Vanessa Hudgens: Post Christmas Yoga Class!

Vanessa Hudgens: Post Christmas Yoga Class!

Vanessa Hudgens pays for her parking and heads into her yoga class with her mat in hand on Wednesday afternoon (December 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress recently made a holiday music playlist and shared it on her official blog!

“MERRY XMAS EVE!! Eeek! Cannot believe it’s already December 24th. I love this time of year! Sending you all love & cheer. (Oh hey, that rhymes ^.^),” Vanessa wrote earlier this week.

“I’ve put together a playlist of my favorite Xmas tunes for you all titled, Holidayzze Playlist. I’ve been listening to this while wrapping gifts and will definitely have this playing all evening. Enjoy lovebugs and HAPPY HOLIDAYZZE!” Vanessa added.

Visit Vanessa‘s blog to listen to the playlist!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Koolaburra Haley Ankle boots and a Line cardigan.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her yoga class…

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307 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Post Christmas Yoga Class!”

  1. 1
    emma Says:

    she looks so pretty

  2. 2
    lorel Says:


  3. 3
    lorel Says:

    she always looks so fresh without makeup

  4. 4
    ruuuu Says:

    sshe is back!!!! she is really gorgeous

  5. 5
    Vanessa Says:

    she’s so cute
    I adore her <3

  6. 6
    uh Says:


  7. 7
    Carol Says:

    she come back to NYC today

  8. 8
    APPLE Says:


  9. 9
    Fan Here Says:

    gorgeous as usual!

  10. 10
    Fan Here Says:

    the paparazzis crashed someone’s car while chasing Vanessa

  11. 11
    asn Says:

    vanessa = natural beauty

  12. 12
    anney Says:

    she is sooo cuteee

  13. 13
    anney Says:

    i think that was a fake sighting, because she “was” at the airport this morning and she went to yoga this afternoon. lol

  14. 14
    yely Says:

    omg how can she looks so pretty while leaving yoga?

  15. 15
    yely Says:

    @Fan Here:
    omg, poor bb, i bet thats why she loves NY so much now. IDK, but i think she is going back to NY with Austin in January.

  16. 16
    E Says:


  17. 17
    luna Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas Vanessa!!! she looks so adorable.

  18. 18
    maru Says:

    baby veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, she looks cute and fresh!

  19. 19
    luna Says:

    she had two stockings on her fireplace, one for her and one for Austin! how cute!!

  20. 20
    liz Says:

    gym, pilates, and now yoga too? pudgy hudgens wants to get rid of her stocky legs. just give it up, honey. they’re genetic! you will never have a body like miley cyrus, as you’ve stated you wish you did.

  21. 21
    tammy Says:

    awwwww she is so gorgoeus

  22. 22
    tammy Says:

    her sis posted a pic with Van, and little Shadow! so so so adorable!

  23. 23
    sam Says:


  24. 24
    sam Says:

    love you so much Vanessa!!!

  25. 25
    sam Says:

    i saw the picture! but i would be honest, i LOVED SO MUCH, the one of Austin with her dog! that was so cute!

  26. 26
    lizzzie Says:

    i hope you know that was a fake interview! lol
    and BTW, Vanessa does yoga, pilates, and piloxing since 2006/2007.. and there is proof. keep hating and changing your name.

  27. 27
    jade Says:

    lately, she always looks like she just rolled out of bed. she used to dress nice like 3-4 years ago, but then her style just went from try-hard and overdone to super frumpy. if i had that kind of money i would be sporting amazing outfits every day.

  28. 28
    lizzzie Says:

    I KNOW!! they are adorable together

  29. 29
    K. Kerrie Says:

    I now get the nickname “pudgens.” She is indeed very round. Not even pear shaped. Apple shaped.

  30. 30
    lizzzie Says:

    personal fave…

  31. 31
    barg Says:

    she reminds me of snooki

  32. 32
    kat Says:

    get a job vanessa

  33. 33
    Xo Says:

    I hope she had a good Christmas with her family!

  34. 34
    noel Says:

    super cute

  35. 35
    Dupree Says:


  36. 36
    Bri Says:

    That’s so sad that anyone can just google it if they wish to see how she looks with no clothes on. So trashy and desperate.

  37. 37
    noel Says:

    lol i always love her GYM outfits, and she usually dress super comfy to yoga, because, you know, you have to be barefoot and REALLY REALLY COMFY. lol

  38. 38
    carrie Says:

    she is looking so tiny lately… i hope she is ok. and she is so pretty without any makeup.

  39. 39
    carrie Says:

    and young, she looks so young too!!!

  40. 40
    carrie Says:

    twins! i love her gym clothes too! im still in love with the orange t shirt! lol

  41. 41
    Fan Here Says:


  42. 42
    Xo Says:

    @Bri: You do realize the guy responsible for that just got 10 years in prison for violating her and other celebs’ privacy right? And that she’s part of the reason he got caught? rme

  43. 43
    me Says:


  44. 44
    fern Says:

    hello there gorgeous young lady

  45. 45
    george Says:

    she is naturally stunning, just look at her face… gorgeous.

  46. 46
    anne Says:


  47. 47
    anne Says:

    merry christmas vanessa

  48. 48
    Bri Says:

    @Xo: The whole thing is just really sad.

  49. 49
    UK Says:

    She looks so young and sweet. She could easily pass for someone in high school.

  50. 50
    Pearl Says:


  51. 51
    . Says:

    gorgeous girl

  52. 52
    . Says:

    is she still in LA or….

  53. 53
    belle Says:

    pretty pretty pretty

  54. 54
    belle Says:

    i would love to see a picture of her family with Austin, or maybe her dad with Austin!

  55. 55
    JCF Says:

    merry christmas V

  56. 56
    TT Says:


  57. 57
    BO Says:

    ah!again?damn it.

  58. 58
    BO Says:

    1.rpatz 2.brad pitt 3.zefron the 3 most popular actors of 2012 on do i feel??? nothing much.

  59. 59
    BO Says:

    it’s a good list.otherthan jerad butler and ashton kutcher ,all the others in the list are high profiles

  60. 60
    BO Says:

    most stylish men of 2012. 1daniel craig 2.zefron 3.david beckam 4.bruno mars 6.rpatz GQ magazine

  61. 61
    merri Says:

    Forbes’ Best Actors for the Buck list ;
    Natalie Portman – $42.70
    Kristen Stewart – $40.60
    Shia LaBeouf – $35.80
    Robert Pattinson – $31.70
    Daniel Radcliffe – $30.50
    Taylor Lautner – $29.50
    Bradley Cooper – $25
    Dwayne Johnson – $22.70
    Amy Adams – $22.60
    Kevin James – $22.40
    ooooops no zac efron even if he has ton of movies coming out next year more than any of those actors who are on the list he still can’t make any of those list yea he is still making most stylish men of 2012 LOL

  62. 62
    BO Says:

    lol shows how much u know.he has only one movie coming out next year.

  63. 63
    BO Says:

    .i dont knw what this list is.but let me point out few things.daniel craig didnt make it .will smith didnt make it.christian bale didnt make it.nor did mr.zefron.there u go!

  64. 64
    Nightwish Says:

    Good freaking christ, i swear it’s like groundhog day. Same pics of van, same uggs, same mat, same compliments by team Pudgekins.

  65. 65
    Nightwish Says:

    Yep i agree, looks pretty decent with no makeup but she has those huge shades on. Come on pudgekin, be brave and take those shades off. Oh by the way, Happy Yew Near!!! Oops, i mean Happy New Year!!! im kinda tipsy right now, so you’ll have to excuse. Hey, who are all of these strange names like ‘merry’, ‘TT’ and ‘JCF’? Maria, Tina, Hatersuck, Boji! I know you are there! come out of the woodwork!

  66. 66
    Nightwish Says:

    YooooHoooo!!! LOL

  67. 67
    merri Says:

    don’t worry he will never make those lists and he only one movie ? really ?

  68. 68
    steLL Says:

    Why is Vanessa not in that Forbes list ? How can she be not included ? She’s the most famous actress. She did 10 movies this year (all blockbusters) and have another 10 movies to come out. And she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood isn’t she ?

    This is so not fair. What are you guys gonna do now ? Are you guys going to team up and protest against Forbes ?

  69. 69
    Celestine Says:

    @merri: err…no he has more then one movie next year. But lol at saying he’ll never make the list. LOL at BO, you’re pathetic and this is coming from a Zac fan.

