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Jennifer Aniston: Cabo with Emily Blunt & John Krasinski!

Jennifer Aniston: Cabo with Emily Blunt & John Krasinski!

Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux spend the day with friends on the balcony of their hotel suite on Thursday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress was joined by her pals Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, as well as Jimmy Kimmel and his fiancee Molly McNearney for the fun couples vacation.

Earlier that day, Jen showed off her bikini body while Justin went shirtless to catch some rays in the sun.

Last year, Emily, John, Jimmy, and Molly spent the New Year’s week together in Hawaii – check out the pictures!

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# 1
|FILTY|ANISTON|WHORE|PANTIES @ 12/27/2012 at 8:04 pm

Aniston megaw#ore alert
vile stench
huge supply fawp
Aniston biggest w#ore ever
hazmat suit
thickest rubber
radioactive tart

# 2

I want in ! I want in !
Best group of buddies :)

# 3


# 4

Wish I could be in a warm climate right now.

# 5

I want to be their friend.

# 6

Oh man – this trip is the gift that keeps on giving… I wanna be there

# 7

how sweet!

# 8
Clair Voyant @ 12/27/2012 at 8:25 pm

Oh looky, Huvane came through for them!! HAHAHAHAHA Look how miserable Aniston and her gigolo looks compared to couples who are actually in love! Yay for Jimmy & the Krasinskis for a free vacay. Enjoy yourselves and never mind the hosts, you don’t have to look at their faces if you don’t wanna.

# 9

@Good: Come to Brazil! It’s crazy hot around here these days…

@Clair Voyant:
Dude. It’s the holidays. You need to step away from the hate postings…

Appletini @ 12/27/2012 at 9:06 pm

So her mom comes home from the hospital, recovering from a stroke, and she has to go vacation in Cabo right before Christmas for the holidays? No wonder she doesn’t want kids, she’s probably afraid they would treat her the same way she treats her own mother.

Do you even know if any of that story is factual? We know nothing of their relationship, and where it stands. So why do you judge?

cabo again @ 12/27/2012 at 9:25 pm

jennifer looks like the mother, chaperoning these young lovebirds. i don’t get how her fans can say she looks better than women younger than her. she looks old for her age to me. she looks a decade older than her fiance. there’s nothing youthful about her. makes me wonder what she’ll look like without all that expensive cosmetic surgery. maybe it’s her lack of joy that ages her.

Finally 2 couples that look and act in love.

oh please @ 12/27/2012 at 9:37 pm

They look boring as hell! I see Kimmel has sold his soul to Huvane to hang with loser Aniston and her hired piece.

People seem to envy her lifestyle but it seems to be mundane and frivolous. Doesn’t it get old to tan, smoke and drink all day? She acts like a 20-year-old sorority girl.

Man, John and Emily love rubbing up to celebrities and name dropping. Guess that’s the business.

Is this the place where paps too pic of John Mayer in the pool and Aniston is in a pink bikini trying to leech onto him and he’s pushing her off like “get off me, man!” ?

Wow, I didn’t know they were friends. You never know who’s fiends with who in Hollywood. But that’s not my bussines anyway.

@Wannabes: This makes me sad. My husband and I know him from their days at Brown and the early Office era. I wouldn’t have ever imagined seeing him with these kinds of people. I can honestly say he is too good for all of them.

realty check @ 12/27/2012 at 10:28 pm

John and Jimmy are next door neighbors and have been friends for years. Most likely they spend Christmas together. This is a pr event for the paps to promote Kimmel moving to 11:30 and Aniston being on the show.
@whatever: So true and jen and her guy have been together the least of those three couples.

the only person I like out of this entire group is john krasinski.

I like Emily and John, so sweet here.

it really surprises me time after time reading these ridiculous comments of people hating on Jennifer Aniston. Whats the deal? what, she cant have a vacation with her fiancee and friends? If i was millionaire and didnt have to work a regular job, I’d too be relaxing in the sun and go on vacation with friends. I do not see her hurting anyone. I just dont get the hatred.

