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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Visit Friends with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Visit Friends with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and her hubby Orlando Bloom pay a visit to a friend’s house on Wednesday afternoon (December 26) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor carried their boy Flynn as they made their way through the home’s gate and into the house.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Orly and Flynn were spotted doing some last minute holiday shopping.

This is the first time that Miranda and Orlando have been spotted together since September. We love seeing the whole family together!

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom‘s day out…

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  • Ha!@75

    Noooooo! You know how logic hurts their little brains!!!
    You sadist!!
    Love you.

  • Ha!

    Perfect example of the idiocy of your average Miranda hater/sock.
    Here they are, posting over and over and over…..
    Then they claim that the reason this story is highlighted at the top of the page is because Miranda PAID JJ?? That she doesn’t get hits??? All while they have already brought this thread to over one hundred posts? Not counting others who have read it without posting.
    My goodness they are dense when they are in denial.

  • Ha!@80

    If she “doesn’t work in the American market”, then why does VS send her to promote their shows??
    She appeared on entertainment shows and on late night talk shows, even when sh wasn’t wearing the fantasy bra.
    She is also the only one who gets solo commercials.
    She was also the one chosen by that NY newspaper for their front page. Not Ale in her fantasy bra. Not Adriana with her comeback. Not Candice, VS’s current poster child. It was Mirsnda. Chosen by an American paper.
    Now you want to tell us again how Miranda is not popular in the American. Market???

  • Ha!@87

    They are psychotic. That’s the only answer for why they spend every waking moment stalking her across the Internet.
    Why they set up fake twitters and blogs to spread their filth.
    Why they post under multiple names on every site that allows anon posters.
    Why their own lives take second place to their hatred of a woman who has never done anything to them.
    But most notably, why they don’t see anything wrong with insulting an innocent baby, and wishing him harm before he was even born.
    They are insane.
    That’s the only explanation.

  • ghghghghg

    @Ha!@80: LMAO Everything you said is for VS. She only works for VS in America. All the interviews everything is for VS. What does she do other than that in the US market? Nothing!

  • they do

    @say what?: It’s true. You should read Adriana’s last thread on here. They say Miu Miu isn’t high fashion because Adriana is in their latest advertising campaign.
    They say Miranda is the main face of VS now lmao
    They even say Miranda is world famous while Adriana is irrelevant now. Even though Adriana and Kate Upton are 2 of the most searched models on the web. And Adriana is doing qulity high fashion and famous commercial projects. Miranda can’t make her mark even when Adriana was pregnant and wasn’t working for the most part of 2012.
    Look at this 2012 stats by google trends they stil say the stat is BS that everyone knows Miranda is world famous

    It’s not just Adriana. They go after Kate Upton too. They say she’s nothing but a playboy model and now Kate is doing both more commercial and fashion work than Miranda.
    It’s the same thing with /Gisele and Bar too.
    They’re insane let them be…

  • kimberly

    I actually have no problem with Miranda. I don’t focus on her like I do orlando, but that’s me. And I happen to think she is very beautiful. I have no hate toward her, but if you want to think I do that’s all you.

    Well Ok then.

  • @105

    ONLY works for VS?
    You do realize that VS is one of the largest advertisers in the American market, right?
    The fact that they trust her to promote their brand above all others proves how popular she is in America.
    And the fact that she is booked on TV to promote them proves that they believe that she is their best ambassador.
    The fact that a newspaper chose her to be on their front page is proof that she is not only well known, but well liked.
    Also, foreign commercials pay more than US commercials, unless you are Brad Pitt, so trying to insult her for those is laughable. Why else do stars who would never dream of appearing in a US commercial sgree to appear in them?
    Adriana appears in lingerie in a couple of commercials, and you think that is a big deal? But it isn’t a big deal when Miranda appears for huge companies like Reebok and Lipton?