  70. 70
    merri Says:

    i KNOW but you don’t see her fans talking how BIG her career is or going to other stars thread to talk about which list she made or how zac is nothing without her
    we know vanessa isn’t that big we say it her career is just like zac’s career nothing different

  71. 71
    Nightwish Says:

    @merri: That’s because pudgekin’s career is going nowhere! Its not very logical to talk about an actresses career on another persons post when very very little is going on with thar actress, you know.

  72. 72
    Hanah Says:

    @steLL: Everyone knows that you are BO…. Please change your nickname

  73. 73
    J-ish Says:

    Her cardigan is kinda interesting and she looks comfy :)
    I cant wait for the SB trailer :D

  74. 74
    Nightwish Says:

    Celestine, merri, Hanah, J-ish, TT – LOL! What did Pudgekin do, rotate her regular staff somewhere else, or is the normal crew on holiday break right now?

  75. 75
    J-ish Says:

    oh you… lol

  76. 76
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’m right here you son of a b!tch. Sorry I’ve been busy taking a break from the hatred you, bo and A spew, all your damn conspiracy theories, having a life and celebrating the holidays with my family but I’m back now. Still see you’re still the same heartless piece of $hit you’ve always been. Such a shame.

  77. 77
    Raynnah Says:

    sooooooo gorgeous

  78. 78
    Raynnah Says:

    Merry Christmas V fans <33<33<33

  79. 79
    The truth Says:

    The no talent is back !!! The truth speaking…

  80. 80
    take a hike Says:

    A shou tout to all of you peeps that keep thumbing down this loser @Nightwish. You rock!

  81. 81
    A Says:

    Uhm, Vanessa… :p

  82. 82
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Isn’t she $crewing her 3rd boyfriend in 5 months right now? I think she’s trying to catch Taylor swift.

  83. 83
    BO Says:

    ignorant ppl should keep their mouths shut.he has only aap cming out next year.others on imdb starts ‘filming’ next year.lolol and there’s a huggee difference between her and zac’s

  84. 84
    werii Says:


  85. 85
    werii Says:

    love her so so so much

  86. 86
    BO Says:

    oh and he will make the list or he will not.i could give u a list of a listers who didnt.lolol

  87. 87
    tina Says:

    Do you really think um, or uhm are words?

  88. 88
    E Says:

    is this picture new??

  89. 89
    DEI Says:

    flawless bb.

  90. 90
    DEI Says:

    they are so MARRIED. of course i like them as a couple! i love them as a couple!

  91. 91
    maria Says:

    @A: Honey, Vanessa doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about him. At least Zac is far better looking than her current guy. He’s quite unattractive. Where does she find these guys? I think she could do much better. But again, I see friends in those pics above. Nothing more.

  92. 92
    DEI Says:

    I would DIE if Vanessa posted a pic of Austin with papa Bear ♥. I mean, we already know Stella and Gina love Austin, and his family has a great relationship with Vanessa… and im sure Greg loves him too, but one little picture would litterally be awesome!

  93. 93
    lizzzie Says:

    V made the top of JJ most popular actresses!

  94. 94
    lizzzie Says:

    a spring breakers twitter fan posted that one today. The trailer is coming this week (according to that fan site)

  95. 95
    Aryanna Says:

    @yely: she is not going back vanessa and Austin broke up for good they are just friends now she is staying in LA for good

  96. 96
    marie Says:

    she looks cute here.

  97. 97
    tina Says:

    @marie I don’t know what she sees when she looks at those pictures, but it looks like Ashley is desperate for his attention and he finally kisses her on her head like you would a pesky child. Why would Vanessa give a rats ass about this? This is her third or fourth bf in 5 months. Maybe she trying for a new record.

  98. 98
    marie Says:

    keep dreaming girl, they are together! hahahaha

  99. 99
    tina Says:

    Didn’t Stella post a picture of Vanessa and Austin with Shadow? Love how they decorated both the apt and her house.

  100. 100
    ?? Says:

    I seriously love their friendship! Vashley forever!

  101. 101
    BO Says:

    with all the staggering number of comments ,thumbs up,blogging,face book ,instagram hudge pudge could only land the 6th place in most popular list

  102. 102
    maria Says:

    @tina: I don’t get what she sees at all either. Classic case of someone seeing what she wants to see. Have no idea why she’d want her to be with him anyway. He doesn’t want a commitment, and it would ruin their friendship. Not to mention he left a lot to be desired in the BF department. Isn’t it so nice that it’s been over a year, and not one complaint about Austin running to the car first, or saying how his relationship is serving him for now. Love how Austin treats her with such love and respect.

  103. 103
    BO Says:

    its an awesome list.miley 2nd ,lindsay ,blake,hudge pudge,katie lol

  104. 104
    ?? Says:

    cant wait for spring breakers!!!

  105. 105
    ?? Says:

    they spend christmas together! i know her family was with them, maybe his family too? they are so cute together!

  106. 106
    ?? Says:

    here is the picture
    someone posted the link before.

  107. 107
    juliet Says:

    @Aryanna: LOL if you want vaustin to break up im judging you cause if they do vanessa is sad!!!!

  108. 108
    take a hike Says:

    V is cute as always.

  109. 109
    ZefronsAngel Says:

    Zac is the third most popular actor of 2012, while Vanessa and Austin’s careers are in the trash.

  110. 110
    tina Says:

    @marie love the fact he doesn’t talk about their relationship to promote his career. The only things we know about them is what people infer about pictures they see and what Ashley tells us in her self promotion.(ie, decorating with @vanessahudgens and Austin). Loving Vanessa intagram, so far. It’s more about her love of photography than love of herself. Great picture of the moon rising.

  111. 111
    take a hike Says:

    @??: That dog is the cutest thing. Her expression is like “lay that sugar on me”.

  112. 112
    BO Says:

    hudge should stick to austin.she is no match for zac.each passing day i start realizing how far beneath pudge is for zac.zac should move on.

  113. 113
    take a hike Says:

    @BO: Wrong way round honey.

  114. 114
    Z Says:

    and the most stupid hater is here… lol you are the queen of the stupid zanessa fans! lol and V is on the list too… while you are biiitching at Austin and Vanessa, they are together spending the time of their lifes and your idol is probably getting drunk in NY or doing drugs as usual.

  115. 115
    BO Says:

    question mark,’s the right way dear.if u analyse,zac is way richer,way famous,got a way sucesful career and way classy than hudge.zac doesnt deserve a scandolous,poor,pudgy girl with a down the drain career!

  116. 116
    BO Says:

    i wish zac finds a beautiful classy exotic looking woman whos way prettier than pudge whos not scandolous and starts dating her in public and kicks pudge away to trash

  117. 117
    tina Says:

    @??: thanks for the link. I have confidence in Vanessa’s ability to live her life successfully, therefor I have no need to go to others threads to keep het name alive. She’s happy, I’m happy for her.

  118. 118
    ZefronsAngel Says:

    This Vaustin fan is jealous Zac got to the # 3 list on JJ while Vanessa got # 6 haha

  119. 119
    Rache Says:

    Why do his fans hate her?
    Haters on twitter @ZefronsAngel @Fearless4Efron talk trash a lot on Austin and Vanessa everyday.
    His fans should know what they are doing is really rude and disgraceful

  120. 120
    Z Says:

    how could I be jealous? Vanessa and Zac are at the same level here, just because the girls always have more comments… just check the status girl…
    and you are the jealous one here, you need to understand, Vanessa dumped Zac, she is more happy without him, GET OVER IT… she doesnt love him. and that why we all are happy, actually almost all V fans (im not talking about Vaustin, im talking about VANESSA FANS) are happy.

  121. 121
    tina Says:

    Sorry for the typos, I am using my tablet. That’s not Shadow is it? Maybe it’s a new puppy for them to take NY? Love the way they spend time with each others family.

  122. 122
    tina Says:

    Honestly, I had no idea what he ll @ZefronsAngel: was talking about. Shows how much I think of the ex lol, wouldn’t know anything about him if his stans didn’t feel the need to inform us of his every move. Let me think about it…. no I still couldn’t care less about him.

  123. 123
    Nightwish Says:

    Bitchee Tina’s back, and so is hatersuck and Maria! Now it feels like family again. Ahhh.

  124. 124
    Nightwish Says:

    @asn: WTF is ‘natural beauty’ supposed to mean? You pudgekinites use that a lot but i dont get it.