Yeah, this must be after Maniston has showed her crotch and willingly exposed herself for papz for picture taking for all to see. Same place she took John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butler and Chelsea Handler and have pictures of her taken half naked. The woman is old and manly, nothing interesting about her. Don’t like Kimmel.

pr hoebag with no personality. you are old and ugly woman. rest of those couples look like they are enjoying themselves and looking natural compare that to maniston and her weiner boy.

JustinWantsAFrontlaceWig @ 12/27/2012 at 11:54 pm

Old lady jen looks stressed, back in the day she used to control this Cabo vac.with her band of coven bitter females.
Such a classsssssy lady esp.when she shows her 50yoa crotch.

Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 2:43 am

how come she is NEVER with family for the holidays? aren’t they newly engaged? yes, the world knows she HATES her mom for telling the truth about her having an unfortunate face, even her own mother can’t stomach..but!! doesn’t her leech gigolo have parents? oh, they must HATE her for being a conniving, two-faced, back-stabbing, phony H0! who bought their son’s soul, and broke up a14 yr. relationship of their common law daughter inlaw’s, Heidi’s marriage!!

I don’t get the hatred either. If you don’t like her, don’t watch the pictures or post here!

Please exhibit a pic of yourself and I’ll bet that Jennifer looks much better than you.

What do you know about Jennifer? You idiot she doesnt smoke or drink alcohol anymore. Shows how much you know about anything.

Ssshhii_baby @ 12/28/2012 at 10:31 am

@Sallyann: bissh puleeze! wake up!!!! you’re not her BFF either! you know just as much as everyone else! Sweetheart, don’t be mad just becuz everyone can see thru your FAKE AS$ PR. Queen, and not gullible, dumb, deaf and blind like you RETARDISTON! she scrunched her fug face like she is bout to take a dump while tring to act like she cares or know anything regarding guns control…yet, her giglolo is wearing a gun charm like he is sooo cool..*pukes*every single holiday..even her tree trimming lavash party, she is NEVER with her own family..btw, where’s Courtney? yeah thought so…

I bet Justin must be wishing he could share this lifestyle with Heidi. Unfortunately for him it’s one or the other. He must be eyeing Emily Blunt and Jimmy Kimmel’s young and pretty girlfriend. Poor goblin has to put up with ole mournful face the control freak. Heidi is definitely prettier and more interesting. She also looks a lot livelier.
This is Jennifer’s idea of charity. How does she put it? “Helping the Mexican economy” Aww sweet. How selfless.

Do some of the posters here realize how psychotic they appear?

poor Jen looks pissed of and uptight in every photo-they certainly don’t have the body language of a couple in love especially ones on their first mexican deluxe VaK after getting engaged-she looks like the most boring person to go to Cabo with-all she does is hang by the hotel pool and read romance novels-that’s what old spinster hags do -not newly engaged couples-they go fishing and surfing and hang at the beach find great little cantinas and street markets to buy endearing inexpensive trinkets for each other-fun stuff-looks like a pack of bored Hollywood posers

Hot couple! sweet!

Neighbors @ 12/28/2012 at 6:07 pm

I think John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel are neighbors… maybe, Aniston is a neighbor too.

I don’t know them personally, don’t really care if she spends her money on expensive vacations…it’s her money. However, this is one homely looking chick. Her tits looks old and saggy has he!! especially for a woman who has no kids, her skin looks wrinkle and leathery, and that croctch shot was gross. She’s no young spring chicken…cover yourself up woman and leave that type of display for these youngens. She is not aging very well.

sweet! enjoy the holidays!!!!

@ Roxy – what an ageist and sexist comment.

