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Jessica Chastain Not Joining 'Good People' Film (Exclusive)

Jessica Chastain Not Joining 'Good People' Film (Exclusive)

Jessica Chastain flashes a smile for photographers while entering the Walter Kerr Theater for the matinee performance of The Heiress on Wednesday (December 26) in New York City.

While it has been reported that Jessica has been offered a role in James Franco‘s upcoming drama Good People, sources exclusively tell that she will not be taking the role.

“She wanted to do it but passed as she wasn’t available when production wanted to shoot. Both of their schedules are really crazy and just didn’t line up,” an insider revealed.

Good People is about a couple in debt from fertility treatments who steal a stash of cash from their dead tenant’s apartment, putting them in jeopardy from criminals and police in search of the money.

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  • dee

    Her Oscar campaign/calling photographers is getting annoying now.

  • Daleann

    Good, she’s becoming far too overexposed.

  • Cate

    She doesn’t need to call the photographers. She has the same routine everyday as she is performing in “The Heiress” on Broadway. The paparazzi know her schedule as she is arriving to her play everyday and her new film is currently hot news so there is media interest in her and they know her pics will sell.

    She is just doing her job and being nice and gracious and smiling for the cameras. Is she supposed to sneak into the theatre covering her face? Jessica seems like a sweet and cheerful person anyway and why shouldn’t she be with the awards talk she is getting and how well the ZDT is doing.

  • JB

    I agree with Cate. I work at the restaurant across from the Walter Kerr. The photographers wait for her outside the stagedoor of the theatre. They are there when she arrives for her play but is very friendly and gracious enough to sign and take photos. It wasn’t like this before the early days of the play. It just got crazy when the buzz for her new film came out.

  • Cate

    Thank you for the confirmation, JB :-) Sometimes it seems like people just post hate for no reason when all it takes is a little common sense.

  • Pauline

    @Cate: Thanks for clearing the air. I have never once read about Jessica being disrespectful to fans or even to paparazzi and I don’t understand the flak she’s getting from the haters on here. I hope she wins all those awards she’s getting nominated for to put these people in their place.

  • Kate

    She is joining ‘Racist People’ now!

  • Mina

    Really don’t understand the flak, although some people just love to randomly hate on celebrities. She’s incredibly beautiful, talented, sweet and intelligent. They say she’s a slam dunk to win the best actress Oscar. Plus, it’s nice to see a strong female role out there, not the usual girlfriend/damsel in distress.

  • Pauline

    @Mina: That’s true. Haters gonna hate. Whether she brings home the bacon or not, will be rallying behind her for sure. She’s one of the finest actresses this generation has seen IMHO. And totally with you on the kick-ass role she took on. :)

  • zoe

    Jared are you getting paid by her people to post about her every day?

  • willanka

    @Cate: Thank you! I’ve been saying the same things on Jessica’s latest post. She doesn’t have to call the paps, they’re already waiting for her.

  • welp

    @Cate: jessica chastain is a racist cow.. but thanks !!
    and if you’re using the term ‘haters’ you’re not old enough to be on here —
    she (OPENLY) made disrespectful comments about a cultures she knows nothing about.. but is it really that surprising coming form a white woman? nope!

  • Candy

    If you don’t lick the assh0le of a racist, liar, fake vegan, overrated and mediocre actress = you’re a hater! LOL
    Crazy and delusional teenagers are the worst kind of fans!

  • Mandy

    @Cate: @JB: @Pauline: @willanka: Please, don’t be so innocent! she is ALWAYS posing and smiling for paparazzis! When people like Paris Hilton does the same thing she is immediately called “sl*t” “wh*re” “attention seeker” “famewh*re”, etc., Jessica is not so famous to be followed by paparazzis everywhere, not only in front of the theather where she is doing a play.
    Not even the “Fakelinas” who are the most annoying and overrated actors of all times and 1000x more famous than her, are not here everyday like Jessica does.
    She was here EVERYDAY even before being nominated for the oscars and the buzz for ZDT, so the “she is too famous” excuse doesn’t work for her!
    Yes, she is calling the paparazzis, deal with it!

  • Me


    Wow. . .a talented actress promoting one of the biggest films of the year is having her picture taken by paparazzi. What a new concept! Ever think it’s the producers of the film that want her front and center? I highly doubt she calls the paps and has them wait for her everyday. JC is far from an attention whore and if you got to know a little about her you would see that.

  • Candy

    @Me: And if YOU really know a little about her, you should know she is a racist who made racist comments about poor countries because they’re not so amazing and filled with white people like the US, calls herself a vegan and wear leather clothes and acessories, says she is too shy around guys and is always flirting with married guys in front of the cameras. Her only talent is being a famewh*re who makes lots of BJ to get the roles and pays paparazzis to follow her! but since she is an american white actress, everybody forget these things.
    Her fans are so racists and hypocrites as she is!

  • Pauline

    @Candy: Hi, Candy. I understand your anger seeing as you’ve interpreted JC’s comments as ‘racist’. Obviously, I’m a fan of hers. But from an objective point of view, I would really like to know what exact comments of hers you consider racist? I’m Asian myself and I would definitely take offense if I had read about any racist comments. But correct me if I’m wrong, all she did was tell a story about how she wasn’t given a menu at a restaurant? Or am I missing something?

    About her being vegan, it is possible to be a dietary vegan and not an ethical one. There’s a difference. I hope you can enlighten me about the racism issue and I’m sorry you feel that way about JC, I wish you well.