  125. 125
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: I would want to bang Ashley if i had a chance too. I’m a normal guy, what can i say. Plus, she’s hot, and has an a$s that doesn’t quit.

  126. 126
    Z Says:

    you should read their tweets, they are the most delusional and psychotic fans ever, i swear, i think they are 10 years old.


  127. 127
    Z Says:

    and this is the other one:

    thats how all the zac fans are!! lol psycho!

  128. 128
    Frances Says:

    @Z: How do you know why she give jack the elbow? No one really knows why they break up.

  129. 129
    tina Says:

    @Z They apparently think he lives in a fan fict. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

  130. 130
    take a hike Says:

    That cute little white dog that Austin is kissing is obviously the star of this post…I think she belongs to V’s mom. You know if she could talk she’d be saying “jealous”?

  131. 131
    tina Says:

    @take a hike I love his little festive scarf. He is a cutie.

  132. 132
    BO Says:

    this thread is hilarious .now a she-dog is asking hudge’s mom are u jealous because austin is kissing me , the sagging lower lipped , thicker than girls’ lips lipped kiss i’mgetting , are u jeaous ? lolololol

  133. 133
    A Says:

    LOL. @tina you think Zac finally kisses her head because she just wants his attention? You’re so delusional. Why is he out with her in the first place, why does he have his arms around her, why… eh just never mind, you’re so ridiculous.

    How about this?

    Think he did all that just because she’s a pesky child who wanted his attention? LOL.

    BTW is the site grey for anyone else right now? It’s really annoying!

  134. 134
    A Says:

    @maria by the way her new boyfriend is Christopher French… who is the ex of Ashley’s long time friend Kaley Cuoco so you’re theory about how she’ll never date Zac because he used to date Vanessa is obviously bs.

  135. 135
    Fan Here Says:

    @take a hike:
    i think thats one of Gina / Stella 6 dogs.. Channel…

  136. 136
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Cool story how bout you go tell someone who gives a $hit?

  137. 137
    A Says:


  138. 138
    A Says:

    I love my babies!! ;p

  139. 139
    A Says:

    This one’s one of my favorites. Something very vulnerable in the moment that I love.

  140. 140
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Why do you gotta spam Vanessa posts with your useless crap?

  141. 141
    zeffan Says:

    im not a zanessa fan – i love both of them- but im not obssesed, they were adorables, but its over, Van is happy with a new boyfriend in a pretty serious relationship, she is a loyal girlfriend, and defo a keeper, she doesnt change her boyfriend everyday nor post about how she is feeling nor cheat on her boyfriend or friends… once again she is LOYAL…. i dont know you and i dont know why you bring someone as Ashley Tisdale -really???- here… LOL but…

    sorry, your fantasy is just that… a fantasy

  142. 142
    A Says:

    Another great one. Vanessa is on the other side but I mean… why would Zac’s eyes been drawn to her anyway. They clearly aren’t.

  143. 143
    A Says:

    Ahhh Zac’s eyes when he looks at her!

  144. 144
    zeffan Says:

    they were planning Vanessa’s birthday surprise that day. cute, don’t you think?

  145. 145
    A Says:

    Look at where his eyes are now! Hahahahhah.

  146. 146
    ruuuu Says:

    yup, thats Stella´s dog!!! that pic is adorable!!!!

  147. 147
    zeffan Says:

    That birthday party costed Gina her job with Zac.. lol. He fired her, because the PR work failed so much! Wonder how Ashley is feeling now that Scott is hanging with Zac and the guys all the time…. i´ve heard they are going to spend NYE in NY together…

  148. 148
    steLL Says:

    @maria the dumbwit, alright, Ashley does self promotion on IG? What does Pudgewh0re do by calling the paps? atleast Ashley does it on her own than taking help from others. Pudgewh0re have no need to selp promote on IG anyway. We have seen her a$$ , pu$$y and tits and also her riding BigLips. I don’t think she has anything to post unless Pudgewh0re is thinking of realeasing a sex tape. The fact that we haven’t seen Ashley’s private parts make her waaaaaaaaaaay classier than Pudgewh0re can ever be.

  149. 149
    A Says:

    @zeffan Uhm sweetheart, I know Zanessa happened… it’s a shameful part of Zac’s past but one that is thankfully forever over with. And Vanessa being easy and a boost for publicity doesn’t change the fact that he obviously has strong feelings and attraction towards Ashley.

  150. 150
    A Says:

    So cutee!!

    @Stell who are you?? Do you have another identity on here? I adore you, hahah!

  151. 151
    maria Says:

    @A: Cameras will randomly take a split second photograph, but that doesn’t indicate what was going on in a picture. He could just have said something to her. It’s got nothing to do with being “drawn to”someone. Again, making something of nothing. You must have ignored the thousands of truly loving looks Zac gave Vanessa in the FIVE years they were together. Now THOSE were the looks of love. But my point is…….if he really wants Ashley, he’s had PLENTY of time to get with her. Two years to be exact. I’d say it’s not happening. She keeps finding ugly guys, and he is single. I see no attempts to hook up with her. Intric8 is ready and willing, though.

  152. 152
    steLL Says:

    Those hawaii candids are so fake and staged. Zac always look out of place with Pudgewh0re. But with Ashley he looks way more comfartable and I just don’t know how to explain it with wards. He just look more “at home” with Ashley.

  153. 153
    A Says:

    The most perfect looking people who’ve ever existed!

  154. 154
    zeffan Says:

    ikr!! just look at this one!

  155. 155
    A Says:

    @maria it’s getting under your skin isn’t it. I thought you hated Zac with Vanessa? hahahah.

    And there are a number of reasons why two people may not be able to make things work at a certain time. It doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings for each other and it doesn’t mean they won’t one day be together when the time is right. Zac and Ashley just have to be, they’re just so perfect together and so obviously have such strong feelings.

    @stell yes he does! Zanessa was so much publicity. Zac and Ashley’s relationship seems much more effortless and easy going.

  156. 156
    zeffan Says:

    or this one

  157. 157
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Don’t give these idiots the satisfaction. Oh yes zac and Ashley are in love so much that Ashley got together with Scott, broke up with him, got together with a wanna be rocker, back with Scott only to break up with him again and now is with another dude I can’t name. This is all clearly a plot to get zac.

  158. 158
    A Says:

    Cutest moment ever!

  159. 159
    BO Says:

    if you are implying Zac had eyes for Ashley while being in a high profile 5 year relationship with Vanessa , what does that tell about Zac ? I thought you were a fan of him .No it never happened .and will never either . if he had had feelings for her he could have started dating her after he broke up with Vanessa .it’s been two years now and vanessa is in a highly publicized relatioship he’s free to date her if he wants to .no one will say anything .but he’s not doing so.why? because he doesn’t like her ”as a girl ‘

  160. 160
    A Says:

    Aren’t you just dying to know what he was whispering to her?? If you watch the video they hug and pose, she starts to walk away, he pulls her back and whispers in her ear while she’s smiling.

  161. 161
    A Says:

    @BO I wouldn’t fault Zac one little bit for having eyes for somebody else while he was with Hudge Pudge.. I mean he deserves much better than Pudgens. Someone classy, someone attractive, someone who’s not a total famewh0re and leeching off of him for her own gain.

  162. 162
    A Says:

    I love Troypay too.

  163. 163
    steLL Says:

    I remember few posts back bitcheee tina was having a argument with someone about those hawaii candids and tina was talking about how Pudge might have seen the paps lurking (if you see in most pics Pudge has her face to the cam while Zac has his back) and forcefully pulled Zac’s face on to her tits. I think that might have been what actually happened. If Zac saw the paps he would’ve never stuffed his face there.

  164. 164
    BO Says:

    when a girl and boy are close ,that doesn’t always mean they have romantic feeings for each other they could be brotherly sisterly , or freinds ,or motherly fartherly or whatever .Ashley is the closest girl to Zac next to Vanessa .and guys are relaxed beside girls who they don’t fancy and that’s a FACT ! that’s why he looks comfy next to Ash ’cause he doesn’t crush on her unlike on Vanessa !!!

