone knows they are a couple why try to keep hiding it, isnt this what the fans wanted and have so why play silly twitter games, noone isnt gonna judge him for saying he is off to china with Nina after all it is his girlfriend so why the secret? As for them being a fake couple or not, do we even care, if its a publicity stunt then good for them, they both are adults and know exactly what they are doing maybe its written in their contract who knows and personally who cares! Nian is becoming a massive hype and this is exactly what they want the publicity its good for their images. China is probably a thing thats she doing for herself and he is going along to boost her publicity again who knows and who really cares! All this fighting over if they are a couple or not I am tired and sick of it all. I dont really care for Nian you lot treat them like flipping royalty who cares they are both actors that none of us probably never heard of since they did TVD, enjoy the show people who gives a crap about them two I dont! I can say she does look like she is in it for herself and yeah in those pics he looks miserable but with paps in your face every single minute your probably gonna be pissed! I say get over it and move on! Nian is tiring and boring! I dont see anyone making such a fuss over Kat and her bf or Paul and his wife so whats so freaking special about these two? Really sooner or later they will be old news at the moment they are enjoying being in the public eye cause it gives their careers a good boost! Enough said!

  • Get Over It

    @Ric: You know what I do when I find a celebrity or celebrity couple boring and annoying? I don’t bother looking at their pictures or reading comments about them and I certainly don’t bother putting any comments down myself. You aren’t going to come on to a FAN SITE that is devoted to posting stories about celebrities for their FANS and telling people to get over it and no longer be their fans. It’s pointless because the reason we are here is to support the celebrities we like. So with that in mind…. why are you here?

  • Ric

    @Get Over It:

    FYI I stumbled across this article and starting reading all of the comments its sad that people swoon over these two judging by your comment you seem to be one of those DEVOTED FANS! Didnt realise i wasnt allowed to comment thought we had freedom of speech i guess I was wrong!

  • Sherry

    @Get Over It: You know not everyone has to be a fan to reply to these posts…I for one am an admin for a huge fan based page, so I am constantly on the look out for news and info, I am then able to extrapolate from the info given and go from there…and I try to look at the info and comments as objectively as I can….I also wanted to mention, that its the “nature of the Beast” to be curious, because as humans we are curious by nature….Sometimes its like looking at a big train wreck, You want to look the other way, but you know you can’t…There are times though that I do add my 2 cents worth in but I try to do so without offending anyone…Regardless, I still enjoy the TVD show, I like the twists and turns and all the characters…

  • Sharona

    @Raine Ian losing his hair? Too old to play roles on the CW? You’re an idiot!

  • Ric


    thank you :)

  • ninavd!


    1. @guest and @kelly and @tick and @sarah, y’all are haters. It’s their relationship, so it’s their business. No need to read too much into it, as none of you are part of it whatsoever. I personally think it’s a genuine relationship, but it’s all up to you. Think what you want, but try not to pollute the Internet.

    2. It’s great that Nina and Ian are going to China! I live in China and it would be so awesome if I meet them.

  • Exstrasirena

    He is so old and ugly