  • Hell yea

    Dream on. US is where it all happens, they treat celebrities like royalty. And pay them millions. You can’t compare Lipton/Reebok to Teleflora/Kia Motors. lolYou can compare the conditions of the commercials as well. The superbowl trumps anything Miranda will ever do like a million times. Was Adriana in lingerie for her Teleflora commercial? No. Yet still she increased sales for the company. Miranda can’t work for any US brand other than VS whether she’s in lingeire or fully clothed
    “Also, foreign commercials pay more than US commercials”
    LMAO. Is that why you can’t escape A list celebrities (doing commercials for Cover Girl and any relevant brand) when you turn on the TV. Admit it Miranda isn’t famous enough to work as a celebrity in the US.
    And why is it that even though Adriana has the most lucrative VS contract, she still works in the American market for other brands? Making her richer and more famous.

    haha more importantly, look at the google trends for 2012 with Miranda and Adriana in the US. Adriana makes it look like Miranda even doesn’t try.
    So where are the people claiming Miranda works in the US market? So much that she can’t get people interested in her than a pregnant Adriana who was out of sight for a while? lolololol. Miranda is such an epic fail.

    So I’m out. Everything you will say now is going to be useless.

  • Poor

    @Hell yea: Well said.

  • @109

    Actually, most big stars won’t do American commercials, because of how they are perceivd by the public here. Whenever we see a ‘star’ on a commercial, we automatically think that their career must be failing for them to stoop so low. The only exceptions are the ‘superstars’ who make commercials as events. Like Brad’s Chanel commercial. But if Brad had dome an ad for jeans (as he has done overseas) he would be getting the wrong kind of attention. Voice overs are fine. But they won’t/can’t appear onscreen. So I wouldn’t call Adriana’s appearing on a teleflora commercial as being ‘treated like a celebrity’. It’s great that she got those commercials, but you can’t say that they are any more than what they are.
    But all of this sounds suspiciously like the hater comments about Vogue
    When Miranda got her first Vogue cover, they said that it only counts if she has MULTIPLE covers. Then whe she got, and continues to get, multiple Vogue covers, they claim that it is only AMERICAN Vogue that matters. Funny that they are now claiming that it is only American commercials that count. Sound familiar? That they were willing to put American Vogue in front of Vogue Italia, and now they are willing to put the American commercial market over the LARGEST market in the world, Asia. Funny how we always come full circle, isn’t it.
    Sounds like they are just trying to manipulate the facts….again.

  • kimberly

    Comment #69 is from me.
    Comment #73 is NOT from me.
    Comment #107 is from me.

    Clearing some things up.

  • @109

    Uhmmm, so Queen Latifah is an A LISTER now?
    And TV personalities?

  • @109

    “You can’t compare Lipton/Reebok to Teleflora/Kia Motors.”
    You’re absolutely right.
    Lipton is much bigger than TeleFlora.
    And Kia vs Reebok? They are close. But Miranda was the face of that campaign, while Adriana was in the Kia commercial for about two seconds.
    Yup, no comparison at all.

  • Umm

    Sorry but what you people are saying is far fetched.
    Taylor Swift (is a Cover Girl face), Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kim K, Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry all do commercials in the US. And dozens of A listers do commercials. That’s a clear fact.

  • Hell yea

    Adriana two seconds in a Kia commercial? lol you’re mad
    Kia had different versions of that commercial air all over the world including in US cinemas. Adriana is prominently featured in every single on of the commercials. Even more prominently than the superbowl versions. And her posters were all over Kia office where she was fully dress.
    Lol you can’t compare Teleflora America’s no1 flower company with japanese Lipton.
    Kia is far ahead of reebok, don’t even go there. And Miranda didn’t even get a reebok commercial, it was all print.

  • bedae

    Hello Miranda fan, I replied in the Adriana thread where you’re spreading your desperation

  • @116

    Uhmm, the guy dreaming is the focus of the commercial. He sees Adriana waving the starting flags in his dream. for two seconds.
    And you think that Lipton is a Japanese brand? LOL!
    How stupid are you? Exactly.