  165. 165
    zeffan Says:

    i bet this A girl was one of those girls on tumblr crying when ashley, after she ended her relationship with Scott, one hour later started dating Martin, and was having little romantic vacations with him, then she was happy when she ended with Martin but one week later she was sleeping with Scott again, then Scott ended the relationship wth Ashley AND ZASHLEY WAS GOING TO BE A REALITY, BECAUSE ZAC IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ASH, but no, Zac was out at beacher’s madhouse with Scott and all the gang… so Ashley started a relationship with Chrstopher, Kayley’s Cuoco ex boyfriend… maybe ashley never learned the whole “Chicks before diiiicks”, i mean, she cant be without a diiick one single week!!

    st the end of the day, Vanessa is in a stable, long and happy and Zac is enjoing his time in NY with his real friends and his real female friends – i mean, he doesnt pose for the cameras with all his female friends on NY, so thats a real friendship-

  166. 166
    steLL Says:

    BO is getting thumbs up on a Pudge post, Is the world getting to and end or what. To be honest I don’t think Zac and Ashley would ever date but I am darn sure they hooked up few times and does have romantic feelings for eachother. And in my opinion I think Ashley is a way better match for Zac in so many ways than Pudgewh0re but I just don’t see them dating. Maybe its just me.

  167. 167
    zeffan Says:

    at the end of the day, Vanessa is in a stable, long and happy relationship and Zac is enjoying his time in NY with his real friends and his real female friends – i mean, he doesnt pose for the cameras with all his female friends on NY, so thats a real friendship-

  168. 168
    steLL Says:

    @maria the dumbwit, oh really? so if Zac looked at Ashley with love it was just for a split second and it doesn’t indicate anything, But when Zac looked at Pudge that way all those pics were also taken in a split second and yet it indicates they were in love na? Is that a rule only meant for Zac and Pudge? Those Zanessa pics were also taken in a split second so to be fair you can’t actually say they were so in love you know. Pics taken in a span of a second doesn’t indicate anything remember??

  169. 169
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I think it’s official zac and Ashley fans are just about the sickest bunch of freaks there are.

  170. 170
    BO Says:

    why can’t a guy and a girl can’t be close without ”hooking up ” in this delusional world ? no i don’t think they ever hooked up . zac is too classy to s.crew the BFF of his five years ex .

  171. 171
    zeffan Says:

    one last thing, and im sorry, i know this is a Vanessa post, but i eriousky cant stand thhis girl, she doesnt know anything about Zac.
    This is where Zac was at Ashley birthday this year , if she was oh so important to him and if he was in love with her or even if he had a sexual attraction, why wouldn´t he be with her on that special date? instead of spending the weekend with Ashley he was with his real friends -male and female friends-. And the “He wasnt there because Vanessa and Austin were there” cant be used as an excuse, because Vanessa, Austin AND Zac were at Shelley´s graduation party TOGETHER this year, so Vanessa and Zac being together was never the problem. Maybe he wasnt there because Gina didnt told him.. wait thats because he fired Gina after Ashley 26 birthday PR failed game!

  172. 172
    Alexandra Says:

    I already told you, it doesn’t matter if you change your name… or if you use multiple PC or whatever… your comments will always be hidden.. hahahaha

  173. 173
    zeffan Says:

    and you should be enjoying this time, i mean Ashley relationship with Selena is giving her good results, i mean Ashley finally got the Maxim cover she wanted -since the GP era-, when Selena declined the offer, to promote her movie, i guess you are really happy with all the side boobs , as*s pictures you are getting, right? because Ashley is a classy actress… ok…

  174. 174
    BO Says:

    you have to understand this . Zanessa existed TWO whole years after HSM franchise came to an end .If Zanessa was for publicity of the franchise , there is no reason for them to to be together that way after the franchise came to an end .Furthermore , if Zac had feelings for Ashley and if it was her that zac loved ”truly” , he could have easily broken up with Vanesa after the franchise came to an end and moved on to Ashley .But he didn’t .also , he met Ashley first , not Vanessa .if he had liked her and felt such a deep romance towards her, he could have easily dated her , not wait till Vanessa came along .i find it trully hard to believe that he felt anything for her!

  175. 175
    steLL Says:

    I never said Zac and Ashley hooked up when he was with Pudge. I am saying they might have hooked up after the break up. When both were single. I don’t understand why some people always try to paint Zac like a saint when he isn’t. What is the big deal even if they hooked up. Ashley is not Zac’s sister or anything. If Pudge can hump Butler in public I don’t see anything wrong with Zac doing that in private. Either way it doesn’t matter to me if other people think they hooked up or not. Everybody is aloud to have a opinion. And what we believe doesn’t change the truth (which no one knows for exact. Either they hooked up or they didn’t)

  176. 176
    steLL Says:

    I don’t think Zac was head over heels with Pudge like some people are trying to make it look like. He was obviously going to break up with her at some point. I don’t think he ever even thought of commiting to Pudge. The guy might have smelled Pudge’s famewh0rishness very early in the relationship. You know the way Pudge would always try to leech on to him and he would kinda pull her away.

  177. 177
    BO Says:

    i never meant misunderstood the sentence , that’s why I said , ”he would be too classy to s.crew the BF of his five year ex ” .read properly before answering .and no , Zac is no saint and he has s*x but still think this hooking up with Ashley is just too faar fetched .and dry humping buttler who’s your BF in public and hooking up with the BFF of your ex and some one who he associated for years as a sister or a friend are two different things .why is is that he ”hooks up ” with every girl he ever comes across ? delusional much .why are you trying to make your ”own idol” look bad??? like i said before , a guy and a gal can be together – very close together – without feeling anything romantic for each other !!!

  178. 178
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I don’t understand why zac and Ashley fans can’t take their $hit to a zac or Ashley post or fan site.

  179. 179
    steLL Says:

    Because I don’t think Ashley is a saint. Hence I don’t paint her as perfect.

  180. 180
    BO Says:

    it needs 2 ppl to have s*x unless of course ashley had a gun to zacs head .lolol

  181. 181
    kim Says:

    So, what’s the problem?
    Now, Vanessa is happy with her boyfriend. I don’t know if Zac has a girlfriend or not.
    And Ashley has her new boyfriend now.
    I just hope their damn fans will not visit here
    You guys! Please leave Vanessa alone!!

  182. 182
    J Says:

    Bo call other people crazy when she is the biggest nutcase around. Bo hate Vanessa because she is not with Zac anymore. Vanessa is with another guy and very happy and Bo can’t take it.

    As delusional as she is , she has made her own fantasy about how Vanessa and Zac is secretly together . Then she turn around and says she want Zac to find a better girl than Vanessa and he deserves a better girl. Maybe Bo should go find Zac and date him and leave Vanessa alone.

    Now the haters are fighting with each other. This was expected. What we need to do now is sit back and relax and enjoy this.

    Even the haters must be getting bored of the continuous hate they spew.

  183. 183
    Z Says:

    “Zac is too classy to hook up with his ex’s BFF” like Bo would know who he hooks up with.

  184. 184
    maria Says:

    @Z: I don’t put anything past him. He is just good at being deceptive and hiding his sleaziness. And it cracks me up that haters call Vanessa a famewh*re. LMAO. She’s just living a normal life, doing normal things, has a normal guy, and in a long, stable relationship. Wow. Isn’t that just awful? Nope. Cause she has her head on straight, doesn’t ever need to hang with famous people to pimp herself, or post rear-end pics of herself. She’s a great girl, and isn’t obsessed with her fame or career. Maybe her ultimate career will not be as an actress. Who cares? Does that make her less of a person? Nope. The world’s best, brightest, and most beautiful are NOT necessarily in Hollywood. What she earns or her networth are not what make her who she is. Her beauty, her heart, and her personality make her shine.

  185. 185
    tina Says:

    @maria The first thing that came to mind was that old song “Freaks Come Out at Night” lol. All the conspirators with their plots and theories must be in another time zone. Well, sleeping with your bff bf while they are together or while you are publicly with someone else , even ALLOWING (sorry just sick of ‘aloud’) yourself to be someone’s dirty little secret, isn’t that the definition of an insecure tramp?

  186. 186
    tina Says:

    She’s going to be on Maxium? Lol, isn’t that the magazine that said Vanessa “repeatedly turned them down” for a spread? Yeah, real classy.

  187. 187
    BO Says:

    ”Zac is too classy to sleep with the BFF of his ex ” like BO would know who he hooks up with . ‘Vanessa is a LOYAL girlfiend ” like pumpers would know everything that happens in hudge pudge’s bedroom .lol

    hate to pop your bubble of imagination , but us haters don’t operate bunch-wise like you pumpers . so we can argue one day and again come next day and go on with our hating as if nothing happened .

