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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Christmas Clippers Game!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Christmas Clippers Game!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cuddle up at the Denver Nuggets vs the Los Angeles Clippers game held at the Staples Center on Tuesday (December 25) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old reality television star and 35-year-old rapper were joined at the game by Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian, who was there to cheer on her hubby Lamar Odom, a player on the Clippers team.

“Merry Christmas!!!!!! 14 wins in a row!!!!!!!!! Wow what a phenomenal day!!!! Stay blessed!!!” Khloe tweeted after the Clippers won 112-100.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” Kim tweeted after the game.

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Credit: Victor Decolongon; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • skyller2002

    people hate on this family and i can’t understand why. This is an example of being a part of a family….they support each other and seem to have eachother’s backs.

  • tom


  • Zelda

    Please stop posting things about those losers. They are pathetic

  • cecilly

    People hate on this family because their “fame” is based on a nasty sex tape made by Kim. They promote an immoral lifestyle and flaunt their wealth. All this “family support” is to attract media attention and appeal to their loser fans that don’t have families.

  • uh

    @cecilly: exactly – they are famous because their sister banged ray j on tape..
    how the fu(k is that normal?

  • 0_o

    @skyller2002: so….. which kardashian are you?

  • Lisa

    Can these losers please just go away????

  • Trina

    @Zelda: Yet you comment? SMDH!!!!

  • Michelle

    @cecilly: IF you really believe what you just typed you are an idiot, that is why you fools are left scratching your heads. If you think that the tape is the reason for their fame, you are delusional, go ask all the other people who have made sex tapes if having a sex tape got them famous. They are famous because they know how to market themselves, people love their reality show, they love seeing a family who works together as crazy as they may be and they love seeing them be silly yet not ridiculous. They continue to garner contracts, products, modeling gigs etc. because they have a reputation of being hard workers. Producers, Photographers, Companies know that those girls will show up, show up on time and give their all, they know that they will not show up drunk or high and they will not be out their in the streets falling over sloppy drunk and drugged out, they don’t hang out in the clubs every day and they are not getting arrested, people hire people that they know have a reputation of being reliable and these girls are, they work their a** off, the tape does not sell their products, they do, the tape does not get them gigs, they do, they do because of their solid reputation in the industry for being dependable and hard working. So go ahead giving credit to the tape, that’s why some of you will never be successful because you don’t see big picture, you are to petty and small minded. That tape was years ago, with her man who she had been with for 4 years, the only difference between her and some of you is that hers got aired out and yours is done in the dark. Easy to hide behind a computer and point the finger when some of you are out here screwing anything moving, having kids by all types of different men and God knows what else. Keep blaming the tape for their success if that makes you feel better about your miserable lives, but any IDIOT knows it’s not the tape that made them, it’s their drive and their reputation for being stellar business women.

  • sarah

    @skyller2002:Because they are famous because of Kim’s porno. When the show first started they were kind of normal. Then they thought there sh-t don’t stink and should be treated like “A” celeb’s. It’s pathetic they’ve made millions and millions of dollars yet still love and get alot of freebee’s. Examples of the freebee’s, free designer clothes, free private plane trips, free trips, free cars, free cosmetic surgery, free free free. Whenever you see them at events they get paid for showing up, when they name anything, ie, cars, trips, whatever that means they get it free plus they get paid for it. Kim even gets between $50,000.000 & $100,000.00 just to tweet. All her “fans” think she does it because they think she cares about them. Newsflash, she’s getting paid. This family are greedy money hungry fakes. Me and my friends stopped watching there show because of there greed.

  • mrst

    They look so cute together…=)

  • cecilly

    Oh, here comes the “they don’t go to clubs or get arrested’ defense. You ignorant bint, do you really believe that’s all it takes to be respected? lol! Try digesting that she CONSTANTLY promotes pornography, animal cruelty, fake marriages, child labor, divorce, promiscuity, credit cards with usury rates, fake diets and diet aids and plastic surgery. There was talk of not letting her into an entire country, Bahrain, because of her offensive lifestyle. So don’t come on here saying we’re just as bad as her when you don’t know any of us. Plenty of people are rich and have made money in an honest manner but if Kim Kardashian is the best YOU can come up for as a role model, then I feel sorry for you.,

  • Sophie

    This family seriously…. WTF they put Bruce in a different row……….. Kris just had to be in the front for the cameras.. They would have not disrespected their real dad like this, but then again they probably would have better morals if their real dad was around and wouldnt be “famous”. Kris turned this family into complete fame ho’s!!!! Bruce get rid of her now! And the rest along with Mr. West can just fking move to Mars, nobody fking cares anymore in this world.

  • ad2

    the hatred for this family is curious to say the least. when you have raised five women who tomorrow can support themselves…you have a right to talk. life isn’t about education alone- it’s about a work ethic and people skills. to think they are famous b/c of a sex tape- 7 yrs later is stupidity on your part.

  • http://justjared anita

    one of my wishes for 2013 is that media be kardashian free….that includes odam and west

  • mira

    Did you watch AbFab? “There’s a new disease called the Kardashians darling,” “They’re spreading like herpes. Each one with their own reality show. They’re multiplying like head lice.”

  • LooseLipz

    Chubs and fugs. What a pairing.
    Kim disgusts me. Oh wait, the whole family does.
    PS. Rumor has it that Kris and Bruce are in the outs. He’s apparently unhappy about her whoring out the younger daughters.

  • u

    @cecilly: welp – soldier boy tell ‘em. most mature comment and response on this site….

  • u

    @mira: LOLLL… could that episode have been anymore accurate?
    and not only them but everyone else in magazines (or on this site) now.. i have no idea who or what they do..