  • ?

    Well I’m neither American nor Japanese, and I’d say Lipton is very well known outside of its birth country. Never heard of Teleflora before.
    I know both Kia and Reebok, they sell very different things so I don’t know if they can be compared as they have a different market.

    I think this whole Adriana/Miranda argument is silly. I think both are fantastic models, they’re probably friends and the rivalry in the modeling world is a really sad thing IMO. Both are successful models and who cares who got this or that campaign, this or that ad. Both are doing well in their careers, and the people who defend them are all the time proving how successful both of them are.

  • @115

    LOL! at the idiot who calls Kim K an A lister.
    Beyonce has a huge commercial for Pepsi. That is an event, just like Brad’s Chanel commercial. They promote those commercials like they do movies.
    All the others are degraded in the eyes of the American people for appearing in commercials. Not fair, i know, it’s just the way that we see it.
    Models appearing in US commercials are fine. That’s their job, after all. But don’t think for a second that it makes them superior to other models doing European or Asian commercials. In fact, non-Asians doing commercials over there, mean that they really are popular. They pay more than anyone else.

  • Oh not

    Oh my? A list celebs don’t do commercials in America? I just saw Emma Stone’s Revlon commercial on TV. Wow. This Miranda fan lives on lies.
    Speaking of commercials, can we talk about how Miranda’s pathetic attempt to be part of a superbowl commercial led her to taking a pathetic role for samsung where she appeared LITERALLY 2 SECONDS in the commercial in the midst of a crowd with jumping people. And being the fool that she is, she accepted to do an online video for samsung which other than her fans, nobody knew about.
    And you want to talk about Adriana superbowl commercial where she’s the star of both commercials?
    Miranda behaves like a struggling model. Real signs of someone who will do anything to have fame

    Nobody will ever say US Vogue doesn’t matter. You’re acting like Miranda ever had a us vogue cover. A US vogue cover is all part of the celebrity projects in America. You know, part of the project she will never have.

  • hahaha

    Thanks, but the best recognition is the one that haters gave me.
    They (or she) put all that effort to hide my comments, giving them a million thumbs down, so it’s obvious you’re not the only one who thinks what I said makes a lot of sense, and they want it silenced.
    Sniff…really girls, I feel so touched.

  • @121

    No, it’s the haters who act like US Vogue is the only one that does matter. But that was only after Miranda got multiple covers.
    Much like the haters who are trying to pretend that only American commercials count.
    Xenophobia being used as a tool by the haters. Why am I not surprised?

  • @106

    You’re truly weird, You think EVERYONE who posts elsewhere on JJ in other people are Miranda Kerr fans Even people/ models they have been writing about long before Kerr became famous. They could also simply be other human beings/posters that have opinions different to yours and care not a wit about Miranda Kerr. Or her family. Or whatever.
    Not everyone wakes up in the morning to do/say/write things for Miranda Kerr. Its you haters that are OBSESSED with Miranda. You must cricket Kerr fans in your sleep. Get therapy.

  • ah ah

    Poor Miranda. She can’t do any kind of celebrity work in the US whether high quality or cheap and her fans are so jealous that they say A list celebs don’t do commercials in the US when in truth, most of them do. And then they changed their minds and said if they do, then it’s big and they promote the commercials like they promote movies when in truth they just shoot the commercials and go home like what is expected of them.
    Adriana, Gisele, Heidi, Tyra, Kate Upton all do commercials in the US like relevant celebs. In the mean time, Miranda and her fans keep wishing she’ll get to that stage. Sorry, she’s almost 30. If she haven’t done it by now, it shall forever remain a dream that never came true

    Miranda the D list models can’t do what real celebs do. So So embarsassing

  • Huh?

    I knew it won’t be long before the Adriana illumnati turned this thread upside down.

  • Cristina

    She so shallow.