    To oncofake , Zac was a sweet little barbie , LOVING caring , when talking about those FIVE years but now he’s a sleazebag !!! lol

    there’s nothing wrong with hudge pdge living her normal life , but what’s wrong and unaccepted socialwise is letting the whole world know it .hence in public eye she’s a famewhore . it’s her you should blame for her famewhore status NOT us .

    people hang out with people from their social status . a lawyer doesn’t hang out and goes on vacations with or goes clubbing with a labourer . same with Zac and hudge pudge . zac’s way of living is way above than pudge’s . he’s way richer and way famous . naturally he hangs out with people of his own level . hudge hangs out with people of her own level as well like that laura new or someone someone . if hudge was with zac , she’d be in that society too .

    hudge pumpers know that she isn’t gonna have a long career . thus they are like ” she may not end up as an actress , but who cares ? ” . now that hudge isn’t gonna last an actress , ”world’s most beautiful , brightest and greatest people are NOT in hollywood ” .lolol

    hudeg doesn’t have to post her rear end pictures . people have seen her entire ”package” through the years.

    hude took multiple n.ude , crotch , c.lit , top,less ,bush pics and sent them to a guy . so classy . Ashley is gonna be on Maxium . so classless .lol

  188. 188
    tina Says:

    Maybe it’s just me but hanging with TRUE friends, family and love ones, seems so much better than being with someone for “status”. Vanessa recently said in one of her interviews, when she was younger her priority was going with her friends and buying the latest handbag, but now she is investing and looking towards her future. It’s called growing up, realizing the important things in life. If being with Austin gives her this, then I’m team Austin all the way.

  189. 189
    tina Says:

    So many teen actors end up like the Dana Plato, Cory Helm, or so many other, dead or broke. Good to know her parents raised her to value what she has an not squander her life away in night clubs paying people for their friendship.

  190. 190
    steLL Says:

    @tina I don’t think you can copare anyone in Hollywood to have the same status as Pudge. Pudge would fall in to the lowest status there is. Unless Kim K and Carmen Electra is interested in hanging out with Pudge, I don’t think you can find anyone matching for Pudges status. Even Kim and Carmen is a bit higher on the status scale than Pudge.

    Pudge doesn’t have the need to pimp herself around with other famous people when she pimps her own self by calling the paps when she feels like she’s fading away. She have no need to post rear End pics of her because we have seen all of her private parts. So the only thing she has left to do it release a sex tape and maybe give the rights to Blueray so she would get paid for her half of the sale. For better get in to Porn Pudge. You deserve it.

  191. 191
    steLL Says:

    And Zac does hang out with his family. But he doesn’t call the paps and his family doesn’t like attention. They stay out of the spotlight. So when he does hang out with his family you guys wouldn’t know it anyway. Unlike our Pudge here who’s whole family seem to servive on famewh0ring. About him pimping himself, Mo is not anyone famous nor is anyone he hangs out with overly famous people. If Pudge was invited to go to a vacay on a luxury yackt she would have said yes to. I am pretty sure about it.

  192. 192
    BO Says:

    why can’t people form upper class be TRUE friends ? why is it that your delusional self always have to come to the conclusion the ”rich high class” people zac associate can never be TRUE friends with him ? why is it that the ”low level” people that pudge hang out with ONLY are the TRUE frineds ? delusional much ?lol

  193. 193
    BO Says:

    why can’t people form upper class be TRUE friends ? why is it that your delusional self always have to come to the conclusion the ”rich high class” people zac associate can never be TRUE friends with him ? why is it that the ”low level” people that pudge hang out with ONLY are the TRUE frineds ? delusional much ?lollol

  194. 194
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: That would leave us with very little to talk about

  195. 195
    A Says:

    @zeffan Zac and Vanessa seem to alternate events with Ashley. I saw something on tumblr saying with the Zanessa split, they seemed to get joint custody of Ashley, switching every year. I thought that was kind of cute. Zac was at Ashley’s 26th birthday. You can call it pr if you want. That’s the way it works for sorry little Pudgens fans. Let me break down your double standards for you:

    1. Zac looks at Ashley lovingly. It’s either for publicity, because Ashley is begging for her attention and he HAS to give it to her, or because the camera caught it in a split second.

    Zac looks at Vanessa lovingly, it’s never for any of those reasons. (Uhm, okay..)

    2. Ashley takes pictures where she is still wearing clothing and hiding her private areas, she’s a s!ut.

    Vanessa takes a ton of pictures wearing absolutely nothing, spreading her legs to show her c!it, and it was a series of private moments that should never ever be criticized or used to evaluate anything about her personality.

    3. Ashley uses social media to upload pictures of her and her friends and talk to fans, it’s because she’s a famewh0re. You say you’re glad Vanessa doesn’t do this.

    Vanessa joins instagram, it’s a day for celebration.

    4. Ashley is photographed walking around shopping or going to the gym, or on the redcarpet, it’s because she’s a famewh0re or she called the paps.

    Vanessa is photographed walking around shopping or going to the gym or on the redcarpet. Poor girl can’t enjoy her privacy, she didn’t want this!

    5. Ashley gets haters on her threads, it’s well deserved and it’s ridiculous to get upset over it.

    Vanessa gets haters on her threads, it’s world war three and the loonies bring out all their weaponry to fire insults for pages and pages.

    6. Ashley has twice as many facebook fans as Vanessa, this doesn’t mean anything.

    Vanessa is a top celeb on JustJared and Ashley isn’t, this means something.

    7. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have been split for years and you claim not to like him for her at all.

    If Zac dares ever do anything with Ashley, they’re both terrible people.

    8. BO comes here to hate on Vanessa with a hundred insults every single day. As soon as she defends Zanessa, which you guys CLAIM to care nothing about, she’s getting thumbs up. Sure tomorrow she’ll be calling Vanessa a gross pudgie s!utt, but whatever defends your case at the moment, right.

    9. If there happen to be two haters on here who agree, or somewhat agree, then we’re changing our names and we’re all one person.

    No Vanessa fan out there would ever ever do that, and to insinuate it is to indicate that you are a crazy conspiracy theorist.

    Maybe you guys can start to understand why you irk me so bad?

  196. 196
    BO Says:

    i sent u a card’s probably in ur spam.

  197. 197
    zeffan Says:

    They were all together for SHelley’s graduation party, so being together at the same party was never the problem.

  198. 198
    tina Says:

    Being RICH doesn’t mean your “high class” (the aforementioned Kardashian family comes to mind) it only means you have money. If all Vanessa wanted in life was to be with insincere rich people she would have stayed with your boy. She is happy with her life and friends. Let me give you a clue REAL FRIENDS don’t do interviews about your personal life, they don’t post your picture to hype themselves up, and they don’t tweet everything you do in private. So since the only way we KNOW what happened on the YACHT (notice the spelling) is his “friend” did all of the above, we can conclude that he was invited only because of what he could bring to the table not because they are “great friends.”
    Bottom line they have CHOOSEN different paths. She is happy, I am happy for her. What could be better than spending Christmas with your bf and your family at home? I know that ‘s what I enjoy in life to spend my holidays with people who love me for me and not what being with me can bring them. I’m sure he is happy with HIS CHOICE, also.

  199. 199
    BO Says:

    the most historical moment ever on a hudge thread:me getting 10 thumbs up

  200. 200
    BO Says:

    .the most historical moment ever on a hudge thread:me getting 10 thumbs up

  201. 201
    tina Says:

    @A: Bottom line WHY THE HEL L ARE YOU HERE?

  202. 202
    tina Says:

    @BO: You have your moments, which is why I like you.

  203. 203
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You see what you want to see and nothing more. And if anyone tells you different you turn into a child who sticks their fingers in their ears trying not to hear it.

  204. 204
    Nightwish Says:

    Happy New Year, Pudgekin tards!

  205. 205
    Alexandra Says:

    i told you, it doesn’t matter if you change your name… hahaha

  206. 206
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: That’s a very creative analogy hatersuck, good one

  207. 207
    pixieee Says:

    Now @tina suddenly likes @BO because @BO talked in Vanessa’s favor. Didn’t @tina hate @BO ? Do you love @BO too @tina ? If she would start kissing Pudges a$$ like you guys does will you get married to @BO ?