OMG. Jennifer does not want anything to do with her family, how sad. She’s pay for her friends but won’t spend a dime to help her ailing mother or unemployed brother. The amount of money she spends on her party is crazy. She only uses her “friends” when it benefit her. Her friend Demi is out of control and is Jennifer helping her out, NO! Is Jennifer helping her own sibling and mother financially, NO! All Jennifer does is party, sunbath, shop and blog. What a waste of life.


Best known swingers.

let the girl be HAPPYYYY

I would like to use them as characters to write a romance novel. I like romance and I am reading a romance book right now.

@Sally ANN @ 12/29/2012 at 10:04 am

What do you mean Jen doesn’t smoke or drink anymore? Hahahaha. You smokin’ the same weed she is? There are pictures of her drinking within the last three months and on this trip. And there is also a recent pic within six months of her with a ciggie. And of course it is common knowledge she is a big fan of weed isn’t it?

Look at all the bitter old ladies jealous that Jennifer has a hot body, lots of friends and is living her life how she wants. It’s really sad how obsessed you are with hating her.

This old hag and her gold digger fiance is pathetic.
This old hag is a selfish, whiner, hyphocrite.
She use tabloid papers to advance her fame and yet she blaming on the tabloid papers for invasion of privacy.
That is why papers are playing a joke on her. They constantly running rumour that she is pregnant with twins even until she in her 50s or 60s.
Her gold digger fiance is going to dump this old hag.

The old hag does not want any child b/c she afraid they will ruin her body. Such a selfish old hag. Old hag go away. Your gold digger rented fiance going to dump u.

I pity her. Queen of botox. She want to be young forever and never have children. Queen of futility.

I´m wishing Jen and Justin the best!
I think, they give a good couple. Well, I hope it !!!
Jen has deserved a good man, who isn´t addicted of any drugs (including alcohol), who´s trustful and who loves her from the bottom of her heart!
Coz´ Jen has a GREAT HEART !!! She´s a sunshine !
And why should Justin not be able to fullfill these qualities???
I think he can make it with Jen!

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@@Sally ANN: hey it’s legal where I live.

who wants to join me for a little toke?

Cant Ansiton afford to buy her boyfreinds some new clothes??

SALLY ANN, don’t thumb me down, I didn’t vote yes for it. And sorry for the typo, coke, like in cola.

happy new year @ 12/29/2012 at 4:02 pm

jennifer knows how to enjoy her life!
love john and emily!!!

“Last year, Emily, John, Jimmy, and Molly spent the New Year’s week together in Hawaii ”
In other words, tv HACKTRESS chin Maniston and her no name wannabe balding kept dude were hangers on with the much more successful foursome this year. bahahaha. Where’s Courtney? Guess she’s banished her like moms.

It isn’t that she can’t have a vacay… it’s that she sets it up for the papz coverage. She has enough money to rent a place that offers some privacy, but obviously, that’s not what she wants. This is all a PR stunt.

So Kimmel is 5th wheeling it huh? Haha awesome!

@King A: ok my bad, didn’t see he had his fiancee there #CaughtIt

floretta50 @ 12/29/2012 at 6:57 pm


What a performance for the camera’s could win oscars. Lol, middle aged people behaving like high schoolers for attention. It’s like a ritual every December a pretend pregnancy holding stuff over her stomach for fans attention then oops prancing around half naked in cabo for the paps it would be laughable but it’s sad. It’s probably eating at Jennifer Aniston to know that Angie is on vacation with Brad and his whole family at Donna Karan’s mansion with a family that whe used to call hers, now she is on the outside looking in. Poor thing in Cabo pretending to be all lovey dovey with this funny looking Eddie Munster character. This guy don’t even have any shame no one even knew him before he got with Brad Pitt’s he is all over the place playing the part and loving it. I could be hating on JA but from experience I know she is feeling the heat of Angie on vacation with all of BP family membes and it isn’t her.

They have more chemistry when they go shopping.

Beautiful lady!!!!!!!!!!
love Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer looks cute:)

Jennifer is looking thick and her face is getting too big. Ugh!

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