  • Lord

    You people stop already. AHHHHHHH. Everyone knows Adriana is more of a celebrity than Miranda. She jusst is. Nothing you can say will ever change that. She’s wealthier, more popular/famous, gets do do more celebrity work. EVERYBOBY KNOWS THIS, EVERYBODY. It’s a status thing. Adriana fans are stupid for going on with an argument they’ve won before it even started
    all of you just stop. Adriana and Miranda are both Victoria’s Secret models so they’re doing something right.
    LET IT GO!

  • ?

    I think you are exaggerating enormously.
    Doing commercials in the US isn’t a “dream come true” for any celebrity, nor it is a shame. It’s a source of income, it gets your face out there, but it’s not something that brings any kind of glory.
    I’m sorry but you have to think in a bigger scale. Reebok, Lipton or Samsung are big companies that have nothing to envy from strong American companies. Get a little bit of perspective.
    And the American Vogue is something great, but to say that other European Vogue editions are worthless is absolutely ridiculous. Like there aren’t any important high fashion European brands!

  • Chelles

    Very cute little boy but I think these two are on the rocks.

  • @Lord

    Great! Miranda is so not a threat for Adriana, so I for one ask the Adriana fans to let Miranda’s threads be about Miranda, and Adriana’s about Adriana.
    Since she’s the queen, why are her fans so concerned about a little ant like Miranda?

  • You didn’t!!!!!!!!

    Miranda was in a superbowl commercial?!!!!!!! And just for a second?!!!!!!!
    I’m laughing so much right now. Tell me this was years ago when she didn’t even become a VS model. So this is prove that it’s a dream of hers to do a superbowl commercial (but of course fail) and to also work in the American market!
    I’m so embarrassed for her right now. Miranda fans please keep quiet. Don’t let them disgrace Miranda any further or people on JJ will use it against u.

  • @131

    So true.Adriana is a huge model. Not even close to Gisele, but still big. So why are her fans so threatened by Miranda? Or any other model, for that matter. They are obsessed. Much like the Miranda hater/stalkers, their lives revolve around people who don’t even know that they exist.

  • Jessie

    I use to like her until I realized that she was an attention seeker. She sees the camera and it’s an invitation to pose. No one can like her more than she likes herself. That trick of pulling up her pants in the back to tighten them over her D.amn, how needy can she be?

  • they do

    I told u guys that Miranda fan are insane and that they make things up. See how they want people to believe celebrities don’t do commercials in the US when almost of of them do. Of course that’s because Miranda never did a project in America other than VS. So once again, let them be.
    And no, Adriana fans have no reason to be threatened by Miranda. They are not even on the same level. It’s the Miranda fans who are jealous that she’s not VS’ no1 angel like Adriana, and she isn’t famous like Adriana and she doesn’t do celebrity project like Adriana. Basically, they’re just mad that Adriana just glides through and is more celebrated while Miranda calls the paparazzi to make people acknowledge her. Miranda fans lie about everything and call Adriana every kind of name. Adriana fans as you can see only post the truth. I am yet to come across lie they posted.
    .@You didn’t!!!!!!!!: Yes, Miranda was in a super bowl commercial and no it wasn’t years ago, it was this year. Her part in the commercial was as an extra, you know, a background actor for 2 second.

  • non noo noo

    @?: don’t even try to include samsung in her series of D list projects. The company didn’t even want people to see her in the commercial

  • meee

    @they do: so what. Miranda has a Vogue Italia cover which is one of the only big four editions that count along with American,British and French Vogue. Adriana has c list Vogue’s from Brazil and Spain. She has Harpers Bazaar UK, which is 2nd only to the American edition. Adriana has zero. She sure isn’t the covergirl is she? She has many GQ and VS covers I’ll give her that. lmao. Adriana also has no Numero,i-D,Vanity Fair etc covers. oh yes such a “star”…get a grip. Adriana popular online? YES. (where tweens and pervs lurk all day). Adriana in demand? NO. Miranda’s career has been far more diverse so far. She doesnt just rely on panty modeling.