  208. 208
    Nightwish Says:

    Actually, the nickname ‘pudgekin’ may be more literal in meaning than most peeps here realize, LOL! Family, Hatersuck, i am insinuating real family members

  209. 209
    Nightwish Says:

    @pixieee: Maybe bitchee tina is trying to turn over a new leaf. I think she secretly likes her ‘bitchee tina’ nickname, btw

  210. 210
    tina Says:

    @pixieee: See this is where you’re off base I DON’T HATE ANYONE. BO know what I feel about her I have told her several times. This affect you, how?

  211. 211
    Nightwish Says:

    @pixieee: Yep, sorry but bitchee tina secretly loves nightwish as well, and she may even fantasize about me too because she knows im the reasonably hung, gorgeous hunk kind of guy she has always wanted. Bohji too, but bowj is post menopausal so that affects her drive as far as falling for other guys is concerned. Plus, her hubby is super protective.

  212. 212
    pixieee Says:

    What do you feel about @BO @tina ? You have fallen in love with her haven’t you? I think you will have to ask @BO if she’s into chicks or not. I think @BO has her hands full most of the time as she’s always masterbating to Zac. Don’t think she has any time to even consider participating in any sexual acts with you.

  213. 213
    pixieee Says:

    I burst out laughing to my own comment

  214. 214
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: At first I thought you were funny, now sometimes I question your sanity. Bo is Bo always the same, I see her as a young girl who was disappointed with the way their lives turned out. You are a little slimey, which I don’t like . But as I said I hate no one. It’s a wasted of emotion.

  215. 215
    tina Says:

    As always I ignore ignorance so you @pixieee: go on deep ignore. Maybe in your house the only way to like someone is sexually (yes I implying incest) but it’s not that way in my life.

  216. 216
    Nightwish Says:

    Oh im not trying to compete with Bo for your affections sweetheart, and i am fine with Bo if she has somehow won her heart. The real challenge for me is bagging Kelly the crackhead. If i can charm the pants of that chick… well on second thought i think i’ll pass.

  217. 217
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Wait a second, you sound different. i don’t think you are the real bitchy tina. Too many grammatical errors. You are another tina, yes?

  218. 218
    Nightwish Says:

    Nope. Sorry. Not buyin it. The real TIna around here (affectionately known as ‘bitchy Tina’) is way bitchier than the Tina commenting on this page. I think this ‘tina’ is an imposter.

  219. 219
    pixieee Says:

    Yep, Tina is definitely in love with BO. This is awkward. An old hag and a underage girl. Is that even legal? God help us all. Especially help that little BO to get away from Tina’s plan to get in to BO’s panties

  220. 220
    take a hike Says:

    @Nightwish: You are such a whack, sick poser. WTF is your problem dude? And yeah, I just thumbed you down.

  221. 221
    take a hike Says:

    @Nightwish: We know you get off on the attention you seem to need. You are one twisted loser.

  222. 222
    A Says:

    Nobody can even address the very valid points I just made, pointing out this crew’s many many hypocrisies.

    And now tina has always liked BO… uhm, yeah. Whatever you say.

    Oh, tina, question, do you live in America? Is English your first language or no?

  223. 223
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Here’s addressing your points. I don’t give 2 $hits what Ashley does she can $crew efron, jump out of plane, break her foot, strike gold I do not care. The only time I deal with her is the unfortunate time Vanessa is around her or when you bring her up where she’s not wanted.

  224. 224
    Chelles Says:

    @A: No really cares about your points or Ashley for the matter. Zac is irrelevant to this thread also. He is no longer in Van’s life. I think your posts are pointless.

  225. 225
    A Says:

    @chelles Kelly the Crackhead you’re here!!!!! Nightwish will be so excited for the opportunity to tear you to shreds. ;)

  226. 226
    tina Says:

    Alright, check this for spelling and grammer. I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FU CK ABOUT WHO OR WHAT, WHAT’S HER FACE IS SCR EWING. The two of them could go at it in the middle of Times Square and it wouldn’t make a difference. If you want you idol to be even more of a pass around pack ( three men in 5 months) than she already is, that’s fine with me.

  227. 227
    tina Says:

    Sb your idol. Was that plain enough for you to understand?

  228. 228
    tina Says:

    Btw a young co worker of mine, summed it up perfectly. He said he would scre w what’s her face but he would marry Vanessa. Would rather my girl be considered for marriage than a quick piece of ass.

  229. 229
    Nightwish Says:

    Passion fruit is Exotic. Flavorfull. You are enchanted with it for a while, but then you realize its not something you eat day in day out as a staple food. You find yourself getting tired of it quickly. An apple has a different flavor. Milder than passionfruit but still with great flavor, the type of appeal you love to have day in and out. You never get tired of it in the long run. Ashley is an apple. Vanessa is passionfruit.

  230. 230
    Nightwish Says:

    @take a hike: You again. So who is leading the efforts with all the downvoting, is it you? Dont tell me there are actually 25 + different fans of vanessa hanging around here because that is b.ull.****.

  231. 231
    BO Says:

    what’s going on here ?

  232. 232
    justsaying Says:

    @BO: Sick wackos, that is what is going on here.

  233. 233
    take a hike Says:

    @Nightwish: Dude i only down vote you once but there is a sh it load of people who can’t stand you or your posts. Yeah, I just down voted you. Bye.

  234. 234
    take a hike Says:

    Ok.that sounded illiterate. How about this..there ARE a sh it load of people who can’t stand your a ss.

  235. 235
    BO Says:

    tik tik has made lots of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes earlier too .i’ve pointed it out quite few times .oncofake is perfectly fine when tki tik makes errors but when I do ,it’s an entirely different story .double standards. heck .the hags here are all mad .i don’t think english’s tik tik’s first language or may be it’s that she hasn’t gone to school properly.

  236. 236
    Nightwish Says:

    @take a hike: I thought there are actually lurkers here who like to read me. I doubt they come to read the elucidations of ‘take a hike’. Granted, its hard to read a damn thing when its buried under 25 downvotes. Thanks a lot guys.

  237. 237
    Nightwish Says:

    @take a hike: See, i misspelled ‘flavorful’ above, but nobody expects perfect english using a pad on a pudgekin post anyways, so dont be so hard on yourself

  238. 238
    Nightwish Says:

    You see, there are stretches of time when nobody is up or downvoting. The behavior here is not based on random voting by whoever is online at the moment. It comes from one or two people who come here and start going to work. You guys are quite pathetic, i must say. Anything for pudge, i suppose.

  239. 239
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You name call, you bully, you enjoy hating, you come up with conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. It can’t be that people just think you’re a jackass is it?

  240. 240
    Nightwish Says:

    Wow hatersuck, that was a rhetorical question meshed with sarcasm. Cool!

  241. 241
    A Says:

    @tina I feel the exact opposite about them actually and think most people would… Vanessa is the girl you screw around with for a while because she’s s!utty and because she looks different, and then you settle down and marry a sweetheart like Ashley. I love Nightwish’s apple analogy. You see the apple is much more appealing to the masses (I’ve never had a passionfruit), more assuring and familiar, fine for a daily staple, and what’s more it’s one of the most delicious fruits, regardless if most people have had one.

    Yes, Vanessa is exotic, and Ashley is the All-American girl, but does that make Ash any less beautiful? No.

    And to imply that Ashley is a s!ut, which is what you Tina are doing is outlandish (who idolizes miss 3 time nude scandal!!!) Ashley’s personal life is none of your business if she doesn’t make it so. In other words, if she’s not photographing or videotaping her sex life, then you’ve got no right to talk about it, because she doesn’t put it in anyone’s face. And she can’t help if she’s photographed out on the arm of the guy she’s currently seeing. Not sure why that’s bad. Three men in five months??????????? Uhm, no. Don’t talk about Ashley because you don’t know sh!t about her. She split from Scott 3 months ago, and was with no one until recently when she’s been out with Christopher French.

    And what does sb mean??? You always say that.

  242. 242
    Haters Suck! Says:

    And you seriously wonder why no one likes your ass?
    Youre just one crazy ass b!tch. Me and Tina have both said let Ashley do what she wants no one here cares. No one here would be saying $hit about her if it wasn’t for you.

  243. 243
    maria Says:

    @A: The reasons we dislike you are just as varied and valid. Haters Suck! hit the nail on the head. You ARE a 2 yr old, throwing temper tantrums, plugging your ears and crying foul when anyone dares to put Tisdale down a notch. There is no point in debating your stupid points. But I will say, you are arrogant, rude, classless, dirty, and blind to the motives of an average, boring, California bimbo. There are thousands in Hollywood just like her, and most are better looking. That’s just how I see her. Nothing special. But you insist on looking like a desperate b*tch, shoving her down Vanessa’s fans’ throats, cause no one here cares about her, and you can’t stand that. You do this because some immature fans say negative things about her and your mission in life is to bring payback to Vanessa? God, get a grip. Is that the worst thing in life? That we don’t find Ashley attractive? What are you going to do when life really hands you adversity? Be foul and throw a tantrum?? Yeah, that’s going to get you far. So if you wanted to know why we can’t stand you and your self-righteous crap, there you go. Oh, and newsflash….we are Vanessa fans on a Vanessa post. You are? Neither.

  244. 244
    ann Says:

    @tina@take a hike@Haters Suck!: Please just ignore whatever they say….. They are human trash and not worth your time to speak with
    And please don’t waste your time…!!!

  245. 245
    A Says:

    @maria LOL you’re getting so nasty. That means I must have hit a nerve with the validity of my argument. It’s whatever, I didn’t expect a one of you to address any of my actual points or examine your hypocrisy, but I put it all out there anyway. Dirty? How would you know if I’m dirty? LOL. And Ashley is gorgeous and interesting and unlike you and Hudge I never claimed she was a saint, so I’m not blind. However Ashley is a sweetheart. BTW Ash is from New Jersey and Hudge Pudge is from California, and if you want to talk Bimbo we can go there. Because no one with half a brain of their own would dare argue that Hudgens is more intelligent than Ashley. Ashley is so smart, people who know her say it all the time. I’ve never ever ever ever heard that word used to describe Vanessa, and even back in the day when I used to be a fan of everyone in the franchise I always struggled with liking Vanessa BECAUSE she wasn’t smart enough and I found her interviews painful. That was me when I WANTED to like her.

  246. 246
    A Says:

    @maria BTW you are so busted for being on a recent Ashley post. Using a different name, but it was you. But you’re going to deny it. I know.

  247. 247
    BO Says:

    you know A and b.utt your definition of hudge pudge is spot on . she looks , exotic in your country , so everyone would like to give a try , but never think of settling down .she doesn’t have the qualities appropriate to be a responsible wife , mother someday . guys adore her but never think of settling down with .i have seen girls at my school like that . they are very popular among guys – for wrong reason .it’s not good .

  248. 248
    A Says:

    Seriously though, Ashley is the best looking California babe there is. She’s just gorgeous. Full package too. Hudge has exotic, I’ll give her that, but that’s it. Ashley has the pretty face, the well kept hair (Hudgens’ hair, ahhhh!!) the sexy as hell figure, the flawless wardrobe, etc. It’s not enough, you see, to just be born naturally pretty. You’ve got to put some effort into it, work on yourself.

    If two girls are both “naturally beautiful” but one gets up every day and spends two or three hours making herself more attractive with makeup, clothes, and the like, and the other rolls out of bed, throws on some sweatpants, and tries to quickly cake on some makeup without showering, who do you think is going to get the most attention?

    Ashley deserves the fans she has over Vanessa. She earns them with her efforts.

  249. 249
    BO Says:

    btw , my heart weeps for the Delhi rape victim . she’s passed away . it’s been such a shock !!!people are shaken to core . i’ve never heard of a more brutal rape before . the monsters have raped her with a long a metal inserting it all the way till her intestines are damaged and then thrwon out of the moving bus .i’m glad she died .if she had lived , she’d be physically disable ,more importantly she’ll be mentally unbalanced also . she would have been tormented by that incident quite badly all throughout her life and will always have to live in fear and anguish .it’s better this way . she’s got rid of all sufferings .

  250. 250
    Nightwish Says:

    @ann: Aw, ‘human trash’, dont you think thats getting too low? @Haters Suck!: You’re actually an as.shole, but it just so happens that you are a fan of pudgie. This is a nice place for you. While im on the subject, you guys used to be super nasty and unfair to people being honest about vanessa, so this trolling is very becoming.

  251. 251
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Well you just keep crying about your thumbs down then.

  252. 252
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You come to a Vanessa post and expect us all to bow to the almighty Ashley. Give me a break. Who are you to say Vanessa doesn’t deserve fans. I’ve never seen anyone with such a superiority complex and thinks they’re better than everyone. You’re gonna keep blaming me Maria and every other Vanessa fan for being a hater on a Ashley post aren’t you?

  253. 253
    A Says:

    I just don’t see how anyone could look at her and not find her exceptionally beautiful. She’s like my dream barbie doll come to life. You just want to sit in the same room with her for the opportunity to hang off her every word.

    Oh… and LOL Vanessa put herself on her holidayZZE playlist..

  254. 254
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Oh da le!!! Check it out ye it’s the wicked witch of the west.

  255. 255
    A Says:

    @HS Wicked witch of the west? Far from it. She’s so beautiful.

  256. 256
    Haters Suck! Says:

    She’s so freaking orange somebody tell wanka to check his candy shop he maybe missing a umpa lumpa.

  257. 257
    A Says:

    She doesn’t look orange at all. But way to use the really lame really overplayed oompa loompa joke.

  258. 258
    ???? Says:

    @A: Ashley and Zac are friends and that’s it. It’s always been about Vanessa when it comes to Zac.Check it below especially 1:30. The whole video lays it straight. Ashley is even featured in lot of the it from the beginning and you will see Ash. Let it go…and support Ashley without trying to negate what Zac had with Vanessa.

  259. 259
    Haters Suck! Says:

    So is the pudgens line you and your band of dumba$$es throw out but I don’t see you stoping that any time soon.

  260. 260
    BO Says:

    that pic is beautiful . ash’s lips are thinner than hudge pudge ‘s .so when she keep the lips the way pudge does , they actually look nice and sexy – the way they are supposed to look .

  261. 261
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Ok, i’ll point it out since no one else is, the word is “stooping”

  262. 262
    Nightwish Says:

    Oops, you meant stopping? Hell, i dont know what you meant dude, spell correctly for crying out loud

  263. 263
    Nightwish Says:

    Personally, pudgekin is my fav because it reminds me of a munchkin, or an oompa loompa or some other very cute, tiny and adorable offshoot of humanity in literature

  264. 264
    Downvote this, pudgekin losers Says:


  265. 265
    Haterssuck! is a loosier Says:

    He cant even spell properly. Whats wrong with his brane anyways?

  266. 266
    BO Says:

    very doomed day today.Tony Creig has passed away.damn it.all good men go.

  267. 267
    so is Chelles, Tina and Maria Says:

    Downvote away

  268. 268
    Haters Suck! Says:

    “some people aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some people (bo, A, nightwish) just wanna watch the world burn.”

  269. 269
    steLL Says:

    what BO said on #247 is what happened bitween Zac and Pudgens. That guy seems very responsible and can you even imagine he would want to think about a future with Pudgens who has a IQ of a 2 year old. You can just say by looking at Pudge that she isn’t the material type. Just look at Gina for example. And see how her two daughters has become. Zac don’t want his kids to turn out like that. Pudge is the type you have fun with but never want to get serious. I think he was with Pudge because she was hot and I think Pudge must be wild in bed. So staying with her for 5 years make sense.

  270. 270
    susan Says:

    gorgeous! she was at Disneyland today with Austin

  271. 271
    sky Says:

    Crazy Psycho.. and A You are always lost in wild fancies.
    There will be no such thing like she and Zac dating together
    Also, Zac said in some interview that she likes exotic (alien) looks

  272. 272
    BO Says:

    hudge isn’t the only gal in this world with exotic looks.there are much better looking dark beauties in the sure zac can find one

  273. 273
    BO Says:

    and austin the twig is gonna do the same for hudge.he’s not gonna settle with her either.sad to say,but she’s a toy in guys’ hands

  274. 274
    Fearless4Efron Says:

    Gee someone saw Vaustin making out on Disneyland. Excuse me while I get sick of hearing these sightings *Pukes*

  275. 275
    Nightwish Says:

    I must say though, ashley and pudgekin both look hot together in that instagram pic in the last post. What a conundrum. lol

  276. 276
    maria Says:

    Actually, ZAC described Vanessa as smart, in an interview, when asked to use 3 words to describe her. He didn’t need to use that word, did he? He could have used MANY other, such as beautiful ( which he used), charming, loving, generous, sparkling, adventurous, savvy, sexy, faithful, affectionate, caring, and I could go on, but I think you get the idea. One doesn’t need to be snarky, sarcastic, and verbose to be “smart”.

    And you could post all the pics of Tisdale in the world, I would still find her boring and plain. Nor would I STOOP to being so desperate and need to plaster her pics on someone else’s posts. LMAO. And you couldn’t be more wrong about being dirty. Your language, your incessant need to bring up private pics and use words like cl*t, show me how dirty you are. That guy who invaded her privacy is in JAIL. If you don’t think Ashley has taken pics of herself, you are laughable. She is very comfortable posting pics of her a$$, and taking risque pics of herself in lingerie, so don’t kid yourself that she doesn’t do the same. The difference is, Vanessa was young and naive, and was never doing it for attention. She wasn’t famous at the time, and wasn’t aware some criminal would expose her privacy. Tizzdale is what, 28? She purposely posts her pics for exposure and attention, and it smacks of desperation. Fans love to “stay in touch” and she is good at that, but fans don’t require butt shots.

  277. 277
    yets Says:

    i love you…Vanessa Hudgens.

  278. 278
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: “but fans don’t require butt shots”… ROFLMAO!

  279. 279
    Nightwish Says:

    G’morning Maria! Coffee yet? I see you’ve cranked out your early morning diatribe in typical long winded fashion.

  280. 280
    tina Says:

    @Haters Suck!: @maria and the rest This is to apologize to all Vanessa’s supporters for the rant on what’s her face. What so hard to understand about the fact I don’t care one way or the other what the he ll she does(as long as it doesn’t affect Vanessa). The constant ramming her down our thoats on Vanessa posts is really making me not like her at all. Well, thanks to what’s her face we do know Vanessa and Austin decorated her house together (another instance of her using her friends to put herself out).
    Vanessa and Austin went to dinner in Disneyland with Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop, there’s a cute picture of the four of them.

  281. 281
    pixieee Says:

    @Maria obviously he was going to say she’s smart. What did you expect him to say? That is one of the first wards that come to my mind when someone asks a question like that. If I was Zac and was dating Vanessa I would say nice things about her so Pudge wont feel bad. You can’t read his thoughts. So you wouldn’t know how he actually feels. He can’t say Vanessa is dumb and stupid. That would be rude Maria. The guy is smart.

  282. 282
    Nightwish Says:

    Where the heck is Bohji? Dont tell me she’s holed up in some compound operated by an end of the world cultist and drinking cool aid from a water gun. That lady always has me concerned about her welfare.

  283. 283
    maria Says:

    @pixieee: Did you miss my point, love? He could have used ALL those other words, and it would still have been lovely. But no, HE used the word smart. I can’t remember, but I believe he said she was SWEET, SMART, and BEAUTIFUL. He was being honest. She loves to read, enjoys art and museums, and new adventures. She’s NO dummy craving attention and obsessed with social media. She loves her family and friends, Ashley included. She’s a very real, very grounded person.

  284. 284
    maria Says:

    @tina: No need to apologize, tina. I love your spot-on rants!!

  285. 285
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: You must love diatribes then, since you adore Ms A-nnoying. One can only answer a diatribe with another.

  286. 286
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: I LOVE Sarah Hyland. They must’ve met at that charity function, what was it called? I forget.

  287. 287
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Wait, what are you apologizing for? You’re Bitchy Tina!

  288. 288
    maria Says:

  289. 289
    BO Says:

    I’ve seen that he didn’t say smart ,he said ‘talented’ not smart.

  290. 290
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: Ok… regarding that link… why do the guys look so much prettier than the girls…

  291. 291
    Nightwish Says:

    …except Sarah Hyland, man she’s hot, i wouldn’t mind taking a roll in the hay with that chick…

  292. 292
    BO Says:

    They are in a library or somewhere.and then interviewer asks her to describe him and she goes on like ‘extremely’ talented,smart and so on

  293. 293
    maria Says:

    @BO: It was a different interview than that one in the library. Can’t remember when it was, it’s been so long now.

  294. 294
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: I don’t agree. I think Vanessa is equally as cute as Sarah in this pic. I do like Sarah too. You certainly have a long list of girls you’d like to bed.

  295. 295
    BO Says:

    I can not remember zac ever saying she’s smart.and if he said it ,it doesn’t mean it’s true right oncofake,since he’s such a liar,cheating scoundrel right onco? All he does when he goes in frnt of camera is pleasing crowds with sappy cheesy lies ,doesnt he onco?so this may as well be one of his playing the crowd too,right onco?

  296. 296
    BO Says:

    I can not remember zac ever saying she’s smart.and if he said it ,it doesn’t mean it’s true right oncofake,since he’s such a liar,cheating scoundrel right onco? All he does when he goes in frnt of camera is pleasing crowds with sappy cheesy lies ,doesnt he onco?so this may as well be one of his playing the crowd too,right onco?..

  297. 297
    maria Says:

    And she could have been lying about her description of Zac too, right??

    Sleazy much? Like I said, he’s just good at hiding his sleaziness, but here he is at a club, looking, yup, sleazy. And where is Vanessa? At DisneyLand, with good friends, who love her. Even when Vanessa was in NYC for 2 months, we didn’t get pics like this. Just of a romantic outing at the Empire State building on her birthday, and of a few events and basketball games. Yup, he’s single, and enjoying the clubs, and all that goes with that. Nothing wrong with that, but please don’t make him out to be a saint either. He’s normal, and has his sleazy times.

  298. 298
    susan Says:

    i love Vanessa and Sarah.. they are friends since like 1995 or 1994.. so cute!!!

  299. 299
    A Says:

    @tina here’s the thing sweetie. You say Ashley uses her friends to promote herself. Guess what? Vanessa met Austin? Through Ashley. Vanessa met Sarah Hyland? Through Ashley. Vanessa went out with Zac? Because of Ashley. Sammy, Shelley, Selena, these are all people Vanessa has in her life because of Ashley.

    It’s Vanessa who depends on Ashley for girlfriends and for dates. Says a lot.

    And Maria Zac has said the EXACT SAME things about Ashley. Those are the things you say about girls you like if asked about them. Generic, simple, compliments. Beautiful, sweet, and smart. Covers all the basics.

    @maria here Zac is at the club again…

    :) Looking ah-dorable!

  300. 300
    A Says:

    @maria you’re so pathetic. At least others will admit their love for Zanessa. You try to insult Zac and claim that he was never right for her, but obviously are very bitter over the break up and have plenty of Zanessa knowledge and sources to bring up on the drop of a hat.

    I mean we all know BO is hardcore Zanessa. We all know I am hardcore Zashley. At least you know what you’re getting with us. With you it’s all deceit and lies nobody’s buying anyway.

  301. 301
    Fan Here Says:

    i know! they all are friends with Benzo and Kayslee collins too… but i think it was in 2002, im not sure.

  302. 302
    pixieee Says:

    “she’s no attention craving dummy” are you refering to Pudgie there Maria? Please go and get your eyes checked before it gets worse.

    @BO you hit it right in the nail. Zac might have been lying then. If its good about Pudge , he meant it. If its bad about Pudge he’s a sleaze bag. Maria please go and get your brain checked as well

  303. 303
    tina Says:

    Didn’t Austin say he met Vanessa when she was filming HSM? Why in hel l does this girl think Vanessa is incapable of making friends on her own. Next she’ll claim what’s her face introduced Greg and Gina.

  304. 304
    maria Says:

    @A: I supported Vanessa with Zac, because she loved him, but I didn’t. I stopped supporting him when they broke up. Didn’t have to ship his sorry butt anymore. I never liked him, but tolerated him. I think he’s an a$$. I am supremely happy she has found love again, with a guy who isn’t as hung up on himself, his career, and his image. He makes me shudder. And BTW, I have never made any bones about what I think of him. But they did love each other, and had a good relationship while it lasted. Can’t take that away from them.

  305. 305
    tina Says:

    Just read that stupid apples and passion fruit thing, rotflmao.So basically what you’re saying is whatsherface is dull as dish water and you’re not man enough to handle a real woman. No man wants an apple that any other man can take a bite of.

  306. 306
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Im a real man your bitchiness

  307. 307
    maria Says:

    @tina: Good one, tina!

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