  • dreammssser

    wow those psycho Lima stans have brought up google trends for years now. all ya got to brag about? Id say MK’s successful book and successful business are far > than some google trend. lmao. thats all Adriana has? awww. Besides Cheryl Teigs and Elle MacPherson are model legends and I doubt they are being googled that much in comparison to more current models so that is irrelevant with fame/popularity. I think ppl google Lima becuse well her pictures are great fap material and they want to know more about her life, since its so un-publicized. People arent googling Naomi and Kate Moss that much Im sure because everyone already knows who they are. there is nothing new to learn. Adriana on the other hand; with her lack of American interviews and cover stories people probably are more curious about her life, when she is not selling her childs pics to foreign editions of Hello mag.

  • Marina

    You know, some of you write that Miranda doesn’t cover Flynn’s face when she’s out with him. But honestly, why should she ? The paps follow her everywhere, and you can’t always shield Flynn from everything. Miranda takes him to the playground, she’s with him everyday. If I were in that position, of course I would try to protect my child from those paps, but that’s very difficult after some time…

  • Ash G

    @@116: Umm the person clearly said ‘Japanese Lipton”, which obviously means the Lipton branch in Japan. Which means, Japan is where her commercial stopped.
    All I see you do here is try to change people’s words.
    I’m Canadian, and Teleflora is in business here. Adriana’s teleflora commercial was on TV her for several months running. America and Canada are both powerhouses, so that’s enough

  • hhhhoooo

    “Cheryl Teigs and Elle MacPherson are model legends and I doubt they are being googled that much in comparison to more current models so that is irrelevant with fame/popularity.”
    You answered it yourselves, they’re so yesterday. Why would anyone search them??? People google Kate Moss like crazy. Naomi is low key for now, but wait till her show comes out.
    We’re talking about the present and Miranda is a flop.Not as famous as Adriana. Simple
    “I think ppl google Lima becuse well her pictures are great fap material”
    . Why don’t the same people search Miranda with all her naked vulgar shoots? She has more of them now. Because people don’t know her, they don’t care. And she’s aware of that that’s why she makes up stories and calls the paparazzi.

    Harper’s Bazaar is a good magazine, but it’s not high profile so only the US one is what people rave about. The UK edition can go take a nap.

    Lol every legit model knows that as much as they want to be on the cover of magazines, campaigns are everything, it’s where the money is at, it’s the campaigns that end up in magazines and billboards and books etc. And Adriana kills Miranda in the campaign department.
    So Miranda can have her magazine covers that pay next to nothing. She’ll be replaced the following month by another cover model anyway. Whereas campaigns last for a minimum of 6 months, or possibly over a year. Especailly when it’s celebrity commercials like Adriana’s and Upton’s and Gisele’s and Heidi’s lmao. And it’s not like Miranda is having Vanity Fair covers or any of the important ones that celebs have haha.
    Her vogue Italia cover WAS a thousand ago. She can’t upgrade because she had that by luck and luck as we know doesn’t last

  • fact

    Over 2 billion people use the internet, so if Lima has internet popularity, then she’s known by normal people. That’s what Miranda wantsthat’s why she makes deals with sites lke JJ and Daily Mail, but of course, her success is so weak

  • lol

    you people are kidding. Miranda’s business is just another everyday business that get by but isn’t really successful. Even Doutzen and Alessandra make more than she does not mention Adriana. Gisele and Heidi can quit modeling now and they’ll remain all the forbes list because they have real successful businesses. If Miranda quits modeling, she’s finished, She’s already only present in one forbes list and if she quits, she’ll disappear beacue everyone knows modeling is where her real money comes from.

  • ?

    @they do
    Actually all this started because someone brought up Miranda at an Adriana thread, and because Adriana fans are constantly kidnapping Miranda’s threads.
    So don’t turn things around. Again I ask, why are Adriana’s fans still here? Why the urgent need to come and remind everyone how important Adriana is, since Miranda is like, a total flop?
    I still don’t get it.

  • Yasmina

    Oh girls…stop fighting. Miranda and Adriana are just two women who earn money by putting on clothes!
    You act like they are gods. There are lots of women out in the world who are pretty …. are you gonna fight now in order to decide which is the prettiest??? Besides, they are just modeling….that is putting on clothes, walking and smiling for the camera!!!

    uuuuhhh….so difficult to have a job that demands no brain just looks and luck.

    i don’t say models are stupid, but they do not have to use their brain for this kind of work.

  • kimberly

    No Miranda is better
    No Adriana is better
    No this person is better
    No that person is better.

    Jezz Calm down much

  • @?…..#144

    The Adriana fans became upset when Miranda started to become more & more successful & famous.

    First they would complain that she was being featured too much & why wasn’t there more pictures of Adriana, proving of course that she was more popular than Adriana or they wouldn’t be any reason for them to complain.

    Then they started to become really nasty about Miranda after all the press, entertainment shows, newspapers, magazines, celebrity sites all started to feature Miranda all the time with hardly any mention of Adriana.

    They couldn’t accept it so they would go on & on about all the successful work Adriana did in the PAST.

    They didn’t want to admit that all the newspapers, magazines & celebrity sites would pay the paps for pics of Miranda because they new they would get more hits on their sites. More pics of Miranda meant more dollars for them, supply & demand. Give the readers what they want.

    So rather than admit that Miranda was becoming more & more popular they then had to make up excuses why the paps were only interested in Miranda.

    So they would say “she calls the paps” or “she pays JJ” they know that’s not true but it’s their way of coping with being in denial. They just can’t or won’t believe that Adriana is no longer as popular or successful as she was in the past.

    But what is really sad about it is that this isn’t Miranda’s fault, yet the Adriana fans take it out on her.

    She’s a beautiful woman that the public want to see more of, she has that “it” factor. The sweet yet sexy combination is unique & that appeals to both men & women. That’s why companies want her to promote their products.

    People love to see pics of her with Flynn & also because she’s very stylish & women love to see what she’s wearing. They also like seeing her & Orlando together, he’s very protective of her, always holding her hand, so sweet.

    So that is why even though this is a Miranda thread the Adriana fans come on here ranting & raving about Adriana & insulting Miranda.

    It’s basically a bad case of sour grapes, jealousy & envy simply because Miranda is beautiful, successful, happily married to a famous movie star & has a gorgeous child!

  • drumahloser

    @@?…..#144: Adriana fans hate the model who gets shine in any particular year.
    2000s – Gisele and Ale
    2007 started boycotting Heidi to quit (even making a petition online) sour grapes she was the head angel.
    2008/2009 – Marisa Miller; she was everywhere and doing the big talk shows, not flea-ma.
    2010 and on: Candice,Miranda,Irina Shayk,Barbara Palvin,Kate Upton and anyone else whos popularity has risen…

    Notice: they rarely hate on Lily,Erin,Lindsay and anon fashion models because they dont get attention.

  • Sally

    What the Adriana fans don’t understand is that people don’t care about who has the best modeling campaigns etc. People are more interested in Orlando & Miranda because he’s a hot famous movie star & she’s a beautiful supermodel. They want to see pics of Flynn because his parents are so gorgeous & to see who he looks like. Flynn is a sweetie pie with those chubby cheeks, big brown eyes & he’s always happy & smiling. Whereas the paps don’t follow Adriana & her family around because her husband is not famous but just a former basketball player, that’s not being mean but it’s just the truth. Couples that are both famous always get more coverage than when only one partner is famous. Even more so when both people are really gorgeous, like Orlando & Miranda.

  • Fools

    Miranda fools talking to themselves. They are convincing themselves that Adriana isn’t more than Miranda is every aspect of their careers lol.
    A famewhore gotta famewhore so she can get attention
    haha lol rofl